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New Age Occultism of Desteni Equal Money System

Ivan Rauscher

The New Age Ain't What It's Cracked Up To Be

Since 2007, after having published thousands of videos, articles and numerous websites, the Desteni group of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa have persuaded only about 100-150
superstitious New Agers and paranoid conspiracy theorists to take part in their 'process'. After entering the Desteni 'process' these persons replace their previous, more typical New Age or conspiracy theories and beliefs with re-worked versions of the same deceptive theories and beliefs.

Much of the Desteni material is made up of an apparent critique of New Age religion. For example, all their recent responses to a video used to promote the laughable New Age 'channeling' cult of Abraham-Hicks (such as The BIGGEST Missing Piece - Response to Abraham Hicks), where it is clear they are trying to recruit disillusioned Abraham-Hicks and 'Law of Attraction' followers. This is also why they label so many Desteni videos '2012' to appeal to believers in the 2012 hoax.

It seems that Bernard Poolman and the Desteni group are under the impression that New Age religion is the most dominant, all-pervasive influence in society. Therefore it has to be re-assessed and corrected in order for society to change. It is as though they are stuck in a time-loop after reading the likes of Shirley MacLaine's Out On A Limb and imagining that it's all very cutting edge have on reflection come to the conclusion that maybe the New Age scene is not quite what it's all cracked up to be. So to improve matters they re-configure already existing New Age ideas, change the terminology a bit and give some different emphases, like 'equality' instead of 'spirituality', thereby contriving just another New Agey philosophy, albeit mostly subliterate and even more irrational and demented than the original material they try to critique.

Bernard Poolman has invented stories to the effect that due to his efforts 'heaven' has been purified and 'the dimensions' or 'White Light', ascended masters, reincarnation etc no longer exist, as if these things ever did exist other than as fictions and myths of New Age religion.

According to Desteni, humans were designed by reptilians

Like the fans of New Age conspiracy creator, David Icke, Destonians accept as fact the spurious notion that human beings were designed by Anunnaki reptilians, but they take that one step further into delusion and madness and also believe there are 'mind consciousness systems' of Anunnaki reptilian gods, aliens, dead people, animals and inanimate objects which communicate important messages for all humankind via Sunette Spies of Desteni, whom they see as an interdimensional portal to 'heaven' or 'the dimensions'.

Yet the founder of the morbid Desteni Reptilian Channeling Cult, Bernard Poolman, has stated: Understand that the message from Desteni is not really the message from the portal. The portal is a demonstration of what is possible in the physical. The message is actually from me.  

The History and Purpose of Channeling, Poolman writes that the masters that were channeling told him all channels were preprogrammed according to the instructions of the White Light and the Annunaki.

The assumed veracity of that statement and almost all of Poolman's statements rests on its theoretical premise as stereotypical, clichéd New Age doctrine posing as objective fact merely on the basis of it being a re-worked version of previous well-worn fantasies and dogma of
New Age religion

Cross-Referencing Fact & Fiction

Stories about Anunnaki reptilians are also at the Xee-A Twelve website where Amitakh Stanford relays paranoid schizophrenic sci-fi conspiracy theories. Like all New Age conspiracists, Stanford is critical of the New Age scene yet her ideas are derived entirely from mythologies of occultism. Many New Age conspiracists have this contradictory point of view, probably because they have been influenced by right-wing Christian fundamentalist conspiracy theories which label occultism and the New Age movement as 'evil' tools of the nefarious Illuminati secret society.

Around 2008-9, Darryl W. Thomas of Desteni publicly acknowledged and praised the striking similarities between the works of Amitakh Stanford and the Desteni material at the previous, now deleted Desteni forum.

Another version of the fantastical Annunaki theories are part of the
Nuwaubian Movement as created by Dr Malachi Z. York AKA Dwight York, author of 'The Holy Tablets', which is jam-packed full of New Age occultism. YouTube channel, ONEMNOOPOOH presents Nuwaubian videos as complementary to Desteni, and another New Age conspiracist Internet phenomenon known as WingMakers.

