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[Update August 2017: The Equal Money System (EMS) is a highly significant part of the history of Desteni, particularly as to how the group established itself since 2007, both drawing in recruits and receiving criticism.

After its launch around 2008, Desteni promoted the EMS to try to recruit and advertise by making it seem as if the group was politically active. In fact, the group has had no involvement in any political activities whatsoever. 

The members repeatedly stated: 'The Equal Money System will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections', and Bernard Poolman suggested this would occur by 2020. 

After Desteni's 'Equal Money System' scam was exposed, ridiculed and dismissed by members of the Quora network (see the Equal Money System Q & A at Quora), Desteni stopped posting at Quora, put aside its promotion of the EMS, and closed down the EMS forum

Circa July 2013, Desteni's promotion of the EMS was superseded by the Equal Life Foundation Living Income Guaranteed, which in turn was discontinued by August 2016. 

Interestingly enough, the Desteni.org website updated in 2017 includes a 'Historical Timeline' that omits to mention both the EMS and the 'Living Income Guaranteed'. 

The following article from 2012 serves as a record of events...]

Consumer Marketing Scam

The Equal Money System (EMS) is a fake political campaign for equality used as an online marketing device to promote sales of Desteni products, courses and working holidays at the Desteni Farm.  

The sale of Desteni courses in 'self-mastery' is a form of Multi-Level Marketing. The group's EQAFE 'self-perfection' products are sold via an affiliate marketing scheme. These businesses distribute profits to members but are managed by the Equal Life Foundation, a registered Non-Profit Company. 

The EMS scam has social media marketing strategies to find recruits on Facebook and other sites. By spamming the internet with recycled news items, quotes from Noam Chomsky, links to films by Adam Curtis and other people's works, extracts from Wikipedia articles, poverty statistics etc, they state that the EMS can or will change world politics and create 'heaven on earth'. 

Fake Politics

Members of Desteni AKA the Destonians are the only supporters of EMS in the world but they do not actually run an EMS. There are no communities or groups anywhere that operate such a 'system'.

EMS has been publicised on the web for several years, and various discussions about Desteni / EMS taken place, but no independent source anywhere has ever given a favourable appraisal of the EMS.

The Destonians preach online about EMS as if they are the saviours of the world and reject all criticism as 'brainwashing'. Their mode of communication is a crudely disguised sales pitch made up of pseudo-radical slogans, self-help platitudes and incoherent quasi-religious jargon. EMS as an apparent political idea is riddled with so many inconsistencies and contradictions it is neither a 'system' or political.

Desteni claim EMS will provide everyone on the planet with the same income from birth to death and the same standard of living as a present day millionaire. There will be a four-year conscription period where citizens work on labour camps but apart from that no-one will have to work. To police the system everyone in the world will be micro-chipped and dissenters made subject to 'psychological intervention'. They say EMS will bring a new age of 'equality and oneness'.

Destonians discuss the Basic Income as being a prelude to Equal Money, but Desteni and its Equal Life Foundation company are not affiliated with the official Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).

BIEN has a detailed overview of their ideas; whereas, Desteni's EMS offers cheap platitudes in order to recruit new members to participate in advertising and selling Desteni’s multi-level and affiliate marketing schemes. Desteni's ideas pale in comparison to the BIEN and numerous other groups and campaigns around the world that stand for equality and are advancing economic remodelling and political alternatives.

EMS tries to differentiate itself from both communism and anarchism by stating that these ideas are centred on 'ego-based human relations' and people should change themselves on the inside. Therefore, Desteni prescribes that everyone should sign up for Desteni online courses, buy Desteni products and submit to their thought reform programme.

The Desteni group does not promote EMS through mainstream or alternative media channels. It has never taken part in any genuine political activities and its Equal Life Foundation does not even hold public meetings.


Supporters of EMS are openly opposed to free choice, freedom of speech, trade and commerce (Desteni FAQ). They describe 'equality' as meaning that there can be no opinions, no diversity, no tolerance, no belief, no emotions, feelings or thoughts.

Amongst other things, they state that they are opposed to socialism, capitalism, communism, libertarianism, property, religion, spirituality, government, charities, pornography, alcohol, education, perfumes, cosmetics, fashion, psychiatry, medical opinion, the family and law.

'Equality' according to Desteni and the EMS is all about 'stopping the mind'.

EMS has not been recognised as a genuine campaign for equality by any politicians, economists, radical commentators, political activists or journalists anywhere.

Supporters of EMS do not associate or co-operate with any groups or individuals concerned with issues of equal rights or social justice. Their campaign is limited to their own webpages where they routinely dismiss, ban and block anyone who disagrees with them.

The pretence of EMS as being about 'equality' and an 'alternative to capitalism' is simply a ploy to find potential recruits and groom and train them to become salespersons for the Desteni I Process multi-level marketing scheme and 'self-perfection' products sold via the affiliate marketing of EQAFE.com.

EMS is of no practical relevance to politics, economics, political philosophy, social justice, equal rights or equality. It is a scam run by a cult.

Desteni Money System

EMS is about being a 'Destonian', which means being focused on psychological modification of personal behaviour according to instructions from the core Desteni group in South Africa and making money for them online.

They claim EMS is about Destonians eventually becoming political leaders. If that were possible we would have to assume that the two main spokespersons, Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies or the other Destonians have the relevant experience and background to train people as such, but they don't.

Spies' background is solely with Poolman / Desteni, and Poolman is an ex-New Ager who concocted his own revised version of New Age occultism and conspiracy theories in the form of the Desteni material. No-one else in the group shows that they have the necessary skills or experience in any political activities whatsoever.

Desteni purport to explain how people can de-programme themselves from a science fictional alien reptilian Annunaki system of mind control they claim has caused all the problems in the world. EMS appeals to an extremely marginal audience, most of whom have beliefs in the supernatural, UFOs, New Age spirituality, quack medicine, conspiracy theories and the like. A significant number of Destonians admit to having been diagnosed with serious mental health problems.

Some names of other apparent organisations or ideas associated with EMS are Equal Money Capitalism, Equal Life Party, Equality Corporation and the Equal Life Foundation. Equal Money Capitalism is as an offshoot 'theory' to do with EMS. The Equal Life Party and the Equality Corporation do not exist.

The Equal Life Foundation is officially a Non-Profit Company but Desteni members describe it as a 'Non-Profit Organisation', which is a different thing. It exists merely in order to manage donations and the sale of Desteni I Process courses and the affiliate marketing of products sold via EQAFE.com.

As very few people have ever taken EMS seriously, Desteni closed their Equal Money public forum in July 2013 and began to focus efforts on raising funds by promoting Equal Life Foundation & Living Income Guaranteed instead.

For more information on the Desteni Equal Life Foundation see:
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