Tuesday 5 July 2011

Equal Money System Cult Scam


(Please note: several of the links in this post may be inactive since Desteni-affiliated channels were terminated by YouTube Aug 2011 and Desteni deleted their previous co.za web forum.)

[In July 2013, Desteni's promotion of its 'Equal Money System' was discontinued and superseded by the Equal Life Foundation Living Income Guaranteed, which was said to pave the way for the eventual implementation of the Equal Money System, but was also abandoned in 2016.]

The Desteni group predict there will soon be a world-wide financial crash. Then their ‘Equal Life Party’ will be voted into power as a global administration. They will give everyone in the world the same amount of money from birth to death. They will introduce a four-year conscription period in which everyone will work on labour camps for an ‘Equality Corporation’ producing all necessary products and services. Work outside the conscription period will be on a voluntary basis. Activities of everyone on the planet will be tracked with micro chip implants. All people will have become millionaires.

‘Equal money system’ is not practiced anywhere by any group, community or state. It has not been recognised by political or economics experts, radical commentators, political activists or the media. It is not in Wikipedia. ‘Equal money system’ is not a theory. It is a fantasy and a scam, based not on political philosophy, or political facts, but occultism, conspiracism and pseudoscience.

Bernard Poolman steals from, and at the same time, places the focus on demonising other theories or doctrines to win converts to Desteni. He takes conspiracy theories as a given device, uses them as promotional slogans and generalises about the conspiratorial forces of ‘the elite’ financial powers he sees as ‘the system’ standing in the way of his ‘Desteni’.

Ascended Masters: 'deleted' by Bernard Poolman

Poolman and his Desteni group’s obsessive condemnation of religious and occultic New Age beliefs such as reincarnation, the soul, the Law of Attraction, Ascended Masters and the White Light (in which these things are said to have been ‘deleted’) is supposed to show that the Desteni way of life is superior to spirituality because only Desteni facilitates a ‘process’ towards ‘heaven on earth’ with a global monetary system that will eliminate poverty. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that thousands of spiritual and religious movements the world over also claim to be facilitating a process towards heaven on earth and a global monetary system that will eliminate poverty.

Desteni’s anti-religious, anti-spiritual stance is pretense. The group members’ prophetic, messianic view of themselves is they have a predetermined future as major leaders in world politics. The Desteni ‘process’ involves ‘interdimensional portal’ videos, Bernard Poolman being a ‘self-realised’ hero, living the ‘message of Jesus’, ‘self-purification’, ‘life as breath’, ‘breath as awareness’, destruction of the ego, etc. It is focussed on pronouncements of metaphysical ‘beings from the Afterlife’, assertions pertaining to pseudo-scientific ‘mind consciousness systems’ and New Age self-help psychology where ‘self-honesty’, ‘self-forgiveness’ and ‘common sense’ are presented as so-called ‘tools’ for ‘self-realisation’. All of which notions are derived from religion and spiritual philosophies. 

The group’s comments on news items to do with poverty, starvation, crime, capitalist corruption etc, are to promote themselves as the collective saviour of the world. Their v-logs and blogs repeat: ‘investigate equal money system’. When you ‘investigate equal money system’ you find that it is described using the same semi-literate catch phrases as in Desteni members’ videos and blogs and involves a Multi-Level Marketing pyramid scheme. 

The Desteni I Process is currently the main method with which Desteni intends to finance their political party. They say it is a legitimate Multi-Level-Marketing business, but disregard the fact that Multi-Level-Marketing very often involves an illegal pyramid scheme. One of their members, supposedly specialising in the subject of the law and ‘equal money system’, Viktor Persson, compares the Desteni I Process to Herbalife. He seems to be unaware that Herbalife is one of the most well-known financial scams in the world. In surveys, it has been found that over ninety per cent of participants in all major Multi-Level-Marketing businesses have lost money. Participation in Multi-Level-Marketing and pyramid schemes is strongly advised against by financial experts and governments everywhere.

Desteni claims to ‘stand as’ ‘equality’. The members say they are about ‘self-expression’ yet admit they are opposed to freedom of expression. They refuse to co-operate with other groups. They ban and block all opinions except their own, and refuse to engage in constructive discussion except amongst those who agree not to make any criticisms. They denounce the work of charities as ‘evil’ yet their business operates just like a charity complete with unpaid volunteers and requests for donations. They don't regard any kind of direct political action as valid, yet they say they are against capitalism. Their outlook is full of contradictions and rigidly authoritarian.

Here's a recording of Poolman discussing 'what will happen to people that won't correct themselves' in an Equal Money System:

Run from a farm in South Africa, the core Desteni business group appears to have almost no outreach in the locality. The overwhelming majority of people in South Africa are black, yet local people in the group are whites. Desteni have practically nothing to say about equality as it pertains to real world issues of racism, cultural diversity or multiculturalism. They have made several statements condemning Jewish people

Love, marriage and/or sexual or romantic relationships in or outside of the group are not deemed acceptable, only so-called ‘agreements’ between paid-up members of the Desteni organisation are permitted. As regards equal rights of sexual minorities, again Desteni have no comment to make. They regard love as ‘the greatest evil that has ever existed’ and the family as the foundation of prostitution and a breeding ground for ‘demons’. They say that friendship is ‘evil’ and all friendships must be stopped.

They condemn masturbation, pornography and any form of sexual fantasy, as well as hair, cosmetics, jewellery and fashion. They disapprove of vegetarians and regard poetry as ‘disgusting’. They denounce anyone who drinks alcohol or takes other recreational drugs, yet they partake of MDMA (Ecstasy) in controlled situations. They freely admit they reject the creative imagination and the intellect. They have no respect for the scientific method or peer review

Bernard Poolman and those who have been closely trained by him tell the other members of the group what to speak or write about. He has final say over everything the group does. Apart from their own websites, their only vehicle for ‘equal money system’ is another website called equalmoney.org which is just a promotional gimmick to advertise, amongst other things, Bernard Poolman’s fantasies about running a corporation. The only system involved in ‘equal money system’ is the Desteni belief system.

Bernard Poolman's inspiration, millionaire, Osho Rajneesh with one of his fleet of Rolls Royces

Desteni members say they have no beliefs. This idea is taken directly from Indian mystic, Osho Rajneesh, who was leader of the orange people cult and said as regards belief, things like, ‘anyone who gives you a belief system is your enemy’, ‘belief belongs to the mind’ and ‘I don’t want people to have any kind of belief system’. Osho's name is misused for several Desteni ‘interdimensional portal messages’. Bernard Poolman, who gives the Desteni group its belief system, regards Osho as one of his main sources of inspiration. There are more books by Osho than any other author on the Desteni recommended reading list.

