Saturday 18 June 2011

Desteni Love = Money & Microchips

Ivan Rauscher

Desteni say they're anti-hate but does that mean they're ‘pro-love’?

They are taught to regard hate and love as ‘two sides of the same coin - a mind construct through which people enslave themselves and each-other into lying and deceiving and becoming greedy in self-interest’ (Bella Bargilly). 

In a video starring Sunette Spies as ‘The Portal’, of ‘the actual system program, Design of Love’, she suggests to ‘everyone in existence’ that...

‘The word love is the most disgusting, vulgar word that exists, because love is THE most abusive word that exists within existence. Uttering and speaking the word love usually supported the manifestation of child abuse, child molestation and rape in this world.’

Spies explains that because use of the word love tends to form relationships, connect people and create ‘systems’, she strongly advises against it. She says of love, ‘don't speak it, don't believe in it, it does not exist’, ‘if love exists within you, discard it’, and claims ‘there is not one thing of beauty in this world’.

This might suggest that as well as being anti-hate, Desteni are also anti-love, but there is more to it than that. They are of the view that love is not at present a reality and only Equal Money is Real Love & Oneness

They define love as ‘equality’ and say that ‘love is only real where equality is real’, and Real Love is to Give to the Desteni cult, which according to Bernard Poolman, everyone should join, because it is the best cult in the world and the only one capable of bringing about a Micro-Chip Solution for Real Love and Oneness. In other words, ‘love’ is only possible through money that is ‘equal’ and that is only possible through micro-chip technology.

They propose that their ‘equal money’ micro-chip final solution will eventually come about when enough people buy into their multi-level marketing scheme and buy Desteni t-shirts (‘get dressed for equality!’) to help fund an Equal Life Foundation, an Equality Corporation and Equal Life Party, all of which will be towards imposing financial Equality on this World. In turn, they say this will induce a common sense of actual, real ‘equality’ in all areas of life for all people everywhere.

So, according to Desteni, real love does not exist, but it will exist when the Desteni organisation gets enough money to finance a political party, a corporation and what they say are the required technological means to enforce ‘equality’.


Anonymous said...

She makes no sense, contradicting herself every other word to simply waste time explaining nothing.

Daniel said...

It's hard to make sense out of the desteni message. Your internal feeling experience is created by you. So you must full responsibility for your own feelings. On the point of individual "love," it's not as real as your thinking mind perceives it to be. True love = unconditional love of self and all others as self.

Anonymous said...

@Daniel: Of course it's hard to make sense of the desteni message. It is designed that way by Poolman- so you'll continue to pay for coaching and be forever dependent on the group. Of course people can acknowledge their own feelings and recognize them- and what is real or not is a philosophical question that this group uses to keep members trapped in trying to figure out this puzzle. It's really sad Daniel. I encourage you to ask questions and see how quickly you get told to "read the material" and or worse yet get kicked out and you have to start your SRA process again from the start. I'm curious what occurred in your life right before you joined and what they can give you that you cannot get in the outside world? Why join Bernard's $200/month system instead of figuring a unique lifestyle for yourself and not become a duplicate person that spits out the same jargon over and over again?

Anonymous said...

@Daniel: "Love of self and all others as self?" Then why do so many members feel so bad about themselves- constantly guilt tripping and asking for forgiveness- not accepting of themselves and others who may not agree with them. I've seen videos of many Desteni members preaching that love is not real and that they do not love their friends or family. It's like a crying feast (nothing at all loving about these forgiveness chants or discussions about love). Desteni seems to replace the family unit and the word love with other concepts to distance it's members from people who may question it's message. Could you honestly say you love people who have been in your life more now that you're involved with Desteni? Or do you just love yourself more and of course your desteni group?

Anonymous said...

Various philosophers have in their words talked about "love"(unconditional love) at length. One thing that seems to run parallel is that they admit that whatever they have written about it is not enough to comprehend it because its not words that can comprehend it. Its not something one can possess. In fact true love possess you. In connection your message that "don't take the name 'love'" it seems to fit well. But then why do u say that love doesn't exist. If u've said that un-conditional love exists but its not for sale or can't be possessed, it would have made sence. I even consider the act of sex as love because once reaches a state of self abnegation ( orgasm ) while doing sex. What is your stance on that ??
-Ankur Jarora

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Ankur Jarora It seems you are addressing your remarks to Sunette Spies or some other member of Desteni. We are just reporting what they say here and commenting on it. If you want to ask them about their views I'd suggest you ask on their forum or at one of their videos... Thanks :)

Daniel said...

