Thursday, 22 December 2011

Awful Link of the Day: Desteni

Hello, Internet Traveler. I hope you find yourself well today. Do not fear our horned guardian. Welcome to Desteni, the Web site for finding enlightenment. Please ignore the credit card logos in the corner of your screen. We reject the notion of money as it is in the world today. Instead, we hope to move toward a system of equality, in which all people can find enlightenment through our system. Do not be afraid, but what you are about to hear will change your life for all eternity (oh, yeah, life is eternal, incidentally). I know you think we are crazy. I know you think you have seen videos of a similar nature on YouTube. I can assure you, dear friend, we are something you have never seen before.
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Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Truth Of Desteni


A strange group of people lead by a guru and teacher who preaches equality while asking for as many donations as possible, Bernard Poolman, the leader, is said to be self-honest and speaks pure common-sense while also being incapible of telling a lie since moving passed his personality.

In desteni, Bernard can never be wrong, can never be counteracted, and how this group became well know to many on YouTube was by the acting skills of a young woman, the woman, Sunette Spies, became know as the interdimensional portal, later she became the teacher for the Desteni 4 year educational program, while acting as the portal she claimed to leave her body while another being takes over her body to speak, such beings included Hitler, L Ron Hubbard, a vibrator, a gun, and various forms and people.

The Desteni cult used donation scams, money tiding systems, a basic pyramid scheme, and they still use such systems, although the main channels of Desteni were deleted by YouTube due to breaches of terms of service.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Desteni anti-Matrix, Hitler’s Zion

0rdo Templi Aurora

Matrix Revolutions: Zion dock

The story of the land given by God
to the Israelites, described in the Hebrew Bible as the Promised Land or Zion is a facet of theology that occurs in various contexts, including African Independent Churches, the Rastafari movement and Mormonism, as well as the political movement for a sovereign Jewish homeland known as Zionism.

The Wachowski Brothers' Matrix franchise inspired by Gnosticism and cyberpunk depicts a science-fiction universe in which a machine-driven simulated reality imposes upon characters in the stories. In the Matrix Revolutions movie, Zion is an underground city of resistance against the domination of artificial lifeforms; the last place of human refuge on planet Earth.

This term, ‘the matrix’, has been taken from the Wachowski Brothers' movies and appropriated by conspiracy theory culture. There it is used as a metaphor to signify combined inter-related forces of a Zionist political elite run by the Illuminati and/or inter-dimensional, predominantly Jewish reptilian aliens as they conspire to force upon citizens the false reality of a globalist, fascistic so-called New World Order.

The mainly pseudo-historical connections between Nazism and the occult explored in popular books such as The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier and The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, have been taken on by some neo-Nazi groups since the 1960s. These groups centre their beliefs and practices around the mythology of what has come to be known as the Nazi Mysteries. In this mythology, also called Esoteric Hitlerism or occult fascism, Adolf Hitler is viewed as a discarnate demonic entity holding the key to world domination. 

Adolf Hitler is regarded by the Desteni group of South Africa as a supreme example of ‘self-forgiveness’. Central to the Destonians' way of life is the story that Bernard Poolman taught ‘self-forgiveness’ to Hitler when he spoke with him through an interdimensional portal to ‘Demon Dimensions’ (Hitler Part 9 - The Interdimensional Portal, I Am Hitler by Bernard Poolman, deleted from but archived here). While using the name, ‘MyKey’ to refer to Hitler, Poolman portrays the Nazi leader as an all-powerful demon. This is a type of Nazi Mysticism peculiar to Desteni.

On the Desteni farm
, such lunatic fringe beliefs and practices are indulged in as if they were true or reasonable. It is widely recognised that Hitler believed he was forgiven for ordering the destruction of Jewish people and others he regarded as sub-human, although he generally isn't admired for it. But amongst Destonians there is the distinct inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

In his article, Hitler and Forgiveness (which the Desteni group recently removed from their website but which was re-published at the Cult Education Forum), Bernard Poolman wrote:

NOW – NO MORE. Hear me. This is it. Man is presented this last opportunity to stop. Those that do, may enter peace. Those that don't, death will be the director. The after death experience is now as follows; Each being is placed in a cocoon of your self created reality throughout all existence and you must face it alone into infinity if necessary. This could be equated to the 40 years in the desert of the Israelites/Is real lights.
That is a Biblical reference to the Israelites' journey to the Promised Land, Zion. For the Destonians, the Desteni farm represents a refuge away from what they call ‘the current system of abuse’ or ‘the Matrix’ where the elite rule and ‘demons of the mind’ prevail. ‘The Matrix’ movies are favourites of Bernard Poolman and the Destonians. Going home after visiting the Desteni farm, Destonians casually refer to it as ‘returning to the Matrix’.

