Tuesday 31 May 2011

Apple AppStore Logo Copied by Desteni - Why?

Ivan Rauscher

In a previous post it was shown how the Desteni I Process logo is a copy of the patented Apple AppStore logo.

Apple AppStore logo
The Apple brand's cult-like following was highlighted in a 2009 documentary called Macheads, 'an exploration of the fanaticism that surrounds the Apple brand, featuring interviews with Mac evangelists and members of the Mac community'.

Apple fans are said to belong to the Cult of Mac. Neurological research has shown that Apple triggers 'religious' reaction in fans' brains. This was covered in a BBC TV show, Secrets of the Superbrands.
original Desteni I Process logo
The name, "Desteni I Process" is obviously based on the famous brand names, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Apple iPad.

Conspiracy theorists theorise as to whether Apple Inc is run by the Freemasons. Apple is already seen by conspiracy theorists as a major player in the New World Order, but of course Desteni want to be the New World Order.

Looks like Desteni are hoping some of the success of the Apple brand and the loyalty and devotion it inspires will trigger a similar response in recruits for the Desteni I Process pyramid selling scheme.

Saturday 28 May 2011

Desteni’s New Age Guru

Ivan Rauscher 

In a thread entitled ‘Symbolic Representations of Self’ at the Desteni Subscription Forum, a post regarding Bernard Poolman’s witchdoctor monster avatar, and written by Darryl Thomas was leaked by a renegade Desteni member to the Cult Education Forum last year. In it, Mr. Thomas explains that the "Beast" is Bernard.

According to Mr. Thomas, Bernard has ‘gotten out’ of ‘the mind’. He ‘stands as’ and ‘speaks for’ beasts – ‘in fact’. It’s as though he has no way of thinking a thought any more, but something far more important: a unique magical connection with the animal kingdom, and that's why in the ‘totality of his being’ he’s The Beast God of the Tribe of Desteni.

Desteni try to distinguish themselves apart from, or opposed to, any New Age or spiritual group, but nearly all spiritual gurus or New Age leaders are depicted as having transcended or ‘gotten out’ of ‘the mind’. Many of these frauds who say they're from a shamanic tradition are also said to have a special relationship with animals.

In another post to the Desteni open forum by Mr. Thomas, called The Portal Placement (where thanks is given to martial artist, Bruce Lee and occultist, Alice Bailey) Poolman is again described in the same way as almost any so-called ‘enlightened’ New Age guru or spiritual master. 

That someone is ‘not an individual’ but ‘equal and one with existence’, ‘able to be in both ‘the dimensions’ and ‘the physical plane’ and is ‘self-realised as who we really are’ is exactly what New Age disciples, spiritual and cult devotees the world over say about their leaders, gurus or masters. 

It’s no different in Desteni. Poolman is their herald of a new age of ‘heaven on earth’. He’s the only one in the group allowed to symbolically represent himself with just a Halloween comic book picture and no real images or videos. He dictates to the rest of them what they should blog or v-log about. He’s the author and/or originator of the Desteni material, and to the members of his tribe, whatever he says cannot ever be questioned because he speaks as ‘equality’ itself

He makes a very direct dictator point when he says that Desteni is defined specifically by him and can only ever be whatever he says it is, or what his ‘portal’, his medium, Sunette Spies, says it is. Maybe the Desteni group ‘stand for’ being ‘equal and one’ with Poolman, but then he has stated that there is no such thing as anyone being equal to him.   

Everything Desteni ‘stand for’ is focussed on what Poolman stands for, and is merely to support his narcissistic notion that he’s ‘self-realised’ above and beyond anyone and anything else and has the monopoly on ‘equality’

In fact, he’s their new age guru and Desteni’s just the cult of Bernard Poolman. 

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Dear Desteni Movement...

Felida The Geek

I have watched you try to scam people for a while now. I have also watched as you filed false DMCA notices and flagged channels down that exposed you for what you are: A cult like organization that is trying to scam money out of people via a pyramid scheme. I have watched as good channels were permanently shut down for the simple reason of exposing you. And I have decided that I won't watch any longer.

