Thursday 29 March 2012

Eqafe Blues


Hello there Destonians. How is the self-writing and breathing exercises going? Has Big Brother Poolman spouted out any new helpful nonsense? How is the Eqafe business going? It must be hard bearing the burden of working against capitalism while allowing it on the inside. But wait!? Eqafe has an affiliate program you say which helps support fellow Destonians? You can pick a Destonian to receive a percentage of the sales money before the rest goes into the black hole of Calcutta? Wow! That's great. I'll check it out.

Oh wait! It still sucks. So I went to Eqafe from the Desteni site. I was curious so I clicked on one of the products as if I was actually going to buy it. After clicking on the "Add to cart" button, I was presented with a new page of a bunch of Destonians to click on. It seems if the Destonian had bought the product before he or she would appear on the list and could potentially benefit from the sale. However, after doing this several times, I began to notice certain people kept appearing again and again. Interestingly, the overall majority of the people who keep appearing on this special bubble head list all live at the Desteni Farm. Did all of these people actually purchase the product in order to get it in their inventories too? Hmmm ...I'm beginning to smell a rat.

So then, I actually decided to do a random sampling to see how often these people kept popping up. Using a random method I pulled 30 samples which is about 10% of the 300 products listed (at the time of this writing). Out of the 17 individuals who appeared again and again, 12 (70%) of them live at the Desteni Farm. And I'm sure that it's just a coincidence that Big Brother Poolman just happens to live at the farm too. Also, he doesn't seem to take any interest in what the other Destonians do. Meh ...why should he? He's got a business to run and worrying about flakes is not his priority. It should also be noted that Matti Freeman and Darryl W Thomas don't live at the farm but are closely tied to it. Surprisingly Darryl is the only inner circle member who doesn't seem to have a monopoly on the Eqafe products. I guess he was too busy playing word salad or bitching about something to stock up.

So once again, Desteni's leadership demonstrates how they are one and equal in action. Wouldn't it actually be equal if all members who were affiliates benefited equally? Why is that Desteni demands the world support them unconditionally but they don't even do it amongst their own ranks? Why do the members continue to excuse this unequal behavior?

I guess words are just more powerful than actions in Desteni. But it has been this way for a while hasn't it? And I suppose if it has been justified a thousand times already, I guess ignoring it is the right thing to do. Because I'm sure Poolman and company are going to properly do research into equality and stuff with no intentions of taking the money and running when the time is right. I sure am glad Desteni's rank and file members have such a thoughtful, caring, and wonderful Big Brother. They'll never have to feel like a sucker being taken for a ride.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Cults Using Facebook

Chalk Talk Toons

If your taste in religion or spirituality tends to lean toward the more unconventional side, or if perhaps you’ve misplaced an impressionable, quasi-delusional uncle over the holidays who is likely to get wrapped up in one cult or another, you may be interested in gathering a list of the cults making their presence known in social media so that you know exactly what it is that you’re up against. Hang in there, Uncle Elwood, help is on the way. Here’s a list of ten examples of cults using Facebook...

Saturday 24 March 2012

Response to LLCraver on the Real Equal Money System

(as posted at the Cult Education Forum)


LLCraver on the Real EMS:

which is in regards to the absurdity of using such words as ‘level of equality’ in one statement, as commonsensically, that does not mathematically compute. Why? Because equality does not have ‘levels’ but is absolute in expression – equal is equal, simple as that – a mathematical equation cannot have ‘different levels of answers’ to the equation. No – that which is on either side of the = must be equal (ex: 1+1=2, 2=2). (

I’m sorry Miss Craver but there are degrees of equality in societies – even your run of the mill anthropologist will acknowledge this. Now, if you’re saying that equality doesn’t exist unless it fits into the perfect ideal you have, then that is your viewpoint. I think most people will agree that there is a difference in equality from a society like Ancient Rome and one such as the modern USA. Also, societies are complex creatures. You can’t just plug in 1+1 and expect it to work like you want it. This is why social sciences are considered soft and why physical sciences are considered hard or rather precise.

The argument that there was at some point ‘Egalitarian societies’ is simply not true, and even ‘xfinksx’ noted this when he stated: “While not all Hunter Gatherer and Tribal societies were thoroughly egalitarian…” – yeah, however – not only were ‘not all Hunter Gatherer and Tribal societies thoroughly egalitarian’ – but NONE of them were.

Miss Craver, my point is that those primitive societies approach a level of equality in practice that outshines most other societies including Desteni which is a top down organization. Just look at which direction most of the money flows in your group – which is described in the EMS overview with the funny little potatohead pictures on the Desteni iProcess site. Who is at the center? It isn’t you nor Spamann. I’ll give you hint: It is at the farm. But, what was wrong with those societies in the past that didn’t make them truly equal? Well for the most part, this was the problem:

Egalitarian societal members tend to treat each other as equals. Wealth differences are few as is the amount of power available to any individual or group. The people possess norms that emphasize sharing and ideals of interpersonal equality. This is not to say that stratification is non-existent in these societies. In comparison with nonegalitarian societies, however, stratification is relatively insignificant. Even when someone like a bigman is present, prestige is important and linked to redistribution. However, the bigman gives more than he receives as his role as a redistributor is defined. If he hordes or possesses too much, he will lose the recognition as a bigman. In effect, he is a member of society as an equal who has a defined role that carries prestige but not wealth and recognition but not status.