The crude political agenda of the equal money system, however absurd and nonsensical it is, appears to be in defence of a virtual sovereign nation-state of the land of Destonia as it takes dominion over the world to become a global New World Order founded on the tenets of Desteni. In striving towards world domination with their equal money system, promised to them by Bernard Poolman's psychotic visions in which he purified heaven to bring it to earth, the Destonians often refer to their dream of a four-year conscription period of Equal Labour. Equal Labour is imagined as taking place on farms or work camps, referred to by Poolman using the incorrect plural, kibbutzes.

Farm settlements going by the Hebrew name, kibbutzim are inextricably tied to recent Jewish history and the Zionist movement in
Israel. The word, ‘kibbutz’ has no relevant context or meaning except in relation to Jewish history. Poolman’s hijacking of the word, ‘kibbutz’, through its association with his organisation, which promotes the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, appears as deliberate mockery of the Jewish people. At the same time it is as though Poolman views the Destonians as a persecuted minority with the right to self-determination.

Nazi eugenics propaganda poster

The land on which these ‘kibbutzes’ or work camps would be built would be host to the Destonians'
very own eugenics programme (no doubt dedicated to eliminating those they call unworthy of life and what Poolman calls the Jewish Principle of Profit from the Human Nature), and like the current Desteni farm, would constitute the Destonians' Promised Land, an anti-Matrix, another Zion: the Land of Destonia.

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Equal Money System, political agenda of a cult

Ivan Rauscher

 [note: Since July 2013, Desteni's Equal Money System has been superseded by Living Income Guaranteed.]

Desteni video descriptions state ‘The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections.’

There is no Equal Life Party. Apparently to get the ‘equal money system’ (EMS) started, unpaid volunteers make promotional webpages, but avoid publicising EMS any further afield. Except for Facebook and YouTube, they refuse to spread their message via the mainstream or alternative media, and they do not hold public meetings. 

Donations are solicited on the Desteni website to help them ‘get into politics and government
, yet they denounce charity as evil. They are opposed to capitalism but run a Multi-Level-Marketing scheme. They call EMS radical freedom but say freedom of expression leads to abuse. EMS is envisaged as coming into being after the Basic Income Grant (BIG) campaign has been proven successful world-wide, yet Desteni are not involved in the BIG campaign. They say they want to get into government by democratic means because they don't trust humanity.

Blogs and videos using the EMS slogan reiterate the well-known idea that inequality, crime, poverty and starvation are often related to the divide between rich and poor. They depict an imaginary society where equality is re-defined by Desteni. The global administration of the EMS is said to be able to provide a life-long guaranteed income for each citizen. It is supposed to micro-chip and monitor humans against abuse, negate all forms of trade and the need for individuals to have to work for more than four years.  

It is said
EMS will be the result of at least 50% of citizens voting for ‘Equal Life Party in global democratic elections that will miraculously take place after the collapse of capitalism. How supporters of EMS, called the Destonians know this is not explained, but it is in keeping with a view they have of themselves as possessing all-knowing power and knowledge, as displayed on their Equalitee t-shirts where they name themselves after super-hero comic book characters, the Guardians of the Universe.

To the Destonians, the rest of the population are all poor unfortunate brainwashed victims of consumer capitalism and need to be told what is ‘best for all’. They depict non-Destonians as afraid of equality and ‘protecting the current system of abuse’. The Destonians have no conception of political or social ideas beyond the EMS but want to dictate how the whole world should be policed as one all-encompassing authoritarian system. As bizarre as it seems, they describe global implementation of their EMS as not only the inevitable future of the world, but run by the people for the people in strict accordance with information published by the Desteni group of South Africa.

