Saturday 28 May 2016

Desteni, UFOs and Illuminati Conspiracies

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No Destonian has ever appeared on video talking to a non-member of the group about Desteni. Until now...

TechnoTutor UK director and long-time Destonian, Marley Dawkins, appeared May 4
th, in a video discussing Desteni at the YouTube channel of the Bases Project, run by 'UFO researcher', Miles Johnston.

Dawkins repeats the fantasies of Desteni's 'History of Mankind' and the idiotic 'interdimensional portal'. He recommends the group's crude self-help techniques.

Time is running out for the human species, says Dawkins, but by pooling their money the members of Desteni will be able to save the planet from destruction.

The video is the second in a series of three featuring Dawkins and hosted by Johnston.

the first, Dawkins claims his grandfather worked for the British electronics, defence and telecommunications company, Plessey, and other un-named companies, and was a scientist, an occultist and supporter of the Nazis.

Dawkins says his grandfather told him all about the building of UFOs, underground species, Nazi occult myths, the creation of giant spiders like in Marvel comics, and how 'Non Human Cyborg Units' were developed by the military in World War II.

Dawkins' third video with Johnston concerns
Donald Marshall, who posted on Facebook in 2011 stating that he'd been cloned, tortured and abused by the Illuminati, which some believe is an elite group that rules the world.

Marshall has gained notoriety for this and other outlandish claims, such as that using a special technology that can record thoughts he composed songs for famous music artists such as Beyonce and Megadeth.

Dawkins states that everything Marshall talks about is factual.

He was friends with Marshall for some years, but now believes that he has become erratic and abusive.

Johnston appears to agree.

Johnston was a founder of what the Daily Mirror newspaper called 
Britain's Weirdest Support Group, featured in a Channel 4 TV show called 'Confessions of an Alien Abductee' which according to the Guardian 'exploited its unfortunate subjects'. 

Johnston has been criticised for signing up with the company that made the TV show for Channel 4, Plum Pictures.

UFO researcher, Richard D. Hall, is of the view that Miles Johnston 'promotes fantasists and people who are delusional'.

The membership count of the Desteni group at present remains as it was in 2010: at around 100 people, not all of whom are active participants.

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