Thursday 6 September 2012

Equal Money System Final Solution: Eugenics

It may come as a surprise to some, but according to Desteni and the Destonians, the implementation of their Equal Money System 'final solution' would entail a revival of the pseudo-science of eugenics.

One Destonian recommends it in a recent blog post entitled 2012: Eugenics is Evil or Best for All?  

Another writes about it in more detail in Eugenics is Best for All Life in Equality to which there is a point-by-point response at Destenigossip. Here's an extract from Marlen and eugenics - a disgusted review beginning with a quote from Destonian, Marlen Vargas Del Razo:

„Being blind, deaf, mentally ill, down syndrome and having any other congenital severe disorder that tampers the ability to live here are aspects that we would not want to live in/as placing ourselves in the shoes of someone that experiences such conditions for life.“

I call utter bullshit on that one. Someone‘s life is unbearable just because they‘re deaf or blind? Does she know anyone with such defects? Have they all told her how they wish they had never been born?
She should pray that no one of the blind and deaf community ever gets to hear about this. She just declared a large part of the worlds population, most of which are more useful members of society than she is, as practically ‚not worth living‘. This audacity is nothing but revolting. And that from a person who has neither been blind or deaf for a day in her life. One must assume though that if an accident should render her so, she‘d jump off a bridge the very instant. We shall remind her of it should that ever be the case.
Aside from that: People with downs are often the most happy, life-enjoying, self-expressing creatures. The only issue is with other people: They have to be taken care of, are an inconvenience. They are a burden, require time, energy, money, a special effort, just like other disabled people do. The problem is not with them, the problem is with those members of society who‘d rather pursue their own self-interest instead of taking care of another. Marlen has clearly positioned herself in this regard.

„Therefore if we see the common sense of preventing its propagation and actual correction then why not supporting eugenics? It’s a definitive crime to allow beings to come into this world with such caps to actually live.“

People with caps? Are you the fashion police now?
But we all know what she actually meant, despite her admittedly rather weird slang.
Again, denying disabled people the right to live. How about lazy bastards who could very well work and take care of themselves but instead waste their time blogging about their insignificant problems and leech off of others in an online money scheme? What is the difference between a paralysed or mentally disabled person and one who chooses not to lift a finger and train themselves to be so stupid they can be called nothing else but ‚retarded‘? One is lead to think that the second is infinitely worse, considering that they used their own free will to intentionally become a burden to society.

„The fact that eugenics is usually satanized through linking it with other ‘evil avatars’ such as Hitler is an example of how indoctrinated we are to not see the common sense that eugenics proposes.“

Hitler did exactly what ‚eugenics‘ suggested. It means ‚weeding out‘, ‚removing what you deem less‘, killing off what is in your opinion less than you. The Nazi regime went all the way and implemented concentration camps, they also force-sterilised people. When confronted with the inevitable ‚final solution‘, people realised that eugenics actually meant mass murder. There is no other way to put it. You can cut this bs about ‚evil avatars‘ like it is all some big misunderstanding. If genocide through euthanasia is what you mean with ‚common sense‘, just have the balls to say it. Don‘t be sure though that Bernard spares Latinos once it comes to it.

Read more at Destenigossip: Marlen and eugenics - a disgusted review

Despite all their 'equality' slogans, Marlen Vargas Del Razo, the author of Eugenics is Best for All Life in Equality and other Destonians, have no real concept of the principle of equality.  

Del Razo suggests that 'equality' means that not only should disabled people be denied a right to live but also that in her view 'certain races' have brought about 'the current inequality we have' and should be prevented from procreating. That is, 'certain races' ought to be sterilised on the grounds that they are deemed by Destonians to be 'unequal'.  

For more information on eugenics, see: War Against the Weak by Edwin Black 


The Locke said...

Didn't the Germans try this in the 1930's and 1940's?

Desteni Cult blog said...

Yes, but the Nazis got the idea from some Americans, and according to the Destonians if Nazi eugenics seems questionable then that is only really due to brainwashing by the reptilian mind control system. So one can 'join the dots', as they say in conspiracy theory land.

The Locke said...

I've noticed that a lot of conspiracy theorists tend to do that when they have no real evidence to back up there claims... Of course when they do try to "join the dots" it looks like they were on LSD when they did it?

Desteni Cult blog said...

@The Locke
That's what makes them intriguing. They entertain a fantasy world but lack the imagination to see that it's not real.

Destonians believe that some videos on the internet are of an interdimensional portal to 'self-forgiveness' beyond reptilian mind control and towards 'heaven on earth', 'self-purification', 'oneness', 'equality' etc.

Conspiracy theorists think that 'waking up' and 'joining the dots' of the New World Order Illuminati-Zionist plot to rule the world leads to 'the truth' that will 'set you free' as opposed to believing in 'disinformation' etc.

Both claim it is all about realising freedom for oneself when it is actually only buying into a pre-conceived fictitious dogma. Not much different to artificial ecstasy, salvation or oblivion induced by religious mythology or drug experiences.

Anonymous said...

Shit, they're on Eugenics now? Good god. Yeah, you know, not like the human body isn't readily adaptable in times of crisis. Ever read about the blind learning to move through echolocation? You'd think that would be birthing in the physical somehow. Pure utilization of ones abilities as given. Guess not.

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