Sunday 22 April 2012

AntiCult Discussion #1 - Desteni & other beliefs - Parts 4 - 10

Parts 4 - 10 of the Skype talk between XfinksX, FreeSpeech4tw & RobertWLester

Part 4 

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9
Part 10

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Anonymous said...

Hmm....I can't believe they're still up and runnning; you think they would've die out last year or so.

Anonymous said...

i hope the same anonymous above.
they are to much dangerous, they don't have experience in the most things, many of that experience is lying, the only language this people recognize is lying, and why? because you can have everything. you can say "i hear jesus" and etc etc, but you need a good plan to do so. the economy they have, will not work, as well, berny is just a cop i think, is not an economist or any other shit, and one thing i see is when more a economy is free in this system, more bankruptcy more likely to happen, don't compare this when we are talking about capitalism vs others economy.
just to see 4 years, of work, and 4 years of military service, man, you need to work hard for that shit of system.
i know that system will not work, but yet, they still fill for the people that this economy will work but will not, and doens't mean to be fair.
think the experts will stop this economy, this economy is just flood to atract sheeps.

Anonymous said...

I agree that members use Bernard to do their thinking for them. It's an easy way to give up responsibility for themselves. No thinking required.

About the whole comment deletion- I actually just found desteni trying to promote their stuff on Unfortunately, they can't seem get a following there and they can't delete other people's it's an opportunity to give feedback. It's also interesting to note what subreddits they decide to post in. Check out

I totally agree with the "have to marry the cult." But I think it also extends to families. I know of a member who basically told his family he will not talk to them unless they are "open to Desteni." And sadly I've seen desperate family members given in. It's very abusive and manipulative psychologically.

I think Bernard is walking on a thin line. I have continue to contact the tax authorities and other groups and hope that others are doing the same.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Doesn't look like they'll get very far on Reddit. Mostly when they've posted outside their own sub-reddits they've been immediately identified as a cult that spouts nonsense -- because obviously that's what they are -- or the posts are just ignored. They also don't seem to comment much on each others' posts.

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