As you may have noticed, a lot of the counternotices to your false DMCAs recently filed had MY name on them. That's right, MY name, which is perfectly legal, as I have accepted a co-ownership of the videos you had falsely removed. Falsely removed, because they were covered by the fair use provision. As a bit of a reminder, here is what copyright law has to say about fair use:
17 U.S.C. § 107
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:
the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
the nature of the copyrighted work;
the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.
You will notice that none of the videos you filed a DMCA claim against were of any commercial interest. The sole purpose of these videos was to critizise and comment on your money making scheme that you so blatantly hide behind your supposed social and environmental program.

[read more...]

Monday 23 May 2011

The Spear of Desteni

Although he has not admitted to it, the founder of the Desteni organisation’s use of the word ‘Desteni’ appears to have been inspired by another occult fantasy.

The Roman centurion, Longinus is said to have pierced with a spear the torso of the crucified Jesus Christ. Amongst several other historical spears, there is one in the Hofburg Museum in Vienna, Austria that is said to be the original Spear of Longinus.

As promoted in literature pertaining to the influence of the occult in the rise and fall of Nazi Germany in its bid for demonic world-rule, such as Trevor Ravenscroft’s semi-fictional best-seller Spear of Destiny (1973), a book full of unsubstantiated claims, the sight of the Spear of Longinus, or as it’s otherwise known the ‘Spear of Destiny’, is said to have sent Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler into a power-mad reverie.

Legend has it that anyone in
possession of the Spear of Destiny is said to possess the power to rule the world. 

According to Ravenscroft, the Spear of Destiny had been acquired over centuries by a number of famous military rulers. When Hitler in his younger years visited the Hofburg Museum he was so struck by the Spear of Destiny’s unseen power that he identified himself with it as a former owner of the spear and future ruler of the world.

One of the keys to unravelling the deranged occultism of Desteni and its so-called ‘common sense’ principles is the fact that Bernard Poolman is a self-confessed admirer of genocidal maniac, Adolf Hitler.

Poolman’s writings about Hitler, in which Adolf tells the story and is always portrayed in a positive light,
Poolman’s fantasies of meeting Hitler in the afterlife, called I Am Hitler and the video ‘interviews’ with the Desteni ‘portal’ Sunette Spies playing the role of Adolf Hitler (and MyKey as Poolman re-names him) form a significant part of, and are central to the ‘Desteni’ occult philosophy.

Poolman recommends Hitler’s economic policies as a good example of what might make for a global ‘equal money system’. Some of the Desteni members openly praise the fascism of Adolf Hitler, describing it as political ‘activism’, and this merely because Poolman published his absurd fantasies about helping the Nazi leader to the path of ‘self-forgiveness’.

Like the Nazi Aryan philosophy, informed as it was by Theosophy, occultism and esotericism, Poolman promotes hatred of the ‘Jewish principle in man’ and the ideal of a superior ‘pure’ breed of men and women under the banner of ‘equality’ belonging exclusively to the nation of the ‘Destonians’. Those outside Desteni are regarded as unworthy of life. Sexual relations with them are forbidden. ‘Self-perfection’ transcends everything and everyone corrupt and decadent as Desteni proceeds with its insane plan for world domination. 

Desteni is Bernard Poolman’s spear of destiny.

Friday 20 May 2011

Sunday 15 May 2011

The New Beast of Revelation?

The founder and central figure of the thought reform cult known as ‘Desteni’, based on a farm near Durban, South Africa, depicts himself like arch-occultist, magician of the Black Arts, Aleister Crowley, as a ‘Great Beast’.

Everything in Bernard Poolman’s Desteni is occult. It’s in reverse. It involves magical thinking. It’s the wrong way round. Fiction is presented as fact. The same as a lie. A big, diabolical lie.