No independent source has ever cited
EMS as a worthwhile political idea. The reputation it has is that it is a scam. Almost everyone who's heard of it can see it's a scam, except for some reason the Destonians. But that's the way of cults. Desteni is widely regarded as a potentially destructive cult with anti-democratic policies, a ridiculous, nonsensical philosophy and a very amateur mode of presentation.

Their Faceworldfaceoff campaign, said to ‘actually have an Effect in the World that will have an Economic Effect on the Corpus of the Economic Structure of the World
and with the purpose of convincing at least 100 million people to shave their heads ‘for equality’ has fizzled out. And despite having released several 1000s of videos and reams of written material since 2007, Desteni still has no more than around 100 active participants world-wide. 

The group is described as exploring principles of equality and oneness but is blatantly sectarian. EMS is against free choice, privacy, freedom of speech and information, and opposed to trade and commerce. EMS would be a one-party rule, which would mean no democracy. It is as though the Destonians are nationalists defending the purity of the virtual totalitarian nation-state of Destonia. 

They say critics of
EMS have not ‘done the research’, even when it is clear they have researched EMS and Desteni, and even if they state they do not support capitalism. The Destonians claim if someone disagrees with EMS then it is because EMS is a ‘threat to the current system’. There is no evidence of EMS having threatened anyone's financial or personal security, or any corporate consumer interests whatsoever. 

Despite the fact that equality as a principle is meant to be applied without pre-conditions as a basic democratic human right, the Destonians say the only way anyone can prove themselves worthy of equality is by utilising ‘the tools’ of Desteni-branded media. Yet the principle of equality is an established part of developing ongoing social, legal and political situations and everyone is supposed to be worthy of it regardless. That is the whole idea of equality. 

But the Destonians regard all human beings as evil and possessed by ‘mind demons’.
In discussing what would be the outcome if you do not support EMS, they suggest that to avoid having to go through the hassle of an intervention by psychology professionals to have you rehabilitated for not co-operating with EMS in the future, then for your own sake you should investigate EMS now. When the Destonians recommend people ‘investigate EMS’ what they mean is: read the material, watch the videos and join Desteni.

The actual premise for EMS in the first place is Bernard Poolman's stories about how he encountered demons, famous dead people and other entities in dimensions of ‘mind consciousness systems’ designed by a race of beings called the Annunaki that also happened to have designed human beings. With the help of Poolman's chosen Portal, heaven was purified, so it is now time to bring the purified heaven to earth with EMS and make everyone a millionaire.

The stated aim of all Desteni-oriented activities is to dedicate one's life to deleting ‘the mind’ through ‘self-forgiveness’. That is what they say will bring about world equality and the ‘heaven on earth’ of EMS. The implementation of the political agenda of the Desteni group ‘as it currently exist’ involves selling holidays and the online promotion and sale of products inspired by Bernard Poolman’s demented fantasies.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

DJTV: Max Keiser & the Money Cult


Like the Oracle in "The Matrix," economist Max Keiser dispenses the truth about markets as a finance program of global market systems. Silver Liberation Army Kaiser Keiser loves virtual currencies like Bitcoin as much as he loves earthly precious metals. Summit City Noise producer Dean Robinson describes Max's Equal Money hedge against gold while revealing common values between Bernard Poolman's South Africa-based Desteni cult and NASA's Singularity University in Silicon Valley USA.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Equal Money System: spreading the FAQ?

Ivan Rauscher

[note: Since July 2013, Desteni's Equal Money System has been superseded by Living Income Guaranteed.]

In one of his videos on 'equal money system' (EMS), called Media and spreading the message of equality - Equal Money FAQ, Bernard Poolman says Desteni don't 'use the media like television' because they can't afford it. As if they'd have to pay for advertising airtime. Social and political campaigns are given free airtime on the radio and TV every day of the week. None of it costs them any money whatsoever. And they have articles written about them in newspapers and magazines.

Sending out a press release costs nothing. If EMS can bring about 'equality for all', why aren't Desteni approaching the radio, TV and print news media to spread their message? They could hold a press conference. Members of Desteni could also promote EMS through the alternative media, for example, indymedia, Democracy Now! or AlterNet. There are hundreds more such outlets for free discussion, specifically on the issues of equality. All of them could be informed of EMS.

Why don't they try to gain support from well-known critics of social inequality, such as Max Keiser, Michael Moore or Naomi Klein? They could contact Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, co-founders of The Equality Trust and authors of The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone.

