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Update April 2017: The directors of the US TechnoTutor company may have parted company with Desteni. This is not confirmed, but TechnoTutor UK has been dissolved and the South Africa website has disappeared. In any case, the following article, which remains as a record of events, shows the origins of TechnoTutor are definitely with Bernard Poolman and Desteni, and most if not all its salespeople, up until now at least, have been members of the cult.

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This page (published June, 2013) is about Desteni / the Equal Life Foundation and its associations with a business called TechnoTutor, the website for which describes it as:
'an exciting research-based technology that is accelerating students’ learning abilities in the key areas of Vocabulary, Reading, and Mathematics'.
At the time of writing there appears to be one independently published review of TechnoTutor. It has been re-published at a few different websites and states that 'the program works and provides the benefits promised'.

TechnoTutor was previously discussed at this blog in the 2012 post, Techno Tutor: A Front for Desteni? and in the Desteni thread at the Cult Education Forum which began in 2008.

In an article at the website, Desteni & Techno Tutor: Setting the information straight, published April 2013, it states that 'Desteni does not own any part of Techno Tutor', but omits to mention that Techno Tutor is owned by Perfect Mind Tutoring (AKA Perfect Mind Technologies), a company founded and managed solely by members of Desteni; listed at Linkedin.

In said article, the Desteni group describe themselves as 'an internet community'. Yet Desteni is centred around a real-life, core group of several people living on a farm in South Africa, in particular Bernard Poolman and the 'Desteni portal', Sunette Spies; both of whom have created most of the Desteni material. Members of Desteni known as 'Destonians' from all round the world regularly purchase extended working holidays or reside at the Desteni farm.

Online, they all advertise the EQAFE affiliate marketing scheme which sells products such as audio recordings of Sunette Spies in so-called 'interviews' with what they claim are reptilians, aliens, dead people, animals, plants etc, and the Desteni I Process 'educational' courses (previously known as the Desteni Income Plan), which involve Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and are supposed to provide 'tools' to rid them of all thoughts, feelings and emotions.

While 'Destonians' help market the Desteni lifestyle only some are distributors of TechnoTutor. At the same time, not all distributors or partners of TechnoTutor are Destonians. There are individuals listed at LinkedIn as partners in TechnoTutor who are non-Destonians.

Techno Tutor & Desteni - Official Statement - April 2013

The Desteni group whole-heartedly recommends TechnoTutor in an Official Statement at their public forum.

Another official statement at the Techno Tutor website, Desteni & Internet Trolls states there is 'misinformation and false accusations floating around the internet in relation to TechnoTutor and the Desteni 'community'. No specifics are given but this would most likely be in relation to the aforementioned post, Techno Tutor: A Front for Desteni? and certain posts at the Cult Education Forum

Questions remain as to whether TechnoTutor is an integral part of the Desteni I Process, or includes, and/or is the same software as, or derived from, the Desteni Vocabulary Purifier / Builder, and/or software previously sold by Bernard Poolman of Desteni, such as Power Education MindTechnology, and/or whether or not TechnoTutor might be derived from programmes developed by the Readers are Leaders educational software company...


The accusations referred to in Desteni & Internet Trolls are in connection with a post made at the Cult Education Forum on July 23, 2010. Ferdi Poolman of South Africa-based company, Readers are Leaders wrote:
'The reading and language program was designed by me and a team of people of which most of them are still working for me. No person at this Destiny thing ever worked on it. My brother's total input was less then ten words. The product was stolen by my brother.'
Soon after, Bernard Poolman of Desteni confirmed that Ferdi Poolman is his brother and made the counter accusation that Ferdi had 'hijacked the software'. See these posts at the Cult Education Forum:,62042,89969#msg-89969 /,62042,90423#msg-90423 /,62042,86995#msg-86995 /,62042,90039#msg-90039

Bernard Poolman's videos in which he discussed the matter and made further accusations were deleted after Desteni channels were terminated by YouTube in 2011.
Power Education materials

In March 2013, several questions regarding Desteni and their 'Equal Money System' were posted at Q & A website,, one of which is: 'Is the Destini I Process at all related to Bernard Poolmans previous computer education software PowerEducation?' It includes a link to a review of PowereDucation published in 2004.

Prior to the launch of the Desteni website in 2007, Bernard Poolman was involved in a business named
Power Education selling MindTechnology in the form of reading, writing and maths software. Here is a link to the website at the WayBack Machine. MindTechnology was described as:
'... Word Processing Technology designed to enable everybody regardless of age or ability or disability to change your life. Our life and world is the Words we live with and design our World with. Words steer our lifeboat and sometimes some words of inspiration may even change the course of our life. Yet, the Words we use and the vocabulary we are truly familiar with will be our family for life and will thus determine our vocation.'
A book on MindTechnology was available as a free download from the 'PowereDucation' website called 'A Virus Free Mind' by Bernard Poolman. See this page at the Web Archive. 'Virus Free Mind' by Mr. Poolman is currently sold as a 'Desteni book' available from EQAFE for €19.99.

