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Bernard Poolman, Satanic Cult Leader?

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[Please note: Bernard Poolman reportedly died Aug 2013. The following article is mainly in reference to speeches by him at the BernardPoolman channel which was terminated by YouTube in August 2011. See this post: Desteni YouTube accounts terminated. Some of Poolman's other videos are still available, including several at EqualMoney101 and The History of Desteni and Demons series.]

The Devil Himself

In June 2011, a member of the Introduction to Desteni forum, Greg Klette wrote

Well it was back in 2003/2004 when I first met Bernard and Esteni .I was at a loose end and I was invited by a friend, Ceanlia Vermeulen to a demonstration of the educational software programme that Bernard and his gang had developed. The demonstration took place back at his house in kloof, durban.
Bernard was busy researching, certain aspects of the mind / life and having various experimental sessions with a number of people, so a lot of ill-informed had bad opinions and a lot of negative comments on the whole situation. I even heard some people calling him the devil himself.

So, before Desteni was officially launched and as they have since the project began in 2007 on various forums and in YouTube comments people were identifying Bernard Poolman and Desteni with the Devil himself. Yet this is not entirely due to subjective perceptions. Poolman’s own statements have him affecting a mock devilish persona. He self-consciously flirts with a hackneyed, superstitious image of ‘evil’, complete with maniacal laugh. He calls himself the Most Evil Man on Earth. 

Poolman often panders to Christian fundamentalist conspiracy theories by identifying Desteni with the so-called Satanic New World Order, suggesting microchip implants as a ‘final solution’ for inequality and those unworthy of life. In one of his speeches, Equal Money Practicality Expansion, he quotes the Bible to try and show how a future 666 ‘Mark of the Beast’ micro chipped totalitarian New World Order will be the anti-Christian Desteni ‘equal money system’. 

At the previous version of the Desteni public forum, which the group deleted, Poolman recommended a reading of burlesque master of Satanic ceremonies, Anton Szandor LaVey’s ‘The Book of Satan’ and ‘The Book of Lucifer’ from The Satanic Bible. The Desteni ‘portal, Sunette Spies has also claimed to speak on behalf of Anton LaVey in the afterlife’, as well as Satan and Lucifer.

LaVey’s philosophy of self-responsibility, opposition to God, kindness to those who deserve it, vengeance instead of turning the other cheek, no quarter given to psychic vampires, man as an animal and the prime focus on ‘the self’ may, to some degree, be relevant to the Desteni way of life. Like Satan in the Bible, Desteni is ‘in the physical’ or the material world rather than the spiritual. Desteni presents itself as the rightful ruler of the world. 

Under the heading, ‘Illuminating’,
(deleted) Desteni videos are presented at the Order of the Luciferian Sword website as by ‘our friends’ at Desteni. Luciferianism or Satanism, as propounded by groups like the Order of the Luciferian Sword, the Church of Satan and The Temple of Set may be a ‘cult of opposition’ to Christian religion and culture. Desteni also purports to stand in direct opposition to Christian religion and culture.

However, Satanism upholds individualism and celebrates liberty of ‘the self’ as sovereign above all other authorities, and Desteni regards individuality as evil and ‘the self’ as only ever real once demonology has rid it of ‘demon possession’ under strict authority and by means of the Desteni process. 

The cartoon of Poolman as Beast does look quite similar to the Baphomet or Devil of the Tarot cards.

Many Satanists follow the life and works of occultist and sex magickian, Aleister Crowley, who like Poolman was a keen reader of the Tarot and called himself ‘The Beast’. Aleister Crowley was another search term used by Sunette Spies to identify herself in videos promoting Poolman's ‘desteni’.

Sex Cult?

Perhaps Esteni De Wet, who was said to be Bernard the Beast's fiancée at the time, was his
Whore of Babalon, his Scarlet Woman when they plucked the febrile young Sunette Spies from obscurity and trained her in the arcane practice of ‘interdimensional portalling’? 

The South African newspaper Sondag reported on the 19th Sept 2011 that according to a former member of Desteni, Sunette Spies, Esteni De Wet and Bernard Poolman are in a three-way sexual relationship. In terms of Crowleyan occultism, this could be seen as a form of sex magick.

