Wednesday 15 April 2015

The Equal Life Foundation is a Scam

Reptilian overlords

The Equal Life Foundation (ELF) states that it stands for equality, human rights and 'self-responsibility'. Yet the organisation has only ever run online marketing schemes: a 'life coaching' income plan for recruiters, the Desteni I Process (or Structural Resonance Alignment), the store, which sells 'interviews' with imaginary dead people and reptilian overlords via an affiliate marketing scheme, the Self & Living store for 'practical lifestyle' videos – as well as working holidays at the Desteni farm in South Africa and associated businesses such as Techno Tutor.

Its deceased founder, Bernard Poolman said, Desteni provides Life Coaching as a Way to Personal Wealth. Less of a get-rich-quick scheme and more a change-the-world scam, customers are led to believe that Desteni / ELF has political clout when all it has is sales schemes for sub-New Age superstitions.

According to a 'Destonian', Anna Brix Thomsen, all that happens at the Equal Life Foundation's headquarters (a farm in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa) is looking after horses, doing chores, writing blogs, and watching Sunette Spies pretending to be an 'interdimensional portal'.

It is not as though Desteni / ELF is helping to protect the human rights of its poverty-stricken neighbours in South Africa -- or anywhere else. It is not practically involved in any political reform, civil action or equal rights advocacy. Desteni / ELF only ever promotes its own capitalist business interests on the internet, sometimes using political topics, but mostly, the customers publish testimonial adverts as 'Journey to Life' blogs in which they often state that Desteni / ELF courses have helped them take 'self-responsibility'.

These courses have no quantifiable benefit. Anyone can take self-responsibility by themselves, naturally, or deal with self-esteem issues or give up addictions without depending on taking part in courses with Desteni / ELF or any other group. Although, it would not necessarily make a person part of a world-changing social movement for equality – not like the Equal Life Foundation's Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) is supposed to be.

In September 2014, the Destonian-run business, Techno Tutor was given airtime on the YouTube channel of Donald Trump Jr., who in his spare time enjoys slaughtering exotic animals in South Africa. Versions of Techno Tutor Vocabulary Development Technology have been sold by Desteni / ELF since at least 2008 (often to people who've already been scammed by well-known fraudster and convicted criminal, Kevin Trudeau), but as someone on Godlike Productions remarked, the LIG 'proposal' is like something a 12 year-old would write.

Whenever the Equal Life Foundation discusses the LIG, human rights or equality, it is always with the suggestion that Desteni / ELF and/or the LIG have the 'best for all' 'solution' to every single problem in the whole wide world and that you should 'investigate'; which just means signing up for products and courses. It was the same with the group's previous Equal Money System... Supporting 'equal money' or the LIG equals trying to help sell Desteni / ELF products and courses.

A Destonian wrote: 'I think the main reason why Living Income Guaranteed is not gaining in popularity is because people are conditioned to become obsessed with what they want, their self interest, and compete for it. The fact that people don’t search for an answer to the temperamental economic system is evidence that people have come to accept a system of inequality. In consideration of what is here though, the main reason for Living Income Guaranteed’s obscurity is because there is no money to make it known to the public.'

The ELF does not make the LIG a topic of discussion at any social justice or political forums, or anywhere else except Destonian sites. That's why it's obscure.

Desteni fanatic, Marlen Vargas Del Razo interviews some non-Destonians at the LIG YouTube channel and provides a platform for their ideas, but she does not discuss Desteni / ELF or the details of the LIG with them. If she did, then Del Razo would be obliged to explain how recruiting for online sales schemes for idiotic channelings of interdimensional reptilians and dead people from the afterlife can possibly be of any relevance to ensuring a living income for all.

The LIG is just a thinly-veiled advertisement for Desteni / ELF products and courses. It conveys some political commentary but political commentary on the web does not equal a political movement or proposal. The LIG uses political and human rights topics as a way of making the group seem important, but like so many other cults, Desteni / ELF is mainly concerned with absurd spiritualistic beliefs about other dimensions, 'the self', 'stopping the mind', and sales schemes.