Desteni members like to appear as if they are the ultimate authority to contest the failings of democracy, consumerism, capitalism, as if no-one else is doing such a thing or is incapable of it. They talk about it as though everyone not in Desteni is working to keep ‘the current system’ going. It’s as if Desteni members imagine they are the only ones forming an effective organisation to finally oppose and destroy capitalism. 

However, Desteni is a grotesque parody of the consumerist ‘system’ it claims to despise. In their amateur attempts at branding, marketing, selling t-shirts and engaging in public relations, Desteni ends up mimicking the mores and language of the very authoritarian state powers and corporations it pretends to oppose. They make poorly constructed graphics copying the form and content of advertising billboards and slogans. They even go so far as to blatantly steal the logo design of the Apple AppStore, from one the most famous corporations in the world, Apple Inc, for the logo of their so-called ‘I Process’ (which in turn sounds suspiciously like ‘iPhone’, ‘iPod’ or iPad’).

‘Equal money system’ serves as a front for Bernard Poolman and the Desteni Structural Resonance Alignment trainers' destruction of other people’s personalities. Destroying personalities is something they admit they are setting out to do. They are very keen to get rid of people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to remove consciousness and ‘the mind’ from existence. They see it as purifying the world of ‘demons’.

The way the Desteni group conducts itself it is precisely what academics, the media and the general public understand as a ‘cult’. The ‘equal money system’ slogan serves to appeal to idealistic, naïve, mainly disillusioned New Agers (this can be seen on their Introduction to Desteni forum where nearly all participants describe their former interest in New Ageism). It hoodwinks them into donating money to and working for free for the Desteni for-profit capitalist business, while participating in the Desteni I Process Multi-Level Marketing scheme, a so-called ‘educational’ course in ‘leadership’. It replaces their disillusionment with hackneyed New Age religious concepts with an apparently different, more radical or practical world-view.

Yet everything on offer is only a re-working of standard New Age religious dogma and self-help psychology. Desteni is a heretical sect attempting to, but failing to break away from and re-define spirituality and New Age religion. ‘Equal money system’ is just one of its recruitment devices.


J. Jesus said...

For the sake of argument, let's lie to ourselves and say that Desteni is a cult and the whole thing is a scam...

What is your solution to the world's problems?

Why spend so much time and effort writing about an extreme small number of people that are not doing anyone any harm?

Why be so obsessed about people that you never meet and don't know what they do and how they behave in their day to day lives when clearly there is so much in this world that requires more attention? (or is there??....lol)

And, most importantly, why don't you test for yourself what Desteni suggests everyone to apply (self-forgiveness) to clearly see for yourself the results?
(in other words, apply the scientific method: theory -- "Self Forgiveness is the key to self freedom". TEST IT! EXTENSIVELY! WRITE IT DOWN and SHARE your findings about it! Do you have the courage? do you have what it takes to PROVE/SHOW that Desteni is what you say it is? Or is everything that you said just what you "think" based on nothing besides "what you think"?)

Desteni Cult blog said...

@J. Jesus If one assumes Desteni is a cult and a scam, it does not follow one should therefore have a "solution to the world's problems". No-one on the planet has an ultimate formula to put right every injustice in the world -- but of course, many cults, sects, religions and political and religious movements falsely claim they do, and preach at others how to live.

Totalistic cults such as Desteni are of significance for various reasons to do with, for example, understanding the workings of irrational beliefs and delusions, authoritarian control, financial and sexual power and manipulation. Desteni in particular has significance because of the unique way the core group has utilised the internet.

'Self-forgiveness' or 'writing yourself to freedom' in Desteni is to extract personal information as a method of control. Apart from that, it's an unremarkable self-help psychology affirmation technique derived from New Age works by Louise Hay and 'A Course in Miracles', both of which sources are cited as influences by Bernard Poolman. You would be better off just keeping a private journal.

Criticism of Desteni here is not based on random thoughts or wild speculations, but an investigation of the Desteni material, and its implications reach far beyond simply the question of that one group.

J. Jesus said...

It is rather ridiculous to not look for a solution to the world's problems just because "No-one on the planet has an ultimate formula to put right every injustice in the world".
We must find a solution -- and I say WE because this solution must be for what is best for ALL. And "what is best for all" is to make sure no one suffers unnecessarily given the FACT that there is no valid reason for suffering to exist.
Money - what we AGREE it to be - is the problem, and if you cannot see this you still have a lot of BASIC things to realize.

You, in your irrationality, belief that Desteni has "beliefs and delusions". We stand for Equality and Oneness. We push ourselves to express this Principle and we have proven to ourselves that such is possible and, in fact, inevitable if we are to resolve anything in this world properly.
Equality and Oneness is not a belief, and thousands of scientists, dead or alive, have said so. Let me quote Einstein: "A person experiences life as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness".
So, get yourself REAL and then share what you have realized.

What you accuse Desteni of being and doing is based on... nothing besides what your mind filters and then you conjure something up to support your personal agenda.

If you had actually investigated the Desteni material you would have extensively TESTED things for yourself (and others, if you really cared).
Within it you would apply: self forgiveness, self honesty, self will, self direction, self assertiveness, self dedication, self discipline, self movement, self determination, self responsibility, breath awareness... the list goes on and on.

The fact that you say that self forgiveness is "an unremarkable self-help psychology affirmation technique" is the prof that you have never in fact applied it and lived it.
To say that self forgiveness is "to extract personal information as a method of control" is laughable. I apply self forgiveness almost every day and I do not share it with anyone - it is about self! I applied self forgiveness for 3 months before I actually joined the forum and, even though I SHARED self forgiveness in the beginning, no one ever said I had to reveal what I wrote. Thus, there is no "authoritarian control" whatsoever - neither there is "financial and sexual power and manipulation" - you have no prof of this because there is non!

I have been applying self forgiveness for almost 4 years and I am the prof to myself that this is the way to equalize oneself with the Principle of Existence. You would also say the same if only you applied it and lived it.

I have read quite a few of your posts and I am yet to find you quoting Desteni material without putting things out of context.
If you really wanted to criticize Desteni you would have thoroughly written about each Desteni document by presenting/showing the document and then quoting it when necessary - you don't do it.
You talk and you talk without having any prof of what you say --- because if you had prof you would show it.

More than anything, it is extremely sad to see someone wasting so much time (thus money) to spread lies and more lies about a group of people that is working so hard - and will work even harder - to establish a solution for ALL the problems at hand.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Because there is no group that has the solutions to all the problems of the world does not therefore mean that it is not worth trying to find solutions. That wouldn't make sense. Obviously, the way money is used is one of the main problems. Everyone knows that. But the belief in the idea that one small sectarian group can dictate to everyone else "what is best for all", and has the answer to everything, is completely delusional.

