Wednesday 4 November 2015

TechnoTutor and Kevin Trudeau's Global Information Network Scam

Ivan Rauscher

Scammer Kevin Trudeau of the Global Information Network
(Update Aug2017The directors of the US TechnoTutor company may have parted company with Desteni. This is not confirmed, but TechnoTutor UK has been dissolved and the South Africa website has disappeared. The following article serves as a record of events.)

Members of Desteni selling TechnoTutor have joined a Multi-Level Marketing scam, and are taking tips from con man criminal, Kevin Trudeau.

In promoting their 'educational software', Destonians have successfully secured slots on TV in South Africa and the USA. 

TechnoTutor originates with Desteni and is sold almost exclusively by long-serving members of the group, both as a product and a 'business opportunity'.

There is no evidence that the TechnoTutor 'Vocabulary Development Technology' is any more useful than the thousands of other 'vocabulary builders' on the market.

Yet Destonians claim that TechnoTutor 'improves self-esteem', 'allows people to be their very best', 'teaches' children and adults 'how to learn' so that they can become whoever they want to be in life, and is the future of education. 

TechnoTutor was featured on TV recently in South Africa on ETV Money Line 02, and in the USA on the Fox Business Network's Corporate Review.

On Moving America Forward with host William Shatner, the presenter, Doug Llewelyn, asked Cameron Cope, one of the TechnoTutor LLC co-founders and a Destonian, what the story is behind the software and where it came from.

The reply was that he found 'kind of a mad scientist, if you will, in South Africa, who was developing a technology'.

Bernard Poolman of South Africa founded the crazy cult of Desteni in 2007 and previously ran a business selling overpriced 'educational software' named PowerEducation by MindTechnology, which was the precursor to TechnoTutor. 

Without Poolman and Desteni there would be no TechnoTutor

Cope did not mention Desteni. He also failed to explain that a major part of the marketing of the TechnoTutor 'business opportunity' involves the Global Information Network (GIN).

GIN is a Multi-Level Marketing scam started by notorious TV infomercial bullshitter, Kevin Trudeau

Several Destonians are members of GIN and have been marketing TechnoTutor within the network since 2011-12. Its few non-Destonian sales agents have probably been recruited from GIN, if not also a related scam called the Neothink Society

Like Desteni, GIN appeals to those who imagine there is a secret cabal called the Illuminati which controls world events and represents a future global government, 'the New World Order'. 

GIN suggests that its inner circle knows the 'secrets' of how the Illuminati or 'The Brotherhood' of ruling elites got so wealthy and powerful, and these 'secrets' can be yours and you too can become as rich and powerful if you pay increasingly large amounts of cash to participate in GIN's financial schemes. 

Desteni puts forward the notion that The New World Order is Here in the shape of Desteni, and if you buy into the 'self-mastery' courses and recruitment and sales schemes of the Equal Life Foundation company, the Desteni group will be able to replace the Illuminati and establish 'life in equality' that is 'best for all', etc.

TechnoTutor UK director and Destonian, Marley Dawkins, stated recently in Day 145: Who are the illuminati? that you should 'not fear the illuminati', but 'become the illuminati, then change the illuminati to live what is best for all', and that 'the only way everlasting sustainable change will happen, is if we become the elite, so we must do everything in our power to legally make as much money as possible'.

is just one in a long line of legal and illegal money-making scams perpetrated by Kevin Trudeau, who has previously sold bogus get-rich-quick schemes, spurious weight loss programmes and fake cures for cancer, been fined for deceptive trade practices, convicted of larceny and credit card fraud, and conned many people out of millions of dollars.

Trudeau is currently languishing in a minimum-security prison in Alabama after receiving a ten-year sentence for criminal contempt

41 Action News TV reported that after GIN failed to pay out an estimated 9.5 million dollars in promised commissions and bonuses it went from 38,000 to 4,000 members.

In 2014, GIN was sold off to a coterie of Trudeau's hardcore fans, the AXS Investment Group. 

The re-formed GIN is fronted by Troy McClain, a former contestant on The Apprentice TV show which was hosted by the well-known Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The GIN Family Reunion of October 2015 featured as a keynote speaker the despicable scam artist and convicted killer, James Arthur Ray. He is praised by GIN as a 'successful entrepreneur'.

GIN is reportedly still under investigation by the FBI.

