Wednesday 13 April 2011

'Sean from Desteni' or 'Care who you trust'


The internet is a dangerous place. Most people don’t realise it, but once something is online, it is impossible to be removed. Someone always remembers, someone has downloaded your video, someone has a screencap.

Let’s talk about Sean from Desteni for a bit. Sean is very trusting. He created a thread on the Desteni forum about experiences in his past that are not only rather private, they are actually quite disturbing. Sean voiced doubts about the thread and asked it to be removed, which of course didn’t happen. Sean has given up all power about what he posted one week prior. It’s not his secret anymore, it belongs to Desteni, and above all, it belongs to me too: A random stranger who enjoys gossiping about ‘Destonians’ with a devilish delight in spreading what was not supposed to be spread.

Sean, do you really think this was a wise idea?

I have heard the excuse before, “A lot of shit flies on the forum, it is not their fault.”

Not their fault?

Desteni moderators decide what is left up on the forum and what is not. Members are encouraged to expose their most private thoughts and their darkest secrets. I have read about Mattis tendency for date-rape, Lindsays first time having sex, Freds addiction to child pornography, people slapping children, hurting themselves and others, criminal acts, fears and now apparently sexual abuse.

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