Saturday 1 October 2011

Hitler-Forgiving Cult Self-Censor

Ivan Rauscher

The document at is presented as answering questions put by a journalist to Bernard Poolman. The name of the publication for which the journalist is supposed to be writing is not given. The answers are apparently not from Mr. Poolman.
It is another example of how Desteni skirt the issues, misrepresent the facts and avoid directly addressing pertinent questions. ‘Desteni Criticism’ is introduced as putting to rest any ‘hate, defamation, gossip, trolls’ and states: 

Desteni is not a cult and it is not dangerous. All such claims are located on and propagated through various online bash-boards, by people with anonymous names, without providing any evidence to these claims.

The evidence showing Desteni is a cult and potentially or actually dangerous is and affiliated websites. What other evidence could there be?  

Are there any substantial claims made by anyone outside Desteni to the effect that the group is not a cult? No, but Desteni claim they deal  

with a highly controversial topics like universal equality, new economic system, current enslavement of humans through and to the money system, debunking spirituality and religions. Some people react to these topics and are not able to discuss them on equal terms with other more civilized beings. 

These topics are commonly discussed and debated every day of the week on an equal basis by all kinds of civilised people everywhere.  

Desteni regard non-Destonians as psychopaths, scapegoats for all the problems in the world. They refuse to discuss things on equal terms. Instead they block, ban and issue false DMCAs. In so-called anti-hate videos they dutifully recite the same statements for which they have been criticised in the first place, while disallowing responses. 

Recently they've taken to defending themselves with pointless insults; hatchet job character assassination attempts. 

They make bizarre, illogical assertions. For example, that I am a ‘neoliberal’ and ‘fascist’ channelling my ‘inner Hitler’, and exit counsellor, Rick Ross is a cult. They say that conspiracy theory critic, Muertos and members of the Skeptic Project Forum are racists (which implies that Destonians regard themselves as a ‘race’)

These statements: the whole functioning of the participation within Desteni is public and Desteni functions as a hub, as an open-source community are false. 

Open source governance is defined as:

‘a political philosophy which advocates the application of the philosophies of the open-source and open-content movements to democratic principles in order to enable any interested citizen to add to the creation of policy, as with a wiki document.

Destonians only ever repeat information gleaned from the Desteni material, which has been fabricated by Bernard Poolman.
In the (deleted) video entitled ‘Process Support – Living Word & Self-Responsibility’, Poolman said:

‘Desteni's points is what I say, what the portal say, and what I write or what the portal write, or those that is instructed by me. The rest is your own processes, it's not Desteni . . . . If I have written it or it was written as I have requested it or instructed, and yes, I do instruct, that's what I am, I am a life instructor ... It's a very direct dictator point.’

The Desteni answer to the question, Does consumption of Hallucinogenic drugs form part of the Desteni way? is No.


Consumption of the psychoactive drug, Ecstasy forms part of the Desteni way of life. It has been recommended for advancing the ‘process’ of Desteni devotees several times by Bernard Poolman and other members of his fan club (albeit mainly in now deleted unlisted YouTube videos but described here).
But no, it is not an hallucinogenic drug.   

Instead of answering the question, I see you have quite a following – and not just South Africans. How many members does Desteni have? by providing an accurate figure, the questioner is referred to

They have been up and running since 2007 and have around 100 active members. When their ‘Desteni Income Plan’ (now ‘Desteni I Process’) began in October 2010, the total membership count was no more than around 100 people.  

So, in three years they recruited about 100 people, and after another year of a concerted effort at a recruitment drive providing apparent financial incentives, there are no more or less. This was also after an enthusiastic effort at recruiting using the derided practice of sub4sub on YouTube, a form of spamming they abandoned as useless after a few months.

In response to the question, Apparently you are quite a fan of Hitler? Why? Q: Is Desteni Neo-Nazi? the reply is:

There are people that misunderstood a series of articles published on the Desteni website where a perspective and an attempt for research into how a person such as Adolf Hilter thinks and perceives his world was made. According to this feedback we removed these articles and we might re-publish them later if we’re satisfied that we’re conveying the research in such a way that it is not misunderstood.

We strongly distance ourselves from any form of racial discrimination, anti-semitism, nazi ideologies, neo-nazi movements or any other similar movement or ideology.