If Desteni are standing up for world equality, why don't they speak with the public face-to-face, in the street or door-to-door? Why not hold public meetings or lectures? Why not take the idea of EMS to political parties or governments to gain their support? Why don't Desteni host a book launch to promote their series of Equal Money books and get reviewed on Amazon or by political bloggers or in any other publications? All these things can be done with very little or no money.

But the Desteni core group in South Africa are not interested in getting involved in politics or changing society. They do not want to communicate with the mainstream or alternative media, the general public or with governments. They do not wish to co-operate, discuss or debate with any other groups or individuals concerned with issues of equality. They just want people to send them money.

Destonians are selling their wares, apparently as a form of online entertainment. They are v-logging and blogging about their personal lives and 'self-forgiveness'. In supposedly answering Frequently Asked Questions about EMS, they present fantasies about an imaginary future world. Any outsider who asks questions without agreeing with them is banned (they have banned well over 2000 YouTube channels). They try to discuss news items only to say: 'join Desteni'. They indulge in self-help mumbo jumbo which claims to be an antidote to the failures of capitalism, but in doing so they are only supporting the social capitalistic status quo.

They are promoting EMS to sell the Desteni I Process, which they describe as a 'lifestyle product' for 'self-development' and 'leadership'. They offer affiliate programs and commissions. That is internet sales, business as usual in capitalism. But they lack ambition. They confine themselves to a small corner of the internet, where they carry out an obscure marketing strategy which goes no further than targeting potential passive consumers on YouTube, Facebook and their own web forums.

Desteni are deliberately avoiding spreading their so-called 'message of equality'. They don't want to speak to the press. They don't want a wider audience. This is because Bernard Poolman is fully aware that the Desteni Equal Money System is an obvious scam and therefore he has to make sure it remains under the radar as much as possible.

The Desteni group has been exposed several times over as a dangerous cult by newspaper journalists, ex-Scientologists, atheists, ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, Christians, skeptics, members of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Anonymous group, comedians, Marxists, anti-Communists, anti-fascists, New Agers, YouTubers, anarchists, conspiracy theorists, free market libertarians, critics of conspiracy theories, cult experts; all kinds of social, spiritual or political commentators and the general public. They have been rejected by Wikipedia, violated copyright of Apple Inc, and banned by the web hosting company, Hetzner, as well as both YouTube and Vimeo. Any doubts or questions as to Desteni being a cult and its 'equal money system' a scam have already been resolved.

Bernard Poolman knows that if Equal Money System and the real questions surrounding it are publicised any more than at present, then his Desteni gang will risk further exposure as a money-grabbing, destructive cult, and much more than ever before, by people with far greater influence than any of their previous critics. He can't afford that.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Desteni tools: Destonians

Ivan Rauscher

A question that might occur to anyone presented with the notion of equal money is: How will you make those in power give away their current position to implement Equal Money?

Desteni fanatic and minor YouTube celebrity, Lindsay Lee Craver has attempted a reply.

She says those in power are living an illusion. Their power is fading and the capitalist system is collapsing. She gives no specifics. She states that 'equal money' can be adopted as a global 'system' when enough people heed the call to stand as 'Living Gods' and join Desteni.

A graphic by Matti Freeman (who about a year ago made a YouTube video called 'Hitler was World's Greatest Activist' which he deleted) illustrates Craver's article, showing the infantile us-and-them, sectarian groupthink attitude of the Destonians.

(click for large image)

The so-called 'Desteni tools' of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, breathing and writing, as recommended by Craver, Freeman and the core group in South Africa, have nothing to do with world economics or equality.

Anyone with the need to forgive themselves for any wrong they've done or be honest with themselves does not have to confess it all to strangers and publish it on the web. Nobody needs to 'join Desteni' to breathe or practice breath awareness, write or keep a journal. In fact, nobody has to take part in any of these things to take part in life or be responsible.

These 'tools' are for the sole purpose of extracting information from, and taking psychological control over potential or actual Destonians so they can be coerced into focussing their whole lives around giving money to and promoting Desteni and its various scams.