Oneness and equality are abstract concepts. They can be ideals, principles or beliefs but that doesn't make them right or wrong. It is more a question of how they are used. Equality, for example, is one way of sharing power, and in principle it may be useful in some circumstances but not necessarily for others.

No-one needs to join Desteni or any group to forgive themselves, be honest with themselves, practice self-discipline, self-assertion or breath awareness. Joining a cult and taking part in cult practices means giving up on self-will and self-responsibility and having one's will and responsibilities defined by the group and its leaders.

"Writing yourself to freedom" and "self-forgiveness" involve publishing of intimate personal information on blogs and forums, as well as videos. All active members of Desteni are obliged to take part in that. It is a standard technique of confession used in all cults as a means of authoritarian control, for which there is plenty of evidence in relation to Desteni supplied on this blog, at the Cult Education Forum and elsewhere. But mainly, it is found in the Desteni material itself.

There are about 3 or 4 posts per week at this blog, and most are of existing YouTube videos. It does not take much time at all, and costs nothing.

J. Jesus said...

You say that: "But the belief in the idea that one small sectarian group can dictate to everyone else "what is best for all", and has the answer to everything, is completely delusional." ---- We never said that we - the extremely small group that Desteni is - will dictate what is best for all.
We stated over and over again that the solution must and will be presented through political means (based on democracy) and therefore what is best for all will be decided by the majority.

I never said that Equality and Onenss is "right or wrong". I said it is WHAT IS REAL.
You are from this earth, you are part of this earth, you are dependent on this earth, the sun and the laws of physics (everyone is equaliy dependent on this). You are one with this earth, and thus equal. It seems that you fail to grap the BASIC "rule/law" of this existence. This is NOT an idea/belief. It is the PRINCIPLE of existence. Existence CANNOT be seperate from itself - thus it is one and equal. You are no more and no less than this existence - you are this existence.
To say that "Equality (...) may be useful in some circumstances but not necessarily for others" goes against existence itself.

I never asked you to join Desteni. I told you to apply self forgiveness, be honest with yourself, be self disciplined, be aware of your breathe etc - and then share what you realize. As you said, you do not need to join Desteni to do it. Within it there is only You doing it for yourself, and thus being responsible for yourself because you will yourself to do so.

We are NOT "promoting" "desteni-forgiveness", or "desteni-honesty", or "desteni-responsibility", or "desteni-will".
We say over and over again it is about SELF! SELF, SELF, SELF!

You said that: "Writing yourself to freedom" and "self-forgiveness" involve publishing of intimate personal information on blogs and forums, as well as videos" --- I already said that this is not so, you do not have to share anything! Do not share anything! Keep it for yourself, do it for yourself! Again: SELF!!!

Again, you say that: "All active members of Desteni are obliged to take part in that. It is a standard technique of confession used in all cults as a means of authoritarian control, for which there is plenty of evidence in relation to Desteni supplied on this blog, at the Cult Education Forum and elsewhere. But mainly, it is found in the Desteni material itself." ------- I already told you that NO ONE is obliged to share anything! I havent shared 2% of all the self forgiveness that I have written/applied over the last 4 years. And when I shared was because I decided to share because I found it appropriate to share because I realized that it would support and assist others as well as oneself. And never has anyone "controled" me with that information. Self-forgiveness is not a confession: it is self forgiveness.
Christians, for example, confess -- and expect forgiveness from god.
Confession is irrelevant -- self forgiveness is everything!

J. Jesus said...

What is written on this blog is not any evindence of anything besides being an evidence of your beliefs, ideas and perceptions about Desteni based on your personal agenda. The Cult Education Forum is also no evidence of anything -- it is all based on the same thing you do.

Desteni has produced thousands of videos, and if we count videos from Desteni members the number adds up to about 10 thousand videos - or more). Desteni has produced hundreds of documents and if we count the documents written by the members it will also add up to thousands and thousands of documents -- which means that millions of words have been written.
If you say that this did not take you time to watch and read to actually make a specific and accurate "criticism" on the Desteni material --- that alone shows that you havent done your "job" properly and thus all you have done has been in vain and also proves that you are actually deceiving yourself and those who read your blog.

Besides this - to write 3/4 blogs per week and also make videos takes time indeed. I do not write as much because I cannot find/make the time to do so. "Time is money" -- so this does indeed costs you money! Thus, this reveals something about your financial situation...

Again, I suggest you TEST the material by applying it!
Before that, before you say that you have done so FOR YOUR-SELF and share your REALIZATIONS (not the forgiveness) -- before you do that, all you might possibily say will be based on what you conjure in your mind - and thus NOT REAL.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@J. Jesus "Self-forgiveness" is mainly a subjective practice, but anyone can verify that "writing yourself to freedom" and "self-forgiveness" in Desteni involve publishing of intimate personal information. It's on all the members' blogs and v-logs. If you don't practice it, you're not in the group. The Desteni forum also displays this practice, but most of that forum was recently closed off from public view. No reason was given. Having one's subjectivity dictated to by the group and its leaders by means of formulaic sayings, affirmations, catch phrases etc said to to purify or realise the "self" is a standard practice found in many, if not all cults.

Desteni members express an unusually high level of self-obsession, but it's the "self" subordinated to an organisation. Their "self" definition is conditioned solely by fanatical devotion to Desteni material. They automatically make the false assumption that other people not in Desteni have no self-discipline, are dishonest with themselves, unaware of their breath or incapable of forgiving themselves and sharing with others. Again, this is what happens in all cults, where outsiders are made to appear ignorant or incapable.

The idea that equality may be useful in some circumstances and not others is common sense. It is an ordinary aspect of modes of interaction whereby different levels of status are applicable in different situations. Equality can be a reasonable principle in a general sense, but as has been shown at this blog and elsewhere, Desteni's professed stance of "equality" is a sham and a con. It is a blatantly sectarian, authoritarian group, so it can't possibly represent equality. Any group or individual that goes around declaring they have the solution to all the world's problems and only they know what is best for others is guaranteed to be riddled with corruption and lies.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@J. Jesus Your suggestion that this blog takes up a lot of time and money is mistaken. Research on Desteni material which informs this blog has been carried out and recorded by a number of individuals since Desteni appeared on the internet in 2007. Several of the texts here were originally written for videos over a year ago, over a period of at least six months. The blog is run by more than one person. Roughly three to four posts a week are mainly of YouTube videos produced by still other people. These take about three minutes each to post. A text-based blog post takes between a few minutes to a few hours spread out over two or more weeks. None of it costs anything.

