Tuesday 16 February 2016

Anarchapulco Sponsored by Cult of Desteni Anarcho-Capitalists?

Ivan Rauscher
Anarcho-capitalist flag
(Update Aug 2017Ken Cousens and Andrea Teale are no longer associated with Desteni. The following article serves as a record of events.)
Anarchapulco, 'the world's first and largest anarcho-capitalist conference', taking place in Acapulco, Mexico, Feb 19-21, 2016, is sponsored by Gemstone University, which is run by the Panterra Private Contract Association.

Panterra PCA's 'Overseer' is Ken Cousens and its 'Scribe' is Andrea Teale. Both have been members of Desteni for over eight years. They discuss their involvement in the group in the Dec 2014 video, Senior Destonian Hangout - An Interview with Ken Cousens.

Destonians have been called socialists, communists and fascists, but never anarcho-capitalists. 

Desteni / Equal Life Foundation's (ELF) Equal Money System would end all profit-making and competition world-wide. It is said to be a global 'system of equality' managed by a government administration.

The group's Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) 'proposal' is for the control of prices and wage levels, 'nationalization', interlinked ID and banking cards, a 'Bureau of Standards' and a welfare system; all of which the Destonians recommend should be adopted by governments of existing nation states. 

When long-standing Destonian, Anna Brix Thomsen, expresses a general disagreement with anarcho-capitalists in her video, Progressive Perspectives on Individualism vs Collectivismstates that she is in favour of government, and says, 'anarcho-capitalism is not the solution', her point of view is entirely in keeping with the message of Desteni / ELF.

Nothing published by Desteni / the ELF has ever been in support of anything even resembling anarcho-capitalism.

The ideas and language used by Gemstone University and Panterra PCA (such as 'status correction', 'Uniform Commercial Code', the US State as a 'corporation', persons as a fiction, the 'sea of commerce', references to ALL CAPS names etc) have far less in common with anarcho-capitalism than the theories and beliefs of the sovereign citizen movement.

Back in 2011, Cousens was the Chief Jury Foreman of the sovereign citizen group, the Republic for the united States of America, and wanted to help set up a new government. 

Using the name, Kenneth Scott, Cousens is interviewed by one of the confirmed speakers for Anarchapulco, Jeff Berwick, in Anarchast Ep.275 Kenneth Scott: Hidden in Plain Sight, Seeing the Real Matrix, Feb 2016. 

Cousens explains his sovereign citizen beliefs and associates them with anarcho-capitalism, but without mentioning his association with Desteni, the ELF, the Equal Money System or the LIG.

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