Saturday, 26 November 2011

DJTV: Max Keiser & the Money Cult


Like the Oracle in "The Matrix," economist Max Keiser dispenses the truth about markets as a finance program of global market systems. Silver Liberation Army Kaiser Keiser loves virtual currencies like Bitcoin as much as he loves earthly precious metals. Summit City Noise producer Dean Robinson describes Max's Equal Money hedge against gold while revealing common values between Bernard Poolman's South Africa-based Desteni cult and NASA's Singularity University in Silicon Valley USA.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Equal Money System: spreading the FAQ?

Ivan Rauscher

[note: Since July 2013, Desteni's Equal Money System has been superseded by Living Income Guaranteed.]

In one of his videos on 'equal money system' (EMS), called Media and spreading the message of equality - Equal Money FAQ, Bernard Poolman says Desteni don't 'use the media like television' because they can't afford it. As if they'd have to pay for advertising airtime. Social and political campaigns are given free airtime on the radio and TV every day of the week. None of it costs them any money whatsoever. And they have articles written about them in newspapers and magazines.

Sending out a press release costs nothing. If EMS can bring about 'equality for all', why aren't Desteni approaching the radio, TV and print news media to spread their message? They could hold a press conference. Members of Desteni could also promote EMS through the alternative media, for example, indymedia, Democracy Now! or AlterNet. There are hundreds more such outlets for free discussion, specifically on the issues of equality. All of them could be informed of EMS.

Why don't they try to gain support from well-known critics of social inequality, such as Max Keiser, Michael Moore or Naomi Klein? They could contact Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, co-founders of The Equality Trust and authors of The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone.

If Desteni are standing up for world equality, why don't they speak with the public face-to-face, in the street or door-to-door? Why not hold public meetings or lectures? Why not take the idea of EMS to political parties or governments to gain their support? Why don't Desteni host a book launch to promote their series of Equal Money books and get reviewed on Amazon or by political bloggers or in any other publications? All these things can be done with very little or no money.

But the Desteni core group in South Africa are not interested in getting involved in politics or changing society. They do not want to communicate with the mainstream or alternative media, the general public or with governments. They do not wish to co-operate, discuss or debate with any other groups or individuals concerned with issues of equality. They just want people to send them money.

Destonians are selling their wares, apparently as a form of online entertainment. They are v-logging and blogging about their personal lives and 'self-forgiveness'. In supposedly answering Frequently Asked Questions about EMS, they present fantasies about an imaginary future world. Any outsider who asks questions without agreeing with them is banned (they have banned well over 2000 YouTube channels). They try to discuss news items only to say: 'join Desteni'. They indulge in self-help mumbo jumbo which claims to be an antidote to the failures of capitalism, but in doing so they are only supporting the social capitalistic status quo.

They are promoting EMS to sell the Desteni I Process, which they describe as a 'lifestyle product' for 'self-development' and 'leadership'. They offer affiliate programs and commissions. That is internet sales, business as usual in capitalism. But they lack ambition. They confine themselves to a small corner of the internet, where they carry out an obscure marketing strategy which goes no further than targeting potential passive consumers on YouTube, Facebook and their own web forums.

Desteni are deliberately avoiding spreading their so-called 'message of equality'. They don't want to speak to the press. They don't want a wider audience. This is because Bernard Poolman is fully aware that the Desteni Equal Money System is an obvious scam and therefore he has to make sure it remains under the radar as much as possible.

The Desteni group has been exposed several times over as a dangerous cult by newspaper journalists, ex-Scientologists, atheists, ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, Christians, skeptics, members of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Anonymous group, comedians, Marxists, anti-Communists, anti-fascists, New Agers, YouTubers, anarchists, conspiracy theorists, free market libertarians, critics of conspiracy theories, cult experts; all kinds of social, spiritual or political commentators and the general public. They have been rejected by Wikipedia, violated copyright of Apple Inc, and banned by the web hosting company, Hetzner, as well as both YouTube and Vimeo. Any doubts or questions as to Desteni being a cult and its 'equal money system' a scam have already been resolved.

Bernard Poolman knows that if Equal Money System and the real questions surrounding it are publicised any more than at present, then his Desteni gang will risk further exposure as a money-grabbing, destructive cult, and much more than ever before, by people with far greater influence than any of their previous critics. He can't afford that.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Desteni tools: Destonians

Ivan Rauscher

A question that might occur to anyone presented with the notion of equal money is: How will you make those in power give away their current position to implement Equal Money?

Desteni fanatic and minor YouTube celebrity, Lindsay Lee Craver has attempted a reply.

She says those in power are living an illusion. Their power is fading and the capitalist system is collapsing. She gives no specifics. She states that 'equal money' can be adopted as a global 'system' when enough people heed the call to stand as 'Living Gods' and join Desteni.

A graphic by Matti Freeman (who about a year ago made a YouTube video called 'Hitler was World's Greatest Activist' which he deleted) illustrates Craver's article, showing the infantile us-and-them, sectarian groupthink attitude of the Destonians.

(click for large image)

The so-called 'Desteni tools' of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, breathing and writing, as recommended by Craver, Freeman and the core group in South Africa, have nothing to do with world economics or equality.

Anyone with the need to forgive themselves for any wrong they've done or be honest with themselves does not have to confess it all to strangers and publish it on the web. Nobody needs to 'join Desteni' to breathe or practice breath awareness, write or keep a journal. In fact, nobody has to take part in any of these things to take part in life or be responsible.