Disregarding the fact that they are referring to Hitler as if he were still alive, which seems rather odd, the ‘series of articles’ they have apparently chosen to self-censor are chapters from a so-called ‘book’ entitled ‘I Am Hitler’ written by Bernard Poolman. It was ‘shortly available’ to order in 2007 and until very recently, portions of the ‘book’ had been featured on all versions of the Desteni website. It is a story narrated by Poolman’s version of Adolf Hitler and archived here

Sunette Spies ‘channelled’ or later, ‘portalled’ Hitler in several videos (as well as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Idi Amin, Freddie Mercury, and toilet paper). In some of these, and in the story, Hitler is given an alternative name by Poolman: ‘MyKey’. 

Those persons who filed complaints with YouTube against Desteni informed editors of this blog that the DesteniProductions and BernardPoolman channels were terminated specifically because of what was deemed pro-Hitler as well as commercially deceptive content.  

In his video, The Love of Jesus and Hitler Changed the World Poolman said: 

‘What was the point of Hitler's actions was he acted in love and out of love his action was out of love for his people’. 

In (the deleted video) ‘The Jew in Every Man is a Zionist’ he said: 

‘Hitler had it. He showed, and have a look, Hitler’s fight was not with the Jews as persons, but with the “Jewish nature of Man” as a “Jewish Principle”, that is not here, Best for Man, but it here “best for greed”, at a personal level. So, we have to take out the “Jewish Principle of Profit” from the Human Nature.
He has made numerous other similar such statements. Desteni members have also made anti-Semitic statements and recommended Nazi policies as applicable to ‘equal money system’

There has been no misunderstanding. These are the facts. They have been recorded in more detail at the Cult Education Forum.

Desteni members repeatedly use the catch phrase, ‘unworthy of life’ to refer to anyone who does not support Desteni and/or in relation to their own perceived inadequacies in living up to the demands of their ‘process’. This is a variation of the term, ‘Lebensunwertes Leben’ or ‘life unworthy of life’ used by the Nazis to refer to people they believed had no right to live.

As was pointed out at Muertos’s Blog, Desteni material makes associations with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories such as “reptilians,” which are sci-fi stand-ins for Jews. The group recruits on the basis of pandering to such conspiracy theories.

Since 2007, Desteni have been promoting the idea that because Bernard Poolman helped Adolf Hitler to forgive himself, now everyone can practice ‘self-forgiveness’. This verges on support for Nazism simply because it suggests that Hitler should be excused, is worthy of redemption and an example of self-forgiveness.

Even if the historical record showed that Hitler had said he had forgiven himself, contrary to what Desteni suggest, there would still be no reason to accept it as genuine or having any great meaning for the future of the world or human behaviour. It would have no relevance to anyone else’s need for forgiveness, self-forgiveness or equality.

Destonians have closely aligned themselves with anti-semitism, nazi ideologies, neo-nazi movements or any other similar movement or ideology. They have done nothing to distance themselves other than to self-censor certain offending articles, and clearly this is only because promoting a ‘self-forgiven’ Hitler reflects so poorly upon their public image.

Nonetheless, Desteni still want to exalt Hitler as a misunderstood man who suffered for the sake of others. They are promoting Hitler as the key to forgiveness just as Christians promote Christ as the key to salvation. In the recent video, Hitler's Selbstvergebung - und eine Tote Katze, Desteni devotee, Bastian Neumann suggests that people should forgive Hitler because if they don't then, inexplicably, they can't forgive anyone, not even themselves. 

In civilised life, in personal or professional relations between equals, anyone who goes about saying that we can all now forgive each other and ourselves because Adolf Hitler told some guy in South Africa who met him in ‘the afterlife’ that he has forgiven himself, and because Hitler has spoken through an ‘interdimensional portal’, will naturally be regarded as excusing Nazism, belonging to some weird Hitler-worshipping cult and possibly being so mentally unstable they are a danger to themselves and others

But for the Destonians, Bernard Poolman’s deranged fantasies are reliable research in ‘the dimensions’ proving that Adolf Hitler has shown humanity that we can all be ‘self-forgiven’ and ‘thus’ create heaven on earth with equal money system, and anyone who can't see that it's best for all is unworthy of life

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