Thursday 16 June 2011

Anti-Human Desteni Hate Machine

(with thanks to Istenenergia, XfinksX and antidestenimovement)

Months after certain videos made by critics of Desteni have been released, the Desteni group have started to comment on them. In their typical group-think, Borg-like manner, Desteni members mostly ‘respond’ to selected videos of their critics all at the same time via so-called ‘anti hate’ channels. Each chooses the same videos to ‘respond’ to and gives their own videos the same titles. It happens automatically, like a machine. 

However, these ‘anti hate’ videos are not ‘responses’ in the accepted YouTube sense because they are not linked as responses, and those critics whose videos are reviewed are already blocked, so none of the critics can respond back directly. 

Their critics' comments are dismissed, ignored or misrepresented, and the usual Desteni dogma is trotted out by rote, as we have heard many times before.

Cathy Krafft follows up her original antihate video on an 0rdo Templi Aurora video, Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman -part 1 with another on her own channel called What I have to say about the Beast of Desteni Universe - EXPOSED.

She assumes that one person made Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman - part 1 and four minutes into her video, Cathy Krafft recommends that he or she should commit suicide. Then she retracts her statement. 

‘Bernard Poolman is the most unselfish individual walking the face of this earth’, says Cathy. She adds several comments below her video containing quotes from the Beast of Desteni Universe himself, as if he were an authority on something or other. 

We received an email from YouTube stating that YouTube received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding content of the second part of Desteni Preacher of Hate, Bernard Poolman and were given 48 hours to remove the video, which we have not done.

The information reported as violating privacy at 0_36-0_40 was highlighted as a clip by the antidestenimovement channel.

The mere mention of Cameron Cope’s name is supposedly ‘privacy violation’. Nothing else. Cameron Cope runs a YouTube channel under the name, cameronvcope. He has publicly made his name known for some years and has his own blog and profile page on the Desteni website. He has publicly discussed his business, Desteni Education, at the Cult Education Forum with the user name, Cameron Cope.

Cameron Cope, Cathy Krafft and their pals would prefer it if Desteni critics would just disappear off the face of the earth. They really hate it when we point out that their leader is a con-man. 

It is a simple fact that the majority of Bernard Poolman's speeches are attacks on various kinds of people, most often without any justification other than the idea that money is not ‘equal’ and people generally are not members of Desteni. He never makes any coherent criticisms, he just wallows in hostility. He is very fond of calling all kinds of people and things evil. He's always making a big deal of what he calls ‘equality’ but says to his followers, ‘You are not equal to me, there is no such thing’ (see: Equality on this World).

He appears to have an extreme dislike of other people's capacity to think for and express themselves. Poolman's basic position is that he regards human beings as ‘trapped by consciousness’ and ‘evil’ by ‘design’. He regards individuality as evil. As he says in Cold blooded nature of individualism, 'individuality deserves not to exist and must be rooted out forevermore'. 

To Bernard Poolman, other human beings are demonic entities. All people’s thoughts, feelings or emotions, and even consciousness itself must be removed altogether, as must ‘the mind’. He actively encourages his followers to believe that everyone else is evil and hateful and only he and his Desteni organisation can save them. He describes ‘the human’ as 'in essence really something that cannot be trusted and must be eradicated at all costs’.  

In his own response to the Desteni Preacher of Hate videos, released 11 Nov 2010, months before the Desteni ‘anti hate’ campaign, whilst feigning, as usual, Christian forgiveness, Poolman admitted that he does ‘do hate speech’ because he speaks ‘what people hate to hear’ and of course his opponents are ‘evil incarnate’ (see: Preaching Hate Speech).

Poolman's network of consumerist drones loyal to the Desteni brand serves as a propaganda machine to convey his lies, delusions and hatred, and to instil that hatred in others. They're a gaggle of yes-people all repeating the same information. They communicate in catch phrases and jeer each other on with exclamations of ‘cool!’. When people have to say ‘cool’ so often, you know there’s nothing ‘cool’ whatsoever going on.

In supporting Poolman and echoing his views, the Desteni group enter a twilight world of inter-passive solipsism directed at others in the form of preaching what's ‘best for all’. Apparently, to bring about world equality, everyone must destroy themselves.

Desteni are ‘anti’ everything. Preoccupied with their own neuroses, they demonise others, their former friends and family, and everything that is not Desteni. It's all due to Poolman's influence, his cynical ploy to cash in on people's fears of widespread economic instability, hopes for a more just world and need to connect with others. They want to believe that they will vote for a Desteni monetary system and it will save them from ‘evil’. They take it on faith that conforming to Desteni is the inevitable ‘future of the world’, when it's just an internet scam designed to support Poolman's sordid little business. 

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