Monday 30 April 2012

Destonian Spams Reddit with Lies

The Destonians have taken to spamming Reddit, an online community for posting web content which can be reviewed or voted on...

At the Atheism sub-section of Reddit a discussion ensues in response to the posting of Day 15: Who am I? Prisoner of the Mind? by user, BernardPoolman under the heading, Are Atheists Prisoners of the Mind as Well?

The discussion is at:

After a link is posted to this blog Destonian cameronvcope writes

ironically the blog you linked was written by christians who were pissed about the fact that Desteni was calling out christians for preaching about jesus without actually living his message

It seems that cameronvcope is deliberately lying. The page that was linked to was not written by Christians or theists and this blog is not run by Christians or anyone belonging to any religious or spiritual group. We don't give a shit about what Desteni say about Jesus.

Just to make it clear: the editors of this blog have no religious beliefs whatsoever. The blog began simply as a response to the woo woo occultic sub-New Age crapola of Desteni.

The kind of ideas that inform Desteni are far more widespread and have more influence than just that one group, but Desteni serves as an extreme example.

Material from various different sources is published or linked at this blog and some of it may or may not be from theists, but anyone can see for themselves that nothing published here critiques Desteni on the basis of religious beliefs. Whether anyone is Christian or a theist of any kind or agnostic or atheist is of very little relevance to the fact that it is quite obvious that Desteni is an absurd cult and money-making scam.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Does Desteni Equality = Equality?

Ivan Rauscher

According to Desteni, 'equality' means no diversity, no tolerance, no free speech, no belief, no emotions, feelings or thoughts. It also involves becoming at one with inanimate objects. Under the heading, Equality and Oneness at, Destonians recommend that the reader should watch videos of Sunette Spies being a camera lens, a pillow, a panty liner, a gas pump etc in order to gain a

perspective in understanding that that which exist, even the very keyboard you type upon – is no different to you, and thus it is to establish oneness and equality within and as all that exist within and as you as ‘who you are’ here in every moment of breath

Destonian, Joe Kou has not missed this essential part of the teachings of Destonianism. At his 'Bringing Forth World Equality' blog, Kou asks Are Rocks Life? Are Rocks as Important as Humans?...

If we actually care that much about surviving, then we need to get busy considering what actually is keeping us alive here right now. Which is this planet and nature. Without these functioning properly and being utilized effectively, the human cannot exist. Thus the human is no better than the animals, nature, even rocks. Have a look around and see if there is any concrete nearby, there is probably some in your house somewhere, or a building nearby. What’s concrete made of? Crushed rocks. It’s used in many homes as an effective building material for humans to live in. The home I live in now is constructed mostly from concrete. And the very ground we walk on has rock as in its structure. It’s used within roads to transport goods and materials that we utilize. Some animals even require to eat small rocks to aid with their digestion, like chickens, and those animals play an important part in our food chain.

While they are busy considering themselves as equal in status to inanimate objects, some persons utilising the Desteni material also seem to be under the impression that Desteni is the only group of people in the history of the world ever to have considered equality itself. They seem to be of the view that no group except Desteni discusses the flaws of the prevailing economic system. At his blog, 'Equality can be a reality - Socio-economic perspective on practical equality available through an Equal Money System', Larys Kaziukonis writes in 2012: Flaws in the design of our economic system - unemployment:

This might be just a first part of a series of blogs about the flaws in the very design of the economic system (we’ll see about that in the future). I find it relevant to write about it, because I notice that flaws that are in the very design of the system, are not tackled, challenged, discussed, and because of that they are not being properly understood or considered. Those things seems to be perceived and accepted as ‘beyond’ change, and seems to be forgotten, even though they are present and influence our lives everyday, constantly.
If indeed Destonians are tackling the issues of equality or inequality, then one might expect them to be reading the latest books on the subject and discussing them in earnest. However, at the Introduction to Desteni forum, under the heading of Music, Documentaries, Books for Equality there are no discussions about books, not even their own.

At their Equal Money System forum under Book Reviews & Recommended Reading there is some cut and pasted information about a very few books, but no discussion. There is a Recommended Reading List but again, no discussion about its contents.

Thousands of new books that are in favour of equality are being published all the time. It would seem reasonable that Desteni might try to forge alliances with the people writing them, but they don't.

Destonians say that challenging inequality or capitalism by taking part in any protest, charity or activism is useless. Instead they want people to flood the Internet with blogs and videos denouncing capitalism and promoting Desteni, which is a for-profit capitalist business. Even though they say that that protesting on the streets against capitalism achieves nothing, they appear to be of the view that protesting against capitalism on the Internet does achieve something.

As everyone knows, there are numerous political parties, individuals and groups that campaign for equal rights, and represent equality as a principle. The only such organisation Desteni appears to support is the Basic Income Grant Coalition, even though that campaign involves activism, to which they are opposed, and as far as we can tell, none of them are involved in it.

Destonians suggest that the only possible way forward for equality is by supporting their political party, 'Equal Life Party', but 'Equal Life Party' does not actually exist and there is no evidence that they are forming any such political party. They are more preoccupied with publishing affirmations or confessions in the form of sentences beginning, 'I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to...' -- a practice they call 'self-forgiveness'. This is what they see as a key factor in bringing about world equality.

In one of his speeches, How Does Self-Forgiveness Work, and How Do I Know When My Self-Forgiveness Is Effective? Desteni founding member, Bernard Poolman says:

If you are focusing your attention on helping humans, you are missing the point. The point is to establish a system of equality that place the humans in the point where they will not abuse the plants and the animals, which is equal money. Equal money is not there to help the human. The human is in essence really something that cannot be trusted and must be eradicated at all costs.

Destonians' version of equality involves regarding other human beings as brainwashed, demon-possessed organic robots that need to use 'tools' of 'self-purification' and 'self-forgiveness'.

Desteni does not, as might be imagined, represent a humanitarian philosophy, and although their references to 'equality' could suggest that they have an egalitarian social and political message, in the fields of social justice, economics, politics, political philosophy or human rights the Desteni version of 'equality' would not ever be taken seriously. Their general ideas as communicated in, for example, the video quoted above or others such as Desteni Secrets Revealed would to most people not make any rational sense. More specifically, their ideas about equality either bear no relation to it or they contradict the meaning and use of the word as it pertains to social issues or political philosophy.

Their 'equal money system' new age of 'equality and oneness' is inspired by channellings, or as they prefer to call them, 'interdimensional portal messages'. Desteni are more akin to similar such groups, like the Imzaia Movement or Share International than to any social or political movement for equality. However, unlike these groups, Desteni have an extremely limited and obscure way of promoting their ideas, where they do not hold public meetings, they confine their activities to the Internet and invite only a few select members to their farm.

Being a Destonian and supporting 'equal money system' is about regarding Desteni as the only worthwhile group on the planet and modifying personal behaviour by attending to theories and practices to do with reptilians, being a portal, 'heaven on earth', Atlanteans, Destonians having sex with one another, channeling, astral projection, interdimensional contact with dead people, 'self-forgiveness', demon possession, 'mind consciousness systems', deprogramming oneself from Annunaki mind control, etc. As well as becoming 'equal' to inert physical objects.

There is of course a case for saying that everyone on the planet has a basic human right to equality, to food, clothing, shelter and a guaranteed income, but the Desteni equal money system is not it.