In 2014, Cope and his fellow Destonian TechnoTutor LLC co-founder, Avery Williams, were on Donald Trump's son's TV show with a non-Destonian TechnoTutor sales agent, Dr Steven Lamer, who is a chiropractor with experience in the 'methods of Edgar Cayce' and the pseudoscience of Applied Kinesiology, which also happens to be part of the Desteni I Process

A businesswoman marketing an unrelated product who was invited on Donald Trump Jr's TV show in 2013 'sniffed out the scam' after she was asked to pay $19,000 for the privilege

In one of Cope's YouTube videos, Entrepreneur and sales expert on how to accelerate your journey to successAvery Williams claimed that GIN and TechnoTutor can 'change your DNA'. In another, Cope and Destonian TechnoTutor LLC co-founder, Katie Conklin, discussed the 'power' of the GIN.

In Oct 2015, Cope recommended to Destonians that they all join GIN, not only to market TechnoTutor, but to Overcome Resistance in Selling Desteni courses and products.

Cope is apparently of the view that parents should remove their kids from school and invest in TechnoTutor instead. 

He was interviewed at the Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) YouTube channel by Destonian, Marlen Vargas Del Razo, in [93] Would a Living Income bring a Revolution in Education?She described him as an 'expert' on education, and he said: 

'Practically, for a parent, I would not have your kids in a public school, for sure, knowing what it does, I can't self-honestly feel good about saying keep your kids in school, even the private schools'. 

It is more than likely that TechnoTutor LLC in its dealings with GIN aims to 'make as much money as possible' in order to help guarantee a living income for the Destonians' 'non-profit' company, the Equal Life Foundation. 

Saturday 31 October 2015

TechnoTutor and Neothink® Tools for Money, Power and Romantic Love

Ivan Rauscher

[Update Aug 2017: The Desteni group appears to have cut ties with the US-based TechnoTutor company, therefore it is likely to have also cut any ties with Neothink. The following article serves as a record of events.]

Members of the Desteni / Equal Life Foundation channelling sect are venturing beyond the confines of the Desteni Universe. 

They are making significant affiliations with individuals whose background is with the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

And as the Destonians branch out further they are associating with other ideologies and organisations, specifically to do with the Destonian-run business, TechnoTutor LLC.

Destonian and TechnoTutor LLC co-founder, Cameron Cope, said recently in a YouTube video that 'the tools or the realization that they are a creator' are being given to people through TechnoTutor, Desteni, GIN and Neothink.

The Global Information Network (GIN) is a Multi-Level Marketing scam started by fraudster and convicted felon, Kevin Trudeau. 

Several Destonians already market the TechnoTutor 'business opportunity' through GIN, and Cope has recommended that they all join the scam to help sell the Desteni I Process. 

But what is Neothink?

Neothink purports to be inspired by Ayn Rand's Objectivism (although Objectivists might object) and is said to be 'The Most Effective Self-Improvement Program For Individuals In the History of Mankind'.

Disshevelled playboy, Mr. Mark Hamilton, is mentioned throughout material published by the organisation as the 'genius' behind Neothink and a paragon of 'civilization'. 

Here is a video of Hamilton from 2010 outlining what the Neothink Society is 'really':

The Neothink Society offers 'tools' for 'perfect health', 'millionaire wealth', 'superior intelligence', the 'hottest romantic love techniques since the golden age of Greece' and biological immortality. 

It promises all this through its secret society of secret wisdom, the members of which it claims are 'the rich, the famous, the powerful', and include the 'crème de la crème of society, famous sports and movie stars, musicians, billionaires, businessmen, intellectuals and scientists'.

Neothink has appeared under other names, such as Nouveau Tech, Novatech or usually, Neo-Tech®, and since the 1980s has used junk mail to persuade desperate or gullible people to buy books at inflated prices. 

In May 2000, Neo-Tech was the subject of an Advertising Standards Authority ruling in the UK, as it was unable to provide proof of its ludicrous claims. 

Here's another of Hamilton's videos on the Neothink Clubhouse experience:

Neo-Tech was started by Hamilton's father, Frank R. Wallace who died in 2006. 

According to one source, when Wallace was in prison for federal tax crimes in the 1990s he met TV infomercial scammer, Kevin Trudeau, who was in for credit card fraud.

