Thursday 15 November 2012

Cultish Behaviour Patterns - Desteni Doomed - 3

Ivan Rauscher

(continued from Desteni Doomed - 1: The Voice of a Sane Organization? / 2: Cult Awareness)

In a recent video called the Desteni Cult? Johnathan Motz said that he and other Destonians type 'shit' about thoughts, emotions, feelings etc and 'what the fuck happened during our day'; they forgive and correct themselves for all the 'shit' they have 'allowed' so as not to keep repeating patterns, and then they 'walk' it to change patterns. 

He asks: is it cultish to actually think that writing, applying self-forgiveness, applying self-corrective statements and walking it -- is that cultish behaviour?

It may be that after watching thousands of videos of Sunette Spies and passing the Desteni portal idiot test individuals such as Motz joined the cult of self-forgiveness because they imagined that the Desteni material was startlingly new, original or even the ultimate truth.

Destonians fail to understand that although Desteni claims to be opposed to spirituality, the Desteni material has in fact only ever been a rip-off of New Age occultism and spirituality. It has been fabricated out of a poorly constructed re-hash of ideas already found in works by New Agers, mystics and occultists such as Louise Hay, Alice A. Bailey, Paul Twitchell, David Icke, Aleister Crowley, George I. Gurdjieff, Osho Rajneesh, Anton LaVey, Baird T. Spalding and others.

Destonians are under the false impression that because Desteni claims to stand for equality then they must be doing something useful in terms of helping to bring about equality. But Desteni or Destonians are not practically engaged in any issues of equality, equal rights, social justice or politics whatsoever. 'Equality' in Desteni is just a front; a slogan and a gimmick. Desteni has nothing to do with equality.

Johnathan Motz has not addressed even one of the various different points raised by critics of Desteni over the years. But this is to be expected. Desteni supporters have never carried out any proper research and applied themselves to the question of Desteni as cult.

Bernard Poolman implies in his Twitter and YouTube account descriptions that Desteni is perhaps 'social engineering'. Certainly, strategies of social engineering are used all the time by scammers and cults to deceive the public. Manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information is how self-forgiveness in Desteni works (

In his video, Anti Desteni Movement, Poolman stated that the anti-Desteni movement, which exposes Desteni as a cult and a scam, 'forms an integral part of the Desteni process'. Obviously, the anti-Desteni movement is by definition against Desteni, but as Poolman admits, it can be considered a 'process' involving Desteni because it can deter people from joining the group.

Johnathan Motz's video is like every other video or blog in which 'Destonians' have tried to deny that Desteni is a cult, such as in their 'anti-hate' videos last year. They did so by dutifully repeating cult buzzwords, catch phrases and slogans, thereby they re-affirmed the fact that they had been socially engineered to repeat cultish behaviour patterns.

Only 'Destonians' speak or write using such half-arsed, stilted jargon as 'applying the tools' of 'self-forgiveness' and 'self-correction' and 'walking it' to 'birth life equal and one in the physical'. Motz has repeated all this and the doublethink refrain every other Desteni supporter has already repeated about anyone who says Desteni is a cult: they 'have not done the research' and 'haven't applied the tools'.

Apparently, according to Destonians, Desteni is not a cult because the people who say it is are not Destonians.  

This is why Poolman says he's grateful to the anti-Desteni movement: it presents the evidence that Desteni is a cult while he can rely on the commitment of people like Motz because they are willing to disregard the evidence, dispense with logic, suspend their critical faculties and pay to work for Poolman's 'Desteni' cult.

However, Poolman's perspective is self-defeated. His social engineering con tricks are so formulaic and clich├ęd it is obvious he has deliberately set out to create a cult. It may be psychologically damaging for those involved but is rather more a futile exercise in social engineering. All it proves is something already widely known: some people can be made to follow cultish behaviour patterns or with the right information they can avoid it.

Since their main channels were terminated by YouTube, the output of Desteni and their supporters has become increasingly repetitive; Motz's video being only one example. Their current output is lacking in content that could possibly be of real interest to anyone but the 100-150 or so persons already listed at Desteni websites as 'The Destonians'. And if you do a bit of research and investigation you will see that quite a few of their number these days appear to be lapsed or ex-members with no currently active blogs or YouTube channels. Maybe they're just bored with being involved in a group which only exists to prove it can socially engineer people to repeat cultish behaviour patterns.

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