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New Age Occultism of Desteni Equal Money System

Ivan Rauscher

The New Age Ain't What It's Cracked Up To Be

Since 2007, after having published thousands of videos, articles and numerous websites, the Desteni group of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa have persuaded only about 100-150
superstitious New Agers and paranoid conspiracy theorists to take part in their 'process'. After entering the Desteni 'process' these persons replace their previous, more typical New Age or conspiracy theories and beliefs with re-worked versions of the same deceptive theories and beliefs.

Much of the Desteni material is made up of an apparent critique of New Age religion. For example, all their recent responses to a video used to promote the laughable New Age 'channeling' cult of Abraham-Hicks (such as The BIGGEST Missing Piece - Response to Abraham Hicks), where it is clear they are trying to recruit disillusioned Abraham-Hicks and 'Law of Attraction' followers. This is also why they label so many Desteni videos '2012' to appeal to believers in the 2012 hoax.

It seems that Bernard Poolman and the Desteni group are under the impression that New Age religion is the most dominant, all-pervasive influence in society. Therefore it has to be re-assessed and corrected in order for society to change. It is as though they are stuck in a time-loop after reading the likes of Shirley MacLaine's Out On A Limb and imagining that it's all very cutting edge have on reflection come to the conclusion that maybe the New Age scene is not quite what it's all cracked up to be. So to improve matters they re-configure already existing New Age ideas, change the terminology a bit and give some different emphases, like 'equality' instead of 'spirituality', thereby contriving just another New Agey philosophy, albeit mostly subliterate and even more irrational and demented than the original material they try to critique.

Bernard Poolman has invented stories to the effect that due to his efforts 'heaven' has been purified and 'the dimensions' or 'White Light', ascended masters, reincarnation etc no longer exist, as if these things ever did exist other than as fictions and myths of New Age religion.

According to Desteni, humans were designed by reptilians

Like the fans of New Age conspiracy creator, David Icke, Destonians accept as fact the spurious notion that human beings were designed by Anunnaki reptilians, but they take that one step further into delusion and madness and also believe there are 'mind consciousness systems' of Anunnaki reptilian gods, aliens, dead people, animals and inanimate objects which communicate important messages for all humankind via Sunette Spies of Desteni, whom they see as an interdimensional portal to 'heaven' or 'the dimensions'.

Yet the founder of the morbid Desteni Reptilian Channeling Cult, Bernard Poolman, has stated: Understand that the message from Desteni is not really the message from the portal. The portal is a demonstration of what is possible in the physical. The message is actually from me.  

The History and Purpose of Channeling, Poolman writes that the masters that were channeling told him all channels were preprogrammed according to the instructions of the White Light and the Annunaki.

The assumed veracity of that statement and almost all of Poolman's statements rests on its theoretical premise as stereotypical, clichéd New Age doctrine posing as objective fact merely on the basis of it being a re-worked version of previous well-worn fantasies and dogma of
New Age religion

Cross-Referencing Fact & Fiction

Stories about Anunnaki reptilians are also at the Xee-A Twelve website where Amitakh Stanford relays paranoid schizophrenic sci-fi conspiracy theories. Like all New Age conspiracists, Stanford is critical of the New Age scene yet her ideas are derived entirely from mythologies of occultism. Many New Age conspiracists have this contradictory point of view, probably because they have been influenced by right-wing Christian fundamentalist conspiracy theories which label occultism and the New Age movement as 'evil' tools of the nefarious Illuminati secret society.

Around 2008-9, Darryl W. Thomas of Desteni publicly acknowledged and praised the striking similarities between the works of Amitakh Stanford and the Desteni material at the previous, now deleted Desteni forum.

Another version of the fantastical Annunaki theories are part of the
Nuwaubian Movement as created by Dr Malachi Z. York AKA Dwight York, author of 'The Holy Tablets', which is jam-packed full of New Age occultism. YouTube channel, ONEMNOOPOOH presents Nuwaubian videos as complementary to Desteni, and another New Age conspiracist Internet phenomenon known as WingMakers.

