Monday 30 July 2012

Equal Money Journey to LIES

The Desteni Equal Money System Website was re-launched on April 14th this year. One of its main functions is to register 'votes' for Desteni Equal Money 'policies'. At the time of writing, end of July, the most votes for a given policy is only 435.

There are around 100-150 people actively involved in promoting the Desteni Equal Money System. One might expect that 100-150 people, all of whom are constantly blogging and v-logging, could in three months gain the interest of a lot more than 400 or so others?  

But, no. The Desteni Equal Money System is a sham and the Destonians know it better than anyone else. That's why these days they are far more interested in detracting from it with their 'Journey to Life', where they confabulate blogs made up of endless paragraphs beginning with 'I forgive myself for allowing and accepting...' etc., liberally peppered with links to Desteni products for sale at  

Their 'Journey to Life' is of course dictated by their guru, Bernard (Creation) Poolman, the main man in Desteni, whose Creation's Journey to Life blog contains such gems of gobbledegook as:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Liefe on Earth is One BIG LIE Built through Smaller Lies that are accepted and allowed so that the Big Lie seems too Big to Ever challenge, instead of Looking at the Small Lies and see How these Small Lies Built the Character of the Big Lie as Human Nature that is too Weak and Sinful to Ever Change.

In another post he writes:

I commit myself to SHOW that it is Possible to understand in Actual detail Exactly How All of Creation Functions and thus to Be the One that Determines How Life on Earth will be Lived. 

The Destonians' blogs are also inspired by blogs of Poolman's two main cohorts, Sunette (Heaven) Spies and Esteni (Earth) De Wet. 

As for the claim made on the Equal Money website that

The Equal Money System (EMS)' ...'project is managed and directed under the auspices of the Equal Life Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization, constituted under South African Law, duly audited as per legal requirements

this post at the Cult Education Forum suggests that the Desteni Equal Life Foundation may quite possibly be operating illegally:

At it states that Equal Life Foundation is a "Non-Profit Organization". 
A Non-Profit Company and a Non-Profit Organization are two different things. Equal Life Foundation is not a "Non-Profit Organization". It is in fact registered as a Non-Profit Company. This is confirmed by a search at 
At a Non-profit Company (NPC) is defined as: 
A company incorporated for public benefit or other object relating to one or more cultural or social activities, or communal or group interests; and
The income and property of which are not distributable to its incorporators, members, directors, officers or persons related to any of them.
Read more:,62042,112520#msg-112520

Income of the Equal Life Foundation is distributed to its incorporators, members, directors or officers because Eqafe products are sold via an Affiliate Program where profits from sales are distributed amongst representatives of the Equal Life Foundation; that is the Destonians.

At the 'About' page, 'The main object for which the' Equal Life Foundation 'Company is formed' is described as in order:
to undertake research and education in the areas of: 
Leadership Skills Development 
Food Production and Management 
Environmental Studies 
Educational Curriculum Software Development 
Equal Economic Remodelling 
Global Warming Solutions 
Group Behaviour 
And other areas related to the promotion and establishment of equal rights on a global scale.

All of which refers to Desteni profit-making projects such as the Desteni I Process, which is a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme (so-called Leadership Skills Development and Psychology), sale of working holidays at the Desteni Ranch (Food Production and Management and Environmental Studies), and the sale of Techno-Tutor software (Educational Curriculum Software Development @ €2,490 a shot) and Journey to Life blogging and v-logging which is to promote Desteni on the Internet under the pretense of being about global 'equal Economic Remodelling' and 'Equal Rights'.

The Equal Life Foundation does not appear in any way to be a Non-Profit Organisation or Company. It seems to be in order to make money for and distribute income amongst 'Destonians', those persons who finance and support the core Desteni group, that is Bernard (Creation) Poolman, Sunette (Heaven) Spies and Esteni (Earth) De Wet.