People like Lindsay Lee Craver and Matti Freeman have fashioned themselves into loyal drone workers for the Desteni for-profit capitalist business, to the 'exlusion' of other concerns. All of it is on the promise of 'heaven on earth', a delusion inspired by their 'life coach', Bernard Poolman.

Craver's answer to the question, How will you make those in power give away their current position to implement Equal Money? is Destenispeak doubletalk. She gets nowhere near explaining anything about the implementation of any global monetary system. None of the Destonians ever do.

This is because 'equal money system' is an advertising slogan for an internet scam that misleads its audience by creating the false impression that 'joining Desteni' is supposed to be for a good cause to help those less fortunate and solve problems of world poverty and starvation. At a time of economic instability, equal money system preys on people's financial and personal insecurities and their desire to help others.

The promotion of 'equal money system' is fraudulent. Anyone who buys into it loses their autonomy and instead pays money to, and serves the insane demands of those in power in the Desteni organisation: primarily, Bernard Poolman and his 'portal', Sunette Spies, who suggest such ridiculous things as that one must get rid of thoughts, feelings and emotions to become equal. 

The real 'tools' of the Desteni money system are the Destonians. 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunette Spies: let them eat cultural relativism

Ivan Rauscher

In her recent video, Destonians and Self Leadership, Sunette Spies puts forward the very stupid, oft-repeated idea amongst Destonians that outsiders who criticise their group are not qualified to do so because they are not Destonians.

Even though it is obvious that he is, Bernard Poolman, she claims, is not the leader of the group because they are equals and leaders of themselves. She patronises outsiders by saying that in considering Desteni they should follow the principle of cultural relativism.

It would take less than a minute if spoken in plain language but she insists on padding out what she has to say with her usual dull and inane Destenispeak gibberish, so it takes Sunette Spies a full 20 minutes.

Sunette Spies: 'interdimensional portal'

Destonians view information from Sunette Spies, whom they call 'The Portal', as superior to information from any source other than Bernard Poolman. They believe that she can communicate with 'the dimensions'. There is no such thing as 'the dimensions' but they take it and what she says on blind faith. At the same time they denounce others who follow beliefs based on faith. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

While Spies with her invented, rarefied persona of 'portal' deigns to recommend approaching the subject of Desteni from the point of view of cultural relativism, she presents herself as knowing more about equality than anyone other than Bernard Poolman.

Outsiders, observers or critics of Desteni can't afford to indulge in cultural relativism when it comes to Desteni. Desteni is, after all, a very un-cultured authoritarian sect and tacky internet scam, not a culture.

Spies admits she's taken the idea of cultural relativism, which is somewhat debatable in any case, from a book on anthropology. It is certainly not one of the established Desteni catch phrases. Neither is it their principle, because Desteni make a point of denying that diversity should exist alongside equality.

It would be all very well if Sunette Spies and Desteni were cultural relativists, but their message revolves around the puerile notion that everyone and everything outside their group is shit and Desteni is the best of the best and best for all in the whole wide world. They make it plain they see their group process as without equal anywhere in any culture. They are sectarian and elitist.

Their founder, chairman and main spokesman, Bernard Poolman distorts and abuses ideals of equality to sell his equal money scam and exploit an audience with already culturally-accepted liberal, humanitarian or socialist ideals of social equality.

Poolman complains about and condemns all kinds of people and cultures in a threatening and uncouth manner. It has nothing to do with culture or equality. It is about scapegoating and demonising others to try and mislead and convince those who'll listen to turn against anything or anyone outside of his group. The idea being they'll give all their money to Desteni and do exactly what he and Spies tell them to do.

The so-called 'practice of self-forgiveness' allows Spies and Poolman access to, and gives them power over every aspect of a Desteni member's subjectivity, involving their personal life history, insecurities, fears and anxieties.

Just as they are not cultural relativists, Sunette Spies and Bernard Poolman do not represent equality in any way, shape or form. They represent misanthropy, miserablism and authoritarian control. 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Phantom of Okahandja

English internet translation from Sondag:

"Bernard Poolman, the mysterious father figure of the Desteni cult, by some described as a phantom who refuses to face the world show.

Others say that self-confessed Hitler fan is a tough Dictator!

Very little is known about the charismatic KULTVADER apparently engaged young people worldwide heads FULL BOULE talking - but we can reveal that his "strange gospel" sermon from a farm about 20km outside Pietermaritzburg.