The evidence showing how and why Desteni is a cult and a scam is the actual Desteni material. Any reasonable person can test it for themselves and see it is fraudulent garbage. The fact that a few people can't, however, and imagine that it is useful or worthy, is somewhat remarkable. It shows that a portion of a mostly young internet-based audience can be influenced and controlled by psycho-babble, gobbledegook and illiterate catch phrases concocted out of a nonsensical re-working of pseudo-science, paranoid conspiracism and mystified New Age hocus pocus. They can be made to alter their behaviour, work for someone else's business for nothing, donate money for a non-existent cause and persuade others to join a financial scam.

It's a strange social phenomenon that raises a number of interesting questions, some of which may not fully be answered until more people involved leave Desteni, reject it and speak out about their experiences.

J. Jesus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. Jesus said...

Yes – if you do not practice it you are definitely not a Destonian. But practicing it does not make you a Destonian. Just because you cook it does not make you a chef. But to be a chef you have to cook.

Yes – there is personal and intimate information – so what? What are you hiding? What is your secret? What are you afraid of? Don’t we have the freedom to say the truth about ourselves? / what we have become / done? Isn’t this “Justice”? That is what happens at courts – the truth is (supposed to be) told! You see personal and intimate information being shared EVERYDAY on national television channels. Does that worry you? It is ok – you do not have to “confess your sins” --- because you know what you have done and you are the one you will face on your judgment day.

There are no “formulaic sayings, affirmations, catch phrases” --- we say it because we mean it! “I forgive myself I have accepted and allowed myself to...” is spoken/written because we mean it in fact! Do you have the courage to forgive yourself for having accepted and allowed yourself to believe yourself to be separate from this existence?

It is said that “no one is perfect”. We realize that within ourselves – and we point out what we are missing to, in fact, become “perfect”. We realize that it takes a great amount of effort to do this, and that self forgiveness must be applied EXTENSIVELY = millions of words and thousands of hours of dedication to the process itself until it becomes who we are, equal and one. So – yes: everyone is a fuck up; everyone has a lot to investigate to release oneself from the prison of the mind, and we point this out in many different ways in our videos and blogs, and we take ourselves as examples. Do you want better “science” than this? Where the theory is constantly put into practice and shared with the world?

J. Jesus said...

You say that: “The idea that equality may be useful in some circumstances and not others is common sense. It is an ordinary aspect of modes of interaction whereby different levels of status are applicable in different situations.” ---- that does sound like a program right? “modes of interaction” and “status” – this should be enough to tell you that your IDEA of “equality” is actually a program that you programmed onto yourself.

You say: “Equality can be a reasonable principle in a general sense, but as has been shown at this blog and elsewhere, Desteni's professed stance of "equality" is a sham and a con. It is a blatantly sectarian, authoritarian group, so it can't possibly represent equality.” ---- If you haven’t applied self forGIVEness you do not know what Equality is/mean. Because it is only when you actually (for)give that you realize that you are giving to yourself.
Again, your idea that Desteni is “a blatantly sectarian, authoritarian group” unable you to see things for what they are.

It is not about “us having the solution” --- it is about HAVING A SOLUTION, and we present it because it must be presented! And you can prove to yourself that self forgiveness and self-honesty and a monetary system that values life equally is the solution --- but you are too afraid to do so it seems.

J. Jesus said...

Yes – this blog and the videos you make cost you time/money. If you lived on £1/day you would not be able to be in the position you are writing this blog and making videos. You are paying for this, and if you cannot see the simplicity of this it just goes to show how brainwashed you actually are because you can’t even see that money is all around you and money has defined your life, what you do, when you do and what you have become.

You say that “The evidence showing how and why Desteni is a cult and a scam is the actual Desteni material.” ---- COOL! So why don’t you share what we say/write INSTEAD of saying/writing what YOU THINK about the material?

You say that “Any reasonable person can test it for themselves and see it is fraudulent garbage.” ---- have you tested it? Have you applied it? Have you kept a journal about the development of you testing the material? I have asked you this question time and time again and you never said “Yes” and showed your prof. You only say “Desteni this, Desteni that” but you have never said “I have extensively TESTED the material FOR AND BY MYSELF for 1 year now and the result is....”

See, you trap yourself with your own words - because to keep one’s lie afloat one must lie again and again.

We had some people who “joined Desteni” but then fucked off because they couldn’t handle the amount of courage and self-honesty required to endure this process. Whatever they might possibly tell you will not be anything new to you (or me) because WE SHARE EVERYTHING! Because there are NO SECRETS!

Desteni Cult blog said...

@J. Jesus So, basically what you're saying is that unless a person practices "self-honesty" and "self-forgiveness", as these things are defined by Desteni, then they can't possibly understand what Desteni is about, and cannot know what equality really is and what it means.

J. Jesus said...

"So, basically what you're saying is that unless a person practices "self-honesty" and "self-forgiveness" (...)then they can't possibly understand what Desteni is about, and cannot know what equality really is and what it means."

YES!!!! finally you get it! (?)

"as these things are defined by Desteni"

NO! Desteni cannot give SELF-honesty and SELF-forgiveness a definition! No one can! That is why we say this is a PROCESS of SELF-REALIZATION -- because it is SELF (each one) that must REALIZE it!

It is SELF-Forgiveness and SELF-Honesty --- it is about SELF!

So, "destenicult", apply it and then YOU will REALIZE for yourSELF what it is! I am not gona tell you what it is -- I cannot because it must be SELF REALIZED. It is a process and in involves physical application for and by oneself.
In the end I am not telling you to do anything else besides: Become a "better" human being than you already are! That which you see in you that is not benefiting you and those around you = stop it, change yourself. That which you see to be your "qualities" = nurture them, develop them even further and show to others what they can also be/become!

Ian Downie said...

What I find hilarious is that these Desteni fellows can;t realize what there in just from the simple fact that they are able to post on here without moderator consent, but that no one can post in their forums without it. How more obvious does it get than that? If any of you Desteni people have 1/2 as much faith in the strength of your own beliefs or system then grow a pair and allow open discussion in your forum like what you can find anywhere where truth is valued over insulating weak arguments.

J. Jesus said...

People find it hard to consider (not to mention realize) that everything in this universe is one and equal. Thus, due to the nature of the message we put out, we receive a lot of abuse. We could allow all comments, but then we would remove all of those that are abusive - thus we stop them even before they are posted.
You would not allow someone to come into your house and abuse you and your family. We take care of our channels/forum as if they are our "homes": they represent us and what we accept and allow in our world.

Everyone can join the forum: but you will do so to share your process and ask for support and assistance. If anyone joins the forum to spew their ego bullshit -- we do not allow it and they are banned.
We do not have the forum to "discuss" about equality and oneness / what is real. What is REAL cannot be discussed.
So, we use the forum to share what we REALize.