Again, strong similarities between 'the message' of WingMakers and the Desteni materials were noted by Desteni members some years ago on their previous, now deleted forum as well as at the
WingMakers forum. More recently, the issue was raised by a poster asking, WINGMAKERS SAME MESSAGE THAN DESTENI? WingMakers also peddles idiotic fairy tales about Anunnaki reptoids. The strap-line for the WingMakers' Sovereign Integral project is ‘Here in breath... every breath. No mind to refract reality’, which is another cliché of New Age religion and fits exactly the Desteni outlook.

The Desteni process involves key figures in the group represented as having special abilities to access 'the dimensions'. One of Poolman’s closest collaborators, Esteni de Wet,
acts as clairvoyant oracle and talks about levers, tentacles, rods, stars, dust or daggers which she claims she can see on or around the bodies of Destonians. She and other 'Desteni I Process' trainers conjure up such imagery to attempt to symbolise the psychological or 'interdimensional' state of some of the rank and file Destonians.

The Desteni material, in particular their 'History of Man' series, has many parallels with L. Ron Hubbard’s sci-fi pseudo-religion of Scientology, in which it is said that 'demons', 'bypass circuits in the mind' or 'engrams' recorded as image pictures of experiences created by 'the reactive mind' can be made 'clear'. The state of 'clear' in Scientology would equate with being 'birthed as equal as one in the physical' in Desteni. Although touted as a religion or 'science of the mind', it is well-known that the pernicious cult of
Scientology is founded on occultism.

At the top of the Desteni recommended reading list,
which has mysteriously been removed from public view, was Baird T Spalding's 'Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East'. In Poolman’s article, The History and Purpose of Channeling he references Spalding’s work as if it were factual, when it has been proven to be fictional. 

Rosicrucian 'Mastery of Self' circa 1947

New Age religion and occultism follow the Doctrine of Correspondences of the ancient Hermetic philosophers as exemplified by the saying, 'As above, so below' ('as within, so without') which Poolman is very fond of reciting (e.g.:
As Above, So Below - That which is Immortal in Heaven, Shall be Immortal on Earth). The Doctrine of Correspondences is also the defining principle of homoeopathy where it is called the Doctrine of Signatures. In The Future of Homeopathy in an Equal Money System Poolman stupidly says that homoeopathy will in the future become the primary medicinal health support world-wide.

Historically, occultism is the progenitor of the contemporary consumer marketing phenomenon that is New Age religion. New Age religion does include some insights about the human condition and some intriguing imaginative concepts but is almost entirely over-run by plagiarists, frauds, self-appointed visionaries and gurus, charlatans, fake psychics and mediums, philosophical fiction writers selling bogus money-making books and courses on 'self-mastery' or 'self-realisation'.

The philosophy of occultism that underpins New Age religion presents fabulous tales, fantastic cosmologies and seemingly wondrous philosophical and psychological theories and symbols. It adopts and adapts religious and scientific terminologies but is 'heretical' or subversive in relation to religion and always pseudo-scientific. Occultism is generally regarded as a discredited, superstitious and archaic philosophy but continues to evolve in a variety of ever-changing guises.
Politically, occultism very often presents its mythologies and practices as a blueprint for a future paradisical Utopian society, hence the term, 'new age'. This takes shape in Desteni in the form of their 'equal' money system cult scam.

Spam, Scams & Commercially Deceptive Content

Destonians have constructed endless promo videos and spam blogs in which they repeat vacuous slogans about 'equal money' being a 'system' that will transform human behaviour and bring about 'heaven on earth' when enough people 'join Desteni', become 'self-realised' or 'birthed as the physical' (as opposed to 'enlightened') and eventually form an 'Equal Life Party'. All of it is purely in order to solicit donations and advertise and enroll recruits into sleazy capitalist ventures such as the
Desteni I Process courses in so-called 'self-mastery' and the sale of the Desteni-branded 'self-perfection' merchandise.

Last year,
YouTube terminated the BernardPoolman, DesteniProductions and other Desteni-run channels because of their violation of YouTube policies against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content, and complaints made against their videos on Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. Immediately afterwards, Desteni attempted to migrate to the Vimeo video site but were promptly banned from there as well. The Desteni I Process is a Multi-Level Marketing scam, hence illegal on Vimeo.