On Sunday last week several attempts to contact the controversial Poolman, apparently a born Namibian, get in touch - but the guy had apparently tried to evade us.

One of Poolman's "akoliete" had informed Destonians that "journalists do not trust" and therefore we will not talk.

None of the followers with whom we made contact, Poolman's number would provide to us or talk to us about the cult.

Facebook messages and emails that Poolman left, is flatly ignored.

A reporter who a few years back Poolman on his farm, said Poolman refused to take pictures of him taken.

He said: "I have half the old uncomfortable feeling. It seemed to me that if I put a foot wrong they (the Destonians) my dog started going, "said the journalist. Full report in the newspaper."

[They mean the reporter who published these articles in Rapport back in 2009:]

Two of the comments are:

"His parents well. His mother June is still alive. Does the nursing home in Okahhandja. Wonderful people."

"Bernard Poolman of Okahandja, Namibia. His parents then Poolman Motors owns."

Thanks to the Cult Education Forum.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hitler-Forgiving Cult Self-Censor

Ivan Rauscher

The document at is presented as answering questions put by a journalist to Bernard Poolman. The name of the publication for which the journalist is supposed to be writing is not given. The answers are apparently not from Mr. Poolman.
It is another example of how Desteni skirt the issues, misrepresent the facts and avoid directly addressing pertinent questions. ‘Desteni Criticism’ is introduced as putting to rest any ‘hate, defamation, gossip, trolls’ and states: 

Desteni is not a cult and it is not dangerous. All such claims are located on and propagated through various online bash-boards, by people with anonymous names, without providing any evidence to these claims.

The evidence showing Desteni is a cult and potentially or actually dangerous is and affiliated websites. What other evidence could there be?  

Are there any substantial claims made by anyone outside Desteni to the effect that the group is not a cult? No, but Desteni claim they deal  

with a highly controversial topics like universal equality, new economic system, current enslavement of humans through and to the money system, debunking spirituality and religions. Some people react to these topics and are not able to discuss them on equal terms with other more civilized beings. 

These topics are commonly discussed and debated every day of the week on an equal basis by all kinds of civilised people everywhere.  

Desteni regard non-Destonians as psychopaths, scapegoats for all the problems in the world. They refuse to discuss things on equal terms. Instead they block, ban and issue false DMCAs. In so-called anti-hate videos they dutifully recite the same statements for which they have been criticised in the first place, while disallowing responses. 

Recently they've taken to defending themselves with pointless insults; hatchet job character assassination attempts. 

They make bizarre, illogical assertions. For example, that I am a ‘neoliberal’ and ‘fascist’ channelling my ‘inner Hitler’, and exit counsellor, Rick Ross is a cult. They say that conspiracy theory critic, Muertos and members of the Skeptic Project Forum are racists (which implies that Destonians regard themselves as a ‘race’)

These statements: the whole functioning of the participation within Desteni is public and Desteni functions as a hub, as an open-source community are false. 

Open source governance is defined as:

‘a political philosophy which advocates the application of the philosophies of the open-source and open-content movements to democratic principles in order to enable any interested citizen to add to the creation of policy, as with a wiki document.

Destonians only ever repeat information gleaned from the Desteni material, which has been fabricated by Bernard Poolman.
In the (deleted) video entitled ‘Process Support – Living Word & Self-Responsibility’, Poolman said:

‘Desteni's points is what I say, what the portal say, and what I write or what the portal write, or those that is instructed by me. The rest is your own processes, it's not Desteni . . . . If I have written it or it was written as I have requested it or instructed, and yes, I do instruct, that's what I am, I am a life instructor ... It's a very direct dictator point.’

The Desteni answer to the question, Does consumption of Hallucinogenic drugs form part of the Desteni way? is No.


Consumption of the psychoactive drug, Ecstasy forms part of the Desteni way of life. It has been recommended for advancing the ‘process’ of Desteni devotees several times by Bernard Poolman and other members of his fan club (albeit mainly in now deleted unlisted YouTube videos but described here).
But no, it is not an hallucinogenic drug.   

Instead of answering the question, I see you have quite a following – and not just South Africans. How many members does Desteni have? by providing an accurate figure, the questioner is referred to

They have been up and running since 2007 and have around 100 active members. When their ‘Desteni Income Plan’ (now ‘Desteni I Process’) began in October 2010, the total membership count was no more than around 100 people.  

