Saturday 10 March 2012

Desteni clique incest

Mass production of sex-oriented media was recently increased in the Land of Destonia in a bid to get signed 'agreements' for sexual relations between Destonians.

From Destenigossip:

Sex in general is evil, there is only one way for it not to be evil:
First: Beat yourself up about having, enjoying or thinking about sex or, if that’s not the case, about NOT having, enjoying or thinking about it.
Second: Go to the Desteni-Forum and post all your most private thoughts and experiences there, for the whole world (including your family, friends and future employers) to see and for Bernie to jerk off to.
Third: Buy an overpriced course done by Desteni where you can hear the ‘portal’ talk about Reptilian-Sex, Rape and other kinky stuff.
Fourth: Find a fellow Desteni-member to fuck.
Fifth: Fuck that fellow Desteni-member, especially when and if you don’t actually find them attractive.
Sixth: Go to the forum again and tell all the world and Bernie about your new Desteni sex life as detailed as possible, so the others and especially Bernie can approve of it.
And then you have a chance of not being a rapist or some other type of scum. Though, not really, Desteni will find something else you have to be ashamed of, but all is not lost, they will offer you a new class for 300 bucks a month to purify yourself from that new problem as well.


Gian Robberts said...

First of all, it is 200 euros a month, if you can afford it, if not then you can apply for sponsorship through blogging etc.

so the course can be for free for those who are really serious about it but can't afford it.

secondly, the course if for anyone, if you are single, or if you are already in a relationship, it is about relationships with self and others.

thirdly - we say look at all your thoughts, fantasy's, desires wants etc and see how it is sabotaging your self and your relationships in your world and then with in the course corrections is made and the being is able to have fun and enjoyable moments with themselves and other beings equally, because self sabotage has been removed with the tools provided.

chekc out the Agreement course here: before giving out your own made up shit.

I have been in an agreement for 4 years, it helped me to stop self abusive patterns that has always been destructive and conflict with in past relationships, I now have a stable relationship/agreement with myself and other beings and this grew from my agreement with myself and my partner.

do you not want a Stable world, society? because if you are stable and clear it will reflect and create the world as you move the same.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Gian Robberts Thanks for your illuminating commentary on the Desteni agreements course. Priceless.

In case you missed it: click the link to where you can read all of the original Destenigossip article. There are some more juicy bits there.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Due to a profusion of spam and death threats against Destonians comments were set to approval.

Anonymous said...

Destonians are more stupid than normal supporters.
as well, they make the people think they are really against ems when someone is against, but they comencing to turn arround the conversation and they catch the victim. i saw how they work in facebook.

Anonymous said...

if the equal money system convince people someone is wining 200 dollars then that is a short version, the number will decrease, at time more people they receive. (i hope so)

Anonymous said...

***Due to a profusion of spam and death threats against Destonians comments were set to approval.***

yea, quite interesting, becuase they are suffering from depression about what this organization makes and what they still doing psychologically, without their intervention, i would like to call this "automatic intervention", but let's not invent things, just giving a notion.
i also like to say there is many others ways to make a peaciful world, without flood like that from EMS.
how many threats you pointed here of people desiring to kill poolman and others because of the depression??

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