Wednesday 31 August 2011

Hitler channeling cult censored?

Ivan Rauscher

All chapters of Bernard Poolman’s so-called ‘book’, ‘I Am Hitler’ have been removed from public access at, including Poolman’s article, ‘Hitler and Forgiveness’. (However, it is still archived here.)

Whether or not this is in response to warnings from the web host,, and just a temporary act of self-censorship on the part of Poolman, is at present unknown and there is no comment made at the site.

Poolman's ‘I Am Hitler’ was a central part of the Desteni material at and the original desteni-universe website, as were videos of Sunette Spies pretending to be Hitler speaking from ‘beyond the grave’ on the now defunct YouTube channel, Desteniproductions

Terminations of Desteniproductions and Bernard Poolman's YouTube channels were due to their promotion of Multi-Level Marketing, regarded by YouTube as ‘commercially deceptive content’, but also because of complaints against the Desteni Hitler material. 

To say that Adolf Hitler is an example of ‘self-forgiveness’ verges on support for Nazism. If a member of ‘desteni’ made such a statement in a place of work where, as in the UK, there are laws in support of Equal Opportunities, they would lose their job.

Poolman's romanticisation of himself as the redeemer of the Nazi leader is a crude attempt to rehabilitate the historical figure of Adolf Hitler in the minds of impressionable people. Poolman's fan club have claimed that ‘what Hitler did for the German people was full employment and no crime’, when full employment and ‘no crime’ were brought about in Germany by the Nazis waging all-out war against other nations and legalising the terrorising, torturing and killing of Jews and other minorities. 

But in Poolman's ‘desteni’, Hitler's economic policies are meant to show how an ‘equal money system’ might work, and ‘equality’ involves seeing Hitler as a model of ‘self-forgiveness’. It means denouncing friends and family as ‘demonic’ and damning outsiders as psychopaths who are ‘unworthy of life’ -- as if such notions could be of any use to anyone. 

They all revolve around the ridiculous idea that dead movie and rock stars, occultists, dictators, reptilians, mythical beings and various inanimate objects have told Mr. Poolman -- via some waitress he picked up in a café -- that they have ‘forgiven’ themselves in the afterlife or in ‘the dimensions’ -- as if that were an unquestionable revelation of ‘equality’. 

Mr. Poolman tries to hijack liberal concepts of equality to try to make his financial scams, bigotry and tawdry fantasies about famous historical or fictional characters seem relevant and appealing. But he is unconvincing.

‘Equality’, the ‘equal money system’, the so-called ‘lifestyle concept’ of the Desteni I Process MLM scam and requests for donations at are all so many tacky marketing devices to raise funds to maintain the ‘lifestyle’ of the people who live on, and sell holidays at the Desteni farm in South Africa.

Just as Poolman has never met Hitler or anyone else in ‘the afterlife’, heaven or in ‘demon dimensions’, he, Sunette Spies and all their buddies and deluded, obedient sycophants have nothing whatever to do with equality.

‘Desteni’ is a fraudulent organisation. It only exists to promote Bernard Poolman's xenophobic, misanthropic world view. Its members misrepresent, abuse and pervert principles of equality in support of their own enslavement under his totalitarian fantasy of an ‘Equal Life Party’. In spite of their empty claims that they are a ‘threat to the system’, they are a threat only to themselves and the naïve, idealistic New Ager conspiracy theorists they try to prey on, groom and recruit. 


Anonymous said...

The picture in this post was interesting. Animal, plant, human research without a review board? I'm sure south africa has some kind of legislative body that overlooks research (especially animal and food/plant/human). And if so, Desteni needs to get reported- because I doubt they are doing any legitimate research. Human research also makes me wonder if Bernard is simply researching how to manipulate the vulnerable with his own cult members.

Desteni Cult blog said...

Yes, "animal research" would suggest animal testing or experimentation, and "plant research" botanical studies, as if "Desteni" were some sort of scientific institute.

"Human research"? What's that? Eugenics?

Anonymous said...

Seems Desteni is now pimping their Media Factory Show at which is airing Sept 30th. Desteni robots even created a fb event I just looked at this netshow's website terms and conditions and it seems that Desteni is yet again violating them by engaging in a "Pyramid scheme." I will be alerting this site immediately and hope you can make others aware.

Anonymous said...

the idiot would like to say he is hitler just because he is trying to make himself a god with means having unlimited life, from that time to now, but is just another scam without sense, and a liar after all, we know what happen in that time, and this psychopath whant to copy the same errors last time. We know all this organization is a scam and everything is not for working in the future for the people and they are not economists, or any profissionals of the society or even engineers of society, this is another organization for retard babies who claim Bernye be their lider, well they maybe are very very retard, sincerely, any expert will not support that shit for much years, but i am not worried, but what i saw all the time with this guys, the organization will fall down, look to them people, they are Nazi psychopaths no doubt.

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