The Desteni Cult web log discusses projects of Desteni such as Eqafe, the Interdimensional Portal, the Desteni I Process, the School of Ultimate Living, Self & Living, and the Living Income Guaranteed (LIG).

The blog is a repository for interpretations of the Desteni group of South Africa aka the Equal Life Foundation and its members, the Destonians, that may differ from the ones they have created for themselves.

It is a response to the hundreds of thousands of articles published on the internet by members of Desteni since 2007. Its purpose is to provide a historical document of the public activities of the group, offer points of view from a variety of different sources, and relevant information via web links. 

It is also intended as a forum for perspectives that may be in agreement or dissent. On-topic comments are welcome and will be published regardless.

Contrary to the statements of some Destonians, the editors of this blog have no religious or spiritual affiliations, do not represent the interests of any corporate or government organisation or any political group or movement, and are not supporters of 'the system'.

Neither is anyone paid money to contribute to or run the blog, and no money is made out of it. The blog is not 'trolling' but simply documentation and critique of the public activities of the Desteni group, and related matters.

The use of the word, 'cult' at this blog is in the context of how it is generally understood in the media, and with reference to Dr. Robert Jay Lifton's Eight Criteria for Thought Reform and the work of others such as Margaret Singer. Please read the International Cultic Studies Association FAQ for Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups, and other sites linked in the sidebar for more information.

Many groups termed 'cults' employ versions of what Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, called Fair Game. Members of Desteni have attempted to use this kind of tactic on Rick Ross of the Cult Education Institute and other critics.

Contributors to this blog may exercise their right to anonymity, which is protected by the US First Amendment and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. 

Readers are encouraged to form their own views on the merits of the content of this blog without relying on it but by accessing desteni.org, eqafe.com and other relevant sources before arriving at conclusions.

Views expressed in the external content linked to this blog are not necessarily those of the editors. 

The editors are not available for email correspondence. Anyone seeking help as to concerns about friends or family involved in Desteni is encouraged to contact the relevant counselling, social services or other resources some of which can be found at FactNet, the Cult Education Institute and via OTHER LINKS in the side bar. 

[please note: some links on this blog to the desteni.co.za forum may no longer work since their previous forum was removed from public view in Jul 2011 -- some links to Desteni YouTube videos also no longer function due to termination of their accounts by YT, August 2011]  

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