So, in three years they recruited about 100 people, and after another year of a concerted effort at a recruitment drive providing apparent financial incentives, there are no more or less. This was also after an enthusiastic effort at recruiting using the derided practice of sub4sub on YouTube, a form of spamming they abandoned as useless after a few months.

In response to the question, Apparently you are quite a fan of Hitler? Why? Q: Is Desteni Neo-Nazi? the reply is:

There are people that misunderstood a series of articles published on the Desteni website where a perspective and an attempt for research into how a person such as Adolf Hilter thinks and perceives his world was made. According to this feedback we removed these articles and we might re-publish them later if we’re satisfied that we’re conveying the research in such a way that it is not misunderstood.

We strongly distance ourselves from any form of racial discrimination, anti-semitism, nazi ideologies, neo-nazi movements or any other similar movement or ideology.

Disregarding the fact that they are referring to Hitler as if he were still alive, which seems rather odd, the ‘series of articles’ they have apparently chosen to self-censor are chapters from a so-called ‘book’ entitled ‘I Am Hitler’ written by Bernard Poolman. It was ‘shortly available’ to order in 2007 and until very recently, portions of the ‘book’ had been featured on all versions of the Desteni website. It is a story narrated by Poolman’s version of Adolf Hitler and archived here

Sunette Spies ‘channelled’ or later, ‘portalled’ Hitler in several videos (as well as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Idi Amin, Freddie Mercury, and toilet paper). In some of these, and in the story, Hitler is given an alternative name by Poolman: ‘MyKey’. 

Those persons who filed complaints with YouTube against Desteni informed editors of this blog that the DesteniProductions and BernardPoolman channels were terminated specifically because of what was deemed pro-Hitler as well as commercially deceptive content.  

In his video, The Love of Jesus and Hitler Changed the World Poolman said: 

‘What was the point of Hitler's actions was he acted in love and out of love his action was out of love for his people’. 

In (the deleted video) ‘The Jew in Every Man is a Zionist’ he said: 

‘Hitler had it. He showed, and have a look, Hitler’s fight was not with the Jews as persons, but with the “Jewish nature of Man” as a “Jewish Principle”, that is not here, Best for Man, but it here “best for greed”, at a personal level. So, we have to take out the “Jewish Principle of Profit” from the Human Nature.
He has made numerous other similar such statements. Desteni members have also made anti-Semitic statements and recommended Nazi policies as applicable to ‘equal money system’

There has been no misunderstanding. These are the facts. They have been recorded in more detail at the Cult Education Forum.

Desteni members repeatedly use the catch phrase, ‘unworthy of life’ to refer to anyone who does not support Desteni and/or in relation to their own perceived inadequacies in living up to the demands of their ‘process’. This is a variation of the term, ‘Lebensunwertes Leben’ or ‘life unworthy of life’ used by the Nazis to refer to people they believed had no right to live.

As was pointed out at Muertos’s Blog, Desteni material makes associations with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories such as “reptilians,” which are sci-fi stand-ins for Jews. The group recruits on the basis of pandering to such conspiracy theories.

Since 2007, Desteni have been promoting the idea that because Bernard Poolman helped Adolf Hitler to forgive himself, now everyone can practice ‘self-forgiveness’. This verges on support for Nazism simply because it suggests that Hitler should be excused, is worthy of redemption and an example of self-forgiveness.

Even if the historical record showed that Hitler had said he had forgiven himself, contrary to what Desteni suggest, there would still be no reason to accept it as genuine or having any great meaning for the future of the world or human behaviour. It would have no relevance to anyone else’s need for forgiveness, self-forgiveness or equality.

Destonians have closely aligned themselves with anti-semitism, nazi ideologies, neo-nazi movements or any other similar movement or ideology. They have done nothing to distance themselves other than to self-censor certain offending articles, and clearly this is only because promoting a ‘self-forgiven’ Hitler reflects so poorly upon their public image.

Nonetheless, Desteni still want to exalt Hitler as a misunderstood man who suffered for the sake of others. They are promoting Hitler as the key to forgiveness just as Christians promote Christ as the key to salvation. In the recent video, Hitler's Selbstvergebung - und eine Tote Katze, Desteni devotee, Bastian Neumann suggests that people should forgive Hitler because if they don't then, inexplicably, they can't forgive anyone, not even themselves. 