Since the Desteni organisation began in 2007 (see original desteni-universe website), its founder has preferred to remain mysteriously hidden – occulted – with the only image of him being a cartoon of a monstrous figure with ram’s horns, the tail of a crocodile, the face of a lion, arms of a bear, wings and the legs of an elephant. It’s a new hybrid breed of the Beast of Revelation, another babbling Baphomet, Devil of the Tarot cards.

Perhaps Poolman in his self-appointed role as notorious cult leader wants to be another Aleister Crowley, ‘the wickedest man alive’?

Poolman rails against God and other human beings as he projects the illusion of himself to his admirers as a self-perfected man of ‘common sense’, a master of ‘equality’.

The cult that surrounds him campaigns for a theocratic totalitarian global government under the banner of the ‘Equal Life Party’. The policies of the ‘Equal Life Party’ describe the political structure of Poolman's empire, his ‘nation of Desteni’. Beyond that limited territory, ‘Equal Life’ policies have no meaning or relevance. The Desteni cult is a business run according to a doctrine of emotional, mental and physical domination by the fascist dictator of an ideology rooted in occultism.

Poolman says he has no personality and no mind. He represents himself and his organisation as having the monopoly on ‘actual reality’. His version of ‘actual reality’ is based on elaborate fictions about how he managed to help facilitate the ‘deletion’ of occult or esoteric concepts such as ‘the White Light’, the ‘Akashic Records’, ‘Ascended Masters’ ‘the dimensions’, ‘the Soul Construct’ and so on.

He claims that they were at one time real, but because of his efforts they have now been removed. He fails to mention that such things were fictions to begin with. In Poolman’s world-view almost everyone outside of his ‘Desteni’ group he portrays as conditioned by religious fanaticism or the New Age Movement.

His ‘removal’ of these formerly real ‘constructs’ he describes as having occurred in relation to his communications with a young woman barely out of her teens, Sunette Spies. He depicts her as, not a person, but an ‘interdimensional portal’ or ‘the resonances’. Sunette has surpassed her personality and her own mind, say the followers of Poolman’s ‘Desteni’.

(See: Desteni Background - 1, 2, 3 Portal Secrets

Poolman defines the aims of the Desteni ideology by condemning God, religion and the New Age Movement. Every element of a self-mythologised, assumed authority and the invention of the Desteni ‘process’ is fabricated out of truths, half-truths, lies, fictions and sheer gobbledegook derived from the very same sources Poolman tries to prove are inferior to his theories: Christianity, Satanism, Theosophy, the occult, esotericism, Eastern mysticism and the New Age Movement.

He’s mashed up that source material, squandered it, ripped it to pieces and put it back together again. His denunciation of ideas found in all manner of religious esoterica as ‘evil’ is used as the basis for Poolman’s bizarre argument that he is the man of ‘common sense’, a ‘life instructor’ with no personality and no mind. The only thing in the world that is actually real and can bring about ‘heaven on earth’, Poolman says, is world revolution instigated by his ‘Desteni’.

The influence of occult or mystical philosophies of the Religion of Eckankar, George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, J.Z. Knight, Baird T. Spalding, Swami Muktananda, ‘A Course in Miracles’, Lee Carroll, ‘The Pleiadian Agenda’, Osho and Alice A. Bailey, and direct references to them can be found throughout the Desteni material, as can numerous other similar sources. 

(For example: I was So Pissed Off with Osho where Poolman discusses his former attachment to Indian cult leader, Osho Rajneesh, World Teachers Called to Prepare Themselves and Economic Considerations where he recommends Alice A. Bailey and also A Course in Miracles ACIM)

Poolman’s irrational speculations and incoherent theorising about concepts which can be found in these philosophies appear to serve to re-frame, recycle and ultimately usurp them. He dictates their plausibility or lack of it as the imperial lord and master of the religious, occult, mystical philosophies he so despises. 

Saturday 14 May 2011

Desteni, the Zeitgeist Movement & Conspiracies

Ivan Rauscher

Desteni have for some time been offering their views on The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM).

