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The Equality Lie - Desteni Doomed - 6

Ivan Rauscher

(continued from Desteni Doomed - 1: The Voice of a Sane Organization? / 2: Cult Awareness / 3: Cultish Behaviour Patterns / 4: Related Material Elsewhere / 5: The Best Cult EVER?)

The various abuses of the word, 'equality' by the cult of Desteni are in order to make the group appear socially or politically relevant. In studies of cults it's what's known as loading the language, designed to deceive the public and control potential or actual cult members. 

The Desteni organisation is not a collective or co-operative that runs according to principles of equality. It is a small capitalist business that offers a multi-level marketing scheme. The customers don't just purchase or consume Desteni products. They work for no pay by marketing products on a daily basis. 'Destonians' do not own or manage resources of the organisation. They do not define its ideas, methods, practices or policies. Bernard Poolman decides on everything, along with Sunette Spies and the Desteni elite inner circle, all of whom are under the authoritarian dictatorship of Poolman. Rank and file Destonians just obey, copy and repeat.

Self-forgiveness = social engineering

'Self-forgiveness' is as Bernard Poolman suggests in his YouTube and Twitter account descriptions, a type of social engineering. One of the prime websites on the subject, defines social engineering as:

the act of manipulating a person to accomplish goals that may or may not be in the “target’s” best interest. This may include obtaining information, gaining access, or getting the target to take certain action.  

Self-forgiveness as it is used within the context of Desteni is a cliché of religion: that being, you are inherently evil and must confess your sins to the church to redeem yourself, save the world and get to heaven.  

The Destonians confess personal concerns or problems in public on the Internet and privately via Skype, email etc to their assigned 'buddies' in the pseudo-religion, the church of Desteni. They make promotional blogs and videos, join the Desteni Income Process and become salespersons for the Desteni business.

With the so-called 'tools' of self-forgiveness and 'self-correction' Destonians' thoughts and behaviour are recorded. They are targeted, monitored and instructed by the more dominant higher ups in the Desteni hierarchy. 'Self-forgiveness' allows Desteni to keep tabs on Destonians, find out what makes them tick and oversee their indoctrination in detail. The real tools of Desteni are the Destonians. 

Equality entails diversity and inclusion but Destonians say diversity is a problem. They admit they are opposed to freedom of expression. They ban any outsider who dares to debate, criticise or question their ideas, which are that Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies know the ultimate truth about everything.  

Desteni do not concern themselves with civil rights issues and take no stand against racism. There is not one black South African in the group. They have nothing to say at all on equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered people. Destonians' few remarks on equality of women contain less insight into sexism or feminism than an issue of 'Cosmopolitan' magazine.

Desteni show no support for disadvantaged social or ethnic groups, cultures or nations. In several statements made in texts and videos such as 'The Jew in Every Man is a Zionist' Mr Poolman has clearly shown himself to be anti-Jewish. He promotes the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler.

Eugenics propaganda (from Indiana Eugenics History & Legacy)

Destonians advocate a revival of the discredited eugenics movement. They see eugenics as 'Best for All'. Citing Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' as a reliable source, Destonian Marlen Vargas Del Razo calls for the sterilization of disabled people and 'certain races'.

Desteni run a farm, an online multi-level marketing scheme and a business selling over-priced software (Techno Tutor), but they are not involved in activities which have any practical or useful meaning in terms of equality, politics or society.

Destonians propose a future authoritarian technocracy, an over-arching, all-encompassing 'system' which is somehow to be 'implemented' by people 'joining Desteni' for 'equal money'. They do not practice alternative forms of ownership, production or finance but merely complain about social conditions or conventions and repeat catch phrases about their abstract, non-existent 'system' on the Internet.

In political terms, Desteni is a communo-fascist, totalitarian, sectarian organisation. Yet it does not present any challenge to the neoliberal corporate status quo. Destonians are statists. They recommend conforming to 'the system' in order to make money to give to Desteni in the vain hope that one day they will 'become the system' and the one world state power.

Destonians have almost nothing to say about the work of the many organisations or individuals around the world that actively support and work towards social and political equality. Although they claim to support the Basic Income no Destonian is involved in the real Basic Income campaign. They are opposed to both the Occupy Movement and Anonymous

Their 'equal money system' (EMS) is web-based media: subliterate texts and inarticulate YouTube videos. These serve as cheap adverts for Desteni 'Best for All' products and merchandise, and online courses in 'self-mastery'.