If any Destonians can prove that Equal Life Foundation is in fact a Non-Profit-making company or organization and does NOT distribute income amongst its 'incorporators, members, directors, officers or persons related to any of them', they are welcome, and if so the above statements will be retracted and this post deleted.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Equal Money System Reptilian Channeling Cult

Ivan Rauscher

The New Age Has Not Been Realised

Since the 1990s, along with the rise of the Internet, the New Age movement has adopted conspiracy theories as a way of explaining why its vision of a golden age of peace and oneness has not been realised. Ideas from the culture of conspiracism provide a rationale for why the flourishing of a new perfected race of human beings with supernatural powers (as propounded by the figures that inspired the New Age such as Helena P. Blavatksy of the Theosophical Society and Rudolf Steiner of the Anthroposophical Society) has been deterred since it was promised in the heady days of the psychedelic 1960s when ‘New Age’ first came to the fore as a consumer marketing phenomenon.

Patterns of New Age social tendencies both then and now could be said to be common to religious cults throughout the ages. However, in the twenty-first century the cultic aspects of the New Age are motivated far more by advertising and marketing than the political radicalism, social idealism or religious fanaticism of the 60s or previous eras.

The New Age movement takes an entrepreneurial approach to the philosophy of occultism. Historically it emerged in the 1960s out of a re-appropriation of nineteenth to early twentieth century occultism which was derived from philosophies of the Renaissance, Eastern mysticism and ancient religions as a reaction to rationalism and science. The New Age scene now is a commercial market for ‘alternative spirituality’ as opposed to the corruption of modern mainstream religion. It sells the notion of the development of an advanced new type of humanity bringing a future world of ‘oneness’.

In all its many guises the billion-dollar industry that is the New Age movement is enthralled by autocratic leaders claiming to be in possession of the all-encompassing truth about life and death. While appearing to take up liberal, humanistic attitudes with re-interpretations of traditional religious philosophies, the New Age offers none of the revolutionary, ecstatic spiritual and social transformations once hinted at in 1960s counterculture. It is infested with flimflam, quacks, con-artists, frauds and snake oil for consumers of self-help mumbo-jumbo.

The New Age reduces social problems to trite notions of self-development where subjectivism and transcendence take precedence. Critical thinking in New Ageism is generally regarded as ‘dualistic thought’. Proponents of New Age philosophies rely on the bland assertion that pseudo-scientific and supernatural concepts about, for example, channelling, Homoeopathy, UFOs, Ascended Masters, indigo children, Kinesiology, orbs, quantum portals to other dimensions etc, are going to make the world a better place -- as well as the faulty paradigm of ‘you create your own reality’.

The Conspiracy Theory Industry

Via its contemporary assimilation into New Age and ufological circles, conspiracy theory culture has in the past twenty years or so reached more mainstream quarters. Yet its historical background is in lunatic fringe, far right-wing ideologies and Christian fundamentalism. The activities of conspiracy theorists amount to reproducing information detailing hidden or symbolic meanings found in the way governments, the media, rich people and nefarious organisations are said to be working in unison to orchestrate world events. The information distributed by conspiracy theorists is supposedly in order to ‘wake up’ what they describe as brainwashed, ignorant ‘sheeple’, apparently as an end goal in itself. Conspiracy theory culture involves a lucrative industry selling books, DVDs, lecture tours, radio shows, sponsored websites, conferences etc.  

A symbol of evil for conspiracy theorists

Distracting ‘conspiracies’ about a ‘New World Order’ and a cabal of international bankers ruling the world from behind the scenes, as popularised by the likes of Peter Joseph Merola’s ‘Zeitgeist Movement’ movies, have much in common with anti-Semitism. They suggest that a predominately Jewish plot is to blame for the world’s problems, as did the well-known Nazi, Adolf Hitler. The now largely defunct Zeitgeist Movement is also awash with New Age dogma

Similarly, Bernard Poolman, the buffoon-like, patriarch figurehead of the morbid South Africa-based sect known as ‘Desteni’, with its pseudo-radical ‘Equal Money System’ (EMS), alleges that ordinary people have not forgiven themselves enough for allowing financial elites to cause all the problems, ‘the Jew in every man is a Zionist’ and ‘Hitler had it’ because he saw that ‘the Jewish principle’ must be eradicated. Supporters of EMS, known as ‘Destonians’ regard Hitler as self-forgiven due to the benevolent actions of Poolman when he met Hitler in demon dimensions.

