Monday 30 July 2012

Equal Money Journey to LIES

The Desteni Equal Money System Website was re-launched on April 14th this year. One of its main functions is to register 'votes' for Desteni Equal Money 'policies'. At the time of writing, end of July, the most votes for a given policy is only 435.

There are around 100-150 people actively involved in promoting the Desteni Equal Money System. One might expect that 100-150 people, all of whom are constantly blogging and v-logging, could in three months gain the interest of a lot more than 400 or so others?  

But, no. The Desteni Equal Money System is a sham and the Destonians know it better than anyone else. That's why these days they are far more interested in detracting from it with their 'Journey to Life', where they confabulate blogs made up of endless paragraphs beginning with 'I forgive myself for allowing and accepting...' etc., liberally peppered with links to Desteni products for sale at  

Their 'Journey to Life' is of course dictated by their guru, Bernard (Creation) Poolman, the main man in Desteni, whose Creation's Journey to Life blog contains such gems of gobbledegook as:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Liefe on Earth is One BIG LIE Built through Smaller Lies that are accepted and allowed so that the Big Lie seems too Big to Ever challenge, instead of Looking at the Small Lies and see How these Small Lies Built the Character of the Big Lie as Human Nature that is too Weak and Sinful to Ever Change.

In another post he writes:

I commit myself to SHOW that it is Possible to understand in Actual detail Exactly How All of Creation Functions and thus to Be the One that Determines How Life on Earth will be Lived. 

The Destonians' blogs are also inspired by blogs of Poolman's two main cohorts, Sunette (Heaven) Spies and Esteni (Earth) De Wet. 

As for the claim made on the Equal Money website that

The Equal Money System (EMS)' ...'project is managed and directed under the auspices of the Equal Life Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization, constituted under South African Law, duly audited as per legal requirements

this post at the Cult Education Forum suggests that the Desteni Equal Life Foundation may quite possibly be operating illegally:

At it states that Equal Life Foundation is a "Non-Profit Organization". 
A Non-Profit Company and a Non-Profit Organization are two different things. Equal Life Foundation is not a "Non-Profit Organization". It is in fact registered as a Non-Profit Company. This is confirmed by a search at 
At a Non-profit Company (NPC) is defined as: 
A company incorporated for public benefit or other object relating to one or more cultural or social activities, or communal or group interests; and
The income and property of which are not distributable to its incorporators, members, directors, officers or persons related to any of them.
Read more:,62042,112520#msg-112520

Income of the Equal Life Foundation is distributed to its incorporators, members, directors or officers because Eqafe products are sold via an Affiliate Program where profits from sales are distributed amongst representatives of the Equal Life Foundation; that is the Destonians.

At the 'About' page, 'The main object for which the' Equal Life Foundation 'Company is formed' is described as in order:
to undertake research and education in the areas of: 
Leadership Skills Development 
Food Production and Management 
Environmental Studies 
Educational Curriculum Software Development 
Equal Economic Remodelling 
Global Warming Solutions 
Group Behaviour 
And other areas related to the promotion and establishment of equal rights on a global scale.

All of which refers to Desteni profit-making projects such as the Desteni I Process, which is a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme (so-called Leadership Skills Development and Psychology), sale of working holidays at the Desteni Ranch (Food Production and Management and Environmental Studies), and the sale of Techno-Tutor software (Educational Curriculum Software Development @ €2,490 a shot) and Journey to Life blogging and v-logging which is to promote Desteni on the Internet under the pretense of being about global 'equal Economic Remodelling' and 'Equal Rights'.

The Equal Life Foundation does not appear in any way to be a Non-Profit Organisation or Company. It seems to be in order to make money for and distribute income amongst 'Destonians', those persons who finance and support the core Desteni group, that is Bernard (Creation) Poolman, Sunette (Heaven) Spies and Esteni (Earth) De Wet.

If any Destonians can prove that Equal Life Foundation is in fact a Non-Profit-making company or organization and does NOT distribute income amongst its 'incorporators, members, directors, officers or persons related to any of them', they are welcome, and if so the above statements will be retracted and this post deleted.


Anonymous said...

Excellent report.

Anonymous said...

the things as stopped after sometime, what is happening? the cult can't andle much longer the true?
i was trying to see on facebook the oficial page from them, but the page no longer is there, or my search facebook engine don't recognize anymore them, something is happening, one way or another...

Desteni Cult blog said...

Yes, over the past few months or so they have gradually begun to have less of a public profile than before, and it seems deliberate. There could be a number of reasons for this. We''ll see...

Anonymous said...

Desteni is just a cult nothing more and nothing else with no real impact or usefulness. They just want to manipulate and lie over anything to get attention. They are basicaly attention-ego driven whores.

Desteni will not give you job, more money, health or fun. Everyone needs to figure this out on his own and no stupid cult can "save" anyone. They ban critics, they are no specialists/experts on any field so they are imcompetent.

I pity all people who got hooked to this nonsense with no practical meaning. They want to create confusion and appeal as "good masters" or "jedi knights", however, their "logic" has so many flaws that it is just ridiculous.

And if Poolman is so unbelivably aware of himself and everything around him, he would start to trade on the financial markets like equities, futures, forex or other various derivates or bond markets where is the most liquidity and thus the most potential for profit which he could eventually use for helping others and creating better society.

Its simple as that.

But instead he manipulates, lies, create confusion and deliberatly abuse other people.

Its beyond silly actually.


Desteni Cult blog said...

It was reported by the South African newspaper Sondag 19th Sept 2011 that according to an ex Desteni member Poolman 'loves gambling'...,62042,105662#msg-105662

Around the same time, Poolman released a video (deleted after YouTube banned Desteni channels) called 'Process Support – Mixing Work and Pleasure' in which he recommended Destonians should play in online poker tournaments.,62042,92210#msg-92210

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