@Anon 1: Right before I started reading/listening to the desteni message, I was on a “spiritual fast track,” as I believed. I had been taking white powder gold (Ascension Bundle from and bought into Sacred Geometry (as presented by Cory Herter). This was all in the pursuit of enlightenment/DNA activation. I was on a desperate truth-seeking quest before I found desteni, and they presented a message that had a lot of overlap with what I had already narrowed down to be truth; however, it contradicted with my notion of enlightenment. The crux of it was that everything made sense, and instead of reacting to the message, I suspended my disbelief just enough to really hear their message. Now, I am dedicated. I’m more down for a cult with a mission to bring about what is best for all life on earth, than my previous cult(ure) that was embedded in me without my permission/awareness. I was really just focused on was my self-interest of obtaining love from others and hiding from my fears. It’s clear to me that aligning to a goal greater than my own comfort/happiness will enable me to leave the mark of greatness on the world that I’ve dreamt about since my early school years. If desteni doesn’t make sense, keep trying…or don’t. But saying things like “it’s really sad Daniel,” leads me to believe you are lost and sad yourself. I’ve been finding judgment to be reflective. The bottom line = it’s rewarding to see your ego/mind in awareness, and nowhere else have I found as effective support as Desteni provides FOR FREE!! You’re money argument falls apart when you realize that how much information they output for free. I have done SRA and dropped out because I am a procrastinator and wasn’t fully ready to face my demons yet. My ego loves itself, doesn’t want to die; taking on the desteni mission takes serious courage. The Desteni I Process is a phenomenal opportunity at a great price when compared to other paths of understanding, like Scientology or even higher education. If you dare to get over your skewed view of desteni and see their benevolent nature, you’ll probably end up taking this blog down…but that’s a blow to your ego. Can you handle it?

Daniel said...

@Anon 2: We don’t ask for forgiveness. We give it to ourselves. That’s the key difference between desteni and mainstream religions. It’s very empowering to release a ‘mental habit’ through self-forgiveness. You can also forgive others as self, because all is Self, one and equal. Example, “I forgive myself for allowing myself to fear desteni and the message they present.” Desteni is pretty in your face, so I believe that not everyone can handle the intensity of their message. I can honestly say that I am more in love with everyone in my life than ever before because I stopped believing myself to be superior to them. It’s more compassionate nowadays. I try to put myself in others’ shoes all day every day, and it’s highly beneficial. People around me love me more than ever before as well. I used to be very egotistical and in “love” with myself, but this ‘great’ personality I’ve designed (primarily out of fear of not being great) does not stand best for all. The bottom line = I’ve hurt people in my past...I don’t want to disrespect any more people because of my self-interest and ignorance. I am ecstatic to have found this mission. It’s hard, but I like a challenge, and if it were easy we’d already have achieved heaven on earth. Desteni stands for “love thy neighbor as thy self.” It’s just a damn shame that Christians somehow underemphasized this crucial point.

Daniel said...

@Ankur: I totally agree with you that on words not doing “love” justice & it being hard to comprehend. I do not agree with your, “In fact true love possess you” because then it’s possession. You are possessed. True love is within. It’s something to give. True love is probably way more intense than the fleeting love experienced in our typical relationships. I have been in “love” with many girls in my 22 years of life, but I always move on, leading me to believe that it wasn’t true love that I experienced. And your thoughts on sex as love because of “self-abnegation/orgasm” (a.k.a. rejection of self in the experience of orgasm)…is not chill. Being consumed by experience within the mind is fun and dandy, but leaving reality for this ‘love’ is certainly not unconditional love for all. I’m slowly starting to understand desteni’s Breath Orgasm, and it does feel really nice in a different way than chasing & obtaining an orgasm. Much more fulfilling to remain here in the physical than it is to escape in your mind’s limited pleasure experience. Express love as self. Self-abnegation is exactly opposite of embracing Self. It’s not easy to grasp all of this at first, at least in my experience. It takes time. Be patient…or don’t. I can’t make the choice for you to explore your self-concept. It’s a deeply personal mission, and the starting point must be Self.

Anonymous said...

