Wednesday 4 November 2015

TechnoTutor and Kevin Trudeau's Global Information Network Scam

Ivan Rauscher

Scammer Kevin Trudeau of the Global Information Network
(Update Aug2017The directors of the US TechnoTutor company may have parted company with Desteni. This is not confirmed, but TechnoTutor UK has been dissolved and the South Africa website has disappeared. The following article serves as a record of events.)

Members of Desteni selling TechnoTutor have joined a Multi-Level Marketing scam, and are taking tips from con man criminal, Kevin Trudeau.

In promoting their 'educational software', Destonians have successfully secured slots on TV in South Africa and the USA. 

TechnoTutor originates with Desteni and is sold almost exclusively by long-serving members of the group, both as a product and a 'business opportunity'.

There is no evidence that the TechnoTutor 'Vocabulary Development Technology' is any more useful than the thousands of other 'vocabulary builders' on the market.

Yet Destonians claim that TechnoTutor 'improves self-esteem', 'allows people to be their very best', 'teaches' children and adults 'how to learn' so that they can become whoever they want to be in life, and is the future of education. 

TechnoTutor was featured on TV recently in South Africa on ETV Money Line 02, and in the USA on the Fox Business Network's Corporate Review.

On Moving America Forward with host William Shatner, the presenter, Doug Llewelyn, asked Cameron Cope, one of the TechnoTutor LLC co-founders and a Destonian, what the story is behind the software and where it came from.

The reply was that he found 'kind of a mad scientist, if you will, in South Africa, who was developing a technology'.

Bernard Poolman of South Africa founded the crazy cult of Desteni in 2007 and previously ran a business selling overpriced 'educational software' named PowerEducation by MindTechnology, which was the precursor to TechnoTutor. 

Without Poolman and Desteni there would be no TechnoTutor

Cope did not mention Desteni. He also failed to explain that a major part of the marketing of the TechnoTutor 'business opportunity' involves the Global Information Network (GIN).

GIN is a Multi-Level Marketing scam started by notorious TV infomercial bullshitter, Kevin Trudeau

Several Destonians are members of GIN and have been marketing TechnoTutor within the network since 2011-12. Its few non-Destonian sales agents have probably been recruited from GIN, if not also a related scam called the Neothink Society

Like Desteni, GIN appeals to those who imagine there is a secret cabal called the Illuminati which controls world events and represents a future global government, 'the New World Order'. 

GIN suggests that its inner circle knows the 'secrets' of how the Illuminati or 'The Brotherhood' of ruling elites got so wealthy and powerful, and these 'secrets' can be yours and you too can become as rich and powerful if you pay increasingly large amounts of cash to participate in GIN's financial schemes. 

Desteni puts forward the notion that The New World Order is Here in the shape of Desteni, and if you buy into the 'self-mastery' courses and recruitment and sales schemes of the Equal Life Foundation company, the Desteni group will be able to replace the Illuminati and establish 'life in equality' that is 'best for all', etc.

TechnoTutor UK director and Destonian, Marley Dawkins, stated recently in Day 145: Who are the illuminati? that you should 'not fear the illuminati', but 'become the illuminati, then change the illuminati to live what is best for all', and that 'the only way everlasting sustainable change will happen, is if we become the elite, so we must do everything in our power to legally make as much money as possible'.

is just one in a long line of legal and illegal money-making scams perpetrated by Kevin Trudeau, who has previously sold bogus get-rich-quick schemes, spurious weight loss programmes and fake cures for cancer, been fined for deceptive trade practices, convicted of larceny and credit card fraud, and conned many people out of millions of dollars.

Trudeau is currently languishing in a minimum-security prison in Alabama after receiving a ten-year sentence for criminal contempt

41 Action News TV reported that after GIN failed to pay out an estimated 9.5 million dollars in promised commissions and bonuses it went from 38,000 to 4,000 members.

In 2014, GIN was sold off to a coterie of Trudeau's hardcore fans, the AXS Investment Group. 

The re-formed GIN is fronted by Troy McClain, a former contestant on The Apprentice TV show which was hosted by the well-known Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The GIN Family Reunion of October 2015 featured as a keynote speaker the despicable scam artist and convicted killer, James Arthur Ray. He is praised by GIN as a 'successful entrepreneur'.

GIN is reportedly still under investigation by the FBI.

In 2014, Cope and his fellow Destonian TechnoTutor LLC co-founder, Avery Williams, were on Donald Trump's son's TV show with a non-Destonian TechnoTutor sales agent, Dr Steven Lamer, who is a chiropractor with experience in the 'methods of Edgar Cayce' and the pseudoscience of Applied Kinesiology, which also happens to be part of the Desteni I Process

A businesswoman marketing an unrelated product who was invited on Donald Trump Jr's TV show in 2013 'sniffed out the scam' after she was asked to pay $19,000 for the privilege

In one of Cope's YouTube videos, Entrepreneur and sales expert on how to accelerate your journey to successAvery Williams claimed that GIN and TechnoTutor can 'change your DNA'. In another, Cope and Destonian TechnoTutor LLC co-founder, Katie Conklin, discussed the 'power' of the GIN.

In Oct 2015, Cope recommended to Destonians that they all join GIN, not only to market TechnoTutor, but to Overcome Resistance in Selling Desteni courses and products.

Cope is apparently of the view that parents should remove their kids from school and invest in TechnoTutor instead. 

He was interviewed at the Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) YouTube channel by Destonian, Marlen Vargas Del Razo, in [93] Would a Living Income bring a Revolution in Education?She described him as an 'expert' on education, and he said: 

'Practically, for a parent, I would not have your kids in a public school, for sure, knowing what it does, I can't self-honestly feel good about saying keep your kids in school, even the private schools'. 

It is more than likely that TechnoTutor LLC in its dealings with GIN aims to 'make as much money as possible' in order to help guarantee a living income for the Destonians' 'non-profit' company, the Equal Life Foundation.