The Desteni / ELF version of 'human rights' was written by a former prominent member of the sovereign citizen movement, which is founded on false conspiracy theories, racism and anti-Semitism, and is run by right wing libertarian scammers who charge money for fake financial schemes and legal advice which get people thrown in jail.

The Desteni / ELF 'interdimensional portal' AKA Sunette Spies' recent 'Self & Living' store videos are branded with the ELF name, but nothing Spies discusses is about human rights or equality. It is 'self-help' advice with corny titles like 'Less Stress More Success!', 'Building Your Relationship with Yourself' and 'Enrich Yourself, Don't Break Yourself'. As for the content, you'd get more useful 'practical lifestyle' tips reading one random article at Oddly enough, although her background is solely as protege of Bernard Poolman, at her 'Self & Living store' no information is given about Spies, and neither Poolman or Desteni are mentioned.

The Interview Requests for the 'portal' at the Desteni forum suggest that customers are keen to hear more animal impersonations and communications from beyond the grave, but that's not going to bring about equality or protect anyone's human rights either.

One former Desteni / ELF customer recently published a video in which he states he's leaving the group because he cannot 'verify the material'. In another video called My view on Desteni he suggests that although Desteni presents itself as having all the answers to everything it is not possible to get all the answers from one source, not even oneself. He states that the group may be attractive to some gullible people looking for 'the truth' but the Desteni material is not unique or original in any way.

A Destonian remarks that the 'paranormal community' has shown very little interest in the Desteni Demonology website and yet another that the 'I Process' is not fitting into his schedule and should allow for more 'individuality' or different approaches to 'walking this process'.

If Desteni / ELF is going down the drain then it is because its claims that it stands for equality, human rights and self-responsibility are false. This statement issued by Desteni / ELF: 'The Equal Life Foundation's focus is in the arena of Basic Human Rights with an emphasis on how these Rights must be practically applied' is misleading, if not an outright lie.

Desteni / ELF uses a limited discussion of 'human rights' which make it seem like it could be a humanitarian cause when it is an online commercial business venture. There is no evidence that the group has any influence or involvement in any genuine human rights or political activities whatsoever. The ELF's focus is on the manufacture, promotion and sale of Desteni / ELF products, courses and sales schemes which are an incoherent mish-mash of rudimentary self-help techniques and redundant delusions of New Age occultism and related material.

For how much longer can Desteni / ELF keep up the pretense? It is a very obvious scam, yet intriguing if only for the reason that some people let themselves be fooled by it.

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Yogan Barrientos said...

Hi my name is Yogan Barrientos. What is yours? I live in Miami, Florida. I am 25 years old. I stumbled upon the Desteni material in 2008. Why not quote me on what I have said in my numerous blogs and vlogs? It's funny, but the truth about Desteni, LIG, and the rest of the people and organization you mention, is the exact opposite of what you say. That's funny because by trying to claim so much about something, where it appears so bad, that actually makes it appear that you are lying. It's easy too because all you make are claims. There's no proof. I mean, if you read your blog titles and topics, it does make you seem like a crazy conspiracy theorist. So that just increases the suspicion around your blogs. Though I do appreciate your point of view, because people who fall for it won't have much critical reasoning skills. I mean, you don't even publish your name. Isn't that what paid trolls do? Act anonymously while receiving a meager paycheck? Yes, it does appear so. So at least for me, my google profile is public. People in my life know me. They don't know you. They don't know where you are from, what you look like, your name, your history, qualifications.... nothing. So really, who is the one making the fraud or scheme here? Do people know what money you make from doing this? Hmm... nope. Take a look at the number of page views you have had. Only 100,000. If you take a look at just one Journey to Life blog, the practivistsjourney to life at blogspot, she has over 500,000. And that is just her blog alone. Now take in the rest of the people doing their journey to life blogs. Good luck though. Perhaps I will ask the rest of the people in the group to post their own assessments of your blogs. Do you feel like having much more perspectives on the Desteni group on your blog? Or how about from the people that know us? Because when they read your stuff, it will just seem crazy. Remember my name.
Anyone can speak a lie in private. A public lie, you can't escape from that.
And I do hope that people who know me read this comment, so that they have some reassurance, that your just some crazy looney with too much time on his hand, who is either get paid, which is more logical, or you really believe in the things you say. At the very least, you are a bully, whether you are paid or not, that is what you are. Good luck making friends. Perhaps only with other anonymous people.