Circa 2008-09, a Desteni Vocabulary Purifier was sold by Desteni via their previous online store, (archived here) for download at 150 South African Rand (approx €13).

See also: where it was an executable file called VocaBuilder.exe, apparently available for free.

Since 2007 references have been made by members of Desteni to a 'Desteni Vocabulary Builder' or 'Purifier' and again this was discussed at the Cult Education Forum. Under the heading, "The 'Process' of Self", the Desteni FAQ suggests to:
'READ MORE – to assist and support your vocabulary together with the vocabulary purifier.'

Desteni Education & GIN 

Desteni Education (Twitter: DesteniEducate) was or is a company based in Houston, Texas, USA and founded around 2010 selling 'Educational Software to accelerate Reading Skills in children'.

Cameron Cope, a devoted member of Desteni since around 2008, made 45 posts at the Cult Education Forum from 2010. He wrote about his 'Desteni Education' company, which he co-founded, as it coincided with discussion of Desteni at that forum, beginning with this post. On April 12, 2010 Cope wrote:
'I chose the name Desteni Education because I agree with the principles that Desteni in south africa stands for (and I like the name; the first name I considered was "Techno Tutor" but it was already taken, as was "tutor in a box".)'
Cameron Cope is a co-founder of Perfect Mind Tutoring, based in Houston, Texas, USA, the company behind Techno Tutor, the website for which was launched in 2012. At his blog,, where he promotes TechnoTutor, all comments are from Destonians.

Another Destonian wrote in 2010 about a 'Desteni Education System'. He described the objective of a Desteni Vocabulary Builder as being 'to prepare and accelerate the learner to have an effective vocabulary by Grade 7 to handle the curriculum transfer of High School with confidence and effectiveness'. 

Several blog posts by yet another Destonian in 2011 describe a 'vocabulary builder' software used alongside the Desteni I Process practice of self-forgiveness.

Destonian blog post on the 'vocabulary builder'

TechnoTutor includes a Vocabulary Builder. The price of TechnoTutor is not given on the website. It was reported in 2012 that it was being sold at €2,490.

'Holistic dentist', Dr. Roland Estrabillo appears to endorse TechnoTutor at At Linkedin, Dr. Estrabillo's 'Education' is listed as 'Landmark Education'.

The Landmark Education Forum is a Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) programme derived from Werner Erhard's EST (Erhard Seminar Training). Landmark Education is very often reported to be a cult-like organisation using coercive techniques and running a money-making scam, for example, in the documentary, 'Voyage Au Pays Des Nouveaux Gourous' or Inside Landmark Forum.

A group called 'Your WISH is YOUR Command' offered 'coaching and guidance from 'Multi-Millionaire', Dr. Roland Estrabillo in 2012. Amongst those invited to attend were members of the Global Information Network (GIN).

'Your Wish is Your Command' is the title of a set of 14 CDs from inveterate scammer and convicted felon, Kevin Trudeau in an attempt to make profit from conspiracy kooks. The GIN is a type of pyramid or Ponzi scheme established by Mr.Trudeau.

For more on the Global Information Network (GIN) read: Whirled Musings and GIN Truth.

In posts at the public Desteni forum from 2011, it was suggested that Bernard Poolman had advised Destonians to join GIN in order to recruit for the Desteni I Process.

Cameron Cope stated that some members were encouraged to 'join under Avery who introduced the point in the first place' and for 'no benefit other than the networking opportunities', as 'Desteni does not support the GIN message or philosophy'. The supposed 'message' of Desteni may be at odds with GIN, but then Destonians who have joined GIN have done so under false pretences because clearly they do not support its philosophy.

Cameron Cope of Desteni and Techno Tutor has a Google+ page stating that he is a member of GIN.

Destonian, Valentin Rozman's GIN website

Members of Desteni who are TechnoTutor distributors, such as Avery Williams and Valentin Rozman have been or are official members of GIN.

Rozman runs an 'Equality Store' website (, which offers tacky merchandise such as aprons, hats, scarves, badges, stickers etc, sale of which goes towards the Desteni Equal Life Foundation, the so-called 'non-profit' company managing the sale of the Desteni I Process MLM scheme and EQAFE products via affiliate marketing.

For more on the Desteni-run 'Equal Life Foundation' see: Equal Life Foundation: NPO for Equal Rights -- or Money & Food for Destonians? and the video, Desteni Equal Life Foundation - Scam?