TZM is thoroughly disreputable. It's a pseudo-radical group promoting conspiracy theories and the vision of a sci-fi technocratic utopia, seemingly more as a form of entertainment than for any real social or political ends. It also has definite cult-like tendencies which have been noted, blogged and v-logged about by numerous commentators. 

Recently, Desteni sect leader, Bernard Poolman, has made the pointless suggestion that since The Break Up of the Zeitgeist Movement the people involved should now join Desteni.

However, attempts by Desteni members to spam TZM forums with ‘equal money system’ gobbledegook and convert followers of TZM failed. TZM followers soon caught on that Destibots belong to a pernicious mind control sect with totalitarian ambitions and should be avoided at all costs.

Apparently in a desperate ploy to give the non-existent 'equal money system' some credibility, members of Desteni have been trying to critique TZM. They have a whole blog dedicated to it with the peculiar title, Zeitgeist and Venus are Not Greek Gods where TZM's 'resource based economy' is contrasted with 'equal money system' as a way of proving the latter to be the superior choice for any right-thinking person living in cloud cuckoo land. 

At the Equal Life Magazine, again they say that Desteni is more 'practical' than TZM.

It is always amusing to see the phrase, 'investigate the equal money system' as churned out by the deluded Destibots, because if anyone tries, they will find there's nothing there to investigate. The equalmoney.org website is just a propaganda tool to recruit people into the Desteni cult in the beLIEf that Desteni will eventually be in a position to give out free money to everyone and make them millionaires (See: Millionaires!! Equal Money will make ALL People EQUAL Millionaires !!). 

Valentin Rozman, one the most diligent campaigners on behalf of ‘equal money system’, reported on The collaboration of Zeitgeist and Desteni members in Slovenia which, unsurprisingly was a total failure.

Intellectual giant and PR Supremo of the Desteni 'post-metaphysic action-based group' (as he calls it), Darryl W. Thomas, suggests, apparently in all seriousness, in Zeitgeist: To Straighten a Crooked Stick… that now that head honcho of TZM, Peter Joseph has left the movement, he should join Desteni. 

It seems that this is all the Destibots are capable of communicating: 'join Desteni'. Everything they say always comes back to that same point.

One critic of TZM, Muertos, has accurately identified Desteni as A Conspiracy Cult.

Desteni material is directly aimed at an audience that already subscribes to or has a keen interest in conspiracy theories to do with the Illuminati, the New World Order, aliens, reptilians etc. It contains hundreds of references to such theories and attempts to explain them by means of dull repetition of the Desteni catch phrases, with the resulting message as usual being 'join Desteni'.

Now that TZM is apparently on the wane, more of its critics are placing their attention elsewhere and debunking the Desteni conspiracy cult. They have noted some similarities between the Zeitgeist Movement and Desteni in for example posts at The Zeitgeist Movement Examined, The Zeitgeist Destiny and Zeitgeist and Destini as well as the Conspiracy Science Forum thread on Desteni.

While TZM and Desteni are both situated on the lunatic fringes, due to the far more extreme and blatantly absurd nature of the Desteni material, the Desteni movement has only a very limited niche market appeal, whereas TZM has, or rather had, a wider appeal

In Deconstructing MUERTOS Every Day Project fanatical Desteni recruiter, Darryl W. Thomas begins to attempt to ‘deconstruct’ Muertos’ single blog post/video, Desteni: A Conspiracy Cult in an elaborate project involving a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis and apparently even a forthcoming series of videos. All seemingly dedicated to just that one blog post by Muertos.

So far, Darryl Thomas manages to write nothing but a load of waffle. He states that Desteni does not use conspiracy theories to recruit members and that Muertos’ analysis of Desteni uses a method akin to that of a stereotypical conspiracy theorist. Both these points are false.