Desteni Cult blog said...


Thanks for your comment but I don't know why you seem to think you should have been quoted.

Paid trolls would not necessarily be anonymous. I would imagine that their payment could be quite considerable. However, there is no paid or unpaid troll associated with this blog. Documentation and criticism of a social phenomenon is not the same as trolling it. There also isn't any fraud or scheme behind this blog. No money is made out of it and no-one is paid anything to contribute.

This blog currently has over two and a half times the number of views per post than the “practivist” blog you mention (which is written by the daughter of Bernard Poolman), but we are not in competition for page views with Destonians' blogs.

You say there is no proof for what is written here, but we have provided numerous quotes from, and links to, the Desteni material and statements made by Destonians, and that is all the proof that is required. Readers can then reach their own conclusions as to whether or not the blog is true, fair or accurate.

It is unlikely that there will be many more articles published here, at least for the foreseeable future. This is mainly because, although Desteni / Equal Life Foundation has released tens of thousands of videos, audio files and blog and forum posts on a daily basis since 2007, its membership count has never gone beyond around 100 people, and these days it has far less of a public profile or response than it once had.

As for perspectives from the people that know you, then yes, we have already stated that all comments that are not spam will be published regardless.

Ivan Rauscher

Yogan Barrientos said...

Okay so if you really post all comments. Then I suggest everyone reading this to check out the latest videos that were posted on the Desteni website. You can view them on the right hand side. I am in the one that says Phatom of the Opera :) . But there is a video that says: I can't CONCENTRATE!!! with Sunette talking. So here's the link, but to explain it talks about being here, being self-aware of your body, which she was doing while a baby praying mantis was climbing over her while she was painting her nails. Now the reason why I am saying all of this is because no where in this website that you are on right now, does it talk about what Desteni really does. No where in this blog does it mention how we support ourselves and each other with our self-awareness of our bodies, or our minds. No where in this blog does it say how happy we are to have been with Desteni, and have met so many wonderful people and built so many great relationships. No where in this blog does it say how much open we have become, how much expressive and embracing we have become of ourselves, within understanding who we are, our past, and so our future! Nope, unfortunately, this blog doesn't talk about such things. So that is why everyone reading must read the truth, which you can read and see for yourself in the real Desteni website called Make no mistake that this blog we are in is not satirical, is not for laughs, and is not funny. This blog we are in is meant to create a false and negative idea about what we do and who we are. So come and see us for who we are. And check out my video on phantom of the opera. It as all recording LIVE, without preparation or script, and yes that is me, and my FACE, and my name is Yogan Barrientos from Miami, Florida the one and only. Let's create a world that we can be proud of eh? Join us!

Desteni Cult blog said...

Yogan, this blog is not about who members of Desteni are as individuals, but how the Desteni / Equal Life Foundation operates in public. It is not just some lies spread for a laugh, but if you can spot any errors then point them out.

The videos you have mentioned also do not show who 'Destonians' really are as people, but as representatives and salespersons for Desteni / Equal Life Foundation. The point of such videos is in getting those involved to identify with the organisation and use their apparent 'realisations' to provide free advertising of products and courses. The fact that they might say they enjoy doing so is irrelevant. They have been manipulated using tried and tested methods, and your comment and more links to Desteni sites only underlines the fact.

Scams like Desteni work by creating the illusion that 'self-awareness' is only possible or desirable within the group. Anything you or any other Destonian has ever said they have achieved through being in the group is totally unremarkable, and can more effectively be achieved through independent efforts.

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