Saturday 25 August 2012

Sunette Spies Channels Owl & Quantum Elephants

Not content with pretending to be dead children, reptilians, Atlanteans, famous people, a vibrator or toilet paper, Sunette Spies has now taken to speaking as an owl on The Role of Owls in Existence.

Desteni and their loyal and obedient Destonians have for a long time insisted that Sunette Spies is an 'interdimensional portal' and not a 'channeler' and that she does not do 'channeling'. 

Yet the title of Spies owl talks (@9.99 Euros each) is Channeled Message From the Owl. Apparently Sunette the owl knows 'what True Mediumship is all about'.  

Meduimship, channeling, 'portalling', it's all the same thing: superstition and fraud.

Following the well-worn New Age tradition of misappropriating scientific terminology to promote essentially religious doctrine, the title of another 'interview', or 'portalling, or possibly 'channeling' is The Quantum Existence of the Elephant.

So when you make your next generous donation of hard-earned cash to the Non-Profit Company, Equal Life Foundation, and click 'animal research' now you know what it's for: selling mp3s of 'channelings' of animals.

And Desteni say that the idea that they are a cult is a hoax?

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Anonymous said...

they say they are not a hoax when they have channels with the won name "cult" and we can prove it, this people are the biggest faggots i ever met XD
they are like a boat drifting of the big waves, waiting for the biggest wave that will destroy their boat. i didn't saw those pages from them on facebook, i don't know what happens, maybe my facebook search can't find them, i am in doubt if the pages were eliminated or they are hidden.

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