Afterwards, Destonians claimed that they had been banned for talking about equality. It seems they have even managed to deceive themselves into imagining that it is somehow controversial or taboo to talk about equality. 

Articles on Desteni were published by South African newspaper, Sontag. An ex-member of the cult was reported as describing Bernard Poolman as into group sex, gambling and drugs (See: The Phantom of Okahandja and the CultEducation Forum).

Self-Forgiveness Via Nazi Mysticism

In a bid to avoid further risk of adverse publicity, the 'Desteni' group voluntarily removed from their website a so-called 'book' called 'I Am Hitler' by Bernard Poolman; a diatribe against all humankind (as is practically all Poolman's output) in which Adolf Hitler is portrayed as a supremely powerful demonic entity that Poolman is supposed to have communicated with in 'demon dimensions'.

The text can still be found at the Wayback Machine and the inane videos of Sunette Spies supposedly 'channeling' or 'portalling' Hitler can still be found on one or another of their numerous other YouTube channels that survived the culling (sometimes she uses an alternative fake name given to Hitler by Poolman: MyKey). 

Without providing any explanation, Destonians claimed they had again been misunderstood. It is rather more that they have misunderstood. Poolman's portrayal of the Nazi Führer as Christ-like interdimensional super-demon showing the way to 'self-forgiveness' is the same as the Esoteric Hitlerism AKA Nazi Mysticism or Occult Fascism as described by scholars such as recently deceased Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke.  

One of the main proponents of Esoteric Hitlerism, Miguel Serrano, described its central Drama as the apparition on this earth of the Person Adolf Hitler, the last Avatar, who came to produce this enormous storm, or catastrophe, in order to awaken all those who are asleep, and to commence the New Age, which will come after the Deluge.

That is exactly how Hitler is described by Poolman, as emerging newly redeemed from 'demon dimensions' by virtue of Poolman's instructions to usher in the new age of Equal Money System through self-forgiveness:

Hitler is presenting this experience as a help, as a gift. Unwrap yourself, forgive yourself. Ask Hitler questions. Ask Jesus, as God as yourself to guide you. Not the God of words and believes. Look at creation. Who are you in creation? Do you have any power but in yourself? Abuse will stop. In the years to come there will come, there will be a weeping and a gnashing of teeth. Hear Hitler. He has been here on earth. He has been a demon. He forgave himself. He saw and sees who you really are. (Bernard Poolman- Hitler and Forgiveness)

Donald Herman, a South African New Ager who visited the Desteni farm in 2007, described Poolman as a 'follower and disciple of Hitler' with a 'background of intense contact with Adolph Hitler' and this was discussed in another post here, Bernard Poolman, Satanic Cult Leader?

The Destonians quite seriously put forward the nonsensical idea that everyone thinks Hitler is the ultimate evil but no-one recognises that poverty and starvation are worse. They seem to imagine that Poolman has gifted human beings with a sublime allegory in which Hitler expresses 'self-forgiveness' and so now everyone should forgive themselves, 'join Desteni', talk in psychobabble and become a wannabe amateur con-artist and promote all the spam, scams, deceptive content and crappy merchandise concocted by the Desteni gang by making personal self-confessional self-forgiveness blogs. 

At least one Destonian now admits that participating in the Desteni 'process', contrary to previous claims, may not after all, help them get into politics in seven or twenty years' time. Although, she does add, it doesn't matter because 'the process' remains the same.

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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Equal Life Foundation: NPO for Equal Rights -- or Money & Food for Destonians?

Desteni finances are managed via a bank account with the name of 'Equal Life Foundation' (ELF).

A Destonian running a blog called adriansjourneytolife left a strange comment in response to our post, Equal Money System Cult Scam, claiming that because ELF is a 'non-profit organisation' then it is impossible for it to make any profit.  

Clearly, Adrian has no idea of the extent of fraud and e-begging amongst 'non-profit' groups world-wide, many of which are cults or 'new religious movements'. Although he professes to be a Destonian, Adrian has obviously not researched the Desteni material.