Neothink is, like Trudeau's GIN, another cheesy Multi-Level Marketing scheme. GIN is to a large extent modelled on Neothink, and Hamilton has apparently made more money out of GIN than anyone else. 

See: Kevin Trudeau + Mark Hamilton = GIN with a twist of Neo-stink and related posts at Whirled Musings.

As Destonians already market TechnoTutor via GIN, and there are shared interests between GIN and Neothink, it follows that TechnoTutor should also be marketed via the Neothink Society. 

Destonian and TechnoTutor LLC co-founder, Avery Williams, has supported both GIN and Neothink for years. 

At a Neothink site, another Destonian suggested that if you buy TechnoTutor for your child it will develop their vocabulary and therefore enable them to earn lots of money for your family, and that TechnoTutor is in line with the 'C of the U', which means 'Civilization of the Universe' or Neothink.

Like the Desteni Equal Life Foundation's fake political 'proposal', the Living Income Guaranteed, which is a front for the sale of Desteni products and courses, Neothinkers have their own political gimmick: the 'libertarian' Twelve Visions Party, which is a front for Neothink. 

Its slogan is, 'Make All the People Rich Including the Poor!'.

And like Desteni, Neothinkers sing horrible rap songs about how they will solve the world's problems and bring happiness, peace and prosperity to all.

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Tuesday 20 October 2015

TechnoTutor and PowereDucation: Building a Brick Wall

PowerEducation Powered by MindTechnology 
[Note Aug 2017: Desteni is no longer affiliated with the US-based TechnoTutor company. The following article serves as a record of events.]

The TechnoTutor 'Vocabulary Development Technology' business is owned, managed and marketed almost exclusively by members of Desteni. 

Yet Desteni claims that it 'does not own any part of TechnoTutor'.

While Desteni has officially endorsed TechnoTutor none of the TechnoTutor websites or salespersons ever mention that the origins and development of the 'educational software' company are inextricably linked to Desteni, and in turn the 'non-profit' behind it, the Equal Life Foundation.

Back in 2007, the group's founder, Bernard Poolman, introduced his ideas about 'Living Words' or 'redefining words' for 'self-forgiveness' with the help of 'educational software'

Poolman's ideas about vocabulary and 'living words' were later expanded upon in a series of blog posts entitled, Redefining Words, by his co-founder in Desteni, Esteni De Wet. Such ideas are integral to the Desteni I Process and references to 'vocabulary' and 'living words' can be found throughout material produced by Destonians.  

Prior to the launch of Desteni in 2007, De Wet ran an 'educational software' business with Poolman named PowerEducation by MindTechnology

A review in 2004 by a student whose masters project was 'to find means for deploying networks and computers in schools in South Africa' stated that the PowerEducation website was full of 'lots of rubbish about how their packages will improve your life... in fact they reckon that people who are illiterate usually land up killing themselves due to depression and they are making products that will prevent this'.

It stated that the PowerEducation sales pitch contained 'so much emotive speech and "propaganda" that you want to vomit', and that the software was way overpriced.

This year's VICE magazine article, Meet the Struggling South African Cult That Tried to Kill Demon Hitlerquoted an ex-PowerEducation employee who said the software was sold to parents who were 'manipulated' into believing it was worth R12,000 [$1,030] when it was only worth R400 [$35]. 

Poolman's 2005 PowerEducation website stated: 'building effective information processing skills is like building a brick wall'.

Circa 2007-09, Poolman made his 'educational software' available through under the name, 'Desteni Vocabulary Builder' or 'Purifier'. 

As listed under 'Other Cults' on a Scientology wiki and numerous other sites, the original website was registered to Esteni at

By 2010, the 'Desteni Vocabulary Builder' was no longer provided via, but a member of the group, Cameron Cope of Texas, began selling 'educational software' through another company called Desteni Education.

Cope posted several times at the Cult Education Forum in an attempt to deflect criticism that suggested he was using the sale of the software to recruit children and parents into the cult of Desteni.

In one of his posts, he stated that he originally wanted to call the company, 'Techno Tutor', but the name at the time was unavailable.

The sales pitch for Desteni Education was worded in almost exactly the same way as Poolman's PowerEducation and was about 'building a brick wall'. 

In 2010, Ferdi Poolman of South Africa alleged 
that his brother, Bernard, had stolen the 'reading and language' programme from his educational software company, Readers are Leaders. 

