Wednesday 27 April 2011

Ex Desteni Members

XfinksX (from somewhere outside of the dimensions)

The struggle to oppose Desteni and their hypocrisy continues. As Desteni continues utilizing tactics of deception and trickery in an effort to expand their membership count, more and more people become aware of the true meaning of Desteni. The Anti Desteni Movement continues to grow. The abusive narcissist Bernard Poolman continues his delusional ranting and raving. This little man wishes to become rich and powerful while hiding under a guise of liberator and riding on the backs of those who support him. This Mouth of the Dimensions presents himself as a savior without calling himself as such. Whenever he is criticized, he vilifies and demonizes those who question him. He makes sweeping and untrue generalization of those outside of Desteni. And furthermore, he treats those who were once associated with Desteni with utter contempt and disregard.

In fact this is what I wish to address this evening. It has come to my attention that there exists people who were once considered members of Desteni. However, these individuals no longer wish to be associated with this vile organization which preys upon those who are seeking greater meaning in their lives. If you go to Desteni's website you will find a list of names under their community. Some of these people have removed their involvement with Desteni. However, Desteni continues to show these people as supporters when in fact the opposite is true. So my question to Desteni is this: Why do you continue showing these people as supporters? Do you wish to inflate your numbers for the sake of appearance? Are you hoping these people will return even after they uncover your abusive inner core? Or is it that you wish to antagonize and continue to intimidate these people on some level? These Ex Desteni Members are the Desteni Experts that Poolman was referring to! These people know you for what you are and have no wish to return. Therefore remove these people from your list of supporters. How can you in all honesty claim these people when it is simply untrue! Perhaps after you have removed their names you can practice some self forgiveness and breathing rituals to clear your minds of doubt and alter your memories. Perhaps you can make yourselves believe that these individuals were never members at all. 

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