Saturday 14 May 2011

Desteni, the Zeitgeist Movement & Conspiracies

Ivan Rauscher

Desteni have for some time been offering their views on The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM).

TZM is thoroughly disreputable. It's a pseudo-radical group promoting conspiracy theories and the vision of a sci-fi technocratic utopia, seemingly more as a form of entertainment than for any real social or political ends. It also has definite cult-like tendencies which have been noted, blogged and v-logged about by numerous commentators. 

Recently, Desteni sect leader, Bernard Poolman, has made the pointless suggestion that since The Break Up of the Zeitgeist Movement the people involved should now join Desteni.

However, attempts by Desteni members to spam TZM forums with ‘equal money system’ gobbledegook and convert followers of TZM failed. TZM followers soon caught on that Destibots belong to a pernicious mind control sect with totalitarian ambitions and should be avoided at all costs.

Apparently in a desperate ploy to give the non-existent 'equal money system' some credibility, members of Desteni have been trying to critique TZM. They have a whole blog dedicated to it with the peculiar title, Zeitgeist and Venus are Not Greek Gods where TZM's 'resource based economy' is contrasted with 'equal money system' as a way of proving the latter to be the superior choice for any right-thinking person living in cloud cuckoo land. 

At the Equal Life Magazine, again they say that Desteni is more 'practical' than TZM.

It is always amusing to see the phrase, 'investigate the equal money system' as churned out by the deluded Destibots, because if anyone tries, they will find there's nothing there to investigate. The website is just a propaganda tool to recruit people into the Desteni cult in the beLIEf that Desteni will eventually be in a position to give out free money to everyone and make them millionaires (See: Millionaires!! Equal Money will make ALL People EQUAL Millionaires !!). 

Valentin Rozman, one the most diligent campaigners on behalf of ‘equal money system’, reported on The collaboration of Zeitgeist and Desteni members in Slovenia which, unsurprisingly was a total failure.

Intellectual giant and PR Supremo of the Desteni 'post-metaphysic action-based group' (as he calls it), Darryl W. Thomas, suggests, apparently in all seriousness, in Zeitgeist: To Straighten a Crooked Stick… that now that head honcho of TZM, Peter Joseph has left the movement, he should join Desteni. 

It seems that this is all the Destibots are capable of communicating: 'join Desteni'. Everything they say always comes back to that same point.

One critic of TZM, Muertos, has accurately identified Desteni as A Conspiracy Cult.

Desteni material is directly aimed at an audience that already subscribes to or has a keen interest in conspiracy theories to do with the Illuminati, the New World Order, aliens, reptilians etc. It contains hundreds of references to such theories and attempts to explain them by means of dull repetition of the Desteni catch phrases, with the resulting message as usual being 'join Desteni'.

Now that TZM is apparently on the wane, more of its critics are placing their attention elsewhere and debunking the Desteni conspiracy cult. They have noted some similarities between the Zeitgeist Movement and Desteni in for example posts at The Zeitgeist Movement Examined, The Zeitgeist Destiny and Zeitgeist and Destini as well as the Conspiracy Science Forum thread on Desteni.

While TZM and Desteni are both situated on the lunatic fringes, due to the far more extreme and blatantly absurd nature of the Desteni material, the Desteni movement has only a very limited niche market appeal, whereas TZM has, or rather had, a wider appeal

In Deconstructing MUERTOS Every Day Project fanatical Desteni recruiter, Darryl W. Thomas begins to attempt to ‘deconstruct’ Muertos’ single blog post/video, Desteni: A Conspiracy Cult in an elaborate project involving a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis and apparently even a forthcoming series of videos. All seemingly dedicated to just that one blog post by Muertos.

So far, Darryl Thomas manages to write nothing but a load of waffle. He states that Desteni does not use conspiracy theories to recruit members and that Muertos’ analysis of Desteni uses a method akin to that of a stereotypical conspiracy theorist. Both these points are false.

Darryl Thomas is wasting his time. Not just because the Desteni material is a pile of garbage and cannot by any reasonable standard be considered worth defending, but because more anti-Desteni commentary is appearing every week which examines why and how Desteni is garbage, and Darryl Thomas will be unable to keep up with it, especially as all his arguments ever amount to are ‘read the damn material’,  ‘join Desteni’. We've read it. It's garbage. We're not joining.

Muertos has already given a thorough explanation of how and why Desteni uses conspiracy theories to lure in followers in his excellent blog post of 14th May, The Desteni Cult and Conspiracy Theories: Pandering to the Paranoid. Here's the video version:

To say that Desteni is purely a ‘conspiracy cult’ and no more would be incorrect, but it is an accurate description. Muertos’ has given an account of what he has found in relation to Desteni. There is nothing conspiratorial about it, and he has not identified any conspiracy going on. He has simply stated that Desteni is a destructive and manipulative cult which to a large extent relies on beliefs in conspiracy theories amongst a general audience to draw people in. That is just a statement of fact. 

