Monday 19 March 2012

Desteni Portal Idiot Test

Ivan Rauscher

Desteni claims Sunette Spies can speak on behalf of dead people, inanimate objects or mythological or fictional entities or qualities, making her an 'interdimensional portal'.

The Portal is one of the central concepts 'within and as' Desteni. The Equal Money System revolves around Sunette Spies 'within and as' interdimensional portal.

Spies speaks as the Mesopotamian god, Anu, Colonel Gaddaffi, Adolf Hitler, an AK-47 rifle, a leprachaun, Joseph Stalin, Carl Jung, Kurt Cobain, Aleister Crowley, designs like the Design of Who I am as a Reptilian Mind, and a panty liner, a petrol pump and a piece of toilet paper.

Most people would of course just laugh and reject the Portal as a stupid prank, or a cheap and pathetic New Age con or perhaps the ramblings of one who is possessed or severely mentally disturbed.

Whatever, the purpose of the Portal is to bring together the right kind of people who will be willing to dedicate their lives to being salespersons for the Desteni business.

The Desteni Portal is an Idiot Test.

Anyone willing to believe a lie like the Desteni Portal will practically believe anything they're told. It's a way to vet the audience, flush out critical thinkers or dissenters and find instead more useful people who can be more easily manipulated.

Desteni does not ask that anyone should believe in the Portal. What's important is the Portal's message of self-honesty. So, a potential recruit can be relieved of the obligation to believe and s/he may accept and allow information from the Portal to be acted upon anyway.

Whether or not s/he believes in the Portal, as long as clich├ęd New Age self-help techniques, self-forgiveness affirmations, stress reduction breathing exercises, ways of giving up addictions etc offered by the Portal have some appeal they may also have the effect of making the potential recruit feel good.

If s/he has been lonely, confused or troubled they may find the Desteni organisation can help them make progress and new social contacts. They may also gain a sense of importance and a renewed enthusiasm for life, having taken on a special mission to save themselves and everyone else on the planet from destruction with the Equal Money System.

They will have passed the Desteni Portal Idiot Test. 


Anonymous said...

she speacks in front of an AK-47 rifle? O.o
and a panty liner, a petrol pump and a piece of toilet paper? WTF? sorry dude let me smyle about that bitch: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAH

that's the most hilarious portal i ever seen before ;D

Desteni Cult blog said...

Ok for a laugh yeah but Destonians actually take this crap seriously...

Interview with a Panty Liner
Interview with a Camera Lens
Interview with a Pillow
Interview with a Petrol Pump
Interview with a Grain of Sand

AK-47 and toilet paper interviews may have been deleted...

Anonymous said...

did you peoople saw this sad man?

well this guys are breaking hearts now...

Anonymous said...

you know, i am thinking, if she speaks with everybody and the body is over control by the soul, why the fuck, she don't speak with a soul and kill their self? lol hironic isn't?
sorry my english...

Anonymous said...

they take that crap seriously you say.... lol
then let's see how much they can resist this video, is the must funny video for me, the best way to respond what they really are:

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