Darryl Thomas is wasting his time. Not just because the Desteni material is a pile of garbage and cannot by any reasonable standard be considered worth defending, but because more anti-Desteni commentary is appearing every week which examines why and how Desteni is garbage, and Darryl Thomas will be unable to keep up with it, especially as all his arguments ever amount to are ‘read the damn material’,  ‘join Desteni’. We've read it. It's garbage. We're not joining.

Muertos has already given a thorough explanation of how and why Desteni uses conspiracy theories to lure in followers in his excellent blog post of 14th May, The Desteni Cult and Conspiracy Theories: Pandering to the Paranoid. Here's the video version:

To say that Desteni is purely a ‘conspiracy cult’ and no more would be incorrect, but it is an accurate description. Muertos’ has given an account of what he has found in relation to Desteni. There is nothing conspiratorial about it, and he has not identified any conspiracy going on. He has simply stated that Desteni is a destructive and manipulative cult which to a large extent relies on beliefs in conspiracy theories amongst a general audience to draw people in. That is just a statement of fact. 

As Muertos shows, Desteni material is aimed at a particular audience impressed with conspiracy theories by providing a plethora of ‘channelled’ material about reptilians, UFOs, the Illuminati, alien races etc. A great many, if not most members of Desteni have commented on their own previous beliefs in conspiracy theories prior to joining Desteni. Bernard Poolman has described how he failed to get the most famous conspiracy creator in the world, David Icke to endorse the Desteni material. 

(See Process Support - 1 Problem-Reaction-Solution David Icke2 Problem-Reaction-Solution David IckeWhy we Investigated David IckeBloodlines and Equal Money, 4 Problem-Reaction-Solution - David Icky Credibility and other such videos where Poolman clearly has a gripe against David Icke for not acknowledging Desteni.)

Just because Mr Thomas is one of the few people in Desteni capable of constructing a coherent sentence doesn't mean he should be taken seriously. The vacuous hogwash he spouts in support of Desteni exists for the purpose of elevating his status within the cult and misleading the younger members. It is a vain and futile effort to give Poolman and Spies’ absurd pronouncements the appearance of intellectual credibility. Anything to get away from admitting that Desteni is a dangerous cult that sucks in naive people on the basis of the popularity on the Internet of conspiracy theories and occultic New Age spiritual philosophy. 

Darryl W. Thomas taking a stroll on the Desteni Cult Farm with Bernard Poolman giving the finger

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman


[Please note: Bernard Poolman reportedly died Aug 2013. The following article is a transcript of the 0TA YT videos, Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman - part 1 and part 2 originally published Sept 2010 [deleted], and is in specific reference to speeches by him at the BernardPoolman YouTube channel which was terminated by YouTube in August 2011. See: Desteni YouTube accounts terminated. Some of Poolman's other videos are still available, including several at EqualMoney101 and The History of Desteni and Demons series.]

About the lies and bigoted opinions of Bernard Poolman, leader of the South-Africa-based cult of Desteni...

Bernard Poolman at the Desteni ranch compound

Bernard Poolman’s ‘Desteni’ is a centralised regime run as a dictatorship which advocates strictly regimented economic, industrial and social controls. It suppresses free speech and forcibly attempts to censor criticism and opposition. Its extensive use of propaganda utilises democratic procedures for an antidemocratic cause. ‘Destonians’ condemn non-Destonians as less than inferior beings. Bernard Poolman’s comments on Jewish people suggest he is anti-Semitic. Desteni is a fascist organisation.

Its devotees say Desteni is all about ‘equality’ and like nothing that has ever existed before, but Desteni uses the same exploitative methods of mind control found in mystical, religious or quasi-religious thought reform cults and is a hierarchical organisation, not a collective of equals. It has more in common with religion than any equal rights group.

Mystical notions of ‘enlightenment’ or ‘ascension’ are scoffed at by Desteni. They regard Bernard Poolman as the only authority to be trusted on mysticism, the New Age, religion, occultism and spirituality. The Desteni philosophy is based entirely on those influences. Poolman puts his own spin on it all, and employs a less traditional phraseology, which his acolytes slavishly copy and repeat. Everything he says or does they regard as beyond question because it surpasses ‘the mind’, which is the same mystical power ascribed to leaders of other religious cults. 

