Wednesday 10 August 2011

Desteni YouTube accounts terminated

DesteniProductions, BernardPoolman, DesteniMoney, and DesteniProdDemons YouTube accounts were terminated, August 9, 2011.

Over 3000 Desteni videos have been erased from YouTube.

They suggest members all send the same email to YouTube:

They have begun uploading old Sunette Spies videos to a Vimeo account. Vimeo community guidelines are stricter than YouTube and include the following:

‘You may NOT upload videos that:
Promote fraudulent schemes, multi level marketing (MLM) schemes, get rich quick schemes, online gaming and gambling, cash gifting, work from home businesses, or any other dubious money-making ventures.’

Considering the only purpose of all Desteni videos is to promote and recruit for their Desteni I Process Multi-Level Marketing Scheme, the Desteni Vimeo channel is practically in violation of Vimeo community guidelines.

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