Wednesday 18 January 2012

Desteni Rape Fantasy

Ivan Rauscher

Destonians have a fantasy about rape. It is that rapists do what they do because of other people's sexual fantasies.

The only non-Desteni cause Destonians ever show support for on their YouTube channels is It is said that in the Equal Money System as proposed by Desteni, pornography will be banned. This implies that to ensure no-one would ever produce sexual imagery, no citizen would be allowed to own a camera. It implies that erotic images could somehow be eradicated on the basis that they would be accepted as a form of criminality.

How they'd bring it about is never explained, but Equal Money System is itself a fantasy. It exists to financially exploit and mentally and emotionally abuse people by moulding them into robotic spammers for a highly manipulative yet nonsensical cult philosophy.

Destonian, Markus Modin, in his videos, Secret Rape and 2012 Secret Rape pt.2, commented in a smug and humourless way on sexual fantasy and rape, as if aged 22 he could have the experience and background to be an authority on these matters. This boy counts among his favourite books those by outright charlatans and major influences on the New Age scene, George Gurdjieff, Alice A. Bailey and Baird T. Spalding, all of whom are in turn key influences on Bernard Poolman, the main instigator of the Desteni scam.

Since the writing of this post, the first of these videos has been made private and the second has been removed by YouTube for violation of the YT policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content. In any case, they are worth discussing here.

In these videos, Modin repeated by rote information acquired from previous statements by Sunette Spies, Bernard Poolman and other Destonians. He succinctly summed up the Desteni party line on sexual fantasy, rape, masturbation and pornography. He was not talking about these subjects because he was genuinely interested in openly discussing or debating them with other YouTubers, but simply in order to try to promote the Equal Money System scam which is to recruit for the Desteni I Process Multi-Level Marketing scheme, as well as to impress other Destonians.

Destonians believe masturbation should only occur without sexual fantasy and that 'breath orgasm' should replace masturbation. 'Breath orgasm' is a variation of a common practice popular in New Age Tantric circles, most often known as energy orgasm. It is just one of countless ideas Bernard Poolman has stolen from New Age sources to manufacture the Desteni material.

Modin communicated the strange fantasy induced in him through immersion in the Desteni material that sexual fantasy is 'indirect abuse' that 'supports rape'. He claimed rapists are a 'manifestation' of 'what is existent within ourselves' but did not describe how a rapist can possibly be a 'manifestation' of thoughts of other people or how everyone exists with a rapist within them. He did not define his use of the term, 'manifestation'. Modin claimed that 'sex has nothing to do with the mind', as if the brain was not a part of the body.

According to Modin, masturbating whilst looking at pornographic images is 'virtual rape' and entails 'supporting the thought of having sex with someone without their permission'. Pornography, he said, should be banned because it is 'producing psychopaths'. Yet again he offered no reasons or evidence to support his claims. All he managed to convey by his self-expression was how the Desteni core group in South Africa can utilise illogical, emotive and confusing tactics to make an individual such as Modin comply with the artificial construction of a 'purified', seemingly morally superior cult identity, complete with suit and tie.

Destonians like Modin are provided with the excuse to take up a self-righteous attitude towards others. By adhering to the propaganda of Desteni they fantasise that they can be relieved of and suppress any seemingly overwhelming sexual feelings or desires and take up the heroic cause of stopping all the abuse in the world by becoming smarmy salespersons for the Equal Money System cult scam. It is also how Destonians are persuaded into engaging in sexual relations with each other and no-one else.

They are manipulated at a fundamental level of inter-personal subjectivity in relation to sex and the very thought of sex. Destonians are convinced that they feel the need to 'forgive' themselves for having sexual fantasies, masturbating or looking at pornography. If they are concerned about over-indulging in these things, they are re-assured that being a Destonian, preaching the Desteni way of life and selling Desteni-related products to others will help them. Their sexuality is being manipulated and controlled by an obscure, repressive sect and money-making scam founded on delusional misrepresentations of occult and New Age philosophies.


Anonymous said...

Good luck trying to control an evolutionary drive. It's almost comical how Bernie sets up a "teaching" that they are bound to fail. That way they can continuously feel bad and have something to confess. However, as there may be the odd person who is a-sexual or has sexual dysfunction issues- this might just work for them ;)

Desteni Cult blog said...

In cults, "teachings" on sex are used as a device by the leaders to assert their own sexual dominance within the pack. It's a power trip for them. It means they can find out what makes their followers tick, they can get off on breaking up their relationships or choosing partners for them, they can manipulate them sexually for their own ends, and generally control their thoughts and actions at a very basic, primal level to do with their most fundamental desires. The leaders never adhere to their own teachings.

According to this article -- -- an ex-member of Desteni reports that sex partners are arranged by the leaders for visitors to the Desteni farm, threesomes take place there regularly, Poolman is very much into free love and he and Esteni De Wet and Sunette Spies live together in a three-way sexual relationship.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out another blog that had some good point about this cult. It would be great for you to get permission to repost it hear (where I think you have a bigger readership).

Anonymous said...

They should go the route of the Oneidas. Those people had it right, though it was still weird and creepy. Good silverware, however.

Anonymous said...

What bullocks.
Those questions came as a fun thing to do when one shaved the head, answering such questions. If you get problems with answering those, then WOW you must have problems with the thoughts you get in your mind.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Re: the previous comment:

No-one writing or commenting at this blog has said they have problems answering questions on those "cards".

It is obvious that they have been reproduced to illustrate the absurd Desteni attitudes to sex, as they appear alongside the link to the video at and are contrasted with bizarre Destonian beliefs such as that rape is caused by sexual fantasy in non-rapists, or that viewing porn or having sexual fantasies constitutes rape.

Anonymous said...

wow, interesting the anonymous above, trying to say something using wrong words.
anyway, i like sexual fantasies, but i never rape no one, the science never prove that before, after all, they create their won cult, were they contradict everything.

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