Now, who at the Desteni farm acts like a Big Man in regards to wealth? Somehow I think he gets more than he gives back. Therefore, the Big Men in those primitive societies are way cooler than Mr. Monster Mash.

Talk about ‘vagueness’ – here, ‘xfinksx’ is making elusive statements, basically punching at the air, with no substance or insight into what he is in fact expressing. He basically is making a statement with no practical significance, as it shows no point of understanding or moreover offers no solution to the problem of inequality.

You know it looks like you just want to call what I’m saying as vague because you’re pissed off that I called your sparkly little meme-toy vague. But whatever, It isn’t vague Miss Craver. It is called ownership of resources. The person or people who own the resources dictate the laws and thereby how wealth is acquired and maintained. You can have all the money you want, but money has no real power by itself. Implementing your EMS will not change where certain resources are located nor would it stop people from trying to horde possessions (here’s a secret: people don’t just horde things for reasons of scarcity). Never will everyone on earth agree to become Desteni tool slave willingly. And unless everyone isn’t mind controlled your EMS won’t ever work period! Now as for solutions and potential realistic alternatives, they are out there – you just don’t bother to look or take the time to understand them. But, they have nothing to do with Desteni pipe dreams, money schemes, self-writing, self-forgiveness, talking to the dead, or ignoring the BS claim that Desteni messages came from some supernatural source.

Monday 19 March 2012

Desteni Portal Idiot Test

Ivan Rauscher

Desteni claims Sunette Spies can speak on behalf of dead people, inanimate objects or mythological or fictional entities or qualities, making her an 'interdimensional portal'.

The Portal is one of the central concepts 'within and as' Desteni. The Equal Money System revolves around Sunette Spies 'within and as' interdimensional portal.

Spies speaks as the Mesopotamian god, Anu, Colonel Gaddaffi, Adolf Hitler, an AK-47 rifle, a leprachaun, Joseph Stalin, Carl Jung, Kurt Cobain, Aleister Crowley, designs like the Design of Who I am as a Reptilian Mind, and a panty liner, a petrol pump and a piece of toilet paper.

Most people would of course just laugh and reject the Portal as a stupid prank, or a cheap and pathetic New Age con or perhaps the ramblings of one who is possessed or severely mentally disturbed.

Whatever, the purpose of the Portal is to bring together the right kind of people who will be willing to dedicate their lives to being salespersons for the Desteni business.

The Desteni Portal is an Idiot Test.

Anyone willing to believe a lie like the Desteni Portal will practically believe anything they're told. It's a way to vet the audience, flush out critical thinkers or dissenters and find instead more useful people who can be more easily manipulated.

Desteni does not ask that anyone should believe in the Portal. What's important is the Portal's message of self-honesty. So, a potential recruit can be relieved of the obligation to believe and s/he may accept and allow information from the Portal to be acted upon anyway.

Whether or not s/he believes in the Portal, as long as clich├ęd New Age self-help techniques, self-forgiveness affirmations, stress reduction breathing exercises, ways of giving up addictions etc offered by the Portal have some appeal they may also have the effect of making the potential recruit feel good.

If s/he has been lonely, confused or troubled they may find the Desteni organisation can help them make progress and new social contacts. They may also gain a sense of importance and a renewed enthusiasm for life, having taken on a special mission to save themselves and everyone else on the planet from destruction with the Equal Money System.

They will have passed the Desteni Portal Idiot Test. 

Sunday 18 March 2012

De$teni Fabrications

Twitter Outside the Dimensions @destenifab

De$teni Fabrications!

Life Coaching that Undermines your Destonation at de$teniEprocess dot com where online income is EQUAL MUMBO JUMBO... Stay in touch @!/destenifab

Saturday 10 March 2012

Desteni clique incest

Mass production of sex-oriented media was recently increased in the Land of Destonia in a bid to get signed 'agreements' for sexual relations between Destonians.

From Destenigossip:

Sex in general is evil, there is only one way for it not to be evil:
First: Beat yourself up about having, enjoying or thinking about sex or, if that’s not the case, about NOT having, enjoying or thinking about it.
Second: Go to the Desteni-Forum and post all your most private thoughts and experiences there, for the whole world (including your family, friends and future employers) to see and for Bernie to jerk off to.
Third: Buy an overpriced course done by Desteni where you can hear the ‘portal’ talk about Reptilian-Sex, Rape and other kinky stuff.
Fourth: Find a fellow Desteni-member to fuck.
Fifth: Fuck that fellow Desteni-member, especially when and if you don’t actually find them attractive.
Sixth: Go to the forum again and tell all the world and Bernie about your new Desteni sex life as detailed as possible, so the others and especially Bernie can approve of it.
And then you have a chance of not being a rapist or some other type of scum. Though, not really, Desteni will find something else you have to be ashamed of, but all is not lost, they will offer you a new class for 300 bucks a month to purify yourself from that new problem as well.