Monday 23 May 2011

The Spear of Desteni

Although he has not admitted to it, the founder of the Desteni organisation’s use of the word ‘Desteni’ appears to have been inspired by another occult fantasy.

The Roman centurion, Longinus is said to have pierced with a spear the torso of the crucified Jesus Christ. Amongst several other historical spears, there is one in the Hofburg Museum in Vienna, Austria that is said to be the original Spear of Longinus.

As promoted in literature pertaining to the influence of the occult in the rise and fall of Nazi Germany in its bid for demonic world-rule, such as Trevor Ravenscroft’s semi-fictional best-seller Spear of Destiny (1973), a book full of unsubstantiated claims, the sight of the Spear of Longinus, or as it’s otherwise known the ‘Spear of Destiny’, is said to have sent Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler into a power-mad reverie.

Legend has it that anyone in
possession of the Spear of Destiny is said to possess the power to rule the world. 

According to Ravenscroft, the Spear of Destiny had been acquired over centuries by a number of famous military rulers. When Hitler in his younger years visited the Hofburg Museum he was so struck by the Spear of Destiny’s unseen power that he identified himself with it as a former owner of the spear and future ruler of the world.

One of the keys to unravelling the deranged occultism of Desteni and its so-called ‘common sense’ principles is the fact that Bernard Poolman is a self-confessed admirer of genocidal maniac, Adolf Hitler.

Poolman’s writings about Hitler, in which Adolf tells the story and is always portrayed in a positive light,
Poolman’s fantasies of meeting Hitler in the afterlife, called I Am Hitler and the video ‘interviews’ with the Desteni ‘portal’ Sunette Spies playing the role of Adolf Hitler (and MyKey as Poolman re-names him) form a significant part of, and are central to the ‘Desteni’ occult philosophy.

Poolman recommends Hitler’s economic policies as a good example of what might make for a global ‘equal money system’. Some of the Desteni members openly praise the fascism of Adolf Hitler, describing it as political ‘activism’, and this merely because Poolman published his absurd fantasies about helping the Nazi leader to the path of ‘self-forgiveness’.

Like the Nazi Aryan philosophy, informed as it was by Theosophy, occultism and esotericism, Poolman promotes hatred of the ‘Jewish principle in man’ and the ideal of a superior ‘pure’ breed of men and women under the banner of ‘equality’ belonging exclusively to the nation of the ‘Destonians’. Those outside Desteni are regarded as unworthy of life. Sexual relations with them are forbidden. ‘Self-perfection’ transcends everything and everyone corrupt and decadent as Desteni proceeds with its insane plan for world domination. 

Desteni is Bernard Poolman’s spear of destiny.

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