Equal Life Foundation

The Equal Life Foundation

The Equal Life Foundation (ELF)
controls copyright of Desteni-related websites and courses, including Eqafe products as sold by Destonians via an affiliate marketing scheme. Donations for desteni.org are also paid to the ELF.

The ELF states its 'focus is in the arena of Basic Human Rights with an emphasis on how these Rights must be practically applied', but the ELF is not active in the arena of human rights and does not carry out any such campaign. 

Contrary to the claims of its members, the ELF has nothing to do with human rights or equality. It is not involved in any kind of practical social, economic or political activities.

Its focus is on selling products and courses based on an absurd and bizarre version of New Age occultism as described in the 'channelings' of Sunette Spies and rants by the deceased founder of the group, Bernard Poolman, in which the Desteni group is touted as the saviour of the world.

The ELF is the private business interest of the small group of people who run the organisation from the Desteni farm in South Africa. All the ELF 'non-profit' company does is sell Desteni products and courses, which are obviously for its own profit and that of its 'income plan recruiters'.

The ELF Bill of Rights was written by Destonian, Ken Cousens, whose background is with the sovereign citizen group, the Republic for the united States of America. The FBI regards the 'Sovereign Citizen Movement' as domestic terrorism.

See: The Destonian Sovereign Citizen and The Equal Life Foundation & the Sovereign Citizen Movement(note: Ken Cousens is no longer associated with Desteni).

The ELF is discussed in the YouTube video, Desteni Equal Life Foundation - Scam?, at this blog in various posts including, Equal Life Foundation: NPO for Equal Rights -- or Money & Food for Destonians? and Equal Money Journey to LIES, and at the Cult Education Forum. 

Living Income Guaranteed

[note: as of August 2016, the group ceased promotion of its Living Income Guaranteed. The following information serves as a record of events.

In the Spring of 2013, after Desteni's 'Equal Money System' (EMS) cult scam was exposed, ridiculed and dismissed by members of the Quora network (see the Equal Money System Q & A at Quora), Desteni stopped posting at Quora, ceased promotion of the EMS, and closed down the EMS forum.

You can also abuse the term Basic Income for personal gain

Soon after, Destonians began to refer to the Desteni group more often by the name of its company, 'Equal Life Foundation', and to promote something called 'Basic Income 

Robin Ketelaars of the Basic Income Earth Network’s affiliate in the Netherlands published an article entitled, You can also abuse the term Basic Income for personal gain, which showed how the ELF/Desteni attempted to profit by abusing terms established by the BIENCritic of cults, Robert Lester also discussed this in a video, Desteni Basic Income - Scam?

A transcript of a speech by the founder of Desteni, Bernard Poolman (who died not long after) was published in response to Ketelaars' article: Day 453: The BIG Scam and Robin which stated that Ketelaars 'should resign' and told him, 'We will Expose your Bullshit'.

The Destonians then abandoned their 'Basic Income Guaranteed' and in 2013-14 launched the Living Income Guaranteed (LIG). They continued to post information and news pertaining to the Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) as if it related to the LIG, but the LIG had nothing to do with the real BIG campaign and the ELF was never affiliated with the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).
The ELF/Desteni had jumped on the bandwagon of the Basic Income to make it seem as if it had political influence when it had none.

Real social justice, human rights, environmentalist, peace and activist groups around the world, including the Basic Income Earth Network, actively engage with the public, and openly debate and discuss their ideas. They organise public meetings and events, they take part in politics, in education, in protests; they lobby governments, communicate through mainstream and alternative media outlets to discuss, debate and shape ideas and policies. They work within real communities and collaborate and co-operate with others.

The ELF/Desteni has never even attempted to do any of these things, yet Destonians actually claimed that supporting the LIG on the internet was the only possible way forward for 'world equality'

They believed that the LIG would bring about their Equal Money System. Desteni founder, Bernard Poolman discussed this notion in the video, How will you get everyone to agree to an equal money system? - Equal Money FAQ.

Unlike the Basic Income, which is an unconditional grant supplied without a means test, the LIG 'proposal' was for a means-tested welfare system and included numerous other policies that were in no way relevant to the Basic Income.

The LIG was a 'proposal' only in as much as it proposed that people should pay money into the ELF bank account, and/or 'join Desteni'.

The LIG was a way to recruit and make money by making it seem like the ELF/Desteni was part of a social or political movement when it was not. It was just one more deceptive online gimmick among several in Desteni's sales scheme strategy for the New Age conspiracist occult claptrap it peddles.

In a video of August 2016, [136] Living Income Guaranteed: What’s Next?, members of Desteni made the announcement that the group had ceased promotion of its Living Income Guaranteed (LIG).

The excuse they gave was that the Basic Income has achieved mainstream status. This was in spite of the fact that the LIG never had anything to do with the Basic Income.

The LIG had never been favourably reviewed by anyone outside of Desteni. It received a lukewarm or mainly negative response from only a few members of the BIEN, and had no influence whatsoever on the Basic Income campaign.

Desteni was unable to sustain its abuse of the term, Basic Income, as the scam would have been further exposed and more Basic Income supporters would inevitably have made more objections. 

Anyone interested in the Basic Income initiative should refer to the real Basic Income campaign.

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