As Muertos shows, Desteni material is aimed at a particular audience impressed with conspiracy theories by providing a plethora of ‘channelled’ material about reptilians, UFOs, the Illuminati, alien races etc. A great many, if not most members of Desteni have commented on their own previous beliefs in conspiracy theories prior to joining Desteni. Bernard Poolman has described how he failed to get the most famous conspiracy creator in the world, David Icke to endorse the Desteni material. 

(See Process Support - 1 Problem-Reaction-Solution David Icke2 Problem-Reaction-Solution David IckeWhy we Investigated David IckeBloodlines and Equal Money, 4 Problem-Reaction-Solution - David Icky Credibility and other such videos where Poolman clearly has a gripe against David Icke for not acknowledging Desteni.)

Just because Mr Thomas is one of the few people in Desteni capable of constructing a coherent sentence doesn't mean he should be taken seriously. The vacuous hogwash he spouts in support of Desteni exists for the purpose of elevating his status within the cult and misleading the younger members. It is a vain and futile effort to give Poolman and Spies’ absurd pronouncements the appearance of intellectual credibility. Anything to get away from admitting that Desteni is a dangerous cult that sucks in naive people on the basis of the popularity on the Internet of conspiracy theories and occultic New Age spiritual philosophy. 

Darryl W. Thomas taking a stroll on the Desteni Cult Farm with Bernard Poolman giving the finger


Anonymous said...

I lost a friend to Desteni,who strangely doesn't fit the usual member profile, in that she is well educated, makes a lot of money at a major corporate entity,and has all her hair. She is also out of her fucking mind, apparently,since this is the 3rd charismatic leader she has fallen for in the time I've known her. By far the most dangerous,too. I was flabbergasted when I saw that she was ass deep in an anti-Semitic, fascist cult that had vibes so bad a dead person would feel them. Previously, she had pretended to be loving and to follow Buddhism.
In the beginning,Desteni freaked me out, to the point where I contacted the FBI. I figured if my former friend could fall for this to the point where she no longer had control of her own thought process,then it was a danger to many more as well. I still believe that Now though, I see it fraying around the edges,and the opposition has been swift and decisive,which helps immeasurably. Darryl Thomas is beginning to appear like the sad man he is,someone who's whole identity is caught up in being Bernard's toady,teacher's pet. It is clear he is sick,and it's my hope that people will cease to pay attention to this bunch and it will die a swift death. That said, keep this up! One person dying or ruined mentally because of Desteni, is one too many.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Darryl Thomas is a hired goon for Poolman's regime. That's why they use those avatars, they're trying to hook in young folks weaned on internet conspiracy theories about reptilians, the new age self-help industry, horror movies, Nintendo and video games, Harry Potter etc. That's their target audience.

The only people in Desteni allowed to get away with not shaving their heads are those who have to keep their hair for jobs which help them to make money to give to the cult.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's true;Jeanne is a recruiter,and is taking the monthly SRI(?) course. She works in publishing and makes a nice salary while posting her rants against the capitalist elite. Sometimes she puts her hair in a scarf so it looks like she doesn't have any. She did cut it shorter,but is still hairy by Desteni standards.

Anonymous said...

Also, watch out on youtube. The Desteni cult is putting up videos with the title "DESTENI CULT EXPOSED" Tricking a lot of people to thinking that it debunks the desteni as a cult but when you click on the video it is a destenibot talking about how you should join desteni and other bullshit! Stay Aware friends


Anyone against Desteni, I ask you, are your egos so big that you attack people dedicating themselves to improving all life on the planet, including yours, in common sense?

Desteni promotes permanently ending starvation, war, suffering, destruction of the planet, etc. all through equality for all and you are against this?!

Some dedicated members cut their hair to signify their commitment to reduce the destruction of the planet (not having hair to wash reduces shampoo polluting the planet's water). For this reason you call them a cult? They are Not a cult. They are a Movement and Everyone is involved in it as they can.

I have personally enrolled in one of their online self improvement courses (they are either free or very inexpensive). The course has taught me so much about myself. Through writing and introspective of my life and memories, how to handle feelings and emotions and thoughts. I can tell you that I am so much more stable and more youthful because of it. I Strongly recommend it for Everyone. Those suffering from depression or crisis can find much support as well.

The planet can not continue under the extreme separation of the human family. The current path is slowly and surely destroying the planet and all life. Humans are the cause.

If you have questions, they've found the answers.

You know things aren't right, CHECK THEM OUT FOR YOURSELVES: or


Desteni Cult blog said...

@JIM MCDANIELS Desteni have nothing to do with ending starvation, war, suffering, destruction of the planet, and they certainly have nothing to do with equality. They are not a movement. They are a group which happens to be a cult. But if you have any actual evidence that Desteni are 'improving life on the planet' go ahead and provide it.

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