Saturday 3 December 2011

Equal Money System, political agenda of a cult

Ivan Rauscher

 [note: Since July 2013, Desteni's Equal Money System has been superseded by Living Income Guaranteed.]

Desteni video descriptions state ‘The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections.’

There is no Equal Life Party. Apparently to get the ‘equal money system’ (EMS) started, unpaid volunteers make promotional webpages, but avoid publicising EMS any further afield. Except for Facebook and YouTube, they refuse to spread their message via the mainstream or alternative media, and they do not hold public meetings. 

Donations are solicited on the Desteni website to help them ‘get into politics and government
, yet they denounce charity as evil. They are opposed to capitalism but run a Multi-Level-Marketing scheme. They call EMS radical freedom but say freedom of expression leads to abuse. EMS is envisaged as coming into being after the Basic Income Grant (BIG) campaign has been proven successful world-wide, yet Desteni are not involved in the BIG campaign. They say they want to get into government by democratic means because they don't trust humanity.

Blogs and videos using the EMS slogan reiterate the well-known idea that inequality, crime, poverty and starvation are often related to the divide between rich and poor. They depict an imaginary society where equality is re-defined by Desteni. The global administration of the EMS is said to be able to provide a life-long guaranteed income for each citizen. It is supposed to micro-chip and monitor humans against abuse, negate all forms of trade and the need for individuals to have to work for more than four years.  

It is said
EMS will be the result of at least 50% of citizens voting for ‘Equal Life Party in global democratic elections that will miraculously take place after the collapse of capitalism. How supporters of EMS, called the Destonians know this is not explained, but it is in keeping with a view they have of themselves as possessing all-knowing power and knowledge, as displayed on their Equalitee t-shirts where they name themselves after super-hero comic book characters, the Guardians of the Universe.

To the Destonians, the rest of the population are all poor unfortunate brainwashed victims of consumer capitalism and need to be told what is ‘best for all’. They depict non-Destonians as afraid of equality and ‘protecting the current system of abuse’. The Destonians have no conception of political or social ideas beyond the EMS but want to dictate how the whole world should be policed as one all-encompassing authoritarian system. As bizarre as it seems, they describe global implementation of their EMS as not only the inevitable future of the world, but run by the people for the people in strict accordance with information published by the Desteni group of South Africa.

No independent source has ever cited
EMS as a worthwhile political idea. The reputation it has is that it is a scam. Almost everyone who's heard of it can see it's a scam, except for some reason the Destonians. But that's the way of cults. Desteni is widely regarded as a potentially destructive cult with anti-democratic policies, a ridiculous, nonsensical philosophy and a very amateur mode of presentation.

Their Faceworldfaceoff campaign, said to ‘actually have an Effect in the World that will have an Economic Effect on the Corpus of the Economic Structure of the World
and with the purpose of convincing at least 100 million people to shave their heads ‘for equality’ has fizzled out. And despite having released several 1000s of videos and reams of written material since 2007, Desteni still has no more than around 100 active participants world-wide. 

The group is described as exploring principles of equality and oneness but is blatantly sectarian. EMS is against free choice, privacy, freedom of speech and information, and opposed to trade and commerce. EMS would be a one-party rule, which would mean no democracy. It is as though the Destonians are nationalists defending the purity of the virtual totalitarian nation-state of Destonia. 

They say critics of
EMS have not ‘done the research’, even when it is clear they have researched EMS and Desteni, and even if they state they do not support capitalism. The Destonians claim if someone disagrees with EMS then it is because EMS is a ‘threat to the current system’. There is no evidence of EMS having threatened anyone's financial or personal security, or any corporate consumer interests whatsoever. 

Despite the fact that equality as a principle is meant to be applied without pre-conditions as a basic democratic human right, the Destonians say the only way anyone can prove themselves worthy of equality is by utilising ‘the tools’ of Desteni-branded media. Yet the principle of equality is an established part of developing ongoing social, legal and political situations and everyone is supposed to be worthy of it regardless. That is the whole idea of equality. 

But the Destonians regard all human beings as evil and possessed by ‘mind demons’.
In discussing what would be the outcome if you do not support EMS, they suggest that to avoid having to go through the hassle of an intervention by psychology professionals to have you rehabilitated for not co-operating with EMS in the future, then for your own sake you should investigate EMS now. When the Destonians recommend people ‘investigate EMS’ what they mean is: read the material, watch the videos and join Desteni.

The actual premise for EMS in the first place is Bernard Poolman's stories about how he encountered demons, famous dead people and other entities in dimensions of ‘mind consciousness systems’ designed by a race of beings called the Annunaki that also happened to have designed human beings. With the help of Poolman's chosen Portal, heaven was purified, so it is now time to bring the purified heaven to earth with EMS and make everyone a millionaire.