ELF, as we pointed out, is not a 'non-profit organisation'. A search at shows that ELF is a Non-Profit Company, defined by the Companies Act of the Republic of South Africa as:  
A company incorporated for public benefit or other object relating to one or more cultural or social activities, or communal or group interests; and

The income and property of which are not distributable to its incorporators, members, directors, officers or persons related to any of them.

ELF has no Founding Statement but its Standard Industrial Classification is:


The Desteni group and all Destonians are representatives of Equal Life Foundation. Everything they do in Desteni is 'cool support' for ELF.

ELF accepts donations for Desteni general, animal, plant and human 'research' but there is no evidence of any zoological, botanical, anthropological or any other kind of 'research' carried out by Desteni and no Destonian is qualified in these areas. All their material is based entirely around verbal or written pronouncements made by Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies.

This has been clarified by actual recordings made by Mr. Poolman and Ms. Spies. He is a self-confessed New Ager who claims he has renounced New Age religion yet has publicly stated that human beings were designed by Sumerian reptoid gods and that a waitress he picked up in a cafe, Sunette Spies, revealed this to him, after he formally employed her as an 'interdimensional portal' or 'upgraded channel' for his company to speak on his behalf.

The ELF's 'research and education in the areas of leadership skills' and 'psychology' involves the Desteni I Process and Eqafe. The Desteni I Process is a Multi-Level Marketing scheme described as a LifeStyle concept that is simply achieving financial freedom slowly but surely. Being a recruiter qualifies you to receive a percentage from each course fee your recruit pays and means you'll earn 50% of her course fee and Get Monthly Commissions.

Eqafe 'self-perfection merchandise' involves an Affiliate Program where you are able to sell and promote every product you buy, starting from the very first product you buy and earn 25% or 50% from the product price that is bought through you promoting the product.

The ELF's 'food production and management' would come under the heading of the upkeep of the Desteni farm where the core group reside and where, as with most farms, they grow food to eat. It is not as though they produce food to feed the poverty-stricken or starving in South Africa or elsewhere.

Clearly, the income and property of ELF is in fact distributable to its incorporators, members, directors, officers or persons related to any of them. Therefore, according to the definition of the Companies Act of the Republic of South Africa, the Equal Life Foundation can not be considered a legitimate Non-Profit Company.

Promoting equal rights: Equal Rights Trust

There are millions of people everywhere standing up for equality and equal rights. They are actively involved in the issues at stake. Just one example of the hundreds of real equal rights groups in the world 'as it exists in our current reality' would be the Equal Rights Trust.

Desteni's 'Equal Life Foundation' is not any such 'equal rights' group. It is a New Age Channeling Cult formed around Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies' pointless re-interpretations of New Age and occult philosophies.

Equal Life Foundation is supposed to be for 'promotion and establishment of equal rights on a global scale' but no ELF representative -- that is, no Destonian -- actually helps establish equal rights on any scale. All they do is engage in online promotion of commercial business ventures of 'Desteni'. They try to sell t-shirts and 'self-mastery' courses.

ELF appears to exist solely in order to manage finances of Desteni commercial business ventures and the Desteni farm and to generate an income for their affiliates, known as 'Destonians'.

If by some stretch of the imagination this is not the case, then perhaps Adrian or another 'Destonian' would like to explain how or why ELF is not 'profit-making' when it involves recruiting people into an MLM scheme, earning monthly commissions, selling and making money from the sale of products and accepting donations to help feed ELF representatives...?

Fraudulent activities of any Non-Profit Company in South Africa can be reported to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission by sending a Fraud Alert at

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Sunday 16 September 2012

The Cult of Self-Forgiveness

Ivan Rauscher

Occasionally, posts appear at the Equal Money Forum where non-Destonians ask reasonable questions, such as what would happen to those persons who do not comply with the global communo-fascist totalitarian police state that would be the Desteni 'Equal Money System' (EMS)?

In one of these posts called Connections, trees and documentaries a forum member called Ant writes:

I read your link on what will happen to the ones that resist and honestly I didn't see a clear concise answer. I understand that we can support those that resist to help them realise that equality is "best for all". However, as the old saying goes, "you can bring a horse to water but you can't make it drink." So what happens when the horse doesn't want to drink the equality water. If they do not accept and resist physically, do we use force to put them in rehabilitation support places? And if we have to use force how does that makes us any different from a dictatorship? I'm really curious to know how this would work because this is an issue that arises with many other well intentioned systems of governance out there.