These 'tools' are for the sole purpose of extracting information from, and taking psychological control over potential or actual Destonians so they can be coerced into focussing their whole lives around giving money to and promoting Desteni and its various scams.

People like Lindsay Lee Craver and Matti Freeman have fashioned themselves into loyal drone workers for the Desteni for-profit capitalist business, to the 'exlusion' of other concerns. All of it is on the promise of 'heaven on earth', a delusion inspired by their 'life coach', Bernard Poolman.

Craver's answer to the question, How will you make those in power give away their current position to implement Equal Money? is Destenispeak doubletalk. She gets nowhere near explaining anything about the implementation of any global monetary system. None of the Destonians ever do.

This is because 'equal money system' is an advertising slogan for an internet scam that misleads its audience by creating the false impression that 'joining Desteni' is supposed to be for a good cause to help those less fortunate and solve problems of world poverty and starvation. At a time of economic instability, equal money system preys on people's financial and personal insecurities and their desire to help others.

The promotion of 'equal money system' is fraudulent. Anyone who buys into it loses their autonomy and instead pays money to, and serves the insane demands of those in power in the Desteni organisation: primarily, Bernard Poolman and his 'portal', Sunette Spies, who suggest such ridiculous things as that one must get rid of thoughts, feelings and emotions to become equal. 

The real 'tools' of the Desteni money system are the Destonians. 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunette Spies: let them eat cultural relativism

Ivan Rauscher

In her recent video, Destonians and Self Leadership, Sunette Spies puts forward the very stupid, oft-repeated idea amongst Destonians that outsiders who criticise their group are not qualified to do so because they are not Destonians.

Even though it is obvious that he is, Bernard Poolman, she claims, is not the leader of the group because they are equals and leaders of themselves. She patronises outsiders by saying that in considering Desteni they should follow the principle of cultural relativism.

It would take less than a minute if spoken in plain language but she insists on padding out what she has to say with her usual dull and inane Destenispeak gibberish, so it takes Sunette Spies a full 20 minutes.

Sunette Spies: 'interdimensional portal'

Destonians view information from Sunette Spies, whom they call 'The Portal', as superior to information from any source other than Bernard Poolman. They believe that she can communicate with 'the dimensions'. There is no such thing as 'the dimensions' but they take it and what she says on blind faith. At the same time they denounce others who follow beliefs based on faith. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

While Spies with her invented, rarefied persona of 'portal' deigns to recommend approaching the subject of Desteni from the point of view of cultural relativism, she presents herself as knowing more about equality than anyone other than Bernard Poolman.

Outsiders, observers or critics of Desteni can't afford to indulge in cultural relativism when it comes to Desteni. Desteni is, after all, a very un-cultured authoritarian sect and tacky internet scam, not a culture.

Spies admits she's taken the idea of cultural relativism, which is somewhat debatable in any case, from a book on anthropology. It is certainly not one of the established Desteni catch phrases. Neither is it their principle, because Desteni make a point of denying that diversity should exist alongside equality.

It would be all very well if Sunette Spies and Desteni were cultural relativists, but their message revolves around the puerile notion that everyone and everything outside their group is shit and Desteni is the best of the best and best for all in the whole wide world. They make it plain they see their group process as without equal anywhere in any culture. They are sectarian and elitist.

Their founder, chairman and main spokesman, Bernard Poolman distorts and abuses ideals of equality to sell his equal money scam and exploit an audience with already culturally-accepted liberal, humanitarian or socialist ideals of social equality.

Poolman complains about and condemns all kinds of people and cultures in a threatening and uncouth manner. It has nothing to do with culture or equality. It is about scapegoating and demonising others to try and mislead and convince those who'll listen to turn against anything or anyone outside of his group. The idea being they'll give all their money to Desteni and do exactly what he and Spies tell them to do.

The so-called 'practice of self-forgiveness' allows Spies and Poolman access to, and gives them power over every aspect of a Desteni member's subjectivity, involving their personal life history, insecurities, fears and anxieties.

Just as they are not cultural relativists, Sunette Spies and Bernard Poolman do not represent equality in any way, shape or form. They represent misanthropy, miserablism and authoritarian control. 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Phantom of Okahandja

English internet translation from Sondag:

"Bernard Poolman, the mysterious father figure of the Desteni cult, by some described as a phantom who refuses to face the world show.

Others say that self-confessed Hitler fan is a tough Dictator!

Very little is known about the charismatic KULTVADER apparently engaged young people worldwide heads FULL BOULE talking - but we can reveal that his "strange gospel" sermon from a farm about 20km outside Pietermaritzburg.

On Sunday last week several attempts to contact the controversial Poolman, apparently a born Namibian, get in touch - but the guy had apparently tried to evade us.

One of Poolman's "akoliete" had informed Destonians that "journalists do not trust" and therefore we will not talk.

None of the followers with whom we made contact, Poolman's number would provide to us or talk to us about the cult.

Facebook messages and emails that Poolman left, is flatly ignored.

A reporter who a few years back Poolman on his farm, said Poolman refused to take pictures of him taken.

He said: "I have half the old uncomfortable feeling. It seemed to me that if I put a foot wrong they (the Destonians) my dog started going, "said the journalist. Full report in the newspaper."

[They mean the reporter who published these articles in Rapport back in 2009:]

Two of the comments are:

"His parents well. His mother June is still alive. Does the nursing home in Okahhandja. Wonderful people."

"Bernard Poolman of Okahandja, Namibia. His parents then Poolman Motors owns."

Thanks to the Cult Education Forum.