Poolman is a misanthropist and represents the world as polarised and split between the members of his group and everyone else; people who are not Destonians whom he demonises as untrustworthy supporters of the evil system of abuse run by the Elite. In typical obscurantist New Age fashion, Desteni promotes a new kind of purified human being and a future world of ‘oneness’ that cannot be questioned. Any criticism or questioning of their ideas they represent as symptomatic of what they call a ‘polarity system’.

Desteni cashes in on conspiracy theory culture and the industry that surrounds it. They attempt to appeal to potential recruits with speculations on common conspiracy theories about UFOs, aliens, the Elite, the Illuminati, vaccines, HAARP, global warming, the New World Order, inter-dimensional reptilians and so on, as they are filtered through the Desteni ideology, which is a re-worked version of New Age spirituality and occultism they falsely equate with ‘equality’. Nearly all Destonians, that is, supporters of EMS describe their inclinations towards the New Age and conspiracy theories. Indeed, content of the Desteni material has no other points of reference except those pertaining to New Age conspiracism: occultism, contemporary spirituality, pseudo-science, quack medicine and conspiracy theories.

What the Equal Money System is For

Supporting EMS involves taking up a rigid dogma about a future new age of ‘equality and oneness’ that is bound to replace capitalism. It is mainly centred on recordings of speeches by Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies. EMS is a marketing device for the sale of Desteni-branded ‘self-development’ entertainment products for New Age conspiracists, but is often described as ‘communist’ or ‘socialist’ because it seems to suggest a totalitarian system of enforced collectivisation similar to Soviet Russia.

The concept behind EMS is that at present human activity and thought take shape as machine-like, pre-programmed systems that are corrupt and evil and need to be replaced by a different, more natural ecosystem of pure equality. This is equal money’, for which Destonians make the outlandish claim that it can spontaneously emerge out of everyone in the world actually agreeing to vote’ for it.

If this managerial, bureaucratic vision of how an imaginary technocratic global society will organise itself in the future has any relevance, it is because it relies entirely on the widely-held belief in the illusion of cyberspace democracy. It is essentially just a neoliberal corporate concept of marketing. Indeed, this is how EMS functions: as a marketing slogan for a corporate brand. Its only purpose is to convince people to give money to or make money for the Desteni organisation.

And so the question is: What would Desteni do with the money they make?

Their core material has a strong element of Nazi mysticism which the group have partly censored. The aim of Nazism (National Socialism) was and is the salvation of the world by means of eugenics and the extermination of so-called inferior races. Eugenics has to do with selective breeding to alter the character of an organism or species and the systematic eradication of perceived undesirable biological traits. One of the most vociferous supporters of Equal Money System, Marlen Vargas Del Razo has stated it is Desteni group policy that Eugenics is Best for All Life in Equality. She calls for the sterilization of "defectives" and writes that

If we look at what’s best for all, the only reason that we would prevent a suitable creation of a human being at a genomic level would be having a particular sentimentalism or preferences for certain races linked to cultures/ languages, all programs that were deliberately created to have the current inequality we have.

This suggests that ultimately the major part of Desteni finances would go towards research into the genetic engineering or breeding of their equals and the extermination of whomever they regard as unequal.

Taoist Yin-Yang symbol: New Age oneness

Reptoid Revelations of Equal Money

Ex-BBC broadcaster, David Icke's suburbanite, sci-fi tales of a system of mind control run by inter-dimensional shape-shifting reptilian aliens to enslave the world from the beginning of time are central to his conspiracy theories. Icke's ideas have been around for a while but he has popularised them (see: The Occult Reptilian Saga). They have been borrowed and re-used to construct one of the most significant parts of the Equal Money System cult's core material. Supporters of the EMS have as their main focus the de-programming of themselves from ‘systems’ of inequality which they say have been designed by inter-dimensional shape-shifting reptilian aliens. Sunette Spies regularly entertains them all by pretending to be one or another imaginary reptoid, usually the one they call Anu, said to be the leader of the creators of humans.