In civilised life, in personal or professional relations between equals, anyone who goes about saying that we can all now forgive each other and ourselves because Adolf Hitler told some guy in South Africa who met him in ‘the afterlife’ that he has forgiven himself, and because Hitler has spoken through an ‘interdimensional portal’, will naturally be regarded as excusing Nazism, belonging to some weird Hitler-worshipping cult and possibly being so mentally unstable they are a danger to themselves and others

But for the Destonians, Bernard Poolman’s deranged fantasies are reliable research in ‘the dimensions’ proving that Adolf Hitler has shown humanity that we can all be ‘self-forgiven’ and ‘thus’ create heaven on earth with equal money system, and anyone who can't see that it's best for all is unworthy of life

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hitler channeling cult censored?

Ivan Rauscher

All chapters of Bernard Poolman’s so-called ‘book’, ‘I Am Hitler’ have been removed from public access at, including Poolman’s article, ‘Hitler and Forgiveness’. (However, it is still archived here.)

Whether or not this is in response to warnings from the web host,, and just a temporary act of self-censorship on the part of Poolman, is at present unknown and there is no comment made at the site.

Poolman's ‘I Am Hitler’ was a central part of the Desteni material at and the original desteni-universe website, as were videos of Sunette Spies pretending to be Hitler speaking from ‘beyond the grave’ on the now defunct YouTube channel, Desteniproductions

Terminations of Desteniproductions and Bernard Poolman's YouTube channels were due to their promotion of Multi-Level Marketing, regarded by YouTube as ‘commercially deceptive content’, but also because of complaints against the Desteni Hitler material. 

To say that Adolf Hitler is an example of ‘self-forgiveness’ verges on support for Nazism. If a member of ‘desteni’ made such a statement in a place of work where, as in the UK, there are laws in support of Equal Opportunities, they would lose their job.

Poolman's romanticisation of himself as the redeemer of the Nazi leader is a crude attempt to rehabilitate the historical figure of Adolf Hitler in the minds of impressionable people. Poolman's fan club have claimed that ‘what Hitler did for the German people was full employment and no crime’, when full employment and ‘no crime’ were brought about in Germany by the Nazis waging all-out war against other nations and legalising the terrorising, torturing and killing of Jews and other minorities. 

But in Poolman's ‘desteni’, Hitler's economic policies are meant to show how an ‘equal money system’ might work, and ‘equality’ involves seeing Hitler as a model of ‘self-forgiveness’. It means denouncing friends and family as ‘demonic’ and damning outsiders as psychopaths who are ‘unworthy of life’ -- as if such notions could be of any use to anyone. 

They all revolve around the ridiculous idea that dead movie and rock stars, occultists, dictators, reptilians, mythical beings and various inanimate objects have told Mr. Poolman -- via some waitress he picked up in a café -- that they have ‘forgiven’ themselves in the afterlife or in ‘the dimensions’ -- as if that were an unquestionable revelation of ‘equality’. 

Mr. Poolman tries to hijack liberal concepts of equality to try to make his financial scams, bigotry and tawdry fantasies about famous historical or fictional characters seem relevant and appealing. But he is unconvincing.

‘Equality’, the ‘equal money system’, the so-called ‘lifestyle concept’ of the Desteni I Process MLM scam and requests for donations at are all so many tacky marketing devices to raise funds to maintain the ‘lifestyle’ of the people who live on, and sell holidays at the Desteni farm in South Africa.

Just as Poolman has never met Hitler or anyone else in ‘the afterlife’, heaven or in ‘demon dimensions’, he, Sunette Spies and all their buddies and deluded, obedient sycophants have nothing whatever to do with equality.

‘Desteni’ is a fraudulent organisation. It only exists to promote Bernard Poolman's xenophobic, misanthropic world view. Its members misrepresent, abuse and pervert principles of equality in support of their own enslavement under his totalitarian fantasy of an ‘Equal Life Party’. In spite of their empty claims that they are a ‘threat to the system’, they are a threat only to themselves and the naïve, idealistic New Ager conspiracy theorists they try to prey on, groom and recruit.