Wednesday 31 August 2011

Hitler channeling cult censored?

Ivan Rauscher

All chapters of Bernard Poolman’s so-called ‘book’, ‘I Am Hitler’ have been removed from public access at, including Poolman’s article, ‘Hitler and Forgiveness’. (However, it is still archived here.)

Whether or not this is in response to warnings from the web host,, and just a temporary act of self-censorship on the part of Poolman, is at present unknown and there is no comment made at the site.

Poolman's ‘I Am Hitler’ was a central part of the Desteni material at and the original desteni-universe website, as were videos of Sunette Spies pretending to be Hitler speaking from ‘beyond the grave’ on the now defunct YouTube channel, Desteniproductions

Terminations of Desteniproductions and Bernard Poolman's YouTube channels were due to their promotion of Multi-Level Marketing, regarded by YouTube as ‘commercially deceptive content’, but also because of complaints against the Desteni Hitler material. 

To say that Adolf Hitler is an example of ‘self-forgiveness’ verges on support for Nazism. If a member of ‘desteni’ made such a statement in a place of work where, as in the UK, there are laws in support of Equal Opportunities, they would lose their job.

Poolman's romanticisation of himself as the redeemer of the Nazi leader is a crude attempt to rehabilitate the historical figure of Adolf Hitler in the minds of impressionable people. Poolman's fan club have claimed that ‘what Hitler did for the German people was full employment and no crime’, when full employment and ‘no crime’ were brought about in Germany by the Nazis waging all-out war against other nations and legalising the terrorising, torturing and killing of Jews and other minorities. 

But in Poolman's ‘desteni’, Hitler's economic policies are meant to show how an ‘equal money system’ might work, and ‘equality’ involves seeing Hitler as a model of ‘self-forgiveness’. It means denouncing friends and family as ‘demonic’ and damning outsiders as psychopaths who are ‘unworthy of life’ -- as if such notions could be of any use to anyone. 

They all revolve around the ridiculous idea that dead movie and rock stars, occultists, dictators, reptilians, mythical beings and various inanimate objects have told Mr. Poolman -- via some waitress he picked up in a café -- that they have ‘forgiven’ themselves in the afterlife or in ‘the dimensions’ -- as if that were an unquestionable revelation of ‘equality’. 

Mr. Poolman tries to hijack liberal concepts of equality to try to make his financial scams, bigotry and tawdry fantasies about famous historical or fictional characters seem relevant and appealing. But he is unconvincing.

‘Equality’, the ‘equal money system’, the so-called ‘lifestyle concept’ of the Desteni I Process MLM scam and requests for donations at are all so many tacky marketing devices to raise funds to maintain the ‘lifestyle’ of the people who live on, and sell holidays at the Desteni farm in South Africa.

Just as Poolman has never met Hitler or anyone else in ‘the afterlife’, heaven or in ‘demon dimensions’, he, Sunette Spies and all their buddies and deluded, obedient sycophants have nothing whatever to do with equality.

‘Desteni’ is a fraudulent organisation. It only exists to promote Bernard Poolman's xenophobic, misanthropic world view. Its members misrepresent, abuse and pervert principles of equality in support of their own enslavement under his totalitarian fantasy of an ‘Equal Life Party’. In spite of their empty claims that they are a ‘threat to the system’, they are a threat only to themselves and the naïve, idealistic New Ager conspiracy theorists they try to prey on, groom and recruit. 

Sunday 21 August 2011

Desteni material banned by web host

Ivan Rauscher

As previously reported at this blog, at Destenigossip and Muertos's blog, this month has been a bad one for Desteni.

Their main channels containing over 3000 videos were wiped off YouTube for promoting hate speech with their channelling Hitler videos, and for spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.

They tried to migrate to Vimeo and were promptly banned for violating the Vimeo Community Guidelines. Apparently, they hadn't bothered reading them, because if they had they would've seen that Vimeo does not allow Multi-Level Marketing.

As well as this, Desteni had to change their Desteni I Process logo design, because it was a rip-off of the Apple AppStore logo, and they were in danger of being sued by Apple for copyright violation.

Now it has come to our attention that once again certain individuals (not associated with this blog) have reported Desteni scam websites to their web host, Hetzner is originally a German company: have got Desteni to delete these pages:

However, it seems that Desteni have re-uploaded the document that was at this page: to

To avoid any further strikes against them by Hetzner, Desteni may possibly be transferring all their web content to their own servers.

One of the persons who reported the Desteni scam to Hetzner was sent an email from Hetzner including a reply from Desteni, to which the reply was:

 I'm not sure if this means you require my response? I have done so anyway:
 Please note the definition of a Pyramid Multi Level Marketing Scheme, illegal in South Africa and many other countries:
 A pyramid scheme MLM, however, will most likely sell a product with no independent value. The product could take the form of reports of some kind, for example, or mailing lists. In this kind of pyramid scheme, you would be required to recruit new members into the MLM in order to make a profit and keep the MLM alive. Joining the MLM is the only reason anyone would buy the products sold by this pyramid scheme.
 Like any MML scheme that tries to cover it's fraud, Desteni would have people believe it is based on "Commissions" and "Bonuses". There is no value to the "product" nor the "training". They are not recognized by the board of education, have no legitimate teaching certificates or degrees. The only reason recruits are lured into the Desteni scam is on the premise that the more people they recruit, the more "commission" they make down the line.
 As for the Hitler page:
 "Interdimensional Being portalling" is not recognized, proven scientifically or in any way realistic. If anyone had to believe they could be possessed / channel / portal a dead person like Hitler it is most likely a doctor or psychologist would refer to them as schitsophrenic. Regardless, it is not an issue as to the legitimacy of the person who claims to "portal" but the content which one can only consider as hate speech. Such content could be harmful to people who are mentally unstable, vulnerable or too young to understand. The videos and written content that Desteni spams on You Tube, Vimeo, Face Book and their own websites are not censored and are openly available to minors which should NOT be allowed.
 All members of Desteni censor comments that refute or argue against their claims and statements, thereby only allowing comments that are showing them to be in a positive light - this in itself is fraudulent and does not give people who are new to Desteni a chance to think of ramifications or opposing viewpoints.
 The fact that all Desteni members shave their heads, censor comments, speak nonsensical psycho-babble, mark any social media profile pictures with the Desteni logo's, name all the social profiles with either "Destonian" or "Anti-hate" and cut off from their family are all reminiscent of CULT behavior.
 Any sane person who heard the rants by Bernard Poolman and Sunnette Spies would agree that not only is Desteni a MML marketing scam, but it is also a dangerous cult.
 They use reverse psychology and various brain-washing techniques to entice vulnerable people to join their cult.
 The demonology page holds no proof, is not backed by any registered psychologist and is only used to attract vulnerable people to sign up for their fraudulent MML courses.
 I am not a religious fanatic (I am in fact, Agnostic) and their unscientific "research" is very well understood by myself as nothing more than a fraud and a scam, dangerous to anyone vulnerable and the youth.
 If their "teachings" are about "peace" and "equality" then why are negative comments about them censored and why is all their content related to violent rhetoric?
 As for "False flagging" every video that is flagged on You Tube is reviewed by You Tube staff, so I fail to understand how it could be "false" flagging. In fact if you falsely flag a video you run the risk of having your own account terminated.
 There are many other reasons I can give for having Desteni shut down, too many to mention in fact. I will state that I am in the process of speaking to police and to SARS to open investigations.
 Kind regards
[name witheld] 

Saturday 20 August 2011

Desteni banned on Vimeo

Certain individuals opposed to Desteni brought to the attention of the online film-makers' community, Vimeo, the matter of the illegal presence of the Desteni group and its videos promoting the Desteni I Process Multi-Level Marketing scam on the website. The Desteniproductions Vimeo channel has been removed due to violation of the Vimeo Terms of Service.

Multi-Level Marketing on Vimeo is not allowed.

Meanwhile, Bernard Poolman has declared war on YouTube...

Thursday 18 August 2011

Desteni abuse Facebook's Rights & Responsibilities

In order to become an active member of the Desteni group, any potential recruit is required to provide a link to their Facebook profile.

At this page:, The Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities reads under 3. Safety:

You will not send or otherwise post unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on Facebook. 

You will not engage in unlawful multi-level marketing, such as a pyramid scheme, on Facebook. 

4. Registration and Account Security, states:

You will not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain.

Therefore, Desteni pages on Facebook are technically illegal, including the personal profile pages of ALL Desteni recruiters. They are all on Facebook specifically to spam the site with Desteni material in order to recruit for their Desteni I Process MLM pyramid scheme and their own commercial gain, and for no other reason.

Here is a link where you can report these violations. You do not need to be a member of facebook to do so.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Desteni's copyright violation of Apple logo

As was pointed out a few months ago, the design of the original Desteni I Process logo (also used generally as a Desteni logo) was a copyright violation. 

original Desteni I Process MLM logo
It was a copy of the Apple AppStore logo.

Apple AppStore logo
Apple Inc were eventually informed of this. It appears Apple took action and Desteni responded by changing their logo on the and websites. Desteni members will also have to change the logos on their avatars on Facebook and elsewhere.

D I Process: new logo
This is another indication that since the termination of their main YouTube channels, and as Desteni continue to publicise their 'equal money system' cult scam, they will continue to encounter more opposition and more setbacks.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Desteni spam, scams and commercially deceptive content

It appears that since the termination of DesteniProductions, BernardPoolman, DesteniMoney, and DesteniProdDemons YouTube channels, YouTube have been alerted to the fact that the Desteni I Process Multi-Level Marketing pyramid scheme is a commercial scam.

It seems YouTube are removing more Desteni videos, stating that the DesteniHealthCare video "The Virus Killing Superdrug - Takes out Colds,Flu & HIV!" "has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content".

The termination of YouTube channels were NOT, as Desteni members have deluded themselves into imagining, a result of YouTube's reaction to Bernard Poolman's earth-shattering statements that corporate greed is rife and World War III is on its way, but simply because several videos were flagged for their pro-Hitler, anti-Semitic message and their promotion of an MLM pyramid scheme.

However, the Desteni Vimeo channel at present still remains, even though it includes a link to the Desteni I Process commercial scam. Indeed, its only purpose is to promote that scam.

Many of the other Desteni members' Vimeo channels also display the Desteni I Process badge or logo, so in effect all of these channels, as well as the main Desteni Vimeo channel, are a blatant violation of Vimeo community guidelines

Sunette Spies Isn't Channeling Anyone But Bernard Poolman


It was unlisted by Desteni in the past for a reason on the DesteniProductions youtube channel.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Desteni YouTube accounts terminated

DesteniProductions, BernardPoolman, DesteniMoney, and DesteniProdDemons YouTube accounts were terminated, August 9, 2011.

Over 3000 Desteni videos have been erased from YouTube.

They suggest members all send the same email to YouTube:

They have begun uploading old Sunette Spies videos to a Vimeo account. Vimeo community guidelines are stricter than YouTube and include the following:

‘You may NOT upload videos that:
Promote fraudulent schemes, multi level marketing (MLM) schemes, get rich quick schemes, online gaming and gambling, cash gifting, work from home businesses, or any other dubious money-making ventures.’

Considering the only purpose of all Desteni videos is to promote and recruit for their Desteni I Process Multi-Level Marketing Scheme, the Desteni Vimeo channel is practically in violation of Vimeo community guidelines.

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