Rozman explains in his blog post of Feb 2012, Clarification about the Global Information Network:
'GIN members are very cool hot leads or prospects for joining Desteni. Thus some of Destonians also decided to join, integrate as high level members and spread the message of Desteni. Many people who I referred to GIN from Slovenia have become also a Desteni supporters, so GIN is a great platform for bringing people to the next level of realisation with help of Desteni. I see the possibility of even bringing Desteni I Process courses into GIN as it can become a standard education for members Level 6 or above.'
(This was before his later announcement, Life After GIN.)

In 2011, another advocate of the Desteni income process, Fred Cheung wrote about a 'vocabulary builder' and referred to it as Desteni Education Software.

In his post of March, 2012, Mr. Cheung wrote:
I met some GIN(global information network members). I work with Avery to gathering people that are interested in Desteni, at really in changing the world, walking Oneness and Equality and bringing Heaven on Earth for the Children to come. I have participated in selling Desteni Software here in Vancouver and Avery has a technical support position for me that I might be able to generate some income in the future.
Destonian blog post about GIN & 'Desteni software'

Avery Williams is a Desteni I Process agent or recruiter. Discussion at the Cult Education Forum on Techno Tutor includes a post suggesting that Williams is also a distributor of TechnoTutor in Canada, with the remark that, 'I have heard Avery Williams personally say that Bernard Poolman is the creator' (of the software).

Business Partners

Another Destonian in Canada wrote that he joined GIN as a way of 'reversing depression'. This was 'under Avery', a Desteni I Process sponsor and GIN 'upline'.

He suggests in his post, Day 47 - What am I willing to do for what is necessary? that the business partnership offered by Techno Tutor will help him get into politics.

The implication is that 'Destonians' are encouraged to believe that the sale of TechnoTutor is somehow a means towards bringing about a global Desteni 'Equal Money System' (when it is a bogus political campaign used to advertise sale of Desteni products)... 
'It's fascinating that I have been shown the opportunity for this business (techno tutor), which will eventually get me in a position to enter the political stage, years down the road, once the business is in full motion and fully established.' (Day 47 - What am I willing to do for what is necessary? - Destonian, James Denomy)
Avery Williams is referred to by Bernard Poolman in the video, MultiLevel Marketing will End w/ Equal Money as 'taking convener's point' for the Desteni group on the question of MLM and 'equal money'. 

In 2013 a webpage was published: It suggests that sale of TechnoTutor in Canada also involves recruitment into the Desteni I Process MLM scheme:
'All of the so called “owners” all belong to desteni. They don’t have the “source” code which in people terms is the “original”. Avery Williams does not appear to be a truthful person and lies and hides his true intentions. And if you do business with him , get everything in Writing as he is NOT truthful. His true intentions are to get you to join his cult , which he does not expose till he feels you are “ready “'.
In an article dated, 04/07/2007 at the Desteni website, Bernard Poolman - I, the living word by Bernard Poolman it states:
'We developed software to quantify the process and then tested it on children. It proved immediately effective in all cases. Shortly we will release this software to assist.
In the software, we present words at the speed that the natural learning ability we all have, is the only point that we are able to assimilate this; it sidesteps consciousness which is slow, prescriptive and structured and sets one free through a process of application and quantum integration.
The process is more effective with children still curious to discover themselves in the world. Adults normally must make a dedicated choice to apply themselves for at least 7 years to recreate their former years and rebirth self in conjunction with forgiveness.
I recommend this application for all. After all, common sense dictates that if we all understand each other equally in our vocabulary, we will be able to stand as one in making decisions that is best for all and we will not allow ourselves to be enslaved by and through words that is not serving the best interest of life.'
The 7-year application to 'rebirth self in conjunction with forgiveness' Poolman refers to is the Desteni 'Journey to Life' or Desteni I Process. It appears that purchase and use of the software he refers to may well be an integral part of the Desteni I Process, and it seems likely that software now goes by the name of TechnoTutor.

Desteni openly endorses TechnoTutor. Individual agents or recruiters for the Desteni I Process are distributors of TechnoTutor and own and manage the Perfect Mind Tutoring company behind it.

Therefore, profit from the sale of TechnoTutor by both members of Desteni and non-'Destonian' partners in the company inevitably goes towards furthering the activities of the Desteni group.

Anyone purchasing TechnoTutor is helping to finance and support Desteni.


Interested said...

Has Techno Tudor changed since Bernard Poolman's passing? I cannot seem to get any info of how it teaches on the website. Also, are the people associated with Techno Tudor teachers or in education, would you know? It sounds very dishonest and expensive to me.
Any help would be helpful.
Thank you

Desteni Cult blog said...

As far as we know, Techno Tutor has not changed since Bernard Poolman's death. None of the people selling it seem to be qualified teachers but it appears they believe that Techno Tutor can change the world forever and it's all thanks to Poolman.

See the post in the Desteni Forum thread, 'Bernard Poolman's Passing Away' by Katie at which states:

"Bernard also gave us the opportunity to stand up and take responsibility for creating TechnoTutor in the US."