Again, strong similarities between 'the message' of WingMakers and the Desteni materials were noted by Desteni members some years ago on their previous, now deleted forum as well as at the
WingMakers forum. More recently, the issue was raised by a poster asking, WINGMAKERS SAME MESSAGE THAN DESTENI? WingMakers also peddles idiotic fairy tales about Anunnaki reptoids. The strap-line for the WingMakers' Sovereign Integral project is ‘Here in breath... every breath. No mind to refract reality’, which is another cliché of New Age religion and fits exactly the Desteni outlook.

The Desteni process involves key figures in the group represented as having special abilities to access 'the dimensions'. One of Poolman’s closest collaborators, Esteni de Wet,
acts as clairvoyant oracle and talks about levers, tentacles, rods, stars, dust or daggers which she claims she can see on or around the bodies of Destonians. She and other 'Desteni I Process' trainers conjure up such imagery to attempt to symbolise the psychological or 'interdimensional' state of some of the rank and file Destonians.

The Desteni material, in particular their 'History of Man' series, has many parallels with L. Ron Hubbard’s sci-fi pseudo-religion of Scientology, in which it is said that 'demons', 'bypass circuits in the mind' or 'engrams' recorded as image pictures of experiences created by 'the reactive mind' can be made 'clear'. The state of 'clear' in Scientology would equate with being 'birthed as equal as one in the physical' in Desteni. Although touted as a religion or 'science of the mind', it is well-known that the pernicious cult of
Scientology is founded on occultism.

At the top of the Desteni recommended reading list,
which has mysteriously been removed from public view, was Baird T Spalding's 'Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East'. In Poolman’s article, The History and Purpose of Channeling he references Spalding’s work as if it were factual, when it has been proven to be fictional. 

Rosicrucian 'Mastery of Self' circa 1947

New Age religion and occultism follow the Doctrine of Correspondences of the ancient Hermetic philosophers as exemplified by the saying, 'As above, so below' ('as within, so without') which Poolman is very fond of reciting (e.g.:
As Above, So Below - That which is Immortal in Heaven, Shall be Immortal on Earth). The Doctrine of Correspondences is also the defining principle of homoeopathy where it is called the Doctrine of Signatures. In The Future of Homeopathy in an Equal Money System Poolman stupidly says that homoeopathy will in the future become the primary medicinal health support world-wide.

Historically, occultism is the progenitor of the contemporary consumer marketing phenomenon that is New Age religion. New Age religion does include some insights about the human condition and some intriguing imaginative concepts but is almost entirely over-run by plagiarists, frauds, self-appointed visionaries and gurus, charlatans, fake psychics and mediums, philosophical fiction writers selling bogus money-making books and courses on 'self-mastery' or 'self-realisation'.

The philosophy of occultism that underpins New Age religion presents fabulous tales, fantastic cosmologies and seemingly wondrous philosophical and psychological theories and symbols. It adopts and adapts religious and scientific terminologies but is 'heretical' or subversive in relation to religion and always pseudo-scientific. Occultism is generally regarded as a discredited, superstitious and archaic philosophy but continues to evolve in a variety of ever-changing guises.
Politically, occultism very often presents its mythologies and practices as a blueprint for a future paradisical Utopian society, hence the term, 'new age'. This takes shape in Desteni in the form of their 'equal' money system cult scam.

Spam, Scams & Commercially Deceptive Content

Destonians have constructed endless promo videos and spam blogs in which they repeat vacuous slogans about 'equal money' being a 'system' that will transform human behaviour and bring about 'heaven on earth' when enough people 'join Desteni', become 'self-realised' or 'birthed as the physical' (as opposed to 'enlightened') and eventually form an 'Equal Life Party'. All of it is purely in order to solicit donations and advertise and enroll recruits into sleazy capitalist ventures such as the
Desteni I Process courses in so-called 'self-mastery' and the sale of the Desteni-branded 'self-perfection' merchandise.

Last year,
YouTube terminated the BernardPoolman, DesteniProductions and other Desteni-run channels because of their violation of YouTube policies against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content, and complaints made against their videos on Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. Immediately afterwards, Desteni attempted to migrate to the Vimeo video site but were promptly banned from there as well. The Desteni I Process is a Multi-Level Marketing scam, hence illegal on Vimeo.

Afterwards, Destonians claimed that they had been banned for talking about equality. It seems they have even managed to deceive themselves into imagining that it is somehow controversial or taboo to talk about equality. 