Bernard's world domination project for equal money has apparently been named after Esteni De Wet's first name with a D put before it, misspelling ‘destiny’. Maybe it's an attempt to impose magickal will to predetermine the outcome of world events, with Uncle Bernie as boss, his Scarlet Woman as chief collaborator and their younger lover in the role of High Priestess, while their disciples scuttle around that ménage à trois..?

Is Desteni a Bacchanalian sex cult? It seems unlikely. They are opposed to eroticism, intoxicants and pleasure. They recommend breath orgasm, a Tantric practice popular in New Age circles known as energy orgasm or also, breath orgasm, but this is unremarkable. All Desteni ideas are re-workings of New Age clichés.

It seems that sex in Desteni has more to do with social control than hedonism or outright sexual promiscuity. Destonians' sexual interactions appear to take place as more or less temporary one-on-one, formally assigned agreements. According to the Sondag article, these agreements are often arranged by life coaches, Poolman, De Wet, Spies and others. Again, this could be interpreted as sex magick, whereby the collective will is managed and consolidated by keeping sexual activities between chosen disciples without being wasted on outsiders, but it could just be petty social manipulation for the vicarious thrill of wielding power over other people's sex lives.

The Exorcist

In African culture the home is often regarded as a place where the living and good and bad spirits of the dead reside. At the Desteni farm in South Africa Desteni stands for
Direct Communication: with the dead in every moment, always with direct access. Thus the actual walking of the dead among the living.
In Poolman’s tales about how he started ‘desteni’, he confronted ‘demons’ and had them ‘purified’. This might be similar to how an African shaman or witchdoctor would banish evil spirits, except the Desteni Exorcist refers, not necessarily to supernatural demons but demons of the mind; by any other name, evil spirits. 

African tribal culture is steeped in stories about the dead, the afterlife, demons and demon possession. Although it sometimes incorporates Christian beliefs, some Christians would believe African shamanism to be Satanic. Poolman has mentioned his associations with Zulu shamans and all of this seems to be an oblique influence on his ridiculous ‘desteni’ world domination project. 

In Demons and Water, he talks about humans being possessed by demonic forces and declares that Desteni will scare you shitless. On the Desteni funny farm, exorcism is a daily occurrence, but it all seems to revolve around Poolman's ideas on controlling ‘The Mind’.

A large part of the Destonians' outreach programme is aimed at an audience with a fascination for demon possession, Satanism and the paranormal. At their demonology website, visitors are invited to exorcise themselves of ‘demon possession’ to find ‘self-forgiveness’ in Desteni, which is said to be the Second Coming and embodying the true (as opposed to the Christian) message of Jesus.

Uncle Bernie the Desteni Exorcist says: The Love of Jesus and Hitler Changed the World.

Satanist Disciple of Ex-Hitler

Donald Herman of South Africa describes Poolman as having a ‘satanist background’ and being a ‘student, follower and disciple of Hitler’ with a ‘background of intense contact with Adolph Hitler’.

‘Ex-Hitler’ is Herman’s name for the ‘being’ who was the real Hitler that is
now, according to Herman, inciting Armageddon. He refers to Sunette Spies as Hitler’s lover, Eva Braun. Donald Herman stayed at the Desteni farm in 2007. Many of his views and interests are strikingly similar to Poolman's but he vehemently asserts that Poolman has evil intentions and a special connection with Adolf Hitler
For BP, student, follower and disciple of Hitler and the ex demons of the “Underworld”, all goes around control; and he is successfully expanding his influence and control via active, full time internet and UTube interaction, under earth-human and various names. He is aggressive, self assured, well informed and highly intelligent. Now into big bucks, as our Rand in South Africa is worth seven times less than a/your Dollar. So, he is making money and expanding his power, control and influence, via the portal contact idea, which he and S is not fooling.
 I wrote this for an internet site:
 (1) I met up with an outstanding person (BP), highly knowledgeable, but I always got a looming/threatening realization of grotesque EVIL, from his eyes, his styles, insinuations…him being powerful…etc. He, it appeared, is into CONTROLLING others, always planning & seeking it, as if it is his life’s task and compulsion.

