Monday 23 April 2012

AntiCult Discussion #1 Desteni & other beliefs - Parts 11 - 16


Parts 11 - 16 of the Skype talk between XfinksX, FreeSpeech4tw & RobertWLester

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

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Ann said...

61 kilo's ;) 1m76
pants size 40 , shirt size 38 european.
Hardly anorexic


Desteni Cult blog said...

Certainly not. SpamAnn is not anorexic.

However, it is a well-known fact that many cult groups have strict dietary rules and some such as Desteni exert control over members by getting them to experiment with various ways of restricting their diet. They also restrict their sleep, which may have a debilitating effect making the cult members more receptive to manipulation.

In this video: Bernard Poolman describes how a Desteni member with diabetes is being used as a "lab rat" on the Desteni farm in experiments with the Ketogenic diet. This is being done apparently without any medical supervision.

Ann said...

He said that in a matter of speech. You do not require medical supervision as long as you are not doing something that can seriously damage someone. Paul has been diabetic for long and knows when things can get dangerous, TOO dangerous. So I doubt that he will experiment on himself to a level of threatening his own life.
There are various diets that have been tried by several desteni members. It really is not as if we are told to do this, and so we just copy it. Like: "OK! Now everyone stop eating carrots" Reply: "yes yes, lets stop eating carrots...". Lol.People all around the world try and have different diets, what we do is find out what assists our body, and cut out what does not. Eating bags of candy won't. I see nothing wrong with it, not at all. It is moving to a point of optimal nutrition for the body, not depriving or over indulging. As far as restricting sleep goes, I mostly sleep 8 hours a night, sometimes less, sometimes more. Some members have had lazy habbits of laying around in bed etc... and they want to take responsibility for it. So they did. If one feels they need more sleep, and are sleepy throughout the day, they should simply sleep more. Or maybe have some other underlying problem.

It would be plain stupid to just not eat something bcause someone is telling you not to eat it, without any common sense or reason behind it but blind obedience.
I don't know why she got the impression a lot of desteni members are supposedly "anorexic", because almost everyone is normal weight, some are even overweight. So quite strange. Maybe it is because videos are mostly upper body shot's, which makes a person look skinnier sometimes since your not seeing the ass and hips etc...

Anonymous said...

@Ann: Makes a BMI of 19.69, which is close to the line of being underweight for the age-category below 24 and most definitely underweight for anyone above that age.
Aside from that, anorexia is a mindset and being as obsessed with your weight and various diets as you are is a clear indicator for it.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Ann Referring to the guy as a "lab rat" suggests that at the Desteni farm, or perhaps laboratory, they may regard certain people as medical specimens, yet no-one there has any medical expertise.

Medical supervision is often recommended for the Ketogenic diet, which is usually for children with epilepsy, but as re: the "lab rat", then his diet is being altered with no medical supervision and when he has diabetes, so that is potentially dangerous, as he has in fact noted.

Experimenting with diets in cults involves individuals being persuaded into it by group peers and leaders. It can often result in debased nutrition and impaired thinking. It may not be mandatory but how far a group member is willing to go to prove their dedication to the cause will be evaluated according to how much they make themselves into examples of the group ideology.

It is part of the Desteni creed to sleep 4-6 hours a night. This is due to the bizarre belief that any longer and there will be infiltration by "mind consciousness systems". So, in Desteni any member who sleeps four hours a night and successfully sticks to a Ketogenic diet will be seen as a paragon of Destonianism.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@fs4tw Yes, that's true, obsession with weight and diets would suggest an anorexic mindset, and people can have that even if they are overweight. The fact that the person concerned felt it necessary to list their measurements here also seems to underline this point.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Ann Also, the Desteni FAQ states that Desteni are against medical opinion. Poolman's experiments with his "lab rat" seems to be an attempt to prove medical opinion on diabetes wrong.

Anonymous said...

yea, trying to make prove medical opinion be wrong, by improvising the survival of someone by using drugs and lies, obviously a scam.
but we never forget he is not scientist to prove that, and economist to think that economy will work, he is just flood and we might know, how much that economy can get in danger our corrent economy. only the totalitary system can support that economy EMS, but i am tired to hear their plan on my head, knowing well that will fail, soo maybe in this part i am saying, we have something to considered, psychological effect, maybe when someone is out of their cult, something in particular is allways pounding in your head to come back, but i never join them, i just their plan, maybe that i more than sufficient to see how much stupid they are, but heven yet i fill this problems, i don't know how this influences they introduce in the people work, maybe the devil face of poolman, and stupid semantics things they have like "equal or that green ring, that is interesting how many times i try to forget that shit and i can't.

i would like too know if you have some kind of psychological cure for this, thank you.

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