Saturday 25 August 2012

Sunette Spies Channels Owl & Quantum Elephants

Not content with pretending to be dead children, reptilians, Atlanteans, famous people, a vibrator or toilet paper, Sunette Spies has now taken to speaking as an owl on The Role of Owls in Existence.

Desteni and their loyal and obedient Destonians have for a long time insisted that Sunette Spies is an 'interdimensional portal' and not a 'channeler' and that she does not do 'channeling'. 

Yet the title of Spies owl talks (@9.99 Euros each) is Channeled Message From the Owl. Apparently Sunette the owl knows 'what True Mediumship is all about'.  

Meduimship, channeling, 'portalling', it's all the same thing: superstition and fraud.

Following the well-worn New Age tradition of misappropriating scientific terminology to promote essentially religious doctrine, the title of another 'interview', or 'portalling, or possibly 'channeling' is The Quantum Existence of the Elephant.

So when you make your next generous donation of hard-earned cash to the Non-Profit Company, Equal Life Foundation, and click 'animal research' now you know what it's for: selling mp3s of 'channelings' of animals.

And Desteni say that the idea that they are a cult is a hoax?

Friday 24 August 2012

Desteni Hoax Theory

Desteni Hoax Theory: the Desteni 'tools' make some people feel so inferior that they resort to perpetrating hoaxes

On a new page at the Desteni group attempt to address criticism. Expressing a point of view is of course not the same as perpetrating a hoax but Desteni put forward the theory that expressing the point of view that Desteni is a cult is the same as creating a 'hoax'.

They go on to state that anyone criticising Desteni is spreading hate and lies as a reaction to experiencing themselves as 'inferior' to 'the tools' of Desteni. This seems to slightly contradict their previous idea that people who say Desteni is a cult are perpetrating a 'hoax'.

Hoaxers know what they are doing. Hoaxing is a conscious act. Whereas, someone who reacts and lashes out against something because they feel inferior to it is acting without awareness of what they are doing.

Then again, if we assume that both things are true then Desteni are proposing that the reason why so many people are critical of Desteni is because they have decided to tell lies in order to compensate for their conscious feelings of inferiority in relation to the 'tools' of Desteni. But in that case, surely when so many people react in such a manner, and so many more just ignore the Desteni 'message' then this must be a result of the way Desteni communicate their ideas?

One of the headings at is 'Deceptive information about Desteni buzzwords'. This suggests that they intend to describe deceptive information to do with Desteni buzzwords but actually that's not what it's supposed to mean. It's just badly worded.

The reasons why Desteni is deceptive, fraudulent, a scam and a cult has been explained several times over by numerous different people from various backgrounds and at a whole range of different venues, including the Cult Education Forum where there are over a hundred pages of discussion on the subject.  

As for the idea that Destonians are 'communists', this perception arises from the fact that the way they present 'Equal Money System' is such that it comes across as a blueprint for a totalitarian state a bit like, for example, Soviet Russia. However, Destonians don't really have any genuine political ideas at all, apart from their vague and incoherent fantasies about what it would be like if Desteni ruled the world.

Desteni I Process is Multi-Level Marketing, which is not much different to a pyramid scheme. Destonians themselves have described DIP as MLM (see: for more info on MLM and pyramid schemes).

Under the heading, 'How to identify deceptive information', they state: 'Apply critical thinking and common sense while evaluating the information presented'. Needless to say, the claims made by Desteni that human beings were 'designed' by reptilians, or that a Desteni 'Equal Life Party' is going to be voted in by the people to run a one-world government that is 'best for all' are irrational, false and utterly ridiculous. Such ideas defy common sense and are devoid of any of the concepts or principles of critical thinking.

They state: 'always check the source of the information in question'. The best and most reliable sources of information that prove Desteni is a scam and a cult are and associated websites, but as stated in our disclaimer, editors of this blog encourage readers to do their own research and cross-referencing.  

As well as perpetrating a 'hoax', and telling lies because they feel 'inferior', Desteni also have another unexplained theory that critics of Desteni are running 'scams'. This is even more silly, not least because there is no evidence whatsoever that anyone who has ever criticised Desteni has done so in order to try to con anyone else to part with their money.

A real hoax: Swiss Spaghetti Harvest 1957