"Love is not a behavior, an attitude, a mannerism. It is not etiquette. It is not convention. Love may express itself in many different ways—softly or forcibly. Love can appear meek. Love can appear strong. Love can challenge you. Love can criticize you. Love can expose your illusions, your fantasies and your self-deception. Love is not what people really mean when they talk about love, in nearly... all circumstances. Real love emanates from Knowledge. It, in essence, is the expression of Knowledge. Only Knowledge can take you there. Knowledge can bring two people from opposite ends of the world together for a greater purpose. That is the power of the Great Love. And the Great Love is what the world needs now."
- Marshall V. Summers

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Daniel Malara: It is not surprising that you are impressed with Desteni when you say you were previously into enlightenment or nonsense like "DNA activation". Everything in the Desteni material has been plagiarised from the New Age and occultism.

"Breath orgasm" does not originate with Desteni. It is common practice in Tantric/spiritual circles and has just been adapted to fit Desteni terminology.

At least the average New Ager or spiritual person doesn't attempt to foist their beliefs on to other people by preaching at them. That is why there's a reaction against Desteni: people generally don't appreciate you and your mates' self-righteous preaching of "self" at others.

Daniel said...

@destenicult: I agree. Preaching is not the way to spread the message of unconditional love for all. I first need to become the application of it. I'm still quite new to desteni, and am still making mistakes. I'll keep ya'll posted as I continue my process toward understanding and applying everything that is inherent in the perspective of being one and equal to all life. I need to get over my strong tendency to compare, relate and compete...I'm coming from a well built, strong ego perspective, but at least i LET MYSELF HEAR ONE OF THE HARDEST MESSAGES IN EXSISTANCE. In any case, it's hard to communicate points when either party is on the defensive. If you don't give desteni a real chance, to be able to speak from a point of understanding, you have much less credibility in your judgments thereof. I don't doubt your intelligence, but your starting point is not objective, you’re out to spite us. The truth will prevail. We are an army of self-honest warriors. Good luck with your mission to stop us. I hope it brings you ultimate happiness.

I recently enjoyed this blog:

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Daniel Malara: The mission of this blog is not to stop anyone from doing anything, but to explore issues surrounding how such a bizarre social phenomenon as Desteni can exist.

If you want to call it "spite", you're welcome, but what you're referring to is actually just criticism, and in any case, "spite" in this context is a cliché acquired from Desteni, as is "starting point", "process" and the other such catch phrases.

This blog aims to provide a factual, truthful and objective understanding of what Desteni is really about. There is nothing to defend, but Destonians seem to think there is. It is in fact a policy within the group to refuse to address criticism and block and ban others unless they agree with everything they say.

Desteni are practising well-worn techniques in how to exert group mind control over susceptible people. That is their whole raison d'ĂȘtre. Anyone who is receptive to it will imagine they should destroy their ego, stop their mind and ability to compare or relate, so that there is no chance that knowledge, facts or objectivity can have any bearing on the matter.

Daniel said...

You bring up a good point. I shouldn't be trying to defend desteni. I am trying to communicate to you is that it's what they are saying that matters, not the techniques they've used to get me to listen. I am definitely a susceptible mind ( The contradiction that you have yet to realize is that within their message, I am to be freed of the "mind controllablity" they used to snag me in the first place. I just find it absurd that you think it's their whole reason for existence. Hahahaha! Come on, do you homework!...if you actually intend to provide a "factual, truthful and objective understand of what Desteni is really about." It's going to take time to control your reactions dude..

Anonymous said...

@Daniel- So you admit they use techniques to "snag you" and you and yet you now think you're in full control? And if techniques don't matter, I suppose you're okay with them abusing you in order for you to listen. Talk about denial.

I've met members who have left and shared how manipulative this group can be. They make you dependent on them and sadly you're all addicted to watching your computer screens for the next desteni message/lesson/propaganda. It's just a fridge group that is only a hundred members strong that spam the net. That's all.

Their reason for existence is not just controlling you but getting people to buy into their crap so they can get money. Money they don't use to actually help others but only their group to spread the message even more and make more money. So capitalistic if you ask me. They do what they preach they hate.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Daniel Malara Things people involved in Desteni say or write are always so predictable.

They say that it's the message of Desteni that is important, it will help them overcome their brainwashing by "the system", that Desteni can't be a "mind control cult" because it is all about stopping or transcending the mind.

On the few occasions when they respond to critics they always say things like, "do your
homework" or "you haven't done the research" or that they are "reacting" etc.

We've heard it all before many times and all of it has been addressed before at this blog and

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