The response supplied refers to a blog (discussed in The Desteni tools: Destonians) by one of the most fanatical Destonians there is, Lindsay Lee Craver, but it explains nothing about how EMS would function as a system, and nothing about how anyone resisting it would be rehabilitated.

Nazi eugenics poster

Apart from suggesting that dissenters will receive 'psychological support' to help them towards 'self-forgiveness' so they can be rehabilitated into EMS', another 'solution' to the perceived problem of those who will not co-operate with the 'system' is their wish to revive the pseudo-science of eugenics and thereby exterminate and/or sterilise disabled people and 'certain races'.

Desteni is based on Bernard Poolman's own peculiarly nihilistic re-interpretations of New Age philosophies, occultism and conspiracy theories. Destonians claim they are opposed to everything the New Age stands for but all their ideas and practices are just re-worked versions of New Age / occult philosophies.

Poolman and his fans, the Destonians, make a poor show of passing it all off as relevant to political or social issues by trying to criticise 'god', 'spirituality', 'enlightenment' etc as used in the New Age or occultism but at the same time substituting or confusing such words or concepts with slogans based around the word, 'equality', and preaching that the only way to release the world from the grip of the conspiracy of a reptilian capitalist elite is 'self-forgiveness' and 'equal money' -- that is, money for Desteni.

Destonians imagine their hero, Bernard Poolman is 'self-realised' and not at all how he appears to others: an amateur con man who has deliberately set out to form his own cult.

Destonians have fallen for the outright lie that Desteni represents equality and have become internet scammers on Poolman's behalf. They pay to work for his company and by promoting EMS, attempt to lure in more suckers to buy Desteni products, many of which are recordings of Sunette Spies pretending to be an 'interdimensional portal', which is the Desteni version of a New Age channeller. They take up the practice of 'self-forgiveness' and promote it and EMS as the key to 'heaven on earth'.

One of many New Age books on self-forgiveness

Techniques for self-forgiveness and forgiveness are abundant throughout New Age self-help literature. They appear in the form of sayings such as 'I, (name), forgive myself for... '. 

Desteni recommend ‘writing yourself to freedom’ which means typing out endless affirmations beginning with, 'I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to…'. 
Desteni material centering on this practice is a perverse re-interpretation of forgiveness or self-forgiveness as described in mass-market paperbacks by, for example, the queen of New Age self-help pop psychology, Louise Hay, which were on the Desteni recommended reading list, which has been removed from public view, as well as the 1975 so-called 'channelled' work, A Course in Miracles, and 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsch, both of which Bernard Poolman has also commented on in some detail and has admitted he was at one time immersed in.

While 'self-forgiveness' in New Age religion is supposed to be towards healing, well-being or 'self-development', and would most often be a private matter, in Desteni those who practice 'self-forgiveness' are given the illusion of self-realisation (another Eastern mystical and New Age religious concept) through writing all about themselves in detail and sharing the information with buddies in the 'Destonians' network and in public on the Internet. 

The practice functions by inducing feelings of guilt as regards starvation or poverty in order to convince people they should give money to Desteni who claim they can solve poverty and starvation. Destonians have been told by Poolman that 'self-forgiveness' will 'delete the mind' and therefore somehow help bring about 'equality for all'. It seems they imagine that when they criticise themselves and reveal their perceived faults or subjective or social experiences or thoughts in public it is 'best for all' humankind and will change the world forever.

This enables the Desteni core group to ensure that recruits identify themselves with the Desteni brand name and endorse and promote it using their own intimate, personal information as testimony. The 'buddy system' enables them to monitor each other, and helps the core group to screen potential visitors to their farm, as well as to find out exactly what makes any of them tick and what makes them useful or not within the group dynamic.
In terms of cult behaviour, 'self-forgiveness' as used by Desteni is a form of confession. This is described in Robert Jay Lifton's Eight Criteria of Thought Reform as:

Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group. There is no confidentiality; members' 'sins,' 'attitudes,' and 'faults' are discussed and exploited by the leaders.