After that, Cope began using different company names, including PerfectMind Tutoring, AConduitMarketing and Techno Tutor. In 2013, the same year Bernard Poolman died, TechnoTutor LLC was formed by Cope and other Destonians.

Esteni De Wet is currently a UK director of TechnoTutor

VICE magazine also reported that De Wet's parents were involved in the early days of Desteni, which were said to have been fuelled by the drug, Ecstasy. 

Frans De Wet was listed as a member of PowerEducation's Club 25 in 2005, and Francois De Wet is currently a TechnoTutor South Africa director

Bernard Poolman's daughter owns as well as 

In a recent interview with the Student Operated Press, Cope delivered a sales pitch for TechnoTutor in which he repeated Poolman's hokey metaphor about 'building a brick wall'.

PowereDucation Powered by MindTechnology™

VICE magazine reported this year that Cope was initially open to an interview, but 
after he was asked about the connection between PowerEducation and TechnoTutor, gave no reply.

The TechnoTutor websites do not state its price or the cost of distribution rights.

There is no record of tests or reviews of TechnoTutor by any independent experts, and there has been no peer-reviewed study of it published in any educational technology journal.

An ex-customer of the product described it as 'way overpriced overhyped and subpar', set up a webpage to warn people, posted at the Cult Education Forum, and said he was offered a refund if he removed his posts, but he didn't. 

A Destonian recently asked for donations to help 'solve the education crisis' and wrote about joining the TechnoTutor team at GoFundMe'To be a part of this team and fulfill my vision, I am asked for a significant investment of $60,000'. Yet she failed to provide a budget and raised only $620.

In 2012 TechnoTutor was reportedly sold at €2,490 [$3,123]. At the Cult Education Forum in 2014 it was said that distribution rights were being sold at $24,000. 

There are testimonials for TechnoTutor from people who are almost all known members of Desteni, and one from Dr. Roland Estrabillo, a dentist who said he used TechnoTutor to pass a certification exam. 

He was found guilty in 2011 by The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario of 'disgraceful, dishonourable, and unethical conduct including charging excessive fees and providing unnecessary dental services'. 

Estrabillo, along with Cope and several other Destonian TechnoTutor salespersons, is a member of the Global Information Network, a Multi-Level Marketing scam started by fraudster and convicted criminal, Kevin Trudeau. 

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Thursday 15 October 2015

The Equal Life Foundation & the Sovereign Citizen Movement

Ivan Rauscher

(Update June 2017: Ken Cousens is no longer associated with Desteni. The following article serves as a record of events.)

Not Saying Desteni

FBI slide on the Sovereign Citizen Movement

The Equal Life Foundation (ELF) is the company that promotes and sells the products, course materials, marketing and recruitment schemes of the group known as Desteni. 

However, in a recent video at the Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) YouTube channel, Equal Life Foundation: Our Moral Imperatives, Cerise Poolman, who owns, talked at length about 'the group' without ever saying the word, 'Desteni'. 

The LIG is also a creation of Desteni, and no other group or individual actively supports or promotes it. Yet in her interviews at the LIG YouTube channel with non-Destonian activists and supporters of the Basic Income Guarantee (which, unlike the LIG, is a genuine political and economic proposal), committed Destonian, Marlen Vargas Del Razo, has also never said the word, 'Desteni'.

Even the 'Self & Living' online store which sells videos by Sunette Spies (AKA the Desteni 'interdimensional portal') contains no reference to Desteni.

A key article of the ELF is called a Bill of Rights, although it is not a 'bill', as it is not being proposed to a legislature. It is merely a web document, and is essentially a bastardisation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is being used to advance the private business interests of the Desteni group's so-called 'non-profit' company, the ELF. Again, it does not mention Desteni.

Ken Cousens is not only the author of the ELF's 'Bill of Rights' but was also granted permission to invite Desteni members to join Gemstone University and Panterra Private Contract Association, organisations he runs independently of Desteni / the ELF.

This of no small significance: Cousens' ideas and beliefs and the aims of Gemstone University and Panterra PCA must therefore be regarded as being in general agreement with the aims of Desteni / the ELF. 

Cousens' background, ideas and beliefs are rooted in the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

Sovereign Law

Cousens was until recently an official spokesman for the Sovereign Citizen group, the Republic for the united States of America (RuSA), the former 'president' of which is currently serving an 18 year prison sentence for fraud.