Herman describes how a ‘possession attempt’ was made on him at the Desteni Farm and writes that Poolman 
was and is a gross Hitler partner, a dark spirit of experience, an occult know-how and user of it TO POSSESS, CONTROL and ENSLAVE PEOPLE; and he has now (2007>?) decided to go public and play big: that is as far as he is prepared to show himself…not his face, birth name or spiritual/4-D name. Of course all will be hidden behind masked, carefully planned usage (abuse) of spirituality. This ex Hitler told me himself, then a few years back, when I was lead to start contacting other dimensions and Yonder/4-D, saying he has decided to go into spirituality the next time around.

It seems that the absurd Desteni bid for world domination is, according to Donald Herman, because Poolman ‘is into ex Hitler's new, proposed control plan of earth-humans’.


Whether or not Mr. Poolman has a Satanist background or been involved in Satanist groups in the past can't be verified. But Donald Herman is certainly quite accurate when he says that Poolman is an ‘occult know-how’, an admirer of Adolf Hitler employing a ‘planned usage (abuse) of spirituality and that his main ambition is the manipulation of others.

Poolman and Desteni frequently allude to demonic power and evil as well as sci-fi, alien reptilians and non-existent otherworldly dimensions of inner and outer space. They operate under the vague pretence of a destructive rhetoric that is supposed to appeal to a spirit of rebellion but makes a very lame and rather embarrassing and futile attempt at opposing Christian and capitalist cultures. Poolman's disciples advertise his business selling holidays on the Desteni farm and a consumerist ‘lifestyle product’ within extremely narrow boundaries

All their efforts are taken up with parroting buzz words about a fantasy of salvation through equal money and the practice of self-suppression they call self-forgiveness. Destonians openly admit they are living in denial of their own free speech, individuality, self-belief, thought and imagination. They refuse to take part in direct action and won't engage with the political situation. They are passive consumers placing faith in the pointless hope that one day, as a result of v-logging and blogging for the Desteni brand, they will somehow gain the popular vote, get into power and save the world.

Some Christians or New Age conspiracy theorists may imagine Desteni is evil or Satanic, but the
seemingly Satanic element is just one amongst many plagiarisms and derivations of spirituality, New Age philosophy and occultism which comprise the deranged fantasy world peddled by Bernard Poolman. Occultism and the New Age is most often the province of megalomaniac charlatans and purveyors of correspondence courses in ‘self-mastery’, just like the Desteni I Process consumer ‘lifestyle product’

All the talk in Desteni about conducting research into the spectrum of human experience from sex to money to religion to politics is improvised for effect merely to draw whomever they can into visiting the Desteni farm, where the real action happens. Getting people to join their group is, after all, only a way for Poolman and his gang to ‘fascinate’, manipulate and control others online and on their home turf for their own entertainment.


Anonymous said...

all the inteligence of the world is not positive, if the people feel fascinated by what they say, that means they don't study to see the lies, and yet, they whant to follow, like if they have afraid to see their won illusions destroied.

Anonymous said...

its interesting your starting point to do not consider what is real, is like much information and knowledge irrelevant, don't knowing at your "enemy" only you are
lying to all

Desteni Cult blog said...

Re: the previous comment -- In accusing people of lying the least you can do is explain what lies you believe they have told.

The information considered in the post is in fact real -- most of it from Desteni websites. This can be verified as relevant links have been provided.

But you say it is irrelevant so what is the point of your comment?

matcho said...

interesting this basters, but i will not control my sexuality only because a bunch of paranoid people.
like you say anti-cult blog, many of the ideas, are from the new-age, nothing more, and they do not want your sex will be pointing as a defect in this text that I read, I consider some of the acts of desteni as a crime to society, as well as mind control, is currently concidered a crime, but in Africa, i don't know if that is a different case. Maybe africa was chosen, not only because the security is low (correct me if i am wrong) but because the area in africa is 1.221.037 km², the sufficient to make something stupid.
unfortunatly i saw the number on facebook growing a litle bit, as well, the introductors, may say lies to keep people atracted to their plan, then if desteni is destroyed, by police and and the discovery of mind control and brainwashing, belive me, those people will ruin their won life.

Anonymous said...

you know, i think the peroxide drink they are taking works like a hallucinogenic. but i don't have big sure, but worth the search.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Hydrogen peroxide is used as BLEACH. It is poisonous but not hallucinogenic.

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