Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Desteni tools: Destonians

Ivan Rauscher

A question that might occur to anyone presented with the notion of equal money is: How will you make those in power give away their current position to implement Equal Money?

Desteni fanatic and minor YouTube celebrity, Lindsay Lee Craver has attempted a reply.

She says those in power are living an illusion. Their power is fading and the capitalist system is collapsing. She gives no specifics. She states that 'equal money' can be adopted as a global 'system' when enough people heed the call to stand as 'Living Gods' and join Desteni.

A graphic by Matti Freeman (who about a year ago made a YouTube video called 'Hitler was World's Greatest Activist' which he deleted) illustrates Craver's article, showing the infantile us-and-them, sectarian groupthink attitude of the Destonians.

(click for large image)

The so-called 'Desteni tools' of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, breathing and writing, as recommended by Craver, Freeman and the core group in South Africa, have nothing to do with world economics or equality.

Anyone with the need to forgive themselves for any wrong they've done or be honest with themselves does not have to confess it all to strangers and publish it on the web. Nobody needs to 'join Desteni' to breathe or practice breath awareness, write or keep a journal. In fact, nobody has to take part in any of these things to take part in life or be responsible.

These 'tools' are for the sole purpose of extracting information from, and taking psychological control over potential or actual Destonians so they can be coerced into focussing their whole lives around giving money to and promoting Desteni and its various scams.

People like Lindsay Lee Craver and Matti Freeman have fashioned themselves into loyal drone workers for the Desteni for-profit capitalist business, to the 'exlusion' of other concerns. All of it is on the promise of 'heaven on earth', a delusion inspired by their 'life coach', Bernard Poolman.

Craver's answer to the question, How will you make those in power give away their current position to implement Equal Money? is Destenispeak doubletalk. She gets nowhere near explaining anything about the implementation of any global monetary system. None of the Destonians ever do.

This is because 'equal money system' is an advertising slogan for an internet scam that misleads its audience by creating the false impression that 'joining Desteni' is supposed to be for a good cause to help those less fortunate and solve problems of world poverty and starvation. At a time of economic instability, equal money system preys on people's financial and personal insecurities and their desire to help others.

The promotion of 'equal money system' is fraudulent. Anyone who buys into it loses their autonomy and instead pays money to, and serves the insane demands of those in power in the Desteni organisation: primarily, Bernard Poolman and his 'portal', Sunette Spies, who suggest such ridiculous things as that one must get rid of thoughts, feelings and emotions to become equal. 

The real 'tools' of the Desteni money system are the Destonians. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Perfect description of the foolish idea of an equal money system existing and working. Thank you.

destenicult said...

Thanks for the comment :)

We'd have to ask, if 'equal money system' is an important new monetary system for world equality, then why is it not discussed and debated in the mainstream or alternative media and why is it only advocated by members of Desteni?

danmalara said...

An equal money system threatens what is comfortable/known to us. Also, from a fiscally sound, self-interest perspective it is not desirable. It's like there are "Agent Smiths" in all of our minds, taking over as needed to protect the current system. For example, you're passion to debunk desteni is an ego charge. You can tell this by your reactive feeling, followed by an elaborate mental gymnastic that protects against the uncomfortable feeling. Step down dude, check yourself.

destenicult said...

@danmalara Thanks for your nice comments on my writing :)

The ridiculous fantasy of 'equal money system' does not threaten ANY financial, personal or political situation for anyone at all -- except the Destonians. It is their current system.

- Ivan

Anonymous said...

Funny to see Destonians quoting make-believe films! Fantasy is not reality. Debunking a scam is quite a virtuous thing to do. Allowing people to escape the grips of some narcissistic delusional person that is messing with people's ability to think for themselves (not to mention being financially taking advantage of...). It's ridiculous to use "reactive feeling" as evidence, since so many Destonians themselves have massive emotional reactions to ANYONE even asking questions that challenge their group think. Emotions are a normal part of life and trying to tone them down or use them as an excuse to divert from the real issue (as in Danmalara's comment) is dumb. Here he is saying, "you're being emotional so you must be rationalizing and we're right." This not a form of evidence or logic. I think he needs to step down from la-la land and learn not to use such obvious fallacies. But then again, Desteni encourages overly simplistic ways of seeing the world that don't encourage critical thinking.

destenicult said...

Of course emotions are a normal part of life, but danmalara writes in Destenispeak, so one must make allowances. Destonians communicate by characterising emotions, ego or the mind as evil. Inevitably this entails at some point using 'the Matrix' as an analogy, same as conspiracy theorists.

Because Desteni material is essentially comprised of absurd nonsense and this blog gives reasonable descriptions of it, which are not entirely serious although they might appear to be, then to a Destonian that will most probably feel like a bit of a mental work-out. They have to protect themselves from mental or emotional activity because they are supposed to remain 'in the physical' and just repeat information found at and associated websites and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

If danmalara is using Destenispeak, then can one assume he is writing to his own audience? It really doesn't make sense to anyone else.

destenicult said...

Yes, the main way Destonians communicate is by reproducing the pointless jargon and notions like, 'those who don't support EMS are protecting the current system of abuse' etc. The apparent conversation evolves as it is steered by information published by the core group in SA.

To someone encountering it for the first time it might seem like Destonians are trying to engage in a reasonable dialogue, but it soon becomes clear that no exchange is possible unless the person agrees the catch phrases and slogans are meaningful and starts repeating them.

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