Saturday 24 March 2012

Response to LLCraver on the Real Equal Money System

(as posted at the Cult Education Forum)


LLCraver on the Real EMS:

which is in regards to the absurdity of using such words as ‘level of equality’ in one statement, as commonsensically, that does not mathematically compute. Why? Because equality does not have ‘levels’ but is absolute in expression – equal is equal, simple as that – a mathematical equation cannot have ‘different levels of answers’ to the equation. No – that which is on either side of the = must be equal (ex: 1+1=2, 2=2). (

I’m sorry Miss Craver but there are degrees of equality in societies – even your run of the mill anthropologist will acknowledge this. Now, if you’re saying that equality doesn’t exist unless it fits into the perfect ideal you have, then that is your viewpoint. I think most people will agree that there is a difference in equality from a society like Ancient Rome and one such as the modern USA. Also, societies are complex creatures. You can’t just plug in 1+1 and expect it to work like you want it. This is why social sciences are considered soft and why physical sciences are considered hard or rather precise.

The argument that there was at some point ‘Egalitarian societies’ is simply not true, and even ‘xfinksx’ noted this when he stated: “While not all Hunter Gatherer and Tribal societies were thoroughly egalitarian…” – yeah, however – not only were ‘not all Hunter Gatherer and Tribal societies thoroughly egalitarian’ – but NONE of them were.

Miss Craver, my point is that those primitive societies approach a level of equality in practice that outshines most other societies including Desteni which is a top down organization. Just look at which direction most of the money flows in your group – which is described in the EMS overview with the funny little potatohead pictures on the Desteni iProcess site. Who is at the center? It isn’t you nor Spamann. I’ll give you hint: It is at the farm. But, what was wrong with those societies in the past that didn’t make them truly equal? Well for the most part, this was the problem:

Egalitarian societal members tend to treat each other as equals. Wealth differences are few as is the amount of power available to any individual or group. The people possess norms that emphasize sharing and ideals of interpersonal equality. This is not to say that stratification is non-existent in these societies. In comparison with nonegalitarian societies, however, stratification is relatively insignificant. Even when someone like a bigman is present, prestige is important and linked to redistribution. However, the bigman gives more than he receives as his role as a redistributor is defined. If he hordes or possesses too much, he will lose the recognition as a bigman. In effect, he is a member of society as an equal who has a defined role that carries prestige but not wealth and recognition but not status.

Now, who at the Desteni farm acts like a Big Man in regards to wealth? Somehow I think he gets more than he gives back. Therefore, the Big Men in those primitive societies are way cooler than Mr. Monster Mash.

Talk about ‘vagueness’ – here, ‘xfinksx’ is making elusive statements, basically punching at the air, with no substance or insight into what he is in fact expressing. He basically is making a statement with no practical significance, as it shows no point of understanding or moreover offers no solution to the problem of inequality.

You know it looks like you just want to call what I’m saying as vague because you’re pissed off that I called your sparkly little meme-toy vague. But whatever, It isn’t vague Miss Craver. It is called ownership of resources. The person or people who own the resources dictate the laws and thereby how wealth is acquired and maintained. You can have all the money you want, but money has no real power by itself. Implementing your EMS will not change where certain resources are located nor would it stop people from trying to horde possessions (here’s a secret: people don’t just horde things for reasons of scarcity). Never will everyone on earth agree to become Desteni tool slave willingly. And unless everyone isn’t mind controlled your EMS won’t ever work period! Now as for solutions and potential realistic alternatives, they are out there – you just don’t bother to look or take the time to understand them. But, they have nothing to do with Desteni pipe dreams, money schemes, self-writing, self-forgiveness, talking to the dead, or ignoring the BS claim that Desteni messages came from some supernatural source.


Anonymous said...

Trying to reason or make a point with destonians is impossible, its like arguing with a robot, as they are robots to varying degrees. It's scary as I used to partake in their cult. I was programmed with all the desteni lingo/mumble jumbo, and was for a time, a zombie. Didn't stop until I finally started seeing them as zombies, and couldn't bare to have myself be anything of the sorts. Total mind fuck, the group is diabolical, I'm so glad to see a movement warning people. Say no to being a programmed zombie, !!

Anonymous said...

people i think we have a worst think than make reasons now, is this channel to china?
this nazi people are convencing everybody to accept what they say.
this for me is a problem.

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