Conan the Barbarian knifes a reptilian
The use of the term, ‘reptilians’ in conspiracy theory culture is often understood to be a veiled reference to ‘the Jews’. The reptilians can be traced back to fictional creations of early twentieth century pulp fiction fantasy and horror authors such as H. P. Lovecraft, who was a rabid anti-Semite, and Robert E. Howard, a white supremacist and creator of Conan the Barbarian, by way of various modes of occultism including works by Maurice Doreal, founder of the Brotherhood of the White Temple in Denver around 1930. Doreal wrote about a malevolent ‘Serpent Race’ and was inspired by Guy and Edna Ballard's I AM Movement, an explicitly fascist organisation in turn inspired by Helena P. Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society.

After David Icke failed to register communications from Desteni, Poolman claimed that he had Icke’s ‘higher self’ ‘portalled’ and found out that ‘Mr. Icke was actually in the Service of the Reptilians’ (quote from now deleted Desteni video, ‘Five Age of Knowledge with David Icke's Reptilian Control’ -- see also Desteni on David Icke). Curiously, a
native of Kwa-Zulu-Natal where the Desteni farm is located, named Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman, has the friendship and endorsement of David Icke as he claims that the Zulu people have known about a reptilian agenda for centuries, and Bernard Poolman has stated he has consulted with one or another Zulu shaman, but not apparently Credo Mutwa.

Like all New Age conspiracists, Destonians are preoccupied with fantastical and bizarre myths, self-perfection; totalistic notions of truth and saving the planet combined with obscurantism, paranoia and pointless mystification. Of course there is no inter-dimensional reptilian mind control; nobody needs to watch Desteni YouTube videos to know that there need to be major political changes and a re-structuring of the economic system in favour of more equality.

Who Cares? 

The Christian fundamentalist conspiracy theory sub-culture has portrayed occultism or the New Age as a Satanic tool of an evil ‘New World Order’ financial elite. Despite this, as conspiracism has been adapted to suit the aims of the New Age movement, the odd claim is made by New Age conspiracist groups that they are not ‘new age’ because ‘new age’ has been created by the NWO / Illuminati / Jewish / reptilian mind control system of the elite. Yet the same groups such as Desteni are wholly preoccupied with ideas and methods based exclusively on re-interpretations of New Age fads, techniques and topics, all of which are in turn derived from the more traditional philosophy of occultism.

The developing trend for New Age conspiracism, including forms of expression such as Desteni, the Galactic Federation of Light, WingMakers, David Wilcock, Thrive Movement, Ashtar Command Crew, the Cassiopean Experiment, Imzaia Movement, Ashayana Deane, Amitakh Stanford and others, is such that each have in common the same propensity for ‘channelled’ information from quantum portals to ‘inter-dimensional reality’ as it conveys bizarre, incoherent philosophies and conspiratorial interpretations of psychology, politics and world events, and of course the typical New Age prescription for the future transformation of all human activity and redemption from evil.

New Age conspiracists tout themselves as a messianic vanguard with an apocalyptic vision of a pessimistic present and a glorious future. They posit the over-arching evil of a perceived hidden Matrix of mind control and brainwashing, salvation or redemption from which is only available according to their instructions. Their seemingly political ideas are inseparable from fanciful clich├ęs of occultism about things like the Illuminati, the lost continents of Lemuria or Atlantis, or inter-dimensional reptilians.

Their political viewpoint betrays an extreme naivete in matters of the political. Their leaders claim exclusive access to non-existent, invisible realms. They are obsessed with decline, impurity and decadence as opposed to their fantasies of a future conformist, corporate society of oneness. These fraudulent leaders of New Age conspiracist groups most often favour some form of a fascistic, techno-theocratic society run by themselves and/or non-existent alien overlords.

New Age conspiracists want to condition people into accepting repressive political ideologies run according to pseudo-science and religious concepts where irrationality, ignorance and superstition hold sway. Their uncritical, cult-like behaviour shows that they live in a fantasy world and they wish to impose it on others. The New Age conspiracists' world-view does not operate according to facts or truth or reality. But they don't care. They don't care about facts or truth or reality. They don't care about real imagination. They create their own realities. 

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