Articles on Desteni were published by South African newspaper, Sontag. An ex-member of the cult was reported as describing Bernard Poolman as into group sex, gambling and drugs (See: The Phantom of Okahandja and the CultEducation Forum).

Self-Forgiveness Via Nazi Mysticism

In a bid to avoid further risk of adverse publicity, the 'Desteni' group voluntarily removed from their website a so-called 'book' called 'I Am Hitler' by Bernard Poolman; a diatribe against all humankind (as is practically all Poolman's output) in which Adolf Hitler is portrayed as a supremely powerful demonic entity that Poolman is supposed to have communicated with in 'demon dimensions'.

The text can still be found at the Wayback Machine and the inane videos of Sunette Spies supposedly 'channeling' or 'portalling' Hitler can still be found on one or another of their numerous other YouTube channels that survived the culling (sometimes she uses an alternative fake name given to Hitler by Poolman: MyKey). 

Without providing any explanation, Destonians claimed they had again been misunderstood. It is rather more that they have misunderstood. Poolman's portrayal of the Nazi Führer as Christ-like interdimensional super-demon showing the way to 'self-forgiveness' is the same as the Esoteric Hitlerism AKA Nazi Mysticism or Occult Fascism as described by scholars such as recently deceased Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke.  

One of the main proponents of Esoteric Hitlerism, Miguel Serrano, described its central Drama as the apparition on this earth of the Person Adolf Hitler, the last Avatar, who came to produce this enormous storm, or catastrophe, in order to awaken all those who are asleep, and to commence the New Age, which will come after the Deluge.

That is exactly how Hitler is described by Poolman, as emerging newly redeemed from 'demon dimensions' by virtue of Poolman's instructions to usher in the new age of Equal Money System through self-forgiveness:

Hitler is presenting this experience as a help, as a gift. Unwrap yourself, forgive yourself. Ask Hitler questions. Ask Jesus, as God as yourself to guide you. Not the God of words and believes. Look at creation. Who are you in creation? Do you have any power but in yourself? Abuse will stop. In the years to come there will come, there will be a weeping and a gnashing of teeth. Hear Hitler. He has been here on earth. He has been a demon. He forgave himself. He saw and sees who you really are. (Bernard Poolman- Hitler and Forgiveness)

Donald Herman, a South African New Ager who visited the Desteni farm in 2007, described Poolman as a 'follower and disciple of Hitler' with a 'background of intense contact with Adolph Hitler' and this was discussed in another post here, Bernard Poolman, Satanic Cult Leader?

The Destonians quite seriously put forward the nonsensical idea that everyone thinks Hitler is the ultimate evil but no-one recognises that poverty and starvation are worse. They seem to imagine that Poolman has gifted human beings with a sublime allegory in which Hitler expresses 'self-forgiveness' and so now everyone should forgive themselves, 'join Desteni', talk in psychobabble and become a wannabe amateur con-artist and promote all the spam, scams, deceptive content and crappy merchandise concocted by the Desteni gang by making personal self-confessional self-forgiveness blogs. 

At least one Destonian now admits that participating in the Desteni 'process', contrary to previous claims, may not after all, help them get into politics in seven or twenty years' time. Although, she does add, it doesn't matter because 'the process' remains the same.

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. It's so funny to me certain people still believe in this when it was clearly a money scam from the beginning. Asking for donations for materials that were supposed to be free, and then, of course, eventually having pay-to-enter parts of the forum and their ridiculous instructional guides. It's a particular subject in psychology called 'over-valued ideas' and it readily applies here (I suggest you read up on it, perhaps it could be a future article). Essentially, it's the phenomenon when people, regardless of signs or proof to the contrary, will still believe in what they believe. Very common in cults, involving a constant recycling and alteration of ideas to fit what occurs. So, if a particular cult assumes the end of the world is coming, and it doesn't, they find a way to explain it (ie 'the Aliens decided to spare us this time'). There are already signs these guys could go the apocalyptic route with their access to sites like Youtube being restricted. Usually one of the earliest steps towards this is a perceived rejection by society, which they interpret in apocalyptic terms.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Desteni have made various doomsday predictions, none of which have come true. These were removed from their old website some time ago.

Another interesting source which relates to the concept of 'over-valued ideas' is the book 'When Prophecy Fails' which discusses the theory of cognitive dissonance...

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