Saturday 31 October 2015

TechnoTutor and Neothink® Tools for Money, Power and Romantic Love

Ivan Rauscher

[Update Aug 2017: The Desteni group appears to have cut ties with the US-based TechnoTutor company, therefore it is likely to have also cut any ties with Neothink. The following article serves as a record of events.]

Members of the Desteni / Equal Life Foundation channelling sect are venturing beyond the confines of the Desteni Universe. 

They are making significant affiliations with individuals whose background is with the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

And as the Destonians branch out further they are associating with other ideologies and organisations, specifically to do with the Destonian-run business, TechnoTutor LLC.

Destonian and TechnoTutor LLC co-founder, Cameron Cope, said recently in a YouTube video that 'the tools or the realization that they are a creator' are being given to people through TechnoTutor, Desteni, GIN and Neothink.

The Global Information Network (GIN) is a Multi-Level Marketing scam started by fraudster and convicted felon, Kevin Trudeau. 

Several Destonians already market the TechnoTutor 'business opportunity' through GIN, and Cope has recommended that they all join the scam to help sell the Desteni I Process. 

But what is Neothink?

Neothink purports to be inspired by Ayn Rand's Objectivism (although Objectivists might object) and is said to be 'The Most Effective Self-Improvement Program For Individuals In the History of Mankind'.

Disshevelled playboy, Mr. Mark Hamilton, is mentioned throughout material published by the organisation as the 'genius' behind Neothink and a paragon of 'civilization'. 

Here is a video of Hamilton from 2010 outlining what the Neothink Society is 'really':

The Neothink Society offers 'tools' for 'perfect health', 'millionaire wealth', 'superior intelligence', the 'hottest romantic love techniques since the golden age of Greece' and biological immortality. 

It promises all this through its secret society of secret wisdom, the members of which it claims are 'the rich, the famous, the powerful', and include the 'crème de la crème of society, famous sports and movie stars, musicians, billionaires, businessmen, intellectuals and scientists'.

Neothink has appeared under other names, such as Nouveau Tech, Novatech or usually, Neo-Tech®, and since the 1980s has used junk mail to persuade desperate or gullible people to buy books at inflated prices. 

In May 2000, Neo-Tech was the subject of an Advertising Standards Authority ruling in the UK, as it was unable to provide proof of its ludicrous claims. 

Here's another of Hamilton's videos on the Neothink Clubhouse experience:

Neo-Tech was started by Hamilton's father, Frank R. Wallace who died in 2006. 

According to one source, when Wallace was in prison for federal tax crimes in the 1990s he met TV infomercial scammer, Kevin Trudeau, who was in for credit card fraud.

Neothink is, like Trudeau's GIN, another cheesy Multi-Level Marketing scheme. GIN is to a large extent modelled on Neothink, and Hamilton has apparently made more money out of GIN than anyone else. 

See: Kevin Trudeau + Mark Hamilton = GIN with a twist of Neo-stink and related posts at Whirled Musings.

As Destonians already market TechnoTutor via GIN, and there are shared interests between GIN and Neothink, it follows that TechnoTutor should also be marketed via the Neothink Society. 

Destonian and TechnoTutor LLC co-founder, Avery Williams, has supported both GIN and Neothink for years. 

At a Neothink site, another Destonian suggested that if you buy TechnoTutor for your child it will develop their vocabulary and therefore enable them to earn lots of money for your family, and that TechnoTutor is in line with the 'C of the U', which means 'Civilization of the Universe' or Neothink.

Like the Desteni Equal Life Foundation's fake political 'proposal', the Living Income Guaranteed, which is a front for the sale of Desteni products and courses, Neothinkers have their own political gimmick: the 'libertarian' Twelve Visions Party, which is a front for Neothink. 

Its slogan is, 'Make All the People Rich Including the Poor!'.

And like Desteni, Neothinkers sing horrible rap songs about how they will solve the world's problems and bring happiness, peace and prosperity to all.

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Anonymous said...

Unlike a cult, Twelve Visions Party is not harmful at all. It teaches that prosperity, life extension, etc, can only come about through the hard work of starting businesses that generates wealth and scientific advances. And yes, the books are as expensive as college textbooks. Many people who read these books are people who previously lived a mediocre existence and go on to be very successful business people. TVP is a totally benign organization. It is admittedly marketed in a way intended to attract people who might otherwise be drawn to cults. However when you look deeper, what you find what they are teaching is the opposite of cultism. They're teaching people to reject cult ways of thinking, reject the idea of self sacrifice for higher causes than oneself, and become individualist self-interested greedy capitalists $$$. And a theme is that if society rejects violence as a way of obtaining wealth and everyone becomes capitalist entrepreneurs, then business and prosperity will flourish, world poverty will be eliminated, and scientific advances will bring about indefinite life extension (this is what is known as the "Civilization of the Universe.") That's obviously true.

I rate TVP as not a a scam, though looks like one on the surface.

Desteni Cult blog said...

So the 12 Visions Party (NeoThink) is not a scam even though it looks like one. It sells expensive books to people who would otherwise just be mediocre and join a cult. It is a benign organization of peace-loving, individualist, self-interested, greedy capitalists who are very successful and are seeking immortality. Glad we got that cleared up.

Anonymous said...

wrong, it is a sca because people who are in it are the scammers...however the literature that they sell and teach to their members through integrating with the neothink business structure...not to be confused with the neothink companhy. Who posts this stuff anyways?

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