EMS is a scam designed to make it look like Desteni is running a social justice or political campaign for human rights when it is a private commercial business and has no involvement in equal rights, social justice or politics whatsoever.

Videos such as Constitutional Equality and Voting in and Equal Money System - Economist JTL or Politics in an Equal Money System – Introduction are made up of nonsensical statements and statements of the obvious; meaningless or sentimental sloganeering. They display complete ignorance of issues of equality, and a woefully misguided, warped idealism that bears no relation to the real world.

The Equal Money Wiki is comprised of crude descriptions of a fantasy about an ultra-efficient authoritarian world 'system' run according to Desteni dogma. It is full of wishy-washy platitudes and meaningless abstractions such as: 

Within an Equal Money System, the point of having ‘equal money’ is to assist with the psychological harmonization of the human into a harmonious character that no longer lives in fear of his own survival, but lives as Life, gives as Life and receives as Life – equally. ...and... our interaction with nature will change, where we are not just ‘enjoyers’ of nature, where we no longer merely sit back and ‘enjoy the view’ – but where we are active participants – identifying where nature is struggling to maintain itself and step in with rehabilitative programs and projects – and thus, become a part of the flows of give and receive.

The Desteni and Equal Money Newsletters do not provide news about the progress of a political or social justice movement as it impacts upon the wider society. It is made up of a list of links to Destonians' blogs with all the usual 'equal money' promotional slogans and verbiage, plus a few 'Shopping Recommendations'.

The Desteni Farm Visitors blog does not describe a community that operates an actual 'equal money system'. It does not say how they are helping to establish social equality for anyone. It presents testimonials to advertise the sale of working holidays at the Desteni farm in South Africa. The community there apparently exists entirely to serve its own interests, which are in isolation from any other communities and disengaged from practical issues of equality in any local or global political situations.

Desteni members have often said they are opposed to charity yet constantly make appeals to charitable emotion by requesting donations for EMS by stating it is the 'solution' to starvation and poverty. It is all under the heading of the Equal Life Foundation, an organisation registered as a 'non-profit company' but which is purely to make profit for the Desteni business.

After EMS was launched three or more years ago and promoted with hundreds if not thousands of videos, the Equal Money System forum has very few posts per week and almost no threads with any sustained discussion. There are currently only 263 members, very few of whom ever take part. 

There is such little interest in EMS undoubtedly because it is so obviously just an online money-making scam.

'Equal Money System' lures a few naive people in to imagining they can change the world for the better by giving all their money to Desteni while the money only ever goes towards maintaining the Desteni founders' lifestyle.

There is no evidence that any member of Desteni or any Destonian is even attempting to bring about equality.

Desteni and Destonians only make references to 'equality' to seem worthy or important, so that they can market and sell the absurd reptilian channeling New Age occult hocus pocus which is the core part of their business. This is shown in, for example, Sunette Spies' video, 2013 - The Future of Consciousness in which she rambles on in an affected manner about 'demon dimensions', reptilians, 'personality systems', 'mind demons' to try to sell more of the same useless drivel, none of which has the slightest relevance to any issue of equality, and is of no relevance to the matter of consciousness either. 

But as self-confessed leader of 'the best cult ever', Bernard Poolman admits, Desteni is a 'MONEY Cult'. As such it is based around the promotion and sale of Poolman and his followers' lunatic beliefs and opinions.

Poolman actively encourages his 'Destonians' to be suspicious of their friends and family and to regard anyone else not in Desteni as scapegoats for all the 'evil' in the world. In one of his many misanthropic lectures called How Does Self-Forgiveness Work, and How Do I Know When My Self-Forgiveness Is Effective? Poolman states:

Equal money is not there to help the human. The human is in essence really something that cannot be trusted and must be eradicated at all costs.

Needless to say, Desteni can't eradicate the human, and a world of equality with no poverty or starvation and a guaranteed income, food, shelter, clothing and education for all will never come about by making blogs or v-logs or taking holidays on a farm.

Equality is not about forgiving oneself for having thoughts, signing up for online courses in 'self-mastery' or trying to sell macabre recordings of a woman pretending to be 'interviewed' as a reptilian, an owl, a sheep or an inhabitant of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Equality in Desteni is a lie.

Desteni Doomed 7 - Public Consequences 

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