Saturday 30 April 2011

Comments by ex-Desteni member

I'm going to make a public claim here, in the hope of opening up more people's eyes to the dishonesties, disrespect and lies of the Desteni cult. What I'm going to relate here has actually happened to me quite recently. I'm an ex-supporter of Desteni and their proposed equal money system, and I was also a member on their forum. However; several months ago I woke up and realized what they are actually all about. And since then I want nothing to do with Desteni whatsoever.

So back then I wrote an email to them asking them to remove my name from their website. Of course I didn't want may name to be up there when I no longer supported them. They completely ignored my email-communication and request and they never responded to me and they just left my name up on the website. So I just gave up.

Since then I haven't bothered with Desteni at all, but a couple of days ago I happened upon their website, and found that my name was still up there showing me as a supporter of Desteni. I found that I was still able to login to the forum, so I wrote a post asking them to remove my name because I stand against everything that is Desteni. Guess what happened? After just a few minutes my post got deleted and they blocked me from the forum instantly.

Then I wrote another email to them repeating my request again, but I didn't get an answer this time either, and my name is still up on their website. This is the way they operate. And they are the ones talking about honesty and non-abuse ... well, what do you call this behavior of theirs? They are spreading lies and are using ways that are really hurtful and disrespectful.

Please, go and have a look at their website "Desteni Universe" and look under the headline "Community", there you will see a list of names of "people", and my name is still up there (MarieSedig), even though I've asked them several times to remove my name and told them that I certainly do not support them any longer. This is my honest testimony, and this is precisely what happened to me, and I'm not making this up. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

[The author of the above comments has given permission for them to be published here.]

Friday 29 April 2011

Desteni cult copy Apple AppStore logo

The Desteni I Process logo is a copy of the Apple Patents AppStore Logo/Icon...

Desteni have issued countless false copyright violation notices to YouTube channels for publishing videos with insignificant Photoshopped images derived from Desteni images, use of which would come under fair use. Then they go and blatantly STEAL the design for their logo from one of the most well-known corporate brands on the planet. Crazy!

The Desteni Income Scam EXPOSED


Desteni Income Scam EXPOSED

Want to make money? Pay 1000's for the desteni i process of course!

Bernard Tells the truth about his illegal pyramid selling scheme and how to make millions from youtube.

Equal Money Book!!!! Pre-Order Now!!!! - Hilarious

Desteni Discussions

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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Ex Desteni Members

XfinksX (from somewhere outside of the dimensions)

The struggle to oppose Desteni and their hypocrisy continues. As Desteni continues utilizing tactics of deception and trickery in an effort to expand their membership count, more and more people become aware of the true meaning of Desteni. The Anti Desteni Movement continues to grow. The abusive narcissist Bernard Poolman continues his delusional ranting and raving. This little man wishes to become rich and powerful while hiding under a guise of liberator and riding on the backs of those who support him. This Mouth of the Dimensions presents himself as a savior without calling himself as such. Whenever he is criticized, he vilifies and demonizes those who question him. He makes sweeping and untrue generalization of those outside of Desteni. And furthermore, he treats those who were once associated with Desteni with utter contempt and disregard.

In fact this is what I wish to address this evening. It has come to my attention that there exists people who were once considered members of Desteni. However, these individuals no longer wish to be associated with this vile organization which preys upon those who are seeking greater meaning in their lives. If you go to Desteni's website you will find a list of names under their community. Some of these people have removed their involvement with Desteni. However, Desteni continues to show these people as supporters when in fact the opposite is true. So my question to Desteni is this: Why do you continue showing these people as supporters? Do you wish to inflate your numbers for the sake of appearance? Are you hoping these people will return even after they uncover your abusive inner core? Or is it that you wish to antagonize and continue to intimidate these people on some level? These Ex Desteni Members are the Desteni Experts that Poolman was referring to! These people know you for what you are and have no wish to return. Therefore remove these people from your list of supporters. How can you in all honesty claim these people when it is simply untrue! Perhaps after you have removed their names you can practice some self forgiveness and breathing rituals to clear your minds of doubt and alter your memories. Perhaps you can make yourselves believe that these individuals were never members at all. 

Friday 22 April 2011

Desteni Erotic Series: Bernard Poolman, of the cult of Desteni, asking a girl undecent things.


Just putting in my two cents concerning two Desteni videos, a bit dumbfounded.
NEWS: The videos mentioned here have been removed by Desteni. Good thing I document, download and archive everything.
"Shaved Bald Girl Faces Hard Questions: Sex, Drugs, Masturbation" - /watch?v=nc1CZFbmxgg and "Shaved Bald Girl Faces Hard Questions : Does She Like To Be Eaten? Her Toes Sucked?" - /watch?v=x_fsqHT_Lp4

Wednesday 13 April 2011

'Sean from Desteni' or 'Care who you trust'


The internet is a dangerous place. Most people don’t realise it, but once something is online, it is impossible to be removed. Someone always remembers, someone has downloaded your video, someone has a screencap.

Let’s talk about Sean from Desteni for a bit. Sean is very trusting. He created a thread on the Desteni forum about experiences in his past that are not only rather private, they are actually quite disturbing. Sean voiced doubts about the thread and asked it to be removed, which of course didn’t happen. Sean has given up all power about what he posted one week prior. It’s not his secret anymore, it belongs to Desteni, and above all, it belongs to me too: A random stranger who enjoys gossiping about ‘Destonians’ with a devilish delight in spreading what was not supposed to be spread.

Sean, do you really think this was a wise idea?

I have heard the excuse before, “A lot of shit flies on the forum, it is not their fault.”

Not their fault?

Desteni moderators decide what is left up on the forum and what is not. Members are encouraged to expose their most private thoughts and their darkest secrets. I have read about Mattis tendency for date-rape, Lindsays first time having sex, Freds addiction to child pornography, people slapping children, hurting themselves and others, criminal acts, fears and now apparently sexual abuse.

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Monday 11 April 2011

The Equality and Oneness of Desteni


An examination of Desteni's Equality and Oneness.

From an outside perspective, Desteni appears unequal. A "Common Sense" man speaks on behalf of something outside of existence. This man has been given infallibility. When you question or criticize him you are questioning or criticizing the dimensions. This fallible man always has the best excuse. His mysterious nonsensical ways are always justified via this route. He is always in the right despite evidence to the contrary. In this way, this leader appears as a despot. He can only justify his position by deriding or condemning others. He is the worst form of abuser as he is either incognizant of the abuse or he is indifferent to it. The former makes him insane while the latter makes him a sociopath. His position of authority rests upon the belief that everything he says and does comes from the dimensions.

However, are those within Desteni coming closer to oneness and equality? The answer is Yes. All within Desteni are becoming equal and one with the leader. They give up their own power and sense of self. And herein lies the confusion to outside observers. Desteni never defines Equality and Oneness. Desteni will never tell the potential recruit that will become equal and one to the leader via giving up their identity, sense of self, and potential. They strive for self-expression, but all such expression is an illusion. All forms of self-expression will eventually become equal with the leader in thought and in deed. All doubt and concern is wiped away through self-forgiveness and self-response-ability under the banner of what is "Best for All." But since the sense of self is being eradicated, "Best for All" becomes "What is Best for the One or the Leader."

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