Tuesday 10 May 2011

Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman


[Please note: Bernard Poolman reportedly died Aug 2013. The following article is a transcript of the 0TA YT videos, Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman - part 1 and part 2 originally published Sept 2010 [deleted], and is in specific reference to speeches by him at the BernardPoolman YouTube channel which was terminated by YouTube in August 2011. See: Desteni YouTube accounts terminated. Some of Poolman's other videos are still available, including several at EqualMoney101 and The History of Desteni and Demons series.]

About the lies and bigoted opinions of Bernard Poolman, leader of the South-Africa-based cult of Desteni...

Bernard Poolman at the Desteni ranch compound

Bernard Poolman’s ‘Desteni’ is a centralised regime run as a dictatorship which advocates strictly regimented economic, industrial and social controls. It suppresses free speech and forcibly attempts to censor criticism and opposition. Its extensive use of propaganda utilises democratic procedures for an antidemocratic cause. ‘Destonians’ condemn non-Destonians as less than inferior beings. Bernard Poolman’s comments on Jewish people suggest he is anti-Semitic. Desteni is a fascist organisation.

Its devotees say Desteni is all about ‘equality’ and like nothing that has ever existed before, but Desteni uses the same exploitative methods of mind control found in mystical, religious or quasi-religious thought reform cults and is a hierarchical organisation, not a collective of equals. It has more in common with religion than any equal rights group.

Mystical notions of ‘enlightenment’ or ‘ascension’ are scoffed at by Desteni. They regard Bernard Poolman as the only authority to be trusted on mysticism, the New Age, religion, occultism and spirituality. The Desteni philosophy is based entirely on those influences. Poolman puts his own spin on it all, and employs a less traditional phraseology, which his acolytes slavishly copy and repeat. Everything he says or does they regard as beyond question because it surpasses ‘the mind’, which is the same mystical power ascribed to leaders of other religious cults. 

The Desteni group say Poolman and Spies possess occult abilities to function in both the ‘interdimensional’ and ‘the physical’ realms. They say Poolman is somehow not an individual or a personality. He is said to exist ‘HERE’, bringing together ‘heaven and earth’ in ‘the physical’, as if he were the incarnation of the Hermetic maxim, ‘as above so below’.

Just like any other New Religious Movement, sect or cult, Desteni redefine and reinterpret conventional religious or spiritual ideas and beliefs using their own peculiar invented jargon. They believe theirs is the only valid interpretation of the ‘truth’ yet claim to have no beliefs. Their leaders fraudulently proclaim themselves as having special access to unseen worlds, and as the physical incarnation of transcendent realities. 

Hidden beneath a veneer of feigned social idealism in the guise of a proposed global welfare scheme called ‘equal money system’, Poolman and Sunette Spies’ status in Desteni is an occult fantasy of divine power and truth belonging exclusively to a select few.

Desteni say they ‘stand for’ ‘a dignified life for all’ yet Bernard Poolman has nothing but contempt for life. The process he prescribes for the members of his group negates their autonomy, and aims to destroy any thoughts or feeling they have for anything or anyone other than Desteni. His plan is to produce mindless cogs in a machine that serves to promote his nonsensical re-interpretation of occultism and advance Poolman’s lunatic vision of a ‘New World Order’ run by a pure breed of self-perfected ‘equal’ yet superior beings.

Everyone in Desteni has renounced their right to freedom of expression. Cameron Cope of Desteni claims that the right to free speech is unacceptable when it allows for ‘abuse’. Yet Cope’s ‘life instructor’, Bernard Poolman, indulges in outright abuse of everyone. His fascistic so-called ‘final solution’ for ‘life as equality’ is an excuse for his misanthropy. Poolman is seething at the world.

He abuses his critics by failing to address their arguments and instead accuses them of being ‘deceivers’ and ‘liars’. He claims that Christians are the protectors of evil and God is the purveyor of evil. He says the family is what causes pornography and child rape, and if parents say they love their children they’re liars. He calls all religions suicide cults.

He abuses anyone who served in World War II through his hero-worship of Hitler. He says Hitler acted out of love. He abuses the Jewish people by calling for the removal of ‘the Jewish principle’ (in ‘The Jew in Every Man is a Zionist’ deleted video).

Poolman hurls abuse at New Agers, Americans, atheists, people who believe in love, positive thinkers, anyone who drinks alcohol, parapsychology researchers, gurus, anyone who uses a pseudonym, people who masturbate, the imagination, psychiatrists, scientists and the scientific method, intellectuals, doctors, people with hair, vegetarians, and so on and so forth ad nauseam. According to Poolman everyone else is a psychopath and ‘Desteni is the future of the world’.

Like some demented fundamentalist bible bashing preacher, he lectures the same point again and again about money being the root of all evil and damns those who sin against the Desteni doctrine to banishment from the future of the universe, where they will ‘simply be disregarded’.

A large part of the Desteni material is made up of hate speech against other people, but especially religious people. This is not so much because he doesn’t believe in religious ideas, but because he thinks religion should be doing a job usually carried out by governments. That is, providing welfare. But he’s got an answer to that: poverty and starvation can be overcome by making money ‘equal’, as long as enough people join his organisation and support his bigotry and hate and abuse of everyone else.


