Saturday 17 December 2011

The Truth Of Desteni


A strange group of people lead by a guru and teacher who preaches equality while asking for as many donations as possible, Bernard Poolman, the leader, is said to be self-honest and speaks pure common-sense while also being incapible of telling a lie since moving passed his personality.

In desteni, Bernard can never be wrong, can never be counteracted, and how this group became well know to many on YouTube was by the acting skills of a young woman, the woman, Sunette Spies, became know as the interdimensional portal, later she became the teacher for the Desteni 4 year educational program, while acting as the portal she claimed to leave her body while another being takes over her body to speak, such beings included Hitler, L Ron Hubbard, a vibrator, a gun, and various forms and people.

The Desteni cult used donation scams, money tiding systems, a basic pyramid scheme, and they still use such systems, although the main channels of Desteni were deleted by YouTube due to breaches of terms of service.


Anonymous said...

why they contradict themeself so much, like theres a god, no there isnt, there are dimensions , no they arent why if they don belive in ovnis, aliens, chakras, and all this shit they talk about it and they say things like there is no afterlife and in other vids there is reencarnetion and karma and things like that, iam crazy or they are, cuz seems like anybody see this contradictions and ilogic...

Desteni Cult blog said...

The reason Desteni make illogical and contradictory statements on New Age or spiritual subjects is because all their ideas are based on a skewed attempt to re-interpret New Age or spiritual subjects.

They imagine that Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies were party to the "deletion" of "heaven" and for example, they will say that reincarnation used to occur in the past but it does not any longer, or "ascended masters" used to exist but not any more.

So you will hear them talk about such things as though they were real then at other times as though they were false, or it will be unclear one way or another. Then they say nonsensical things like they have access to an "interdimensional portal" which shows people how to live "in the physical".

All of it is designed to fascinate and thereby manipulate and control people who tend to be impressed by such things. Confusion is part of the trick.

Anonymous said...

why confusion ? how it helps to the scams ?, also why they say that this mits and belives exist in the past if they say that all religions are wrong then why they just say this things never exist...

how poolman and sunnete "delete" heaven how they eliminate other belives are they suposed to be gods in that case why they create this things in the begining jaja sorry if i annoy you but this is so ilogical also sorry my inglish...

this interdimensional shit is funny cuz they say theres no more than physical and then that there is this other "dimension" were you suffer and all knolege is there if thats so how science havent know somthing or other people...


Desteni Cult blog said...

Why confusion? Well, to control a person against their will you have to confuse them first to make them incapable of independent thought or action.

Cults use confusion to keep the followers dependent on belonging to the group for guidance. It is a way of manipulating people using irrational contradictions and false paradoxes. They say you must transcend the mind, so they present nonsensical ideas that seem almost impossible to understand except by the leaders.

The group members think they must not think, and to keep them in that state they are given more confusing information. It helps to keep them obedient so that they will just promote the scams without asking questions.

Anonymous said...

they are like some religions, sad they have this idea equal money sistem cuz i like that idea but whitno desteni, resorse based economy is better, the only true things in desteni is that money is a sistem of abuse to the rich so they get more power...

have you found other crazy cults,religions out there ? cuz i like to estudy people like this also is fun jaja, i have found some solipstic guy in youtube that creates his religion todianism but is in spanish is very fun well see ya

Desteni Cult blog said...

Any alternative to capitalism is more realistic and workable than "equal money system" which is just a rotten scam to make money for a select group of people.

Obviously rich people with power abuse it and if everyone had a guaranteed basic income there would be no poverty and starvation, but that's not going to come about when it means obeying the ridiculous rules of some obscure sect running a multi-level marketing scheme.

There are hundreds more crazy cults out there, many of them far more slick and professional than Desteni.

Here are links to interesting blogs about two other cults...

All very fun to study, yes ;)

Anonymous said...

Well this guys are impressive, everytime i search for something agains't EMS the internet only shows good things about... they.
Is like this fucking shit is invicible, what we should do? Kill POOLMAN!!Someone goes to Africa and kill that son of bitch.

Anonymous said...

Heads up: I suspect this anonymous person that is postins "kill poolman" is a Desteni member who is trying to make the discussion go down hill. I really do not think it's appropriate for these comments to be allowed. Name calling and death threats is not the answer (that is exactly what they do). Please moderate.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Re: the last comment:

Yes, it could well be that the individual posting 'kill Poolman' is a Desteni member trying to make it seem like critics of Desteni would be so unstable and stupid as to issue death threats.

Just to make it clear: the editors of this blog do regard Bernard Poolman and the Desteni group as suitable for biting criticism, satire and good-humoured mockery (for obvious reasons), but we do not condone or encourage in any way pointless insults or expressions of violent or murderous intent towards them.

Comments are being moderated from now on so that discussion or debate can proceed in a reasonably civil manner. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Attetion EMS means Equal money system, not your blog.
But for yes or not, they are going to far to be true. Why shave the head, i can se and show the suffering in the world for the people without shave my hair.

-Totalitary system
-gods of the unviverse
-Convinced people

Witch all that money is not necessary work, and yea i agree with you, Obviously rich people with power abuse it.
We have reached a point where all that money is simply inconvenient and unattractive is unnecessary. Why so much money for nothing?
WE humans are not conditioned to live in a monetary system. We can live in other systems.
The money is a old history, you can produce all the money of the world but the food will be allways in small quantities. Is not money what the people eat.
I still agree with anonymous above resorse based economy is better.
There is proves that money is sometimes worst than drugs. you can search if you whant about that, but know that before i search about that.
Bernard's try to be someone, but is just a cult, he is not god to know what he think, he is only a bald man and crazy.
I allways see bald people are crazy people. :/

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