Cousens' wife, Destonian, Andrea Teale, interviewed her husband in the video, Senior Destonian Hangout - An Interview with Ken Cousens and stated he has been in Desteni for seven years, is 'a law person, a law researcher' and his Gemstone University 'teaches people about law'.

Teale uses the term, 'Living Woman on the Land' to describe herself, which is a variation of the term, Freeman on the Land, derived from the Sovereign Citizen Movement. 

Many leaders of the Sovereign Citizen Movement are scam artists and swindlers who pose as legal experts and encourage people to take part in illegal pyramid schemes and tax fraud. They offer bogus legal advice on foreclosures and debt elimination. They claim that they can teach people how to become free of all legal and governmental constraints. (The Lawless Ones, Anti-Defamation League, 2012)

The description for Destonian, Anna Brix Thomsen's Google Hangout video of July 2014, From Mind-Controlled to Self-Governed and Sovereign Citizens reads: 

'If Governments are essentially controlling our minds, how can we start steering our own minds to become self-governed and sovereign citizens? 

'The Word Government comes from the Latin and Greek roots 'Gubernare' = control/steer + 'Mend' = mind. This essentially means that government is mind control. But what if we redefined the word government through each of us taking responsibility for 'steering' our own minds? Would it then be possible to create a system with a governing body based on Equality and Sovereignty of each individual?' 

Her question can be summarised: 'If government equals mind control then how can we control our minds enough to become the government?'

Like the Destonians, Sovereign Citizens have some odd ideas about language, government and the law.

'Sovereign citizen', David Wynn Miller, for example, is a so-called 'Plenipotentiary-Judge' and the 'King of Hawaii', who bamboozles people with gibberish and outlandish theories in expensive workshops which are often geared towards helping with foreclosures, but can do nothing of the sort.

In the USA in 2014, a survey of law enforcement officials conducted by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, placed the Sovereign Citizen Movement in the top slot as the biggest domestic terrorist threat in the country. Sovereign Citizens have been involved in numerous violent and murderous acts.

David Wynn Miller publicly acknowledged in the New York Times that deranged killer, Jared Lee Loughner, who was found guilty of 19 charges of murder and attempted murder in Tuscon in 2011, had been influenced by reading Miller's website.

Living Words

Jared Lee Loughner quotes [from]

Loughner's strange use of language clearly showed that he was a keen adherent of the Sovereign Citizen Movement. The murderer was also a fan of the Zeitgeist Movement (TZM)

Desteni members have had a lot to say about TZM, usually to try to show that its 'Resource Based Economy' is inferior to the 'Equal Money System' of Desteni. In 2011, the group's founder, Bernard Poolman, encouraged disaffected members of TZM to join Desteni 

It is a specialty of Sovereign Citizens to concoct nonsensical legal documents. Another article by Ken Cousens is an absurd defense of Desteni written in the form of a faux legal document, a so-called 'affadavit of truth', entitled, Standing in Witness to Desteni.

Cousens' 'Walking the World System' video series for Desteni is over nine hours long. The videos referred to in the Nov 2014 post, The Destonian Sovereign Citizen, have since been removed from public view on YouTube, but copies have been made of them.

In one video he recommended to Destonians another video, The Golden Web, which posits a method of interpreting the 'hidden' meanings of words to advance very grand conspiracy theories. 

It is a method similar to the practice in Desteni of interpreting words according to how they might sound like other words, as shown in the Living Words section of the group's public forum. 

It is related to Bernard Poolman's 2007 articles such as Bernard Poolman – I, the Living Word and The Living Word in which he recommended 'redefining words' with the help of software which he claimed he had 'tested' and found could 'assist with the process' of 'self-forgiveness'. 

That same software, discussed in the recent VICE magazine article, Meet the Struggling South African Cult That Tried to Kill Demon Hitleris now known as TechnoTutor and is sold to the public almost exclusively by members of Desteni.

The websites for Gemstone University and Panterra PCA, run by 'The Living Man, kenneth scott, of the House of Cousens', are full of language and ideas of the Sovereign Citizen Movement, but they do not mention Desteni. 

Poolman, on the other hand, always referred to Desteni, but perhaps the present day representatives of the group have in certain circumstances been avoiding using the word to try to offset the inevitable consequences of the fact that Desteni has gained a solid reputation for itself as a totally ridiculous cult

Maybe they are changing direction and planning on ditching the name altogether.  