The Desteni group say Poolman and Spies possess occult abilities to function in both the ‘interdimensional’ and ‘the physical’ realms. They say Poolman is somehow not an individual or a personality. He is said to exist ‘HERE’, bringing together ‘heaven and earth’ in ‘the physical’, as if he were the incarnation of the Hermetic maxim, ‘as above so below’.

Just like any other New Religious Movement, sect or cult, Desteni redefine and reinterpret conventional religious or spiritual ideas and beliefs using their own peculiar invented jargon. They believe theirs is the only valid interpretation of the ‘truth’ yet claim to have no beliefs. Their leaders fraudulently proclaim themselves as having special access to unseen worlds, and as the physical incarnation of transcendent realities. 

Hidden beneath a veneer of feigned social idealism in the guise of a proposed global welfare scheme called ‘equal money system’, Poolman and Sunette Spies’ status in Desteni is an occult fantasy of divine power and truth belonging exclusively to a select few.

Desteni say they ‘stand for’ ‘a dignified life for all’ yet Bernard Poolman has nothing but contempt for life. The process he prescribes for the members of his group negates their autonomy, and aims to destroy any thoughts or feeling they have for anything or anyone other than Desteni. His plan is to produce mindless cogs in a machine that serves to promote his nonsensical re-interpretation of occultism and advance Poolman’s lunatic vision of a ‘New World Order’ run by a pure breed of self-perfected ‘equal’ yet superior beings.

Everyone in Desteni has renounced their right to freedom of expression. Cameron Cope of Desteni claims that the right to free speech is unacceptable when it allows for ‘abuse’. Yet Cope’s ‘life instructor’, Bernard Poolman, indulges in outright abuse of everyone. His fascistic so-called ‘final solution’ for ‘life as equality’ is an excuse for his misanthropy. Poolman is seething at the world.

He abuses his critics by failing to address their arguments and instead accuses them of being ‘deceivers’ and ‘liars’. He claims that Christians are the protectors of evil and God is the purveyor of evil. He says the family is what causes pornography and child rape, and if parents say they love their children they’re liars. He calls all religions suicide cults.

He abuses anyone who served in World War II through his hero-worship of Hitler. He says Hitler acted out of love. He abuses the Jewish people by calling for the removal of ‘the Jewish principle’ (in ‘The Jew in Every Man is a Zionist’ deleted video).

Poolman hurls abuse at New Agers, Americans, atheists, people who believe in love, positive thinkers, anyone who drinks alcohol, parapsychology researchers, gurus, anyone who uses a pseudonym, people who masturbate, the imagination, psychiatrists, scientists and the scientific method, intellectuals, doctors, people with hair, vegetarians, and so on and so forth ad nauseam. According to Poolman everyone else is a psychopath and ‘Desteni is the future of the world’.

Like some demented fundamentalist bible bashing preacher, he lectures the same point again and again about money being the root of all evil and damns those who sin against the Desteni doctrine to banishment from the future of the universe, where they will ‘simply be disregarded’.

A large part of the Desteni material is made up of hate speech against other people, but especially religious people. This is not so much because he doesn’t believe in religious ideas, but because he thinks religion should be doing a job usually carried out by governments. That is, providing welfare. But he’s got an answer to that: poverty and starvation can be overcome by making money ‘equal’, as long as enough people join his organisation and support his bigotry and hate and abuse of everyone else.


Satirical video from Istenenergia using a cut-up of original speeches by Poolman and Sunette Spies, 'The Desteni Evangelium':

The Real Bernard Poolman Of The Desteni Cult

Desteni and Communism


A response to this pile of Horse Manure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZpClI9xUjw

The Communist Manifesto: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EMqMgx03iM

Oh Noes! Information and knowledge! Evil stuff in Desteni.