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Desteni anti-Matrix, Hitler’s Zion

0rdo Templi Aurora

Matrix Revolutions: Zion dock

The story of the land given by God
to the Israelites, described in the Hebrew Bible as the Promised Land or Zion is a facet of theology that occurs in various contexts, including African Independent Churches, the Rastafari movement and Mormonism, as well as the political movement for a sovereign Jewish homeland known as Zionism.

The Wachowski Brothers' Matrix franchise inspired by Gnosticism and cyberpunk depicts a science-fiction universe in which a machine-driven simulated reality imposes upon characters in the stories. In the Matrix Revolutions movie, Zion is an underground city of resistance against the domination of artificial lifeforms; the last place of human refuge on planet Earth.

This term, ‘the matrix’, has been taken from the Wachowski Brothers' movies and appropriated by conspiracy theory culture. There it is used as a metaphor to signify combined inter-related forces of a Zionist political elite run by the Illuminati and/or inter-dimensional, predominantly Jewish reptilian aliens as they conspire to force upon citizens the false reality of a globalist, fascistic so-called New World Order.

The mainly pseudo-historical connections between Nazism and the occult explored in popular books such as The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier and The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, have been taken on by some neo-Nazi groups since the 1960s. These groups centre their beliefs and practices around the mythology of what has come to be known as the Nazi Mysteries. In this mythology, also called Esoteric Hitlerism or occult fascism, Adolf Hitler is viewed as a discarnate demonic entity holding the key to world domination. 

Adolf Hitler is regarded by the Desteni group of South Africa as a supreme example of ‘self-forgiveness’. Central to the Destonians' way of life is the story that Bernard Poolman taught ‘self-forgiveness’ to Hitler when he spoke with him through an interdimensional portal to ‘Demon Dimensions’ (Hitler Part 9 - The Interdimensional Portal, I Am Hitler by Bernard Poolman, deleted from but archived here). While using the name, ‘MyKey’ to refer to Hitler, Poolman portrays the Nazi leader as an all-powerful demon. This is a type of Nazi Mysticism peculiar to Desteni.

On the Desteni farm
, such lunatic fringe beliefs and practices are indulged in as if they were true or reasonable. It is widely recognised that Hitler believed he was forgiven for ordering the destruction of Jewish people and others he regarded as sub-human, although he generally isn't admired for it. But amongst Destonians there is the distinct inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

In his article, Hitler and Forgiveness (which the Desteni group recently removed from their website but which was re-published at the Cult Education Forum), Bernard Poolman wrote:

NOW – NO MORE. Hear me. This is it. Man is presented this last opportunity to stop. Those that do, may enter peace. Those that don't, death will be the director. The after death experience is now as follows; Each being is placed in a cocoon of your self created reality throughout all existence and you must face it alone into infinity if necessary. This could be equated to the 40 years in the desert of the Israelites/Is real lights.
That is a Biblical reference to the Israelites' journey to the Promised Land, Zion. For the Destonians, the Desteni farm represents a refuge away from what they call ‘the current system of abuse’ or ‘the Matrix’ where the elite rule and ‘demons of the mind’ prevail. ‘The Matrix’ movies are favourites of Bernard Poolman and the Destonians. Going home after visiting the Desteni farm, Destonians casually refer to it as ‘returning to the Matrix’.

The crude political agenda of the equal money system, however absurd and nonsensical it is, appears to be in defence of a virtual sovereign nation-state of the land of Destonia as it takes dominion over the world to become a global New World Order founded on the tenets of Desteni. In striving towards world domination with their equal money system, promised to them by Bernard Poolman's psychotic visions in which he purified heaven to bring it to earth, the Destonians often refer to their dream of a four-year conscription period of Equal Labour. Equal Labour is imagined as taking place on farms or work camps, referred to by Poolman using the incorrect plural, kibbutzes.

Farm settlements going by the Hebrew name, kibbutzim are inextricably tied to recent Jewish history and the Zionist movement in
Israel. The word, ‘kibbutz’ has no relevant context or meaning except in relation to Jewish history. Poolman’s hijacking of the word, ‘kibbutz’, through its association with his organisation, which promotes the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, appears as deliberate mockery of the Jewish people. At the same time it is as though Poolman views the Destonians as a persecuted minority with the right to self-determination.

Nazi eugenics propaganda poster

The land on which these ‘kibbutzes’ or work camps would be built would be host to the Destonians'
very own eugenics programme (no doubt dedicated to eliminating those they call unworthy of life and what Poolman calls the Jewish Principle of Profit from the Human Nature), and like the current Desteni farm, would constitute the Destonians' Promised Land, an anti-Matrix, another Zion: the Land of Destonia.

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Anonymous said...

Ordo Templi Aurora,
This post is well worth the wait! Excellent. Very carefully describing the hopes of Desteni, ie: Bernard Poolman.
Thanks so much for explaining this Desteni's goal to a newcomer.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Cheers. Scratch the surface and you find that the Desteni world-view is completely insane.

Any Destonians should be aware that everything we have written here is entirely supported by actual statements made by the Desteni group.

They promote the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler and the idea that Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies have been in contact with the dead Nazi leader. They make it plain that their goal is to expand their field of operations by purchasing farms to use as work camps. They state they aim to enter government world-wide and will practise eugenics.

These are the facts. Anyone joining the group risks their own sanity.

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Anonymous said...

Could this kind of new psicosect-cult is originated by cleargreen(the sect created by castaneda) or some people related with the castaneda-toltecs'path in a sort of chamaleon-marketing-strategy?
Thanks for answering

Desteni Cult blog said...

There is no connection between Desteni and Cleargreen.

Info on Castaneda:

Anonymous said...

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Desteni Cult blog said...

As stated on the 'About' page, editors of this blog are not available for email correspondence.

Please feel free to leave comments for discussion.

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