To allow people to say anything and everything in our channels/forum does not mean that "we have balls" - that is just pure silliness.

If you want to say bullshit you can create your own channel / forum and do as you wish with it --- do not expect others to accept your shit.

You should grow "a pair" by applying what we suggest everyone to apply if you really want to understand what Desteni is all about.

Desteni was not created to discuss - Desteni was created to share the solution and to assist and support those interested in helping themselves and the world by BEING the solution.

So - will you be the solution? Will you test what we suggest? - will you apply self forgiveness and start being self honest?
Do you have the balls to do so?
Or will you find an excuse as to why you do not need to apply it? Will you ignore the obviousness that if you do not test things for yourself you will not know what we are actually talking about?
Will you keep on deceiving yourself by believing that you know what we are actually doing and what is the point of Desteni WITHOUT having tested things for yourself?

One thing is for sure: if you do not TEST it = you will never know...
Enjoy your free choice -- but don't forget that you will live with the consequences...

Deepfun said...

"People find it hard to consider (not to mention realize) that everything in this universe is one and equal."
-When everything in the universe is one and equal, then what is your problem? Why you need spend your time as a cultist, if the universe is already one and equal? That makes no sense.

If you need to buy self-honesty tips and tricks and other self-stuff from desteni, means you are not-self honest in your essence. Otherwise why you would think you need it? And do you assume and judge that everybody is such dishonest asshole in the world, that needs Poolmans self-forgiving "tools"?

Anonymous said...

I know someone who was in this cult, left, and now is back trying to infiltrate to help others. He told me the watching of videos is just one gimmick to confuse you more and keep you away from non-Desteni people. Apparently they routinely ban people to "break them down" and then love bomb them afterwards. The whole "test it" yourself is again just a long winded cluster fuck where they try to get you to feel bad about yourself, the state of the world, and ultimately try to make you feel okay afterwards by saying "it's all an illusion!" Then it becomes really easy to just ignore normal people's reactions to you. What ever you do you can easily excuse yourself from or "self-forgive."

But if you start asking questions or it seems like you might be getting mentally better in any way, the group finds ways to bring you down. It's really sickening the more I hear about them. I only hope that my friend can play their game while not getting sucked in some more. It's a gamble but if he can stick to them- more power to my friend.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Some interesting points in that last comment.

Poolman/Desteni said they "trap" people by either engaging with or banning them. Those who submit give in of their own free choice. They want to be part of it, even though they know it is insane.

Anonymous said...

The best of luck to your friend. It is such a bad thing for one human to do to another. What games they play at the costs of fragile mind.

Anonymous said...

They smell like coconut bunch of smug snobs.
They know how the human nature works? No, they think is about MONEY! FUCK MONEY!
THEY WHAN'T TO DRUG US WITH MONEY! Money is poison you fuckers, who create that equal money system is not very good from they head!
And why all of them are bald? they smells like ILLUMINATI CULT SCAM. They are so convinced they can change the world. Well for those coconut is easy to talk because they have MONEY! THEY WHANT MONEY! This organization about money is to convinced guys are poisoned by mONEY! Now i will talk serious, the money is really bad at all, they don't see that because they don't open the horizon, we whant a world of peace, and money doesn't end with wars, and money is not enough for everything. They split everything what is superior to them, and they think the problems of humanity is about money FUCK MONEY, THE PEOPLE DON'T NEED MONEY YOU COCCOUNTS THEY NEED RECOURSES!!!!!! FUCK YOU YOU BALD'S!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's a tough comment to follow! I would suggest if anyone reading this knows of anyone who has left Desteni, or is still in Desteni, to go to:www.RickRoss.com/Desteni. There are people there whom you could contact that are going through the same thing as your friend (Anonymous)
and still others, who have friends and family still in Desteni. Maybe you could be of some help, or your friend.
Good luck to your friend.

Anonymous said...



Desteni Cult blog said...

Poolman wants to lock up people he regards as incorrect... He's said it before. What a joke.

It's hardly a threat to anyone, except maybe Destonians but there aren't many of them and most are thousands of miles away from him.

Anonymous said...

So I've got more insider info on how this group works from my bud. Apparently the writing is so the group can find the carrot for which the person can be lured in. Basically, Desteni wants to find out what the person needs or desires and then they promise them a solution.

Because members desperately want to fulfill their needs, they feel it is their own decision to take part in learning about the group. This a tactic they emphasize over and over again by encouraging people to "just read the materials" (of course not noting that in the materials there will be something on that person's need- so in their massive collection when potential recruits find something they could latch onto, it's like getting a horoscope that surely speaks to you).

Apparently things that are typical for Desteni to promise are friends, community, easy absolutes to to live by, ready made solutions about careers, sex, ending poverty, you name it-they've got a video for it. Hence providing a false sense of security (especially for those who joined during transitions or periods of stress). But in return they expect compliance (and lesson fees) to their beliefs with continued writing so they can keep tabs on the person's willingness to conform/do assignments, recruit more, and alienate the person further from others outside of Desteni.

Trainers are taught to go after people "seeking answers or who can't live within the corrupt system."

Secondly they also hope to quickly instill the belief that they alone know how to save the world's problems. So by joining they make you believe you are a member of an elite group while of course trying to hide this obvious deception by using the term equality. In fact they have a clear hierarchy with clear goals and a clear enemy (now apparently being "haters") who threaten the group.

They also mimic a family with Bernard as the wise yet over bearing all knowing father figure that provides direction. According to my friend most of the members are actively encouraged to find faults with their parents so Bernard could fill the hole.

I hope to share more and hope to get my friend to provide some video footage he has of an actual meeting soon.

Peace out,

Desteni Cult blog said...

Some interesting details as to the activities of Poolman and his group in South Africa are gradually emerging.

If anyone else has relevant information or videos to add then please feel free to post as comments here and/or with links etc and it can be made into a post or posts on this blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

J. jesus is crazy, bald and all, why all are bald?

Anonymous said...

look what i found: http://desteni.org/member/Ben1607/video/-fM6WHc9RFY

They are so fucking retards... O_O
This is a noob organization trying to make hell in this planet.
They they are in favor of a system neo-Nazi, totalitarian, ditaturial. That's enough, this is enough to have a mandate to destroy this organization ...

Anonymous said...

look at this, they are all idiots:
from J.Jesus.... uuuuuhuuuuhhhuuhhh

Desteni Cult blog said...

They are bald as part of a failed campaign to get at least a 100 million people to shave their heads "for equality" -- http://www.faceworldfaceoff.com.

It started a couple of years ago. They got about 150 people maybe, so now they are only going to shave their heads once in a while, and some of them not at all.

Anonymous said...