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous amount of bullshit I've ever read.

Heres a question? Does the software work? Answer? Yes.

If the folks at technotutor knew what they were doing they would release some testimonials of this....I've seen quite a few as the software is being used in some private institutions across Ontario.

Its a matter of time before you guys are proved wrong.

Is there any denying where the software comes from? no. Does it matter? no.

Stop wasting your breath.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@the previous commentator:

You have failed to give a reason for why you say what you've read is "bullshit".

You say we will be proved wrong. Wrong about what?

We never said that the software does not function or that no-one claims it has benefits.

If there is no denying where TechnoTutor comes from then to begin with you should be able to explain why it does not state on the TechnoTutor website where it comes from.

Which private institutions in Ontario use TechnoTutor?

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is steve zilkowsky and i own
The people i met were members of GIN and seemed to have learned to lie and exagerate claims of what the software does
Avery definately was a follower of Kevin Trudeau who was just sentenced to again again today
I contacted Ferdi Poolman who gave me the link to the rickross website explaining the stolen software
The rickross website has lost some of the posts but has found some of them,62042,page=106
There was nobody with any degree's teachers or other working at Techno-tutor when i was scammed . There was one person who was a teacher of english asked for an endorsement who pulled it after she found out more about the company
And as for the school its used in Here is a photo at the dentistry school through Dr. Roland Estrabillo

Oh and Katie Conklin was authorized to refund my money if i removed my posts
which i didn't as others need to know so that they can make informed decisions

please feel free to contact me at
And anybody who wants to see for themselves about the software contact me and i will either post a link where it can be downloaded for free or a small fee for actual disks
Cheers ... Steve

Desteni Cult blog said...

Thanks, Steve. Good for you for not accepting the refund and instead getting the word out to the public.

Here's another link on Dr. Roland Estrabillo who has publicly endorsed Techno Tutor:

quote: "It is a matter of public record and information that Dr. Roland Estrabillo of The Estrabillo Dental Group, with 2 offices in Hamilton and Ancaster, was found GUILTY of disgraceful, dishonourable, and unethical conduct including charging excessive fees and providing unecessary dental services. Dr. Roland Estrabillo admitted his GUILT of not putting his patients safety, health and interests first and was fined, suspended and reprimanded by The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), the governing body of dentists in Ontario, for violating the trust of the public and for casting such a negative shadow on the entire dental profession with his disgraceful and unethical actions." --

Anonymous said...

And on it goes , its steve again and here's new info
Cameron has now changed the name again it is now
AConduit Marketing
And here is the new opportunity
And it appears they now have people setup their own tutoring "companies"
I wondered why googling techno tutor no longer worked
I guess if you sell a under par product that is way overpriced you have to keep changing your name

Oh Avery's mentor Kevin Trudeau is in jail and GIN in now under receivership

The lies and scamming will go on and on

Whatever happened to integrity honesty and transparency
Geez kids are involved !

Cheers Steve

Desteni Cult blog said...

Interesting. Thanks for the update.

It seems Cassandra Petersen is maybe a lapsed Destonian. She has an inactive Desteni "Journey to Life" blog --

"Nick Freeman" is a Co Owner at KMF Global LLC which is quite possibly one of these companies related to AConduit Marketing. It looks like he is actually Matti Freeman of Desteni --

Anonymous said...

Steve here again
new video with Donald Trump Jr in it


Desteni Cult blog said...

Looks like 21st Century Television needs to vet the businesses they provide free air time to a bit more closely.

Christopher Cook said...

Interesting how you can't even reveal your identity. Which obviously makes your claims trolly and intentionally devised to divide. You seem like a good candidate for our brainwashing process.

Desteni Cult blog said...

@Christopher Cook:

Thanks for your comment, but the idea that this blog is “trolly” or “devised to divide” is mistaken.

Desteni is an extremely obscure, mainly internet-based phenomenon. It is not as though there is a large swathe of people who are united but could be divided in their views. There has never been more than around 100 Destonians world-wide, and most are the same people who got involved 2007-13.

This blog takes a point of view exactly the same as practically anyone else who might encounter Desteni (that it is a scam and a cult for New Age conspiritards), only it discusses the facts and examines the subject in detail.

See the post entitled “Desteni Discussions” and check out the links.

Also please read the “About” page for clarification on anonymity of some (but not all) contributors.

And here's something on TechnoTutor:

Ivan Rauscher

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this blog! It's really important the connection between Techno Tutor and Desteni is out there.

Parents and schools are being pitched to buy the software.

Thanks to this blog, I found the information in one Google search. I'm not a Techno Tutor customer, but someone will be & critically need this info.

Desteni Cult blog said...

No problem. The nature of the connection between TechnoTutor and Desteni may have changed over the past year or six months. Please see update note at the top of this page. Thanks.

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