Monday 18 April 2011

Bernard Poolman, cultleader of Desteni, EXPOSED


Matej Varga said...

:DD Thanks for advertising, your Self-Deception is obvious.Desteni does not judge anything, you judge and therefore you are exerting yourself, by your judgment - you judge yourself. And btw, my friend is on the farm and it is absolutely no secret. ROFL open you eyes.Desteni is not cult, its organization which offer practical solutions for world by establishing Equal Money System. I suppose you were learnt to read so start e.g. with Anyway, thanks for advertising ! :D

Desteni Cult blog said...

We are advertising the fact that Desteni is a potentially dangerous mind control cult. In doing so, we provide actual evidence from Desteni itself. Thanks for your contribution.

Matej Varga said...

Well, you just said that you are potentially dangerous mind control cult. Your actions speak for themselves ! Lies and Half-Truths. Thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

haha the desteni cultists are on the loose, somebody needs to slap them with some reality.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Well, you're doing a good job over at the Conspiracy Science forum ;)

Erik said...

I support you taking a stand and exposing Poolman for what he is, a controlling man, and a very evil man as well I believe. What kind of person uses a Satanic looking man-beast image as their avatar? I will fight them until they perish from the earth.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@ Erik The main type of people who would use a Satanic looking man-beast image as their avatar are probably adolescent boys into things like Death Metal and horror movies.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the first paragraph. Then again, I laugh at everything. I wonder what kind of image people will see in me, or how Bernard would analyze me. But then again, everything needs to be analyzed... This video was not serious.

Anonymous said...

destini = cult period. nothing but stupid mind control slaves. shaving your head just shows the power the cult has over you.

Anonymous said...

God, imagine a face of devil in his face, he is equal, and i am sffering depression because poolman and and his face is always in my head, like those musics every day in my head, understand?
This mother fucker is a poison.

Anonymous said...

"We are advertising the fact that Desteni is a potentially dangerous mind control cult..."

Matej Varga....
"Well, you just said that you are potentially dangerous mind control cult...."


What? Anticult is saying to Matej the desteni is a dangerous control brain cult, and matej is saying the anticult is a dangerous control brain cult.
They make a lot of confusion and poolman says this is how the human nature works, making lies and confuse everything to try win the opponent.
This guys are fucking insane.
Poolman should go to a mental hospital? YES! This guy is a psychopath.

Anonymous said...

They don't agree with the "montetary system", yet they use a pyramid scheme to fund themselves.

Bernard Poolman, and ex-policeman? This says plenty. He would've recieved skills in the old South African Police force which would make him an ideal candidate to lead a teenage cult.

Most probably he has a history of alcohol and or drug problems, and an abusive nature, normally towards defenseless entities. Pretty much a wolf preying on sheep. I guess karma will provide him a meeting with a Sheepdog in the future.

Being surrounded by "kids", most probably those who cannot adapt to the real world with all it's flaws, must probably feel like a pig in sh*t. Quite scary it is to ponder the influence he has on their young lives.

Poolman requires a vaselined taser up his rectum. Who knows, he might even enjoy it.

As for his poor brainwashed kid, the one who has tapped into Jesus Christ and Hitler, well your fate is sealed kid. Hope your next life is a better one.

These founding members are living in the milky way, being funded by geckos. I hope we won't see sme mass suicide in time to come. Get out while you can, and rather spend your money on some good old fashioned porn...oops.

Anonymous said...

They are, at best, a bunch of fuck-ups.

Poolman needs a "Poesklap". Translated, this loosley means a slap in the face with tremendous force, accuracy.

The idea behind a "Poesklap" is to return the recipient(s) back to reality, normally issued to faulty individuals.

It is a shame to have people like this in South Africa.

Poolam, Esteni, Sunette, you don't deserve to be called South Africans. You are a disgrace to your parents, family and above all yourselves. How sad it is that the end result of your upbringing, education, family efforts came to this.

Here is an articel, you might have to transalte

Anonymous said...

the penultimate anonymous above, says something realy interesting "Most probably he has a history of alcohol and or drug problems, and an abusive nature, normally towards defenseless entities", hmm i have no evidence, but what we see today sounds true,if this anonymous is more advanced in something like espionage, i like your comment then, thank you.
other show he was a policeman, well, i saw something like that on wikipedia, but will only proves, maybe, why he is not working anymore for the police, and show their plan for the economy not be true, why? because he is not an economist, only my opinion here, but real EMS, in this world already exist, and is a epic fail we have, the actual system, soo, do not support this shit, is just flood, only a monetary system more free than this system, only in a totalitary system, just my opinion, but a total free monetary system is not good.

Anonymous said...

he uses the teen people because in this face of the human nature, they occasionally, like cool stuff, but at the same time, it is an age where majory has a tendency to take drugs and being addicted to money, therefore, the lunatic says lunatic shit to draw the poor lunatic minds and be powerfull by this failed communism devoid of value by semantic words.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

You guys need simply to get up to speed on your gnosticisms. Desteni is simply a contemporary eflorescence of this always forbidden religion. It should be heralded and studied. And no educated person need fear cults:
cultus m ‎(genitive cultÅ«s); fourth declension

The act of tilling or cultivating.
The act of honoring or worshipping, reverence, adoration, veneration; loyalty
A religious group, cult, sect.
Care directed to the refinement of life, cultural pursuit, civilization, culture, style; elegance, polish, refinement.
Style of dress, external appearance, clothing, attire; ornament, decoration, splendor.
(rare) The act of laboring at, labor, care, cultivation, culture.
(rare) Training, education, culture.

Desteni Cult blog said...

The etymology of a word does not necessarily describe its actual modern day use. The use of the word, 'cult' here is explained in the 'About' section, and is as it is generally used by the public, media and academics to refer to a specific type of social group.

There might be traces of Gnosticism in Desteni by association but to say it is a form of Gnosticism would be assigning it qualities it does not have. As has been explained, it is a cult-like internet scam based on an absurd mish-mash of basic New Age self-help and incoherent notions derived from popular Theosophy, occultism, spiritualism, Osho Rajneesh etc.

It has never been suggested at this blog that any cult should be feared.

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