Yet if the 'living words' used to represent the group and its interests are instead the Equal Life Foundation, the Living Income Guaranteed, Equal Money System, TechnoTutor and/or anything else, it makes little difference. In forging alliances with individuals from the crackpot Sovereign Citizen Movement the people who call themselves 'Destonians' are risking far more than their reputations. 

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Friday 4 September 2015

Vice Reports on the Struggling South African Cult of Desteni

Illustration by Matt Panuska -- Clockwise from left: Rick Ross (no relation), cult deprogrammer; Zena Swanepoel, Poolman's former assistant; Anu, alien overlord and creator of Mankind; Jesus Christ; Hitler, king of the demon dimension; Esteni de Wet, Poolman's girlfriend; Sunette Spies, the interdimensional portal; Cameron Cope, Texan Desteni member and head of TechnoTutor; Andrea Rossouw, early Desteni follower; and Bernard Poolman, Desteni's mastermind.

Back in October 2013, a journalist from Vice magazine, River Donaghey, made a request to visit the Desteni farm but was turned down. (See Desteni 'Going Down the Drain'). He later wrote an extensive article about the group anyway and it was published by Vice on August 4th this year.

It includes a revealing interview with the ex-personal assistant of Desteni founder, Bernard Poolman, as well as some marvellous illustrations.

The article highlights the fact that the Desteni group (AKA the Equal Life Foundation) runs on blind belief in the ridiculous fantasies of Poolman and Sunette Spies' 'batshit-insane demon-channeling'.

It re-confirms that the TechnoTutor software currently sold by Destonians out of Texas and elsewhere is most likely an updated version of Poolman's earlier 'educational software', PowerEducation, which involved a scam to 'manipulate parents' into buying something that was 'worth 400 rand [$35] for 12,000 [$1,030].'

The article is also notable for pointing out the highly influential role of Poolman's girlfriend, Esteni de Wet, as well as the use of the drug, Ecstasy, in the founding of the cult.

Read: Meet the Struggling South African Cult That Tried to Kill Demon Hitler

Wednesday 15 April 2015

The Equal Life Foundation is a Scam

Reptilian overlords

The Equal Life Foundation (ELF) states that it stands for equality, human rights and 'self-responsibility'. Yet the organisation has only ever run online marketing schemes: a 'life coaching' income plan for recruiters, the Desteni I Process (or Structural Resonance Alignment), the store, which sells 'interviews' with imaginary dead people and reptilian overlords via an affiliate marketing scheme, the Self & Living store for 'practical lifestyle' videos – as well as working holidays at the Desteni farm in South Africa and associated businesses such as Techno Tutor.

Its deceased founder, Bernard Poolman said, Desteni provides Life Coaching as a Way to Personal Wealth. Less of a get-rich-quick scheme and more a change-the-world scam, customers are led to believe that Desteni / ELF has political clout when all it has is sales schemes for sub-New Age superstitions.

According to a 'Destonian', Anna Brix Thomsen, all that happens at the Equal Life Foundation's headquarters (a farm in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa) is looking after horses, doing chores, writing blogs, and watching Sunette Spies pretending to be an 'interdimensional portal'.

It is not as though Desteni / ELF is helping to protect the human rights of its poverty-stricken neighbours in South Africa -- or anywhere else. It is not practically involved in any political reform, civil action or equal rights advocacy. Desteni / ELF only ever promotes its own capitalist business interests on the internet, sometimes using political topics, but mostly, the customers publish testimonial adverts as 'Journey to Life' blogs in which they often state that Desteni / ELF courses have helped them take 'self-responsibility'.

These courses have no quantifiable benefit. Anyone can take self-responsibility by themselves, naturally, or deal with self-esteem issues or give up addictions without depending on taking part in courses with Desteni / ELF or any other group. Although, it would not necessarily make a person part of a world-changing social movement for equality – not like the Equal Life Foundation's Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) is supposed to be.

In September 2014, the Destonian-run business, Techno Tutor was given airtime on the YouTube channel of Donald Trump Jr., who in his spare time enjoys slaughtering exotic animals in South Africa. Versions of Techno Tutor Vocabulary Development Technology have been sold by Desteni / ELF since at least 2008 (often to people who've already been scammed by well-known fraudster and convicted criminal, Kevin Trudeau), but as someone on Godlike Productions remarked, the LIG 'proposal' is like something a 12 year-old would write.

