Sunday 21 August 2011

Desteni material banned by web host

Ivan Rauscher

As previously reported at this blog, at Destenigossip and Muertos's blog, this month has been a bad one for Desteni.

Their main channels containing over 3000 videos were wiped off YouTube for promoting hate speech with their channelling Hitler videos, and for spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.

They tried to migrate to Vimeo and were promptly banned for violating the Vimeo Community Guidelines. Apparently, they hadn't bothered reading them, because if they had they would've seen that Vimeo does not allow Multi-Level Marketing.

As well as this, Desteni had to change their Desteni I Process logo design, because it was a rip-off of the Apple AppStore logo, and they were in danger of being sued by Apple for copyright violation.

Now it has come to our attention that once again certain individuals (not associated with this blog) have reported Desteni scam websites to their web host, Hetzner is originally a German company: have got Desteni to delete these pages:

However, it seems that Desteni have re-uploaded the document that was at this page: to

To avoid any further strikes against them by Hetzner, Desteni may possibly be transferring all their web content to their own servers.

One of the persons who reported the Desteni scam to Hetzner was sent an email from Hetzner including a reply from Desteni, to which the reply was:

 I'm not sure if this means you require my response? I have done so anyway:
 Please note the definition of a Pyramid Multi Level Marketing Scheme, illegal in South Africa and many other countries:
 A pyramid scheme MLM, however, will most likely sell a product with no independent value. The product could take the form of reports of some kind, for example, or mailing lists. In this kind of pyramid scheme, you would be required to recruit new members into the MLM in order to make a profit and keep the MLM alive. Joining the MLM is the only reason anyone would buy the products sold by this pyramid scheme.
 Like any MML scheme that tries to cover it's fraud, Desteni would have people believe it is based on "Commissions" and "Bonuses". There is no value to the "product" nor the "training". They are not recognized by the board of education, have no legitimate teaching certificates or degrees. The only reason recruits are lured into the Desteni scam is on the premise that the more people they recruit, the more "commission" they make down the line.
 As for the Hitler page:
 "Interdimensional Being portalling" is not recognized, proven scientifically or in any way realistic. If anyone had to believe they could be possessed / channel / portal a dead person like Hitler it is most likely a doctor or psychologist would refer to them as schitsophrenic. Regardless, it is not an issue as to the legitimacy of the person who claims to "portal" but the content which one can only consider as hate speech. Such content could be harmful to people who are mentally unstable, vulnerable or too young to understand. The videos and written content that Desteni spams on You Tube, Vimeo, Face Book and their own websites are not censored and are openly available to minors which should NOT be allowed.
 All members of Desteni censor comments that refute or argue against their claims and statements, thereby only allowing comments that are showing them to be in a positive light - this in itself is fraudulent and does not give people who are new to Desteni a chance to think of ramifications or opposing viewpoints.
 The fact that all Desteni members shave their heads, censor comments, speak nonsensical psycho-babble, mark any social media profile pictures with the Desteni logo's, name all the social profiles with either "Destonian" or "Anti-hate" and cut off from their family are all reminiscent of CULT behavior.
 Any sane person who heard the rants by Bernard Poolman and Sunnette Spies would agree that not only is Desteni a MML marketing scam, but it is also a dangerous cult.
 They use reverse psychology and various brain-washing techniques to entice vulnerable people to join their cult.
 The demonology page holds no proof, is not backed by any registered psychologist and is only used to attract vulnerable people to sign up for their fraudulent MML courses.
 I am not a religious fanatic (I am in fact, Agnostic) and their unscientific "research" is very well understood by myself as nothing more than a fraud and a scam, dangerous to anyone vulnerable and the youth.
 If their "teachings" are about "peace" and "equality" then why are negative comments about them censored and why is all their content related to violent rhetoric?
 As for "False flagging" every video that is flagged on You Tube is reviewed by You Tube staff, so I fail to understand how it could be "false" flagging. In fact if you falsely flag a video you run the risk of having your own account terminated.
 There are many other reasons I can give for having Desteni shut down, too many to mention in fact. I will state that I am in the process of speaking to police and to SARS to open investigations.
 Kind regards
[name witheld] 


Weicafe said...!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

My head is not shaved, I haven't payed a single penny, I have a professional degree and a masters degree in science from accredited universities, I don't follow any type of ritual, I have not been forced to anything, I am not fascist, communist, republican, democrat or whatever, and I am a PROUD FOLLOWER OF DESTENY MOVEMENT.

Why?, I could tell you but, for what I see here, you would not understand; I'm sorry. What I can tell you is that I am a regular human being with a regular life. I can think on my own and I go to the sources to get the real information instead of accepting regurgitated stuff.

You, writers, can say whatever you want - this is your site. But you, readers, don't be so fool. Accepting what this guy says = brainwashing and "reverse psychology". Aren't you curious of why is he so pissed off?, why is desteni such a big problem to "anti desteni" people?, and, what is most interesting for me is, don't they know how to read?? (the message they 'transmit' is so chopped and biased)

Seriously, use your brains.

Anonymous said...

I guess you feel that all those degrees gives you a little more knowledge. Apparently not. Desteni is truly a cult. Are you sending them money on a regular monthly basis? Have you received any money from your recruits. Do you ask yourself why Bernard and the others at the farm don't work? You're right, you are barking up the wrong tree. We are not going away, we will prevail until Desteni is shown for what it is. Personally I feel badly for most of the members.
Try using your brains and sense of logic if you have any left

Anonymous said...

Of course the Destonian does not call himself a fascist or any other label- he/she was her to promote the capitalized message "PROUD FOLLOWER OF DESTENY MOVEMENT." Even in their posting, this follower is using their tactics (capitalizing, down playing the obvious labels that are already in use to describe some of their beliefs). Destibots hate labels, unless it is that of Destonian.

Desteni also doesn't force them to shave their heads (it actually allows them to keep hair, especially if it interferes with them making money for them). So this point is useless.

I also know from a Desteni member that this group uses people for services when they can't pin them for money. My friend gave countless hours of web support, recruitment, pr, you name it. Your time is just as valuable as money.

I suspect this is one of the members that is cherry picking the philosophy. That is exactly what my friend was doing until he got completely sucked in. It happens slowly. First Desteni gets them to do something small and eventually they end up giving up much more (friend, family, money, etc.) That my friends is a form of brainwashing.

If you went to a university or not is also a mute point. There is loads of evidence based research that points to the fact that anyone can fall into the grips of a cult. It really comes down to creating ways to further and further isolate the person from others not in the group. I am, take for example the directions of read ALL the endless materials. That act in itself keeps people from living real lives while converting to their delusional thinking.

Anonymous said...

Lol demons? Well first strike to be god of evil.
Anyway, they are trash. =_=

Anonymous said...

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