Almost all sects, cults or new religious movements utilise forms of confession as modes of control, and it is common knowledge that many of them also operate front organisations and exploit loopholes for cash by setting up 'non-profit' companies.

Desteni's Equal Life Foundation is such a company...

Thursday 6 September 2012

Equal Money System Final Solution: Eugenics

It may come as a surprise to some, but according to Desteni and the Destonians, the implementation of their Equal Money System 'final solution' would entail a revival of the pseudo-science of eugenics.

One Destonian recommends it in a recent blog post entitled 2012: Eugenics is Evil or Best for All?  

Another writes about it in more detail in Eugenics is Best for All Life in Equality to which there is a point-by-point response at Destenigossip. Here's an extract from Marlen and eugenics - a disgusted review beginning with a quote from Destonian, Marlen Vargas Del Razo:

„Being blind, deaf, mentally ill, down syndrome and having any other congenital severe disorder that tampers the ability to live here are aspects that we would not want to live in/as placing ourselves in the shoes of someone that experiences such conditions for life.“

I call utter bullshit on that one. Someone‘s life is unbearable just because they‘re deaf or blind? Does she know anyone with such defects? Have they all told her how they wish they had never been born?
She should pray that no one of the blind and deaf community ever gets to hear about this. She just declared a large part of the worlds population, most of which are more useful members of society than she is, as practically ‚not worth living‘. This audacity is nothing but revolting. And that from a person who has neither been blind or deaf for a day in her life. One must assume though that if an accident should render her so, she‘d jump off a bridge the very instant. We shall remind her of it should that ever be the case.
Aside from that: People with downs are often the most happy, life-enjoying, self-expressing creatures. The only issue is with other people: They have to be taken care of, are an inconvenience. They are a burden, require time, energy, money, a special effort, just like other disabled people do. The problem is not with them, the problem is with those members of society who‘d rather pursue their own self-interest instead of taking care of another. Marlen has clearly positioned herself in this regard.

„Therefore if we see the common sense of preventing its propagation and actual correction then why not supporting eugenics? It’s a definitive crime to allow beings to come into this world with such caps to actually live.“

People with caps? Are you the fashion police now?
But we all know what she actually meant, despite her admittedly rather weird slang.
Again, denying disabled people the right to live. How about lazy bastards who could very well work and take care of themselves but instead waste their time blogging about their insignificant problems and leech off of others in an online money scheme? What is the difference between a paralysed or mentally disabled person and one who chooses not to lift a finger and train themselves to be so stupid they can be called nothing else but ‚retarded‘? One is lead to think that the second is infinitely worse, considering that they used their own free will to intentionally become a burden to society.

„The fact that eugenics is usually satanized through linking it with other ‘evil avatars’ such as Hitler is an example of how indoctrinated we are to not see the common sense that eugenics proposes.“

Hitler did exactly what ‚eugenics‘ suggested. It means ‚weeding out‘, ‚removing what you deem less‘, killing off what is in your opinion less than you. The Nazi regime went all the way and implemented concentration camps, they also force-sterilised people. When confronted with the inevitable ‚final solution‘, people realised that eugenics actually meant mass murder. There is no other way to put it. You can cut this bs about ‚evil avatars‘ like it is all some big misunderstanding. If genocide through euthanasia is what you mean with ‚common sense‘, just have the balls to say it. Don‘t be sure though that Bernard spares Latinos once it comes to it.

Read more at Destenigossip: Marlen and eugenics - a disgusted review

Despite all their 'equality' slogans, Marlen Vargas Del Razo, the author of Eugenics is Best for All Life in Equality and other Destonians, have no real concept of the principle of equality.  

Del Razo suggests that 'equality' means that not only should disabled people be denied a right to live but also that in her view 'certain races' have brought about 'the current inequality we have' and should be prevented from procreating. That is, 'certain races' ought to be sterilised on the grounds that they are deemed by Destonians to be 'unequal'.  

For more information on eugenics, see: War Against the Weak by Edwin Black