Satirical video from Istenenergia using a cut-up of original speeches by Poolman and Sunette Spies, 'The Desteni Evangelium':


Nelson said...

Bernieboy is in the process of deceiving the masses. He makes it a point to use illogical and irrational words to describe something that is not even real. Perhaps, Bernieboy was hurt during his early years, now he wants everyone in the world to suffer as he is suffering. Although the disease he is suffering from is a reversible disease, that of ID10T disease. He cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. He is at this point demented and dismayed, demented by the disease he suffers, dismayed that his message is not received by all.
I hold him responsible for the lives of those whom he deceives, their families are decrying the loss of their children's companionship and comfort. The families of those who choose to follow Bernieboy are the real ones who suffer. We see this happening all the time with cultic behaviour. For the sake of your children, your own family and the world at large, spread the word, Bernieboy is a deceptive, insipid and uninspired individual.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Bernieboy, or Uncle Bernie AKA Bernard 'the Beast' Poolman either suffers from psychotic delusions or is a rather ham-fisted con man, but probably BOTH. His deranged nonsense is used to fascinate and control vulnerable, naive people and make them into slaves. He spams the internet and gets others to do so on his behalf. Some might see this as just another unfortunate case of an online cult for losers in the making, and of no real consequence, but as has been pointed out, the sanity and well-being of the victims of Poolman's predatory activities are at stake, as well as that of their families. More people need to speak out against Poolman and his demented 'Desteni' project before it's too late. Otherwise, it would not be outside the realms of possibility that we could be witnessing another Jonestown massacre.

Weicafe said...

Are destonians antisemitic?

Anonymous said...

Equal Money = Communism, it simply isn´t possible to make money "equal" becouse there will be always people who work more than others or have more complex or dangerous tasks so they want more money.

Desteni Cult blog said...

They have said they are starting a corporation and a political party and want a totalitarian state. It would scapegoat as inhuman anyone who is unequal in the view of scientists devoted to 'equal money system' and eugenics.

The leader they pretend is not their leader wrote a book about how he helped Hitler forgive himself and has made several antisemitic comments. Desteni is fascist? 'Equal Money System' is communist?

Maybe, but it is much more just a cheap capitalist internet scam that preys on New Ager conspiracy theorists.

don aruan said...

I started reading “Bernard Poolman’s” postings during 2006, whereupon I visited him and his colleagues during 2007, where HE TRIED TO POSSESS ME. After further correspondence, I wrote to him that I find his hidden, ulterior motive to be CONTROL, and I parted ways. I am sorry to see that he passed over…if it is fact.
“Bernard” ( do not accept it as his birth name) was never willing to disclose his real aim and motive, he kept it a secret. I think it is only Esteni and his 1st wife that possible knew/know part of it. He was howver using satanic principles via adapted CULT ways of his own, combined with selective ideas of Osho, Crowley and a few others…all hoping and aiming to give him Hitlerian CONTROL via MIND CONTROL.
By the way, ex Hitler told me from Yonder Side he has decided to “come back” with a spiritual approach. I find “Bernard” to have been a trial run of sorts.
I strongly feel the man that chose the pseudo name of Bernard C Poolman, kept his true identity and aims very secret, and it is still honoured by those using his name and personality at this stage…beginning 2015.
However, “Bernard” stepped way over a line, not any Earth-human would feel up to. He, however, according to my opinion, succeeded in putting it to a meaningful use for Earth-humans of this time and age. He did not cut his money liking ties though.
He will be in contact or body again. Hitler and other CONTROL FREAKS will be part of it or have ties thereto, unless they are healed on Yonder Side.
I would say that once the chaff is sifted from the wheat, this secret person has left much that can be useful to us who are still suffering here in “separated” 3D.
The brillinace of his contributions was not cultivated to adulthood and might have been overshadowed by POWER HUNGER that reflected DARKNESS and WICKEDNESS, in which he was still vying for a stake burning, or revenging it.
Don-Aruan aka Donald Herman, South Africa

Desteni Cult blog said...

Yes, it is clear that in creating the Desteni material and forming the group, Bernard Poolman used ideas taken from Osho, Crowley, Satanism and Hitler, and that he went all out to manipulate and control others. Esteni De Wet was with him from the beginning but her precise role is not so clear as she has remained behind the scenes. It may be that the extent of her involvement will only be revealed when someone in the group decides to leave and goes public with their story.

Juan Pablo said...

You are wrong, it is about eliminating everytbing - a kind of reset of the midn. Do you trust your being to actually die and be reborn? I challenge you. I don't participate in desteni but use the tools they give. They actually work and create the will of equality on this world. I work everyday to have nothing in terms of money, and the equal money system - if you really investigate - is a quite stable and detailed proposal to a money system, like when you create a software for a corporation - it is extensive and bets every proposal you will ever see. And will be the maximum potential of the human race. I desire this for all of us, do you?

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Juan Pablo It has been stated numerous times at this blog that 'equal money system' and everything else that emerges from Desteni is a scam. Yet you have asked if we desire an 'equal money system'.

You say you don't participate in Desteni yet you run two blogs promoting Desteni and the 40+ other blogs you follow are all run by Destonians.

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