The stated aim of all Desteni-oriented activities is to dedicate one's life to deleting ‘the mind’ through ‘self-forgiveness’. That is what they say will bring about world equality and the ‘heaven on earth’ of EMS. The implementation of the political agenda of the Desteni group ‘as it currently exist’ involves selling holidays and the online promotion and sale of products inspired by Bernard Poolman’s demented fantasies.


Anonymous said...

I just want to see what happens when "heaven on earth" doesn't come in 2020 and even earlier when they see that there is no equal life party doing anything political- but just about 100 people wasting their lives away vlogging nonsense. I suppose Bernard will YET AGAIN change his predictions and his followers will just nod their heads.

I have seen countless repetition from a destibot saying that spreading the message is doing something...just like the many religious groups out there. It's sad they don't see the similarities and instead shallow a fantasy that is not feasible.

This group makes its members so weird and out there that they have no choice to but to accept these looney claims in order to feel like they are part of something. They ultimately become outcasts and slaves to Bernards message. All wanting recognition and a fb thumbs up from their desteni "friends"/clones.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the male desteni members who shaved their heads were already balding. My friend started balding as a teen and he seems really happy to finally find a group who treated hair as vanity.

When he first shaved his head he had not told friends or family he was in the cult. But he was concerned about appearing like a Nazi. He even joked about it saying that he enjoyed the power and looks and then making people realize he was not one. It clearly got him attention but he later told himself he was doing it for his cause.

I suppose he had not read the Desteni Hitler stuff or was too naive to see the obvious connections. This friend didn't finish high school until he was 24 (and he was kicked out when he started getting schooling again. Once he graduated, desteni let him into the club. I guess they don't like their members to be educated). Sad this is that this guy has an ivy league educated sister who has offered help and support. He was bright as a teen and has a good family but he has stubborn as hell and suffers from a depressive disorder.

Desteni Cult blog said...

It is strange that they seem to think blogging and vlogging is going to achieve anything. Any political or social campaign would of course involve use of social networking, online videos etc, but to change society and people's ideas then the internet is just one part of it, and the rest involves discussing things in public and interacting with other people face to face, and in as many different venues or locations as possible. That's just how spreading a message works and changing people's minds. It's common sense, but the fact that Desteni don't actually do anything to promote "equal money system" except run a few websites proves that "equal money system" is just a scam.

Anonymous said...

Money is not evrything, they have neural problems...


Jesus?????!!? ahahahahahahahahah oh please this guys should die all DIE!

Anonymous said...

They really convince people they are addictive and easily in the name of money.

Anonymous said...

For them is easy to talk, money attracts people, so there is no doubt that give a brainwashing.
masturbating words from Poolman, i almost belive in what he says. (fuck)
And that bizarre image they have like a monster in a florest, is like a poolman baby.
To much tyranny, to much communism.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They think this is easy I think that's a lie.
It is not easy to lie on the floor anonymous.
If They thing it's easy They dind't see yet.
They are lying.

Look the eye at the begining.

Mondi said...


Anonymous said...

omg omg omg this guys are so fucking crazy, please se this video and read some commentaries. They are so convinced O:O

Money poison to the earth. :(
I am one vote agains't this bastards.
I guess we should make a petition agains't this guys, i don't know, what is your opinion. ;/

Anonymous said...

Opinions. We don't seem to run short of them. Has anyone considered the fact that we where all educated by parents within a system that dates back to the 1600s. Our opinions are antique! I dare everyone to take this blog and all others regarding equal money and scrutinize what is put forward in a rational way. Meaning without emotion/opinion. We will find that opinions are always fear related and that questions come from the curious!

Desteni Cult blog said...

Re: the previous comment -- The fact that Destonians regard all beliefs and opinions as fear-based and take the view that everyone has been brainwashed by their parents and capitalism has already been discussed in the post above and others. That any questions may involve some degree of curiosity is of course common knowledge.

Nina said...

Not convincing at all. All right, maybe Desteni are not mature enough to become a political party. Maybe they are not yet involved everywhere they need to be involved, maybe they need to do more then what they are currently doing to achieve their HUGE goals. But at the very least heir ideas of promoting equality, poverty elimination, true freedom from fear and basic income for everyone is a noble one and resonates with what many progressive economists, politicians and humans in general stand for these days. Even if Desteni are not doing enough good, at least they are doing a good thing and doing it out of sincere conviction, and they not doing no harm, so it would be wrong to label them as "scam".

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Nina: That some of the Destonians are sincere does not mean they have not been scammed. The equality that progressives or ordinary people generally recognise or support has nothing whatsoever in common with the Desteni version of "equality", which amongst other things, views diversity as a problem, eugenics as a solution to inequality and itself as the only group in the world with the true understanding of "equality".

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