Whenever the Equal Life Foundation discusses the LIG, human rights or equality, it is always with the suggestion that Desteni / ELF and/or the LIG have the 'best for all' 'solution' to every single problem in the whole wide world and that you should 'investigate'; which just means signing up for products and courses. It was the same with the group's previous Equal Money System... Supporting 'equal money' or the LIG equals trying to help sell Desteni / ELF products and courses.

A Destonian wrote: 'I think the main reason why Living Income Guaranteed is not gaining in popularity is because people are conditioned to become obsessed with what they want, their self interest, and compete for it. The fact that people don’t search for an answer to the temperamental economic system is evidence that people have come to accept a system of inequality. In consideration of what is here though, the main reason for Living Income Guaranteed’s obscurity is because there is no money to make it known to the public.'

The ELF does not make the LIG a topic of discussion at any social justice or political forums, or anywhere else except Destonian sites. That's why it's obscure.

Desteni fanatic, Marlen Vargas Del Razo interviews some non-Destonians at the LIG YouTube channel and provides a platform for their ideas, but she does not discuss Desteni / ELF or the details of the LIG with them. If she did, then Del Razo would be obliged to explain how recruiting for online sales schemes for idiotic channelings of interdimensional reptilians and dead people from the afterlife can possibly be of any relevance to ensuring a living income for all.

The LIG is just a thinly-veiled advertisement for Desteni / ELF products and courses. It conveys some political commentary but political commentary on the web does not equal a political movement or proposal. The LIG uses political and human rights topics as a way of making the group seem important, but like so many other cults, Desteni / ELF is mainly concerned with absurd spiritualistic beliefs about other dimensions, 'the self', 'stopping the mind', and sales schemes.

The Desteni / ELF version of 'human rights' was written by a former prominent member of the sovereign citizen movement, which is founded on false conspiracy theories, racism and anti-Semitism, and is run by right wing libertarian scammers who charge money for fake financial schemes and legal advice which get people thrown in jail.

The Desteni / ELF 'interdimensional portal' AKA Sunette Spies' recent 'Self & Living' store videos are branded with the ELF name, but nothing Spies discusses is about human rights or equality. It is 'self-help' advice with corny titles like 'Less Stress More Success!', 'Building Your Relationship with Yourself' and 'Enrich Yourself, Don't Break Yourself'. As for the content, you'd get more useful 'practical lifestyle' tips reading one random article at Oddly enough, although her background is solely as protege of Bernard Poolman, at her 'Self & Living store' no information is given about Spies, and neither Poolman or Desteni are mentioned.

The Interview Requests for the 'portal' at the Desteni forum suggest that customers are keen to hear more animal impersonations and communications from beyond the grave, but that's not going to bring about equality or protect anyone's human rights either.

One former Desteni / ELF customer recently published a video in which he states he's leaving the group because he cannot 'verify the material'. In another video called My view on Desteni he suggests that although Desteni presents itself as having all the answers to everything it is not possible to get all the answers from one source, not even oneself. He states that the group may be attractive to some gullible people looking for 'the truth' but the Desteni material is not unique or original in any way.

A Destonian remarks that the 'paranormal community' has shown very little interest in the Desteni Demonology website and yet another that the 'I Process' is not fitting into his schedule and should allow for more 'individuality' or different approaches to 'walking this process'.

If Desteni / ELF is going down the drain then it is because its claims that it stands for equality, human rights and self-responsibility are false. This statement issued by Desteni / ELF: 'The Equal Life Foundation's focus is in the arena of Basic Human Rights with an emphasis on how these Rights must be practically applied' is misleading, if not an outright lie.

Desteni / ELF uses a limited discussion of 'human rights' which make it seem like it could be a humanitarian cause when it is an online commercial business venture. There is no evidence that the group has any influence or involvement in any genuine human rights or political activities whatsoever. The ELF's focus is on the manufacture, promotion and sale of Desteni / ELF products, courses and sales schemes which are an incoherent mish-mash of rudimentary self-help techniques and redundant delusions of New Age occultism and related material.

For how much longer can Desteni / ELF keep up the pretense? It is a very obvious scam, yet intriguing if only for the reason that some people let themselves be fooled by it.

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