Only saying the money will resolve everything,is a psychological problem. I study psychology, and this is the problem, for them, it is easy to talk. The only thing they talk about most is money and think that most problems come from lack of money. Well that is a lie, is not the money change everything, is necessary education yes to change, see this what they describe about education.


They say, the education will not save the world.
My dear friend, without education, we are wild people, in a urban place, sending over the people shit.

I concidered the organization as a tread with global level, and psychologically attractive philosophy attracts people, without having to talk much. The colors, the space, the money, all that atracts people in mass of people.
They are a cult desperately seeking power.

We should destroy this organization. They don't know nothing about the life of human race works, and this type of filosophy they can be very dangerous.
Education is important, it seems they never hear, "wen you educate your son, you are educating your grandson".
They don't know nothing and they come with theories. The most of the promess they have to do with money, and not with ideas, well they don't know how to think.
This guys should fail. NOW!

Anonymous said...

Well they are balds only to give to the industry they hear? WHAT CRAZY THIS PEOPLE ARE!!!! AND WHAT IDIOTS!!! I will never make that, i have more to do than shaving my hear. You equal money go fuck you bunch of tiranny.

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous you have right.
Why should we shave our hear if we can make in another form? Like the other anonymous says above, this guys have a psychological problem in the name of tiranny.

Anonymous said...

What stupid, they don't know how to think ahah :P

Anonymous said...

Bernard poolman seems to be a PIG!

Anonymous said...

Desteni is just another religious organization, similar to the Church of Scientology. As many other cults (and yes: I consider Christianity, Judaism and Islam to be cults) they exert control and dominance over their members' lives by instilling their version of belief system into their minds. The ones who choose to think for themselves are not susceptible to mind control, of course education plays a huge role in this and by this I don't mean just official "education". The moment you start following someone, you cease to follow truth. "Destonians" have been indoctrinated that they constantly need to forgive themselves for "evil" thoughts, feelings and emotions. If one is constantly forgiving oneself, what has one learned then? I would choose UNDERSTANDING over forgiveness any time, but that's just me. After all, peace is reached through understanding and not treaty.

Anonymous said...

He is like a German pig O.o
Or it's another country?
Frankly, it is proven that money can not go farther than they really think.

Anonymous said...

J. Jesus, go fuck your self everything is not equal you bitch. If you guys get the nature out how the fuck we survive, are guys agains't nature? seems yes.
Oh yea you guys prefer living in a monetary system, wen more money more corruption you bunch of idiots, do you think is easy to thing about that? if you guys receive a lot of abuses those people have right to give abuses you bitch.
You guys think the universe is not equal, what the fuck the universe has to do with money? Do you guys thing the money will arrive to the stars and planets, you guys are totally insane, you guys live in a impossible dream!
and i think over 300 videos was eliminated about equal money system. Do you guys have problems? I guess the money is not everything in this planet, all the problems of the world is not all about money, everything is not money, and you guys don't need to say what kind of system we need to live.
That is total corruption, and ending with elites, you guys will just make more with total money, and people will not need to work, because they have all the money of the world, they will be more corrupt, YOU GUYS ARE A FUCKING BITCHES CRAZY YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!

Anonymous said...

I have extensively TESTED the material FOR AND BY MYSELF for 3 years now and the result is that it's a load of crap. I was suffering from an on-going mental break down and they were my escape, like it is for many of it's members. It actually works to make you more narcissistic with the guise of wanting to help the world while filling Bernard's pockets.

Ex-Desteni Member

Anonymous said...

I still have nightmares with this guys, fuck.
I think i descover the strong point .
First the logo don't have any sence to the organization, second is a ring, nothing special, but i don't understand the point how this logo affects so easily the people...
third i dificult to forget the face of the evil poolman with eyes of devil... The good news are they still having 7000 people and not more, and i guess 7000 people are nazi, or communism, and i hate communism, they have to much ego, and nazi people to, that organization will lose, you will see, i suspect something is wrong there.
I can't forget the logo i can't forget the devil face of poolman, and i am tired to say the fucking name.
Well i guess i need to agree with anonymous above, is something similar.

Desteni Cult blog said...

There is not 7000 people in Desteni.

There are no more than around 100-150. This can easily be verified with reference to destonians.com.

Anonymous said...

Hey I came to check out the site and everyone has there point everyones got something to say and that's fine. I'm a desteni memeber though. I've been working with desteni for a year and a half now and I've changed diffrent parts of how I live. I'm more patient, a better worker, and over all just feel much better and more capable then I did just a few years back. So maybe I can join in because people are saying some big things you know really out there, and I'm intrested in what's happening on the site here.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Machew4life Thanks for your comment. So you're age 16 and first got into Desteni a year and a half ago? What would you say was the main element of the Desteni material that first got your attention?

Col Netanyahu said...


More bullshit from the Orgy Farm.

So I wonder...what will these people think back to when they're old and sitting on a porch. Were they honest with themselves? Were they honest with the people who put their trust in them?

Is there really a such a lack of leadership or role models in the world that teenagers actually fall for people like Poolman and his self righteous bullshit?

I've seen demons entering people. It's a sight that you don't forget. People talk languages you've never heard. The tone of their voice changes to an eerie pitch. They get the strengh of ten men. They virtually run up against walls. Blondie a "portal"? Really? Wow.

To potential kids on the farm. Pack your bags, get back to your families. Join the army, join the police force, work for free if you don't agree with the "monetary system". These people are there for your money, sanity and integrity. Don't become fuckups like them.

Anonymous said...

Hey destenicult, yeah I did it wasn't something that I thought anything of at first. I like the internet I like all the diffrent things I could find and somethings I could learn about but there was never anything so special that caught my eye. Desteni didn't catch my eye but it came up you can find a lot of videos in a lot of diffrent places like youtube. So yeah nothing caught my attention it didn't mean anything to me because I didn't mean anything to myself in that I was just going to my school most of the time I didn't have any real direction. If anything caught my attention though that actually started me off with writting I'd say it was after exploring the material the perspectives I realized that I could actually work with what they said without any religous obligation.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Machew4life Thanks very much for your reply.

If you wouldn't mind answering another question: why did the lack of a religious obligation make you want to get involved?

-- Ivan

Anonymous said...

Religon is a cult in itself right? Desteni has the cult structure obviously but there's no belief structure. They have like you've written about things that seem crazy like you'd hear a new religon talking about crazy anu and the space gang. That wasn't the point though. I didn't feel constricted by the portal because I felt no reason to believe in it or not, no reason to tell others about it or tell others it's bullshit. So the religous obligation would be having to believe in something. I didn't have to believe in anything and I feel like a lot has opened up for me. I haven't paid for anything but a single book product (The virus free mind by bernard) I guess you already have your own understanding of what the process is as the goal of destneni next to equal momeny which I'm not involved with because I can't vote. This should help understanding your question and a bit more.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Machew4life It does, thanks....

Your answer suggests that because Desteni say they don't ask that people should believe in their ideas it meant you felt you could easily take them on and use them.

That is quite interesting as it shows how Desteni can use to effect their statements about having no beliefs.

I'm not sure why you say that you're not involved in 'equal money' because you can't vote, though. I mean, it's not as though anyone can actually vote for it.

Anonymous said...

That's true one really can vote for it, there's no voting system for equal. It doesn't matter then.

For your site are you really striving to bring down desteni, or is it more of a way to inform people before becoming involved in desteni?

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Machew4life It's not meant to be a way of informing people before becoming involved in Desteni, no, but if that's how it works, that's fine. Neither do we believe that a mere blog could bring down Desteni. The general aim of the blog is outlined in the 'About' page.

Anonymous said...

i think we have a problem people, this people are winning 8.000 supporters. is this make sence when we are trying to say the people they are dangerous? or the people supporting are a bunch of trolls or someting? look if you whant: http://equalmoney.org/

Desteni Cult blog said...

Looks like you are the troll. This figure of 8000 supporters you have just conjured up out of nowhere. There are 347 members of the equalmoney public forum and only 100-150 actual practising Desteni members world-wide.

Anonymous said...

need not be so rude, after all I did not come here for some time to see the last comment, was a mistake on my part.
if there are 347 members and 100-150 practers, that give us a notion there are false accounts in desteni just to make the people think they are popular...

Anonymous said...

be the way, if there is no 8000 suportters were they come from? i have been searching on facebook about 8000 suportters, but there is nothing there about desteni 8000 supporters. is this account in another service?
thank you for the answer.

Desteni Cult blog said...

If you are going to post comments saying that there are 7000 or 8000 supporters of Desteni or EMS without any evidence when all the evidence shows there are only 100-150 Destonians world-wide then it looks like you are trying to make Desteni or EMS seem more popular than they are by making false statements.

If there are 8000 "likes" on some Desteni page on Facebook, provide the LINK.

Anonymous said...

is this true? or the guy is insane?


Desteni Cult blog said...

Well, Destonians are rather fond of their quack remedies...

Desteni Cult blog said...

Here's an other one... 2012 Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide - http://cameronsprocess.blogspot.com/2012/03/drinking-hydrogen-peroxide.html

Looks to be a new Destonian fad, drinking hydrogen peroxide.

Anonymous said...

don't you think the hydrogen peroxide works like a drug? maibe this is a case of ilegal drugs, we never know but, something tell me yes... if they use the brainwash to make the people follow what they whant, maibe they use drugs for such conditions.

Anonymous said...

Just in case Mr. Cope wants to do more research on the matter: http://herb-discovery.com/mistakes/hydrogen-peroxide-hoax.htm

Anonymous said...

if there is something that is scaring me, is the fact that desteni is not doing big thing, what they are really doing? the activies have been like, low... anticult, you say to one of the anonymous there is no 8000 supporters, and there is only 347 people supporting... isn't that number drop? 347 is a black alarm, not red, but black.

Desteni Cult blog said...

There are currently 357 members of the Equal Money System forum. That does not mean all these people support EMS, just that they have registered with the forum.

Anonymous said...

***That does not mean all these people support EMS, just that they have registered with the forum.***

well maibe those others don't support anymore EMS.
probably the number has fallen to 300, because those others are not supporting anymore, heven if desteni whants their accounts there, just to make the people think they are being popular.
maibe i just hear the 8000 accounts was a idea from them, just to make really the people think they are popular, 1+1=2, in this case... 2 accounts per head? or 4 or more to make 8000 likes? I want to expose these types.

Desteni Cult blog said...

These speculations about the number of supporters of Desteni or EMS are a complete non-starter. To accuse Desteni of making false claims about how many people support them without providing evidence is pointless.

Anonymous said...

***These speculations about the number of supporters of Desteni or EMS are a complete non-starter.***
then there is 8000 likes that is a thing doens't exist, and 357 people on the forum and many of them don't support anymore the ems becuase they give up soo the number of supporters is not really 357 people supporting heven if the accounts are there. so then, if there is a complete non-starter were is the real number of supporters? 100? 150? you are giving the total number of accounts in a forum, many of them give up,so the 357 people you give, drop, because others don't support, in the real life yes, but not in the forum because they don't eliminate the accounts of the people that give up.

***To accuse Desteni of making false claims about how many people support them without providing evidence is pointless.***

i am not supporting this guys, and i don't whant to care, i am not really accusing and giving false claims about them,i am just giving a litle logic about all this numbers, but if i was you, i ask the same.
the rest of the page in facebook, there is no 8000 in a page of them for more research in facebook, have you hever tryed to search for the page? so the website they have is a ghost manipulated or what? maybe they are linked to another page that does not belong to them.
like i said i am not giving false claims, i am just giving a "notion" to you, to facilitate your research about this cult, because i am almost convinced that page is conected to another page that doens't belong to them, but i may be wrong too.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Ok, so the 8000 figure is for Facebook "likes" at equalmoney.org.

Why this could not have been pointed out before I don't know.

A guaranteed income for everyone on the planet would be something millions of people would like or support but although it might seem like it on the surface, EMS is not about that. Otherwise there would be far more than the 100-150 Destonians there are at present.

Anonymous said...

i think is true, they whant the microship illuminati


Desteni Cult blog said...

Yes, Desteni have been saying for some time now that they would like to control everyone on the planet with microchips...


Anonymous said...

thank you destenicult you have been useful in this things, but this didn't over yet, i think the number drop to 211 supporters in the last times check out facebook.

Desteni Cult blog said...

It does seem strange that there would be 8000 likes of the EMS site on FB when the only people actually stating that they support EMS are the Destonians.

Anonymous said...

well this is interesting, when i was listening an video of this channel "Destenicult" i was thinking this video and this channel was from anti-desteni movement, but is not, is one of another channels cheathing people, see for yourself. I was taken by surprise.


so, they can´t hide for much longer their secret, they will fall, whether they like it or they do not want.

Anonymous said...

when i look for all the videos of this people agains't desteni i realise they whant revenge.
i found a video about a beutiful girl and then, she shaves her hair for those mother fuckers of desteni, now she is like a egg head.
I can not stand much longer the actions of these bastards, I need to make my own revenge again'st who is in charge of this shit, i whant to get this guys on tribunal and make that nazi pay for what he did, the number on facebook have grow to 263 i guess, yesterday, was.. i don't know maybe 240, and this basters lie lie lie lie, they create their won world and lie lie lie, they say everything backwards, why the people don't have balls, and inform the fucking police about their acts????
we can't reason with them, they are impossible, and they will still lying and lying, and we here, are being attacked by uniformed people about this fucking cult.
some people on rickross discusion forum say they call the police and someone stop recuiting people to this cult, we can make this again, no matter how.
i will not stay here making myself a victim by their stupid ideaso that shit cult, and poolman, you are a dead man.

Desteni Cult blog said...

There's no need to get overwrought. They're just another cult out of thousands.

zoidy said...

Bernard Poolman is a total nut job. when you google his name, google gives you a couple of picks within the search I looked at the picks and he totally looks like Anthony Hopkins character Hanabal lecture from silence of the lambs. Poolman talks about locking people up who don't conform. HE should be locked up as a threat to the weak confused young and vulnerable. NASTY PIECE OF WORK!!!! AVOID!!!!

Desteni Cult blog said...

Hannibal Lecter is much better looking than Poolman!

Check out Poolman's latest pics at

zoidy said...

@Desteni Cult blog: I looked at his face book and his profile picture looks like one of those nasty horrible elf troll looking things, if you opened him up that's what you would see inside. I have been discussing with MarlenLife on youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiLSCMcD8Gs. my comments are as grey0075. the last comment was censored because I totally refuted desteni's ideological claims, and left a link to Bernard's lock up the none conformists speech. I have a feeling that MarlenLife does not reply to any comments I think this is done by another team who have all the answer who would have access to all the members accounts posting videos on youtube.

My last post was:
"I should have researched I know. I am totally for complete abolishment of money in civilisation, its retarded and puerile to maintain a system of exchange that is totally and completely redundant and unnecessary. you see money in any form implies a condition to live you must get to receive. This is counter intuitive and abhorrent to the principle nature. We don't need any means of exchange with nature because all we need is in nature and nature gives willingly without condition. "

with which she replied:

"Once again: EQUAL-Money Money = Life, life is the only value - using money is only a Tool to ensure everyone gets equal access to what is unconditionally here. There is No other value in equal-money other than the life that can be given and received in equality. This is Not Bartering- for that google the blog: Bartering is STILL Capitalism. Obviously the Earth is unconditional, BUT the human being isn't- yet. We require a training tool to learn to give and receive as equals: equal-money. Get it?"

Then I replied with a comment that I don't have access to unless it gets allowed because they control publication of comments, I put it to her that the group is fascist and uses censorship to tailor their propaganda and that I personally would fight them all the way if they ever obtain political distinction. I left a link to Bernard's lock up none conformist speech and stated that destini intended to brainwash people using drugs and psychotherapy to MAKE people accept the ideology and fit in.

This group represents for me a huge backward step in social evolution and would have us all in straight jackets. But its not surprising that its coming from a historically predominantly fascist culture/regime being white supremacist South Africa.

Desteni Cult blog said...


It is strange the way Destonians talk about 'equal money' as being 'life' and not a form of exchange or in any other way money as we know it. If 'equal money' is not what is generally understood to be money then why not call it something else and not money? Doesn't make sense.

Re: the Desteni penchant for fascistic ideas, Marlen has stated that it is Desteni policy to practice eugenics: http://marlenlife.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/eugenics-is-best-for-all-life-in-equality

Elsewhere they have stated they want detractors to be given the option of a 'mercy killing' or euthanasia. They don't usually publicise these views but you will hear them say critics should be given mandatory psychological treatment to make them 'equal'.

Destonians always censor or block and ban critics and have been doing so for years. They make the excuse that they are blocking people that make dumbass insulting comments like 'fuck you bitch' or whatever, as they also get a lot of those kinds of comments as well.

Please can you post the link to the particular 'lock up the non-conformists' Poolman speech you refer to? Cheers.

Teppo Särkkä said...

Entertaining website.

Anonymous said...

The Equal Life Foundation is an NPO - that means it is impossible for anyone to profit off of it, let alone it being some kind of 'scam'. It is not practiced anywhere because it is in research and development phase and will take years to go mainstream political.

This article is deliberately taking a multitude of points out of context to spread lies and fear, with a clear vendetta and axe to grind - anyone who actually investigates this is able to see. If one is not able distinguish what Desteni presents from traditional spiritual dogma and abuse, they are in serious trouble as without any common sense and totally lost in their own brainwashing. yes, society brainwashes people - must be hard for the brainwashed to fathom.

Desteni Cult blog said...


The Equal Life Foundation is registered as a Non-Profit Company, not a Non-Profit Organization.

An NPC is not the same thing as an NPO, but the fact that an organisation might be registered as one or the other does not mean that it is therefore 'impossible' to run it as a scam or make profit.

It is a well-known fact that many sects or cults get legally registered as charities, NPCs or NPOs as a tax dodge.

See this post: http://forum.rickross.com/read.php?12,62042,111654#msg-111654

and this one: http://forum.rickross.com/read.php?12,62042,112520#msg-112520

Equal Life Foundation supports Desteni I Process and sale of products at Eqafe, all of which are in fact advertised as being sold to make a profit for those making the sales.

Anonymous said...

If all life is equal as Bernard Poolman says then why is he considers vegan diets to be for elites? How can he say that all life is equal when he supports the killing and torture of animals himself. Sounds like a hypocrite to me.

He says he doesnt believe in capitalism yet he charges all his followers money for his online teaching for a profit. Sounds like a hypocrite to me.

He says he believes in democracy yet he removes and bans people for raising valid questions about the EMS. Sounds like a hypocrite to me.

Bernard Poolman is a fraud

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of this cult before today. They seem pretty insignificant. As stupid as their members seem, I still favor them to Christians.. or worse... Mormons..

Where's your blog about the Mormon cult. They pose a much greater threat to society.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Desteni is not a 'threat to society' and we've never said that it is. The Desteni group is indicative of a deeper malaise within society that already exists in relation to New Age spirituality, conspiracy theories, political matters and the internet.

Mormonism started off as an insignificant cult. Read: 'The Story of the Mormons: From the Date of their Origin to the Year 1901'

Anonymous said...

If you review their FAQ, you will quickly find that they wish to destroy your mind and replace it with something in their making. I made a video about Desteni as well.


Anonymous said...

how can fantasy be scam

Desteni Cult blog said...

All scams run on fantasy.

Unknown said...

argument itself always conceal a counter-argument
it is a game of mind and take action rather than discussion

Anonymous said...

Every time I see a Desteni member write anywhere, I picture a low rent version of Gregory Hines, tap dancing in a very dimply lit room. What a bunch of wordsmith idiots. I can see why they are aiming for a campaign. Total politicians. Unfortunately for them, not very intelligent. I have to admit though, the vocabulary and sheer lengths they